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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F6: Economic Impacts of Globalization
/ / / F66: Labor
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation
  2. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Does Access to Foreign Markets shape Internal Migration? Evidence from Brazil
    by Laura Hering
  • 2014 Exporting and labor demand: Micro-level evidence from Germany
    by Lichter, Andreas & Peichl, Andreas & Siegloch, Sebastian
  • 2014 Foreign Owners and Perceived Job Insecurity in Germany: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data
    by Verena Dill & Uwe Jirjahn
  • 2014 Globalized markets, globalized information, and female employment: accounting for regional differences in 30 OECD countries
    by Fischer, Justina A.V.
  • 2014 The Demand for Skills 1995-2008: A Global Supply Chain Perspective
    by Bart Los & Marcel P. Timmer & Gaaitzen J. De Vries
  • 2014 Regional Trade Agreements with Labor Clauses: Effects on Labor Standards and Trade
    by Isao Kamatai
  • 2014 Migration in Italy is Backing the Old Age Welfare
    by Del Boca, Daniela & Venturini, Alessandra
  • 2014 Skilled Immigrants' Contribution to Productive Efficiency
    by Nahm, Daehoon & Tani, Massimiliano
  • 2014 Low-Skill Offshoring: Labor Market Policies and Welfare Effects
    by Agnese, Pablo & Hromcová, Jana
  • 2014 Labour Demand Research: Towards a Better Match between Better Theory and Better Data
    by Addison, John T. & Portugal, Pedro & Varejão, José
  • 2014 Globalisation and maritime labour in Norway after World War II
    by Tenold, Stig
  • 2014 Examining Determinants of Foreign Wage Premiums in China
    by Theresa M. Greaney & Yao Li
  • 2014 Does Access to Foreign Markets shape Internal Migration? Evidence from Brazil
    by Laura Hering & and Rodrigo Paillacar
  • 2014 Low-Skill Offshoring: Labor Market Policies and Welfare Effects
    by Agnese, Pablo & Hromcová, Jana
  • 2014 Cross-border mergers and domestic-firm wages: Integrating ‘spillover effects’ and ‘bargaining effects’
    by Clougherty, Joseph A. & Gugler, Klaus Peter & Sørgard, Lars & Szücs, Florian
  • 2014 Exporting and Labor Demand: Micro-level Evidence from Germany
    by Andreas Lichter & Andreas Peichl & Sebastian Siegloch
  • 2014 The Surprisingly Swift Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment
    by Justin R. Pierce & Peter K. Schott
  • 2014 Globalization and the Quality of Asian and Non-Asian Jobs
    by Robert J. Flanagan & Niny Khor
  • 2014 Asia Strategy on International Migration
    by Yasushi Iguchi
  • 2014 The Relation between Fair Trade and Supermarkets: Spatial Implications for the Global Economy
    by Viorel Mionel & Oana Mionel & Alexandra Moraru
  • 2014 On modeling task, skill and technology upgrading effects of globalization with heterogeneous labor
    by Jung, Jaewon & Mercenier, Jean
  • 2013 Offshoring and relative labor demand from a task perspective
    by Hogrefe, Jan
  • 2013 Satisfaction with life in cross-cultural setting – Case of European expatriates in India
    by Gupta, Vineet & Dasgupta, Pinaki & Chakrabarty, Subhajit
  • 2013 Sector-specific foreign direct investment, factor market distortions and non-immiserising growth
    by Mukherjee, Soumyatanu
  • 2013 The immigrant-native pay gap in Germany
    by Humpert, Stephan
  • 2013 Optimalité en zone euro et réactivité migratoire en période de crise : un cas limite, l'Irlande
    by Landais, Anne-Yvonne & Landais, Bernard
  • 2013 Globalization, female employment, and regional differences in OECD countries
    by Fischer, Justina A.V.
