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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O5: Economywide Country Studies
/ / / O56: Oceania
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Labour market institutions in small Pacific island countries: Main guidelines for labour market reforms
    by Malo, Miguel Á.

  • 2017 Labour market institutions in small Pacific island countries: Main guidelines for labour market reforms
    by Miguel Á., Malo

  • 2017 Estimates of Net Capital Stock and Consumption of Fixed Capital for Australian States and Territories, 1990–2013
    by Mikhailitchenko, Serguei

  • 2017 Creating good conditions for innovation-driven productivity gains in Australia
    by Philip Hemmings & Taejin Park

  • 2017 Australian Squatters, Convicts, and Capitalists: Dividing Up a Fast-Growing Frontier Pie 1821-1871
    by Laura Panza & Jeffrey G. Williamson

  • 2017 Australian Squatters, Convicts, and Capitalists: Dividing Up a Fast-Growing Frontier Pie 1821-1871
    by Laura Panza & Jeffrey G. Williamson

  • 2017 Australian Exceptionalism? Inequality and Living Standards 1821-1871
    by Laura Panza & Jeffrey G. Williamson

  • 2016 Productive capacity and trade in the Solomon Islands
    by Daniel Gay

  • 2016 Foreign Investment into Australia
    by Adam McKissack & Jessica Xu

  • 2016 Financial Education Policies in Asia and the Pacific
    by Flore-Anne Messy & Chiara Monticone

  • 2016 Rethinking development in the Pacific Islands Forum countries
    by Brauer, Jurgen

  • 2016 Estimating the effects of global oil market shocks on Australian merchandise trade
    by Sotoudeh, M-Ali & Worthington, Andrew C.

  • 2015 The Fish is the Friend of Matriliny: Reef Density Predicts Matrilineal Inheritance
    by Ariel BenYishay & Pauline Grosjean & Joseph Vecci

  • 2015 The Lucky Country: Has it Run out of Luck?
    by Martin Parkinson

  • 2015 Financing sustainable development – What can we learn from the Australian experience of reform?
    by Wayne Swan

  • 2015 Le Coût Du Protectionnisme Dans Une Petite Économie Insulaire : Le Cas Extrême De La Polynésie Française
    by Bernard POIRINE & Jean-François GAY

  • 2015 Business environment and investment potentials in selected Pacific island countries
    by Azmat Gani & Michael D. Clemes

  • 2014 Financial Reform in Australia and China
    by Alexander Ballantyne & Jonathan Hambur & Ivan Roberts & Michelle Wright

  • 2014 Croissance agricole et options d’investissement pour la réduction de la pauvreté en R.D.CONGO : une analyse en équilibre général calculable
    by Wabenga Yango, James & Nlemfu Mukoko, J.Blaise

  • 2014 Climate Change Mitigation, Economic Growth and the Distribution of Income
    by G.A. Meagher & P.D. Adams & Felicity Pang

  • 2014 On Productivity: The Influence of Natural Resource Inputs
    by Vernon Topp & Tony Kulys

  • 2014 World Development, 2000-2010: Production, Investment And Savings In 21 Areas Of America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe And Eurasia
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen

  • 2014 Econometric Model Of Manufacturing, Investment And Development In 30 Countries Of Asia-Pacific
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen & AGUAYO, Eva & EXPOSITO, Pilar

  • 2013 Decomposing differences in employment outcomes between Kanak and other New Caledonians: how important is the role of school achievement?
    by Catherine Ris & Samuel Gorohouna

  • 2013 The Papua Niugini Paradox. Land property archaism and modernity of peasant resistance?
    by Rémy Herrera & Poeura Tetoe

  • 2013 Impact of Natural Disasters on Production Networks and Urbanization in New Zealand
    by Brent LAYTON

  • 2013 Income Inequality In Urban China And The Role Of State Sector

  • 2013 A provincial perspective on income inequality in urban China and the role of property and business income
    by Lee, Jongchul

  • 2012 A reassessment of energy and GDP relationship: A case of Australia
    by Shahiduzzaman, Md & Alam, Khorshed

  • 2012 Changes in energy efficiency in Australia: A decomposition of aggregate energy intensity using Logarithmic Mean Divisia approach
    by Shahiduzzaman, Md & Alam, Khorshed

  • 2012 Pollution, Economic Development and Democracy: Evidence from the MENA countries
    by Mohammad Reza Farzanegan & Gunther Markwardt

  • 2012 Hold Your Breath: A New Index of Air Quality
    by Mohammad Reza Farzanegan & Andreas Buehn

  • 2012 Caribbean Integration – Lessons for the Pacific?
    by Bob Warner

  • 2012 A Dynamic Model for Road Gasoline and Diesel Consumption: An Application for Spanish Regions
    by Rosa M. González-Marrero & Rosa M. Lorenzo-Alegría & Gustavo A. Marrero

  • 2012 Investment, Poverty And Development In Asia-Pacific Countries: Econometric Models And Evolution, 2000-2010
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen & EXPOSITO, Pilar

  • 2011 Does better local governance improve district growth performance in Indonesia?
    by Neil McCulloch & Edmund Malesky

  • 2011 The growth effects of education in Australia
    by Paradiso, Antonio & Kumar, Saten & Rao, B. Bhaskara

  • 2011 ReâDesigning Financial Systems: A Review of the Role of Stock Markets in Developing Economies
    by Parmendra Sharma & Eduardo Roca

  • 2011 Labour Market Forecasting, Reliability and Workforce Development
    by G.A.Meagher & Felicity Pang

  • 2011 The Growth Effects of Education in Australia
    by Antonio Paradiso & Saten Kumar & B. Bhaskara Rao

  • 2010 Monetary and exchange rate policy issues in Pacific Island countries
    by Richard Wood

  • 2010 La conjoncture économique dans la région Asie-Pacifique après la crise des subprime
    by Lagadec, Gael & Ris, Catherine

  • 2010 La conjoncture économique dans la région Asie-Pacifique après la crise des subprime
    by Lagadec, Gael & Ris, Catherine

  • 2010 Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy Since Federation
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Jeffrey G Williamson

  • 2010 Cliometrics and Time Series Econometrics: Some Theory and Applications
    by David Grreasley

  • 2010 Responding to Shocks: Australia's Institutions and Policies
    by Ian W. McLean

  • 2010 Managing manna from below: sovereign wealth funds and extractive industries in the Pacific
    by Martin Gould

  • 2010 The surprising vulnerability of New Zealand manufacturing to CO2 emissions pricing: the lessons of an international comparison
    by Elisabeth Numan-Parsons & Kris Iyer & Matthew Bartleet

  • 2010 The Determinants of Firm-Level Export Intensity in New Zealand Agriculture and Forestry
    by Kris Iyer

  • 2009 La conjoncture économique dans la zone Asie-Pacifique après la crise des subprimes
    by Lagadec, Gael

  • 2009 L'ombre de la crise
    by Lagadec, Gael & Descombels, Alain

  • 2009 Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy since Federation
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Jeffrey G Williamson

  • 2009 Structural Policies to Overcome Geographic Barriers and Create Prosperity in New Zealand
    by Yvan Guillemette

  • 2009 Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy since Federation
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Jeffrey G. Williamson

  • 2009 The New Global Crisis Makers: Economic Intervention and the Loss of Strategic Leadership
    by Graeme Donald Snooks

  • 2009 Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy since Federation
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Jeffrey G. Williamson

  • 2009 Case Study: Australia's Computer Games Audience and Restrictive Ratings System
    by Jeffrey E. BRAND & Jill BORCHARD & Kym HOLMES

  • 2009 Education, Health And Economic Development: A Survey Of Quantitative Economic Studies, 2001-2009
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen

  • 2009 Normalisation et développement durable
    by Faten Loukil

  • 2008 International Migration in a Sea of Islands: Challenges and Opportunities for Insular Pacific Spaces
    by Richard Bedford & Graeme Hugo

  • 2008 Pharmaceutical innovation and the longevity of Australians: a first look
    by Frank R. Lichtenberg & Gautier Duflos

  • 2008 Have Newer Cardiovascular Drugs Reduced Hospitalization? Evidence From Longitudinal Country-Level Data on 20 OECD Countries, 1995-2003
    by Frank R. Lichtenberg

  • 2008 Assessing the Importance of National Economic Reform – Australian Productivity Commission Experience
    by Paul Gretton

  • 2008 Physical stature and its interpretation in nineteenth century New Zealand
    by Kris Inwood & Les Oxley & Evan Roberts

  • 2008 Australia’s Longrun Economic Strategy, Performance, and Policy: A New Dynamic Perspective
    by Graeme Snooks

  • 2008 The Irrational “War on Inflation”: Why Inflation Targeting is Both Socially Unacceptable and Economically Untenable
    by Graeme Snooks

  • 2008 Manufacturing and Economic Development: Inter-sectoral relationships in Europe, America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, 1999-2006
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen

  • 2007 Determinarea gradului de penetrare in cadrul agentilor economici a tehnicilor de imbunatatire a productivitatii
    by Neagu, Cornelia & Dospinescu, Andrei Silviu

  • 2007 Estimating aid-growth equations: the case of Pacific Island countries
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara & Sharma, Kanaiah Lal & Singh, Rup

  • 2007 Dynamic linkage between Macroeconomic Activities and Stock Prices in Fiji
    by Puah, Chin-Hong & Jayaraman, T. K.

  • 2007 Tariff-Growth Nexus in the Australian Economy, 1870-2002: Is there a Paradox?
    by Prema-Chandra Athukorala & Satish Chand

  • 2007 Aid and Dutch Disease in the South Pacific
    by David Fielding

  • 2007 The financial sector in Papua New Guinea — A good case of reform
    by Peter Biggs

  • 2006 Education and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Australia
    by Sawami Matsushita & Abu Siddique & Margaret Giles

  • 2006 The Concept of Competitiveness
    by John Hawkins

  • 2006 A Smooth Ride: Terms of Trade, Volatility and GDP Growth
    by Grimes, Arthur

  • 2006 An extension to the neoclassical growth modelto Estimate Growth and Level Effects
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara & Singh, Rup & Nisha, Fozia

  • 2006 Migration and Economic Growth: a 21st Century Perspective
    by Cat Moody

  • 2006 Desarrollo económico mundial en 1980-2005 y retos de la cooperación internacional
    by M. Carmen Guisan

  • 2005 New Zealand: A Typical Australasian Economy?
    by Arthur Grimes

  • 2005 Le débat sur la croissance économique en Suisse Quelles conclusions ? (text in French)
    by Jean-Christian Lambelet & Claudio Sfreddo

  • 2004 Labour Force Participation and GDP in New Zealand
    by John Bryant & Veronica Jacobsen & Matthew Bell & Daniel Garrett

  • 2004 New Zealand: A Typical Australasian Ecomony?
    by Arthur Grimes

  • 2004 Quantifying Creative Destruction Entrepreneurship and Productivity in New Zealand
    by John McMillan

  • 2004 SEEA Revision: Accounting for Sustainability?
    by Peter Bartelmus

  • 2004 A VAR Analysis of US and Japanese Effects on Malaysian Aggregate and Sectoral Output
    by Ibrahim, M.H

  • 2004 Export-Led Growth, Growth-Driven Export, Both or None? Granger Causality Analysis on OECD Countries
    by Konya, L.

  • 2003 Has the rate of economic growth changed? Evidence and lessons for public policy
    by Matthew D Shapiro

  • 2003 Education, Industry, Trade and Development of Asia-Pacific countries in 1980-99
    by Guisan, M.Carmen & Exposito, Pilar

  • 2002 When the Invisible Hand Rocks the Cradle: New Zealand children in a time of change
    by Alison J. Blaiklock & Cynthia A. Kiro & Michael Belgrave & Will Low & Eileen Davenport & Ian B. Hassall

  • 2002 Productivity and Policy Reform in Australia
    by Dean Parham

  • 2002 Editor's Overview
    by Andrew Sharpe

  • 2001 Cost, Benefits and Distributional Consequences of Inmate Labor
    by Jeffrey R. Kling & Alan B. Krueger

  • 1999 Terms of Trade Shocks and the Current Account
    by Cashin, P. & McDermott, C.J.

  • 1999 Householders’ Inflation Expectations
    by Andrea Brischetto & Gordon de Brouwer

  • 1999 Ninth Annual Colin Clark Memorial Lecture – Economic Nationalism and Performance: Australia from the 1960s to the 1990s
    by Evans, Ted

  • 1998 Estimating Output Gaps
    by Gordon de Brouwer

  • 1997 Disparities In Australian Regional Incomes : Are They Widening or Narrowing?
    by Cashin, P & Strappazzon, L

  • 1997 Australie: Secteur de vetements de sport
    by Gagne, C.

  • 1997 Malaisie: Secteur de l'equipement medical de haute technologie
    by Froissart, S.

  • 1996 External Influences on Output: An Industry Analysis
    by Gordon de Brouwer & John Romalis

  • 1996 A Markov-switching Model of Inflation in Australia
    by John Simon

  • 1996 Towards an Understanding of Australia’s Co-movement with Foreign Business Cycles
    by Nicolas de Roos & Bill Russell

  • 1996 Issues in Modelling Monetary Policy
    by Malcolm Edey & John Romalis

  • 1996 Australia’s Retirement Income System: Implications for Saving and Capital Markets
    by Malcolm Edey & John Simon

  • 1996 Consumption and Liquidity Constraints in Australia and East Asia: Does Financial Integration Matter?
    by Gordon de Brouwer

  • 1994 British imperialism in microcosm: the annexation of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    by Margaret Ackrill

  • 1994 Economic distress and unemployment in Australia since 1850
    by Paul Johnson

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