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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R5: Regional Government Analysis
/ / / R59: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Benchmarking Metis Economic and Social Development
    by Jasmin Thomas

  • 2015 The influence of civil society in the democratization of intelligence, a slow pace process in Mexico’s democracy
    by Rodrigo Arrangóiz

  • 2015 Institutional Structures in the Growth Pole Policy from Romania
    by Ramona Camelia BERE

  • 2015 Análisis de las zonas rurales andaluzas y su turismo, desde una óptica de proximidad geográfica a los núcleos urbanos andaluces
    by Jiménez García, Mercedes & Ruiz Chico, José & Peña Sánchez, Antonio Rafael

  • 2014 Na, altes Haus? - Stadt und Umland im Wandel. Planungs- und Entwicklungsinstrumente mit demografischer Chance. Konferenz der Hochschule Wismar am 14. Okt. 2013 in Schwerin
    by Bernier, Antje (Ed.)

  • 2014 Governing development of regions- case of Slovakia
    by Rudolf Bauer & Jana Knezova & Andrej Steiner

  • 2014 Northern Investment Risks in Human Capital Formation: Russian Experience
    by Elena Kotyrlo

  • 2014 The Tools of Metropolitan Unity in Turkey: A Holistic and Comparative Elaboration
    by Burak Beyhan

  • 2014 The good, the bad and the ugly: The socio-economic impact of drug cartels and their violence in Mexico
    by Roxana Gutierrez-Romero & Monica Oviedo Leon

  • 2014 Estimating the impact of Mexican drug cartels on crime
    by Roxana Gutierrez-Romero & Alessandra Conte

  • 2014 Privatization Policies by National and Regional Governments
    by Martínez-Sánchez, Francisco

  • 2014 Total Decisiones de inserción laboral: el caso de los jóvenes rurales peruanos
    by Chris Boyd

  • 2014 The political life of the Ukrainian minority in the province of Polesia between 1918 and 1939
    by Andrzej Smolarczyk

  • 2013 Yönetimden yönetişime geçiş sürecinde bölgesel politikalarda yaşanan değişim: Türkiye’de bölgesel Kalkınma Ajansları örneği
    by Hasan BAKIR & K. Burcu ÖNGEN

  • 2013 Child Poverty in a Regional Perspective: A Study of Sweden 1990 and 2010
    by Daniel Rauhut & Svante Lingarde

  • 2013 Performance assessment method of urban waste management systems from Neamț County, Romania
    by Mihai, Florin-Constantin

  • 2013 Branding Stockholm
    by Paschou, Eleni & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2013 From city marketing to museum marketing and opposed
    by Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2013 Current State and Issues of Logistics Cost Accounting and Management in Malaysia
    by Zakariah, Sahidah & Pyeman, Jaafar

  • 2012 Bureaucratic Appointments in Hybrid Regimes
    by Noah Buckley & Guzel Garifullina

  • 2012 Regional Disparities in Urban Population Access to Sanitation Services. Case Study: Romania
    by Mihai, Florin-Constantin & Lamasanu, Andreea & Apostol, Liviu

  • 2012 Tokyo’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme: A Model for Sustainable Megacity Carbon Markets?
    by Sven Rudolph & Takeshi Kawakatsu

    by Marta-Christina SUCIU & Margareta FLORESCU

  • 2011 Can the economic impact of political decentralisation be measured?
    by Roberto Ezcurra & Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

  • 2011 The Political Economy of Russian Gubernatorial Election and Appointment
    by Timothy Frye & John Reuter & Noah Buckley

  • 2011 Can the economic impact of political decentralisation be measured?
    by Ezcurra, Roberto & Rodriguez-Pose, Andres

  • 2011 Urbanizaçâo, impactos ambientais e governança no complexo regional Centro-Sul
    by Sonia Maria M. C. de Oliveira & Frederico Cavadas Barcellos & Aristides Pereira Lima Green

  • 2011 The Best Anti-crisis Solutions. The Polish Lesson
    by Ionescu Romeo

  • 2011 Comparative Study on Male Vs Feminine Leadership in Public Administration in Maramures County, Romania
    by Gavrilescu Liviu

  • 2011 European Union Membership Process of Turkey: Perspective of Rural Area (English version)
    by Sema GUN & Ozlem Karahan UYSAL & Celile O.DOLEKOGLU & Serpil YILMAZ

  • 2011 Does the Impact of Oportunidades Program Increases in Highly Competitive Regions?
    by Marcos E. Domínguez Viera