  • 2013 Global Production Networks and Employment: A Developing Country Perspective
    by Ben Shepherd & Susan Stone
  • 2013 Trade and Labour Market Adjustment
    by Susan Stone & Patricia Sourdin & Clarisse Legendre
  • 2013 The Dutch Labour Market: Preparing for the Future
    by Mathijs Gerritsen & Jens Høj
  • 2013 One Ring to Rule Them All? Globalization of Knowledge and Knowledge Creation
    by Richard B. Freeman
  • 2013 Gains from Offshoring? Evidence from U.S. Microdata
    by Monarch, Ryan & Park, Jooyoun & Sivadasan, Jagadeesh
  • 2013 Globalization, Unemployment, and Product Cycles: Short- and Long-Run Effects
    by Finn Martensen
  • 2013 Has Globalization Affected Collective Bargaining? An Empirical Test, 1980-2009
    by Zohal Hessami & Thushyanthan Baskaran
  • 2013 Offshoring and Labour Market Inequalities
    by Tillmann Schwörer
  • 2013 The Mobility Challenge for Growth and Integration in Europe
    by Zimmermann, Klaus F.
  • 2013 Exporting and Labor Demand: Micro-Level Evidence from Germany
    by Lichter, Andreas & Peichl, Andreas & Siegloch, Sebastian
  • 2013 Capital market integration and optimal employment protection policies
    by Keisuke Kawata
  • 2013 Changing the Corporate Elite? Not So Easy. Female Directors’ Appointments onto Corporate Boards
    by Gregoric, Aleksandra & Oxelheim, Lars & Randøy, Trond & Thomsen, Steen
  • 2013 Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Wage Inequality in China: A Heterogeneous Firms Approach
    by Theresa M. Greaney & Yao Li
  • 2013 Asia and The G20
    by Peter Drysdale & Sébastien Willis
  • 2013 Gains from Offshoring? Evidence from U.S. Microdata
    by Ryan Monarch & Jooyoun Park & Jagadeesh Sivadasan
  • 2013 International Labour Organization. Rules Influence on Employee
    by Mihai Dorel Vlad
  • 2013 Globalisation and labour market outcomes: an overview of the conference organised by the Banque de France on 16 and 17 May 2013
    by J. Carluccio. & V. Vicard.
  • 2013 Croissance verte : de la théorie à la mise en oeuvre - Synthèse de la conférence organisée par la Banque de France le 21 mars 2013
  • 2013 Worker Composition and Export Decision: Evidence from Colombia
    by ?ule ?zler
  • 2013 The Top 1 Percent in International and Historical Perspective
    by Facundo Alvaredo & Anthony B. Atkinson & Thomas Piketty & Emmanuel Saez
  • 2012 European Union Economy System Dynamic Model Development
    by Skribans, Valerijs
  • 2012 « Brain drain » vs. « Brain gain » ? Division internationale des connaissances et promesses de co-développement
    by DIANI, Morad & GHIFFI, Noufel
  • 2012 What motivates female operators to enter the garment industry in Pakistan in the post-MFA period?
    by Makino, Momoe
  • 2012 FDI and Wages: Evidence from Firm-Level and Linked Employer-Employee Data in Hungary, 1986-2008
    by Earle, John S. & Telegdy, Álmos & Antal, Gábor
  • 2012 The Social Effects of Current Economic Crisis on the EU Labor Market
    by Aniþucãi Lucian Ionuþ
  • 2012 The Impact of International Migration on Labour Market
    by Aniþucãi Lucian Ionuþ
  • 2012 Labour market integration of the population of foreign origin
    by T. De Keyser & Ph. Delhez & H. Zimmer
  • 2011 Globalisation, labour Standards and economic Development
    by Singh, Ajit & Zammit, Ann
  • 2011 Working in Southern Europe in Times of Crisis – Myths and Demons
    by Tsatsos, Aristidis
  • 2009 The Offshoring Strategies of US Multinational Corporations Operating in Canada
    by Feinberg, Susan & Keane, Michael
  • 2007 Modal verbs and politeness strategies in political discourse
    by Boicu, Ruxandra
  • 1997 Globalisation and sustainable development: the employment challenge
    by Singh, Ajit