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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N6: Manufacturing and Construction
/ / / N60: General, International, or Comparative
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Раздел 4. Реальный Сектор Экономики
    by O. Izryadnova & S. Drobyshevskiy & M. Kazakova & S. Tsukhlo & Yu. Bobylev & N. Shagaida & V. Uzun & N. Karlova & R. Yanbykh & N. Volovik

  • 2015 Section 4. Real sector of the economy
    by O. Izriadnova & S. Drobyshevsky & M. Kazakova & S. Tsukhlo & Yu. Bobylev & N. Karlova & N. Shagaida & V. Uzun & R. Yanbykh & N. Volovik

  • 2015 Energy Consumption, Institutional Quality and the Performance of the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria (1999-2013)
    by Greg Ekpung Edame & Okoiarikpo Benjamin Okoi

  • 2014 Determinants of success and failure in the internationalisation of the cork business: A tale of two Iberian family firms
    by João Lopes & Amélia Branco & Francisco Parejo & Jose Rangel

  • 2014 The construction-development curve: evidence from a new international dataset
    by Girardi, Daniele & Mura, Antonio

  • 2014 Can General Purpose Technology Theory Explain Economic Growth? Electrical Power as a Case Study
    by Cristiano Andrea Ristuccia & Solomos Solomou

  • 2014 Can general purpose technology theory explain economic growth? Electrical Power as a case study
    by Cristiano Andrea Ristuccia & Solomos Solomou

  • 2013 Construction and economic development:empirical evidence for the period 2000-2011
    by Daniele Girardi & Antonio Mura

  • 2013 Aportes a la Medición de niveles de productividad: el caso uruguayo en perspectiva comparada
    by Cecilia Lara

  • 2013 Relative Prices, Hysteresis, and the Decline of American Manufacturing
    by Campbell, Douglas L.

  • 2013 Neo-Liberalism and Protest in West Bengal: An Analysis through the Media lens
    by Bandhyopadhyay, Tirthankar & Dinda, Soumyananda

  • 2013 Explorative Versus Exploitative Alliances—Evidence From The Glass Industry In China
    by Leung, Vincent K.K. & Lau, Chi Keung Marco & Zhang, Zhe

  • 2013 Relative Prices, Hysteresis, and the Decline of American Manufacturing
    by Douglas L. Campbell

  • 2013 The Economic Performance of Clustered and Non Clustered Firms along the different Phases of the Cluster Life Cycle: The Portuguese Cork Industry Case
    by Amélia Branco & João Carlos Lopes

  • 2013 Output and Staff Number in Hungarian Manufacturing before, during and after the Crisis
    by Ádám Bereck

  • 2012 Infant Industry Protection and the Growth of Canada's Cotton Mills: A Test of the Chang Hypothesis
    by Michael N.A. Hinton

  • 2012 Portugal Before and After the European Union: Facts on Nontradables
    by Fernando Alexandre & Pedro Bação

  • 2012 Interpreting the Roles and Economic Importance of Cooperative Enterprises in a Historical Perspective
    by Vera Negri Zamagni

  • 2012 Rust Belt Politics: The national NAFTA debate during recent US presidential election cycles
    by James Tanoos

  • 2012 Innovación y Política Tecnológica: el caso del Sector Transformador y el Sector Servicios a Empresas
    by Castaño Martínez, María Soledad

  • 2011 The Expansion of Silk Textile Export in Northern Italy, 1919-1929
    by Makiko Hino

  • 2011 "Global since Gold" The Globalisation of Conglomerates: Explaining the Experience from South Africa, 1990 - 2009
    by Grietjie Verhoef

  • 2011 Was Canadian Manufacturing Inefficient before WWI? The Case of the Cotton Textile Industry, 1870-1910
    by Michael Hinton

  • 2011 An Evaluation of Asymmetric and Symmetric Effects of Oil Exports Shocks on Non-Tradable Sector of Iranian Economy
    by Shirinbakhsh, Shamsollah & Moghaddas Bayat, Maryam

  • 2010 Interlocking Complementarities and Institutional Change
    by Ugo Pagano

  • 2010 Revealed Technological Advantage of the Finnish Industry
    by Pajarinen, Mika

  • 2010 Virtual Teams: A New Opportunity to Develop a Business
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader & Ahmed, Shamsuddin & Abdul Rashid, Salwa Hanim & Taha, Zahari

  • 2010 General Purpose Technologies and Economic Growth: Electricity Diffusion in the Manufacturing Sector Before WWII
    by Ristuccia, C.A. & Solomou, S.

  • 2010 European acquisitions in the United States: re-examining Olivetti-Underwood fifty years later
    by Federico Barbiellini Amidei & Andrea Goldstein & Marcella Spadoni

  • 2010 Development Agency or Bank? Vision and Strategy of the World Bank in the 50’s and 60’s
    by Michele Alacevich

  • 2009 Industrialisation as an engine of growth in developing countries
    by Szirmai, Adam

  • 2009 Managerialism and the Demise of the Big Three
    by Locke, Robert

  • 2009 Latvian and Europe construction comparison: stability and reasons of crisis
    by Skribans, Valerijs

  • 2009 The Demarcation of Land and the Role of Coordinating Institutions
    by Gary D. Libecap & Dean Lueck

  • 2008 Competitive Industrial Performance Index and It’s Drivers: Case of Turkey and Selected Countries
    by Kumral, Neşe & Değer, Çağaçan & Türkcan, Burcu

  • 2008 Does Hedonic Price Indexing Change Our Interpretation of Economic History? Evidence from Swedish Electrification
    by Edquist, Harald

  • 2007 Vertical integration or specialisation: producing and commercialising cotton goods (1815-1913)
    by Marc Prat Sabartes

  • 2006 The Anglo-German Industrial Productivity Paradox, 1895-1938: A Restatement and a Possible Resolution
    by Albrecht Ritschl

  • 2006 The rise of China’s manufacturing sector : challenges and opportunities for ASEAN-5
    by Mahendhiran Nair & Deviga Vengedasalam & Karunagaran Madhavan & V.G.R. Chandran Govindaraju

  • 2005 Industrialization and Urbanization: Did the Steam Engine Contribute to the Growth of Cities in the United States?
    by Sukkoo Kim

  • 2005 Manufacturing Trends in the U.S.
    by Swenson, David A.

  • 2005 Do hedonic price indexes change history? The case of electrification
    by Edquist, Harald

  • 2005 Cotton Textiles and the Great Divergence: Lancashire, India and Shifting Competitive Advantage, 1600-1850
    by Broadberry, Stephen N & Gupta, Bishnupriya

  • 2005 Neoclassical Growth and the 'Trivial' Steady State
    by Hakenes, Hendrik & Irmen, Andreas

  • 2005 Propuestas hacia el Progreso Económico en el Siglo XIX en Colombia: Impuesto directo, Aduanas, Vías de Comunicación y Federalismo
    by Juanita Villaveces Niño

  • 2005 China in the international fragmentation of production: Evidence from the ICT industry
    by Alessia Amighini

  • 2005(XV) The Industrial Startup In Romania At The Beginning Of The 20th Century
    by Victor AXENCIUC

  • 2004 China in the international fragmentation of production: Evidence from the ICT industry
    by Alessia Amighini

  • 2003 Complementarity constraints and induced innovation: Some evidence from the first IT regime
    by Andreas Reinstaller & Werner Hölzl

  • 2002 Electricity Diffusion and Trend Acceleration in Inter-War Manufacturing Productivity
    by Ristuccia , C.A. & Solomou, S.

  • 2001 The creative response in economic development: the case of information processing technologies in US manufacturing, 1870-1930
    by Andreas Reinstaller & Werner Hölzl

  • 2001 Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Declining Union Organization
    by Henry S. Farber & Bruce Western

  • 2000 Brand Names Before the Industrial Revolution
    by Richardson, G.

  • 2000 Evolution of organizational structure and strategy of the automobile industry
    by Wibbelink, R.P. & Heng, M.S.H.

  • 2000 Būvmateriālu ražošanas un būvniecību ietekmējošie faktori Latvijā
    by Skribans, V.

  • 2000 Canadian manufacturers' relative productivity performance, 1907-1990
    by Ian Keay

  • 1996 Robert Mansbridge, A Rural Tailor and His Customers 1811-1815
    by Fowler, C.

  • 1996 Patents, Licensing, And Market Structure In The Chemical Industry
    by Ashish Arora

  • 1996 Két forradalom előtt?
    by Rimler, Judit

  • 1994 Comparative Productivity in East and West German Manufacturing Before Reunification
    by Van Ark, Bart

  • 1994 Human Capital and Productivity in Manufacturing during the Twentieth Century: Britain, Germany and the United States
    by Broadberry, Stephen N & Wagner, Karin

  • 1992 Manufacturing and the Convergence Hypothesis: What the Long Run Data Show
    by Broadberry, Stephen N

  • 1976 Den internationella arbetsfördelningen, en jämförelse mellan förändringar inom stålindustri och textilindustri
    by Josefsson, Märtha

  • 1975 Economies of Scale and Technological Change: An International Comparison of Blast Furnance Technology
    by Carlsson, Bo

  • Can general purpose technology theory explain economic growth? Electrical power as a case study
    by Cristiano Andrea Ristuccia & Solomos Solomou

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