  • 2011 Una aproximación a la relación entre desempeño macroeconómico colombiano y conflicto armado interno
    by Juan Manuel Vargas Buendía

  • 2010 Chinese firms entering China's low-income market: Gaining competitive advantage by partnering governments
    by Kostka, Genia & Zhou, Jianghua

  • 2010 Cities in Germany and their climate commitments: More hype than substance?
    by Sippel, Maike

  • 2010 From agriculture to rurality: New approaches in territorial economics
    by Elena Pisani & Giorgio Franceschetti

  • 2010 Cross-border cooperation and its consequences: towards the territorial restructuring in Europe
    by Rojo Salgado, Argimiro

  • 2010 Urban Development & Creative Communities As A Prerequisite For Tolerance And Intercultutal Dialogue

  • 2010 The Social Impact of the Puritan Ethic on the American Mindset (English version)
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Student Irina Raluca CIOBANU

  • 2010 La exclusión hidrológica
    by García Lirios, Cruz

  • 2010 New Construction and Reconstruction: Impact on Growth of Sub-Regions of Mainland Portugal
    by Vera Mota & Paulo Maçãs Nunes & António Fernandes de Matos

  • 2009 Yardstick competition in German municipalities
    by Finken, Jan

  • 2009 Marketing European cities in the new internationalized environment: The course of Prague after 1989
    by Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2009 Organized crime and regional development. A review of the Italian case
    by Vittorio, Daniele

  • 2009 Creative Economy And Creative Cities
    by Marta-Christina Suciu

  • 2008 Organized Crime and Foreign Direct Investment: the Italian Case
    by Vittorio, Daniele & Ugo, Marani

  • 2008 Socioeconomic, Institutional & Political Determinants Of Human Rights Abuses: A Subnational Study Of India, 1993 – 2002
    by Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya

  • 2008 Standort Berlin-Adlershof: kräftige Impulse für die Stadt
    by Lars Handrich & Ferdinand Pavel & Sandra Proske

  • 2008 Los procesos participativos en la sostenibilidad medioambiental. El caso del segmento turístico recreativo de Alta Montaña
    by Mª Isabel Saz Gil & Luis Carús Ribalaygua

  • 2007 Voting Patterns, Party Spending and Space in England and Wales
    by David Cutts & Don Webber

  • 2007 A Charactherization Of Portuguese Sme Comparing European Union - Case Study About Setúbal Region

  • 2006 Rational Entrepreneurship in Local China: Exit Plus Voice for Preferential Tax Treatments
    by Zhu, Z. & Hendrikse, G.W.J. & Krug, B.

  • 2006 La problemática de un territorio estratégico
    by Caiola, Adriana

  • 2006 Salvador Allende en la Perspectiva Histórica del Movimiento Popular Chileno
    by Grez Toso, Sergio

  • 2005 Quality Investment and Price Formation in the Performing Arts Sector: A Spatial Analysis
    by Traub, Stefan

  • 2005 Policy Innovation In Federal Systems
    by Christos Kotsogiannis & Robert Schwager

  • 2005 Corporate Policy in Mexico During the Porfirian Age. The Telephone Companies, 1881-1905
    by Víctor, Cuchí Espada

  • 2005 On the Incentives to Experiment in Federations
    by Christos Kotsogiannis & Robert Schwager

  • 2004 Agglomeration, Integration, and Territorial Authority Scale in a System of Trading Cities. Centralisation versus Devolution
    by Massimo Del Gatto

  • 2003 A pratical optimal quarantine measure
    by Tom Kompas & Tuong Nhu Che

  • 1997 Analyse economique et sociale du pays d'Apt
    by Augier, C.

  • 1996 Demographic Foundations of Political Empowerment in Mulriminority Cities
    by Clarck, W.A.V. & Morrison, P.A.

  • 1996 "Gentrification", incendies criminels dans trois quartiers de Montreal
    by Therrien, F. & Vallee, L. & Dupuis, S.

  • 1995 Regional Development, Capital Flows and Trade Policies in an Aging Europe
    by Borsch-Supan, A.

  • 1973 Interstate Migration and the Tiebout Hypothesis: An Analysis According to Race, Sex, and Age
    by Cebula, Richard

  • 1972 Some Determinants of Interstate Migration of Blacks, 1965-1970
    by Cebula, Richard & Kohn, Robert & Vedder, Richard

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