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Stan Siebert

Personal Details

First Name:William
Middle Name:Stanley
Last Name:Siebert
RePEc Short-ID:psi56
Dept of Commerce Birmingham University Birmingham B15 2TT
0121 414 6698


(80%) Birmingham Business School
University of Birmingham

Birmingham, United Kingdom
RePEc:edi:bbbhauk (more details at EDIRC)

(15%) Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)

Bonn, Germany
RePEc:edi:izaaade (more details at EDIRC)

(5%) Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)

London, United Kingdom
RePEc:edi:ieaaauk (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. Carmichael, Fiona & Darko, Christian & Ercolani, Marco G & Ozgen, Ceren & Siebert, W. Stanley, 2019. "Evidence on Intergenerational Income Transmission Using Complete Dutch Population Data," IZA Discussion Papers 12694, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
  2. Siebert, W. Stanley & Wei, Xiangdong & Wong, Ho Lun & Zhou, Xiang, 2018. "Student Feedback, Parent-Teacher Communication, and Academic Performance: Experimental Evidence from Rural China," IZA Discussion Papers 11347, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
  3. Heywood, John S. & O'Mahony, Mary & Siebert, W. Stanley & Rincon-Aznar, Ana, 2018. "The Impact of Employment Protection on the Industrial Wage Structure," IZA Discussion Papers 11788, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
  4. Heywood, John S. & Siebert, W. Stanley & Wei, Xiangdong, 2013. "The Consequences of a Piece Rate on Quantity and Quality: Evidence from a Field Experiment," IZA Discussion Papers 7660, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
  5. Anagnostopoulos, Achilleas & Siebert, W. Stanley, 2012. "The Impact of Greek Labour Market Regulation on Temporary and Family Employment: Evidence from a New Survey," IZA Discussion Papers 6504, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
  6. Siebert, W. Stanley & Peng, Fei & Maimaiti, Yasheng, 2011. "HRM Practices and Performance of Family-Run Workplaces: Evidence from the 2004 WERS," IZA Discussion Papers 5899, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
  7. Maimaiti, Yasheng & Siebert, W. Stanley, 2010. "Wage Work for Women: The Menstrual Cycle and the Power of Water," IZA Discussion Papers 4776, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
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  9. Maimaiti, Yasheng & Siebert, W. Stanley, 2009. "The Gender Education Gap in China: The Power of Water," IZA Discussion Papers 4108, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
  10. Nick Zubanov & W.S. Siebert, 2009. "Management economics in a large UK retailer," CPB Discussion Paper 125.rdf, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.
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  23. Addison, John T. & Bailey, Ralph & Siebert, W. Stanley, 2003. "The Impact of Deunionisation on Earnings Dispersion Revisited," IZA Discussion Papers 724, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).
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  25. Addison, John T. & Barrett, Charles Richard & Siebert, William Stanley, 1998. "Mandated benefits, welfare, and heterogeneous firms," ZEW Discussion Papers 98-46, ZEW - Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research.


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