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Lost Authors

This list includes authors who have registered with RePEc and with whom we have lost contact. If you know a current email address for any of the authors listed below, please notify us and help us keep this list as short as possible. This list does not include those that have been reported as deceased to the administrators of the RePEc Author Service. Thus, please also notify us in case of deaths.

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Abdul Manap, Turkhan Ali (notify us)
Abedl-Gadir, Sufian (notify us)
Aboura, Sofiane (notify us)
Aburime, Toni (notify us)
Ahituv, Avner (notify us)
Akhavein, Jalal (notify us)
Akiode, Philip Olakunle (notify us)
Albu, Nicolae (notify us)
Alders, Peter (notify us)
Alejos Marroquin, Luis Alejandro (notify us)
Alenezi, Mohammad (notify us)
Alexandrova, Matilda (notify us)
Alturki, Fahad M. (notify us)
Alvarez, Lía (notify us)
Amaturo, Francesca (notify us)
Amos, Michael Patrick (notify us)
Anderson, Evelyn Leung (notify us)
Aninat, Cristobal (notify us)
Arent, Stefan (notify us)
Arnostova, Katerina (notify us)
Artis, Michael John (notify us)
Aruna, Mothkuri (notify us)
Asenso-okyere, Kwadwo (notify us)
Aussilloux, Vincent (notify us)
Ayadi, Achraf (notify us)
Aydin, Burcu (notify us)
Aydogan, Neslihan (notify us)
Öztek, Mehmet Fatih (notify us)
Ã…gren, Hanna (notify us)
Bachman, Daniel David (notify us)
Bagaka, James Obuya (notify us)
Bain, Iain (notify us)
Baldini, Nicola (notify us)
Bali, Geetanjali (notify us)
Ballon, Paola (notify us)
Barbaro, Salvatore (notify us)
Barragan, Luis (notify us)
Bastian, Dietmar (notify us)
Baum, Sabine (notify us)
Bøg, Martin (notify us)
Bearse, Peter Michael (notify us)
Bel, Francois (notify us)
Belhaj Hassine, Nadia (notify us)
Ben Hammouda, Hakim (notify us)
Berg, Lennart (notify us)
Bergström, Pål (notify us)
Bernabe, Eufrocinio Maynigo Jr. (notify us)
Bernvald, Arnold (notify us)
Berstein, Solange (notify us)
Bezdek, Vladimir (notify us)
Bezmen, Trisha Lynn (notify us)
Birchler, Urs W. (notify us)
Bishop, Kate (notify us)
Blackwell, Melanie Ann (notify us)
Blasco, Andrea (notify us)
Bon, Roberta (notify us)
Bose, Rana (notify us)
Boskovic, Predrag (notify us)
Boudaya, Chahnez (notify us)
Bourguinat, Henri (notify us)
Brilius, Povilas (notify us)
Broder, Abraham Albert (notify us)
Brooks, Peter (notify us)
Brunel, Julien (notify us)
Buchs, Thierry (notify us)
Bustamante Romaní, Rafael Sr. (notify us)
Butilca, Delia (notify us)
Byers, David (notify us)
Caglar, Evren (notify us)
Caiado, Aurilio Sergio Costa (notify us)
Camera, Roberta (notify us)
Canning, David (notify us)
Caraiani, Chirata (notify us)
Cardenas, Mauricio (notify us)
Carlson, John (notify us)
Carracelas, Gastón (notify us)
Carvalho, Miguel (notify us)
Castro, Francisco Barros (notify us)
Cavallini, David (notify us)
Cebuc, Iuliana Maria (notify us)
Cecconi, Massimiliano (notify us)
Ceniccola, Claudia (notify us)
Chamarbagwala, Rubiana M. (notify us)
Chang, Yoonhee Tina (notify us)
Chapoto, Antony (notify us)
Chaudhuri, Swayan (notify us)
Che, Nhu (notify us)
Chen, Tao (notify us)
Chen, Wen-Hao (notify us)
Cheung, Maria (notify us)
Chin, Anthony Thengheng (notify us)
Chin, William (notify us)
Choe, Jongmook (notify us)
Choi, Kangsik (notify us)
Christ, Julian Phillip (notify us)
Chung, Anna Stolyarova (notify us)
Chung, Anthony Fai-Tong (notify us)
Clauser, Laura Lee (notify us)
Clauss, Pierre (notify us)
Coleman-Fenn, Christopher Andrew (notify us)
Concu, Giovanni (notify us)
Condevaux-Lanloy, Christian (notify us)
Connelly, Michael John (notify us)
Constantine, Collin Mervin (notify us)
Cook, Averil (notify us)
Corrado, Charles Joseph (notify us)
Craigwell, Roland Clairmonte (notify us)
Cunningham, Kenda Jean (notify us)
Da Maia, Carlos (notify us)
Dannenberg, Henry (notify us)
Danyal, Shah (notify us)
Davidová, Petra (notify us)
Désiage, Lionel Jacques (notify us)
De, Oindrila (notify us)
Deb, Saubhik (notify us)
de Borobia Pires Gonçalves, Ricardo (notify us)
Dekker, David (notify us)
del Carpio, Carlos (notify us)
Dell'Era, Mario (notify us)
Del Sorbo, Maria (notify us)
Demers, Frederick (notify us)
de Quinto, Miguel (notify us)
de Rozario, Robert (notify us)
Detape, Yves (notify us)
Dey, Soma (notify us)
Dheera-aumpon, Siwapong (notify us)
Dimitrov, Pavel (notify us)
Dismukes, Robert (notify us)
Distante, Roberta (notify us)
Djankov, Simeon (notify us)
Dobnik, Frauke (notify us)
Donald, David (notify us)
Downarowicz, Anna (notify us)
Drakos, Anastasios A (notify us)
Dreßler, Daniel (notify us)
Drimie, Scott (notify us)
Duflos, Gautier (notify us)
Dyachenko, Ekaterina (notify us)
Ebel, Robert (notify us)
Edmondson, William Ewell Jr. (notify us)
Egorov, Alexei V. (notify us)
Eilhard, Jan (notify us)
El-Haddad, Amirah (notify us)
Elhouar, Mikael (notify us)
Ellis, Gene (notify us)
Engseld, Peter (notify us)
Ergashev, Bakhodir (notify us)
Errabi, Khalid (notify us)
Escudé, Carlos (notify us)
Fajardo, Luis Eduardo (notify us)
Ferrant, Gaëlle (notify us)
Ferraris, Leo (notify us)
Finkle, Aaron (notify us)
Fioriti, Linda (notify us)
Foroughi, Elnaz (notify us)
Franco, Catalina (notify us)
Frank, Nathaniel (notify us)
Franz, Jennifer (notify us)
Freye, Sabine (notify us)
Fu, Haifeng (notify us)
Fuentes, Olga M. (notify us)
Fuentes Morales, Bulmaro Adrián (notify us)
Fukasaku, Kiichiro (notify us)
Gagnol, Laurent (notify us)
Gamarra, Jose R. (notify us)
Gammage, Sarah (notify us)
Gan, Junwu (notify us)
Garza-Garcia, Jesus Gustavo (notify us)
Görg, Konrad (notify us)
Geel, Regula (notify us)
Ghalwash, Tarek Moustafa (notify us)
Ghosal, Sourendra Nath (notify us)
Ghymers, Christian (notify us)
Giordani, Paolo (notify us)
Giurgiteanu, Nicolae M (notify us)
Goehlmann, Silja (notify us)
Goetghebuer, Tatiana (notify us)
Gondat-Larralde, Celine (notify us)
Gonzalez Belmonte, Miguel Angel (notify us)
Gorski, Michael (notify us)
Govori, Arbiana (notify us)
Graham, Stephen (notify us)
Grebe, Tim (notify us)
Greszta, Michal (notify us)
Griffith, Marnie (notify us)
Grimm, Oliver R. (notify us)
Groves, Alexander (notify us)
Gundel, Sebastian (notify us)
Guo, Biao (notify us)
Haftendorn, Clemens (notify us)
Halloran, Matthew (notify us)
Hallsten, Kerstin (notify us)
Hamda, Yonas (notify us)
Hammar, Henrik (notify us)
Hanslow, Kevin John (notify us)
Hanson, Kenneth A. (notify us)
Harris, Katherine Marie (notify us)
Harthoorn, Rudolf (notify us)
Hasani, Karim (notify us)
Healer, Michael (notify us)
Heinze, Anja (notify us)
Helmstädter, Ernst Herrmann (notify us)
Herath, Gamini (notify us)
Herbertsson, Tryggvi Thor (notify us)
Hermanek, Jaroslav (notify us)
Hernández-Esteve, Esteban (notify us)
Herreño, Juan David (notify us)
Herrera, Ana María (notify us)
Hession, Niall (notify us)
Hiraide, Yasuhiko (notify us)
Horne, Jocelyn (notify us)
Hou, Keqiang (notify us)
Huang, Chien-Yu (notify us)
Huang, Jian (notify us)
Huang, Kuo S. (notify us)
Huang, Ruihong (notify us)
Huang, Weiting (notify us)
Hussain, Majeed Ali (notify us)
Hussain, Syed Arshad (notify us)
Ilut, Bogdan (notify us)
Imai, Ken (notify us)
Irfan, Mohd (notify us)
Isambert, Blandine (notify us)
Isenberg, Emily Pas (notify us)
Jaballi, Olfa Miss (notify us)
Jackson, Sukhan (notify us)
Jaramillo, Fernando (notify us)
Jayaweera, Roshini (notify us)
Jäger, Ulrike (notify us)
Jellal, Said (notify us)
Jemala, Marek (notify us)
Johansson, Fredrik (notify us)
Johnson, Rachel Jane (notify us)
Johnsson, Richard C. B. (notify us)
Juselius, John Mikael (notify us)
Kadlcakova, Narcisa Liliana (notify us)
Kaldis, Panagiotis E. (notify us)
Kaloudis, Aris (notify us)
Kanchanahattakij, Sunti (notify us)
Kang, Hyunsoo (notify us)
Karaja, Elira (notify us)
Karl, Claudio R. (notify us)
Kenworthy, Lane (notify us)
Kerrigan, Arthur (notify us)
Khodjaev, Dmitriy Abdukarimovich Sr. (notify us)
Kihangire, David Asiimwe (notify us)
Kilin, F.S. (notify us)
Kimbugwe, Hassan Price (notify us)
King, Elizabeth M. (notify us)
Kitahara, Minoru (notify us)
Kloas, Jutta (notify us)
Knaup, Martin (notify us)
Kock, Udo (notify us)
Kopperer, Hans C. (notify us)
Kozlova, Olesia (notify us)
Kozlowski, Bartosz (notify us)
Kozu, Takeo (notify us)
Krautzberger, Lisann (notify us)
Kretschmann, Marco (notify us)
Krissoff, Barry (notify us)
Krohmer, Oskar (notify us)
Kroll, Eike Benjamin (notify us)
Krusec, Dejan (notify us)
Kudelová, Magdaléna (notify us)
Kulsoom, Rafia (notify us)
Kumar, Deepak (notify us)
Kumpmann, Ingmar (notify us)
Kvitastein, Olav (notify us)
Labondance, Fabien (notify us)
Lahiri, Dr. Soumitra (notify us)
Lai, Richard (notify us)
Lakhal, Tarik (notify us)
Laot, Maxime (notify us)
Larsen, Jens D J (notify us)
Lazarevski, Dimche (notify us)
Lazen, Vicente (notify us)
Le, Van Ha (notify us)
Lee, Hei Wai (notify us)
Lee, Jeo S. (notify us)
Leistritz, F. Larry (notify us)
Lekezwa, Bongisa I. (notify us)
Lerouge, Davy (notify us)
Levin, Vladimir Lvovich (notify us)
Li, Carmen A. (notify us)
Li, Ye (notify us)
Lima, Maria (notify us)
Lin, Tun (notify us)
Li Ning Chaman, Jorge (notify us)
Litan, Robert E. (notify us)
Litterman, Robert (notify us)
Liu, Chin Te (notify us)
Lizarazo, Sandra Valentina (notify us)
Lloyd-Davies, Peter (notify us)
Lopera Oquendo, Carolina (notify us)
Lopez Chamorro, Liliana (notify us)
Lorenzon, Antonio (notify us)
Lu, Meng (notify us)
Luo, Sha (notify us)
Lymer, Sharyn (notify us)
Lysenko, Tatiana (notify us)
Mai, Yinhua Hua (notify us)
Maier, Andreas Maximilian (notify us)
Majumdar, Suman (notify us)
Makowski, Marcin (notify us)
Mantchev, Tzvetan (notify us)
Maravall Rodriguez, Carlos (notify us)
Marfè, Roberto (notify us)
Mariscal, Rodrigo (notify us)
Marti, Daniel (notify us)
Maung, Thein A (notify us)
May, Justin B (notify us)
Máté, János (notify us)
Müller, Victor Octavian (notify us)
McDaniel, Christine (notify us)
McMullen, Steven C. (notify us)
Mech, Thea (notify us)
Mehar, Mamta (notify us)
Merrett, Danielle (notify us)
Mesa, Diana Carolina (notify us)
Messer, Kent D. (notify us)
Meyer, Wiebke (notify us)
Miankhel, Adil Khan (notify us)
Micheli, Silvia (notify us)
Middendorf, Torge (notify us)
Mihaleva, Sonya (notify us)
Mills, W. Raymond (notify us)
Minkin, Artur (notify us)
Mironenko, Olga (notify us)
Mirzaei, Ali (notify us)
Miteza, Ilir (notify us)
Mohanty, Rajlaxmi (notify us)
Montén, Anna (notify us)
Mooney, Catherine Tyler (notify us)
Moons, Ellen (notify us)
Moreira, Helmar Nunes (notify us)
Morttinen, Leena M (notify us)
Movsesyan, Vahagn (notify us)
Mu, Qing (notify us)
Muehler, Grit (notify us)
Mukherjee, Anit Nath (notify us)
Munandar, Haris (notify us)
Mungo, Julius (notify us)
Mungule, Oswald Kombe (notify us)
Murty, M. Narsimha (notify us)
Murty, Sucheta (notify us)
Musser, Wesley (notify us)
Nair, P (notify us)
Nampewo, Dorothy (notify us)
Ndebele, Tom (notify us)
Negri, Mariano (notify us)
Nguyen, Cuong H. (notify us)
Nguyen, Giap V. (notify us)
Nguyen, Ha Trong (notify us)
Nguyen, Thang Quang (notify us)
Nguyen-Luong, Dany (notify us)
Nguyen-Thanh, Long (notify us)
Nielsen, Frank S. (notify us)
Nien, Benjamin Chih-Chien (notify us)
Nikookar, Hassan (notify us)
Nina, Osvaldo (notify us)
Normile, Mary Anne (notify us)
Norsworthy, John Randolph (notify us)
Nothing, Heryanto (notify us)
Ochel, Wolfgang (notify us)
O'Connell, Brian (notify us)
O'Garra, Tanya (notify us)
Ohnsorge, Franziska (notify us)
Okoboi, Geofrey (notify us)
Oks, Daniel Fernando (notify us)
Olive, Michael James (notify us)
Olivo, Víctor Tiberio (notify us)
Omtzigt, Dirk-Jan Jacob (notify us)
Opazo, Luis Anibal (notify us)
Orbay, Hakan (notify us)
Osipova, Ekaterina (notify us)
Ouro-Koura, Tchakodo (notify us)
Padli, Jaharudin (notify us)
Palmer Tous, Teresa (notify us)
Pang, Felicity (notify us)
Parida, Purna Chandra (notify us)
Parienté, Gilles (notify us)
Parolini, Arno (notify us)
Paunic, Alida (notify us)
Pavasuthipaisit, Robert (notify us)
Pérez-Hernández, Leonel Ramón (notify us)
Pecican, Liana (notify us)
Pesciarelli, Enzo (notify us)
Peter, Vasanthi M. (notify us)
Petersen, D'Ann Michele (notify us)
Petrou, Anastasia (notify us)
Pfeiffer, Ingo (notify us)
Pierce, Raylene M. (notify us)
Pinali, Enrico (notify us)
Pinfold, John Fraser (notify us)
Piqueira, Natalia Scotto (notify us)
Placido, Laetitia (notify us)
Plato, Gerald (notify us)
Pomerleano, Michael (notify us)
Pope, Adam (notify us)
Poschmann, Jenny (notify us)
Powell, Ronan (notify us)
Pyrlik, Vladimir (notify us)
Quiñones, Esteban J. (notify us)
Quigley, E. Matthew (notify us)
Quillin, Bryce (notify us)
Quispe-Agnoli, Myriam J. (notify us)
Raabe, Katharina (notify us)
Rachinsky, Andrei Alexandrovich (notify us)
Radziwill, Artur (notify us)
Rahmaddi, Rudy (notify us)
Raj, Mukund (notify us)
Ramirez, Manuel (notify us)
Rangel, Luiz Fernando (notify us)
Rao, Rekha (notify us)
Raposo, Pedro (notify us)
Rashid, Adeel Ather Sr. (notify us)
Ravinthirakumaran, Navaratnam (notify us)
Rebellon, Carlos Andres (notify us)
Redzepagic, Denis (notify us)
Reichmuth, Wolfgang H. (notify us)
Reinkowski, Janina (notify us)
Rhenals, Leonardo (notify us)
Riaz, Kashif (notify us)
Rinaldi, Laura (notify us)
Ripoll Penalva, Aina M. (notify us)
Robb, Rafael (notify us)
Robinson, Kenneth James (notify us)
Rodríguez Vicente, Mario (notify us)
Rodriguez, Marius del Giudice (notify us)
Rodríguez González, Guillermo (notify us)
Romero, Javier (notify us)
Romero, Laura (notify us)
Romhányi, Balázs (notify us)
Roy, Aditi (notify us)
Rudolph, Stephan (notify us)
Russo, Giuseppe (notify us)
Salaev, Sanaatbek (notify us)
Salgado Ibáñez, Sