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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N8: Micro-Business History
/ / / N83: Europe: Pre-1913
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Network preferences and the growth of the British cotton textile industry, c.1780-1914
    by Toms, Steven

  • 2017 The Rise and Fall of Castrati
    by Victor Ginsburgh & Luc Leruth

  • 2017 La industria vinícola del jerez y la replantación del viñedo, 1894-1914: una aportación de historia empresarial
    by Enrique Montañés

  • 2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protection
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Campbell, Gareth & Turner, John D.

  • 2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protection
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Campbell, Gareth & Turner, John D.

  • 2016 The Bank of England and the genesis of modern management
    by Murphy, Anne L.

  • 2016 What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur? Historical Evidence from Italy (XIX-XX Centuries)
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Pier Angelo Toninelli & MIchelangelo Vasta

  • 2016 Knowledge Disclosure, Patent Management, and the Four-Stroke Engine Business
    by Saiz, Patricio & Amengual, Rafael

  • 2016 When is an oligarchy formed? The origins and evolution of an elite. Barcelona 1850-1920
    by Jose Miguel Sanjuan Marroquin

  • 2016 The National in the Empire. The Human Capital and the Economy of Ruschuk on the Border of Two Eras (1864-1880)
    by Kristian Valchev

  • 2015 Happy hour followed by hangover: Financing the UK brewery industry, 1880-1913
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Coyle, Christopher & Turner, John D.

  • 2015 Fraud and Financial Scandals: A Historical Analysis of Opportunity and Impediment
    by Toms, Steven

  • 2015 The Development of Corporate Governance in Toulouse: 1372-1946
    by David Le Bris & William N. Goetzmann & Sébastien Pouget

  • 2015 Financing the Evolution of London’s Water Services: 1582 to 1904
    by Hugh GOLDSMITH & Dan CARTER

  • 2015 Huth & Co.’s credit strategies: a global merchant-banker’s risk management, c. 1810-1850
    by Manuel Llorca-Jaña

  • 2015 Intermarriage in a divided society: Ireland a century ago
    by Fernihough, Alan & Ó Gráda, Cormac & Walsh, Brendan M.

  • 2015 The Massó Fish Canning Company: An Innovative Family Business, 1883-1994
    by ABREU, Luisa Fernanda

  • 2014 The role of Old Believers' enterprises: Evidence from the nineteenth century Moscow textile industry
    by Raskov, Danila & Kufenko, Vadim

  • 2014 Why did early industrial capitalists suggest minimum wages and social insurance?
    by Reckendrees, Alfred

  • 2014 Identity, Nostalgia and Happiness among Migrants: The Case of the Kōshien High School Baseball Tournament in Japan
    by Yamamura, Eiji

  • 2014 Monopoly Power in the Eighteenth Century British Book Trade:
    by David Fielding & Shef Rogers

  • 2014 Wages and prices in early Catalan industrialisation
    by Julio Martínez-Galarraga & Marc Prat

  • 2014 120 Years of (Non) Issue of the Czech Translation of the book “Treatise on Accounting” by Luca Pacioli
    by Miloslav Janhuba

  • 2014 The Impact Of The Bon Marché On The Modern Commercial Landscape
    by Camelia PAVEL

  • 2013 A Historical Overview of Joint Stock Company Births in Greece (1830-1909): Coincidence, causality and determinants
    by Pepelasis, Ioanna Sapfo & Emmanouilidi, Elpianna

  • 2013 Copyright and the Profitability of Authorship: Evidence from Payments to Writers in the Romantic Period
    by Megan MacGarvie & Petra Moser

  • 2013 Corvée versus money: Micro-history of a water infrastructure in the Alps, the Rû Courtaud, 1393- 2013
    by Massimo FLORIO

  • 2012 The Role of the Double-Entry Bookkeeping in the Emergence of Capitalism
    by K. TSYGANKOV.

  • 2012 Theocracy is just another Form of Dictatorship: Theory and Evidence from the Papal Regimes
    by Fabio Padovano & Ronald Wintrobe

  • 2012 Shanghai's Trade, China's Growth: Continuity, Recovery, and Change since the Opium War
    by Wolfgang Keller & Ben Li & Carol H. Shiue

  • 2012 The financing history of urban water infrastructure in Paris (1807-1925): lessons from the past to enlighten present and future challenges?
    by Olivier CRESPI REGHIZZI

  • 2012 The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism the Haugian Way
    by Grytten, Ola H.

  • 2012 War, Conquest and Local Merchants: The Role of Credit in the Peripheral Military Administration of the Hispanic Monarchy during the First Half of the Sixteenth Century
    by Jose Miguel Escribano Paez

  • 2012 Las raíces agrarias del crecimiento económico andaluz y el grupo Larios (1800-1936)
    by Jose Ignacio Jiménez Blanco

  • 2011 Old Times, Better Times? German Miners' Knappschaften, Pay-as-you-go Pensions, and Implicit Rates of Return, 1854–1913
    by Jopp, Tobias Alexander

  • 2011 The design of licensing contracts: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Electrical Engineering in Imperial Germany
    by Carsten Burhop & Thorsten Luebbers

  • 2011 Opening the black box of Entrepreneurship: the Italian case in a historical perspective
    by Pier Angelo Toninelli & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2011 Añil, cacao y reses. Los negocios del indiano Esteban González de Linares en tiempos de mudanza, 1784-1796
    by José-Miguel Lana-Berasain

  • 2011 A moneylender in Venice: Costantino Bogdano ‘da Patrasso’, c. 1800-44
    by Pepelasis, Ioanna Sapfo & Tzavara, Angeliki

  • 2011 Les industries animales dans l'ouest de la France : les territoires industrielles de Chateau-Renault et Surgères
    by Perrin, Cedric

  • 2011 De sale à durable ? Le tannage du XIXe au XXIe siècle
    by Perrin, Cedric

  • 2011 The design of licensing contracts: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Electrical Engineering in Imperial Germany
    by Carsten Burhop & Thorsten Lübbers

  • 2011 The creation of new entities: stakeholders and shareholders in 19th century Italian co-operatives
    by P. Battilani

  • 2011 Old and new Italian multinational firms
    by Giuseppe Berta & Fabrizio Onida

  • 2011 Italian Firms in History: Size, Technology and Entrepreneurship
    by Franco Amatori & Matteo Bugamelli & Andrea Colli

  • 2010 Prices and Profits in Cotton Textiles During the Industrial Revolution
    by C. Knick Harley

  • 2010 Prices and Profits in Cotton Textiles During the Industrial Revolution
    by C. Knick Harley

  • 2010 Restare A Lungo In Fabbrica Nella Prima Meta’ Del ‘900: Stabilita’ Occupazionale O Crescita Professionale?
    by Ilaria Suffia

  • 2010 Banking in Savoy and embeddedness within local business communities (1860- (In French)
    by Hubert BONIN (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113 - Institut de Sciences Politique de Bordeaux)

  • 2010 How do Electoral Systems Affect Fiscal Policy? Evidence from State and Local Governments, 1890 to 2005
    by Patricia Funk & Christina Gathmann

  • 2010 La economía de Valladolid, 1830-2000. Una perspectiva histórica
    by Javier Moreno Llázaro

  • 2010 Portuguese public debt and financial business before WWI
    by Maria Eugenia Mata

  • 2010 Wily welfare capitalist: Werner von Siemens and the pension plan
    by Jakub Kast & Lyndon Moore

  • 2009 Intangible assets and competitiveness in Spain: an approach based on trademark registration data in Catalonia (1850-1946)
    by Sáiz, Patricio & Fernández, Paloma

  • 2009 Italian Entrepreneurship: Conjectures and Evidence from a Historical Perspective
    by Pier Angelo Toninelli & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2009 La formación de un distrito industrial metalúrgico en Valladolid (c. 1842-c. 1953)
    by Monserrat Álvarez Martín & Pedro Pablo Ortúñez Goicolea

  • 2009 Aux origines de l'entrepreneuriat social. Les affaires selon Jean-Baptiste André Godin (1817-1888)
    by Sophie Boutillier

  • 2008 La publicité des artisans en France au XXème siècle
    by Perrin, Cedric

  • 2008 Italian investment and merchant banking up to 1914: Hybridising international models and practices
    by Carlo Brambilla & Giandomenico Piluso

  • 2008 Incentives and Innovation? R&D Management in Germany’s High-Tech Industries During the Second Industrial Revolution
    by Carsten Burhop & Thorsten Lübbers

  • 2008 Pharmaceutical research in Wilhelmine Germany: The case of E. Merck
    by Carsten Burhop

  • 2007 Tawney's Century (1540-1640): the Roots of Modern Capitalist Entrepreneurship in England
    by John H. Munro

  • 2007 La politique financière de l'Etat italien et l'évolution du système financier
    by Antoine Gentier & Nathalie Janson

  • 2007 Vinos y cuestión algodonera. Los exportadores ante la reforma arancelaria, 1839-1843
    by Enrique Montañés Primicia

  • 2006 Old and new ceramics: manufactures, products and markets in the Venetian Republic in the 17th and 18th centuries
    by Giovanni Favero

  • 2006 Entrepreneurial structure of the mercantile company in pre-industrial Catalonia
    by Lídia Torra

  • 2006 Entrepreneurship in Early-Modern Europe (1450 - 1750): An Exploration of Some Unfashionable Themes in Economic History
    by John H. Munro

  • 2006 Per un'analisi del costo della vita nella Verona del Settecento
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2006 Entrepreneurship and market order: Some historical evidence
    by Bitros, George C. & Minoglou, Ioanna

  • 2006 The evolution of Port merchants: An evolutionary analysis of the transformation of an economic sector (1700-1833)
    by Jacquinet, Marc

  • 2006 L’analyse du risque au Crédit Lyonnais:l’utilisation de tableaux de retraitements comptables (1871-1919)
    by Nicolas Praquin

  • 2005 A short history of French spirit of enterprise (from 1780 till date) (In French)
    by Hubert BONIN

  • 2005 Tejiendo Redes Empresariales en Andalucía Oriental:Vida y Obra de Alfredo Velasco y Sotillos (1872-1936)
    by Gregorio Núñez

  • 2005 Networks of People in Specialty Production: Family Firms in the Iron and Steel Wire Industries in Spain (1870-2000)
    by Paloma Fernandez Perez

  • 2004 «Un genere pressocché necessario»: consumo, politica e industria dello zucchero nel Regno di Napoli in età rivoluzionaria e napoleonica
    by Ciccolella, Daniela

  • 2003 O Rio de Janeiro e as primeiras linhas transatlânticas de paquetes a vapor: 1850-1860
    by Almir Chaiban El Kareh

  • 2003 Banking as an Emerging Technology: Hoares Bank 1702-1742
    by Peter Temin & Hans-Joachim Voth

  • 2002 The trading of unlimited liability bank shares: the Bagehot Hypothesis
    by Charles Hickson & John Turner

  • 2000 Anticipating changes: de Nederlandsche Bank at Leyden 1865-1969
    by M.M.G. Fase & J. Mooij

  • 1989 The Role Of Negative Numbers In The Development Of Double Entry Bookkeeping - A Comment
    by SCORGIE, ME

  • 1978 Role Of Negative Numbers In The Development Of Double Entry Bookkeeping

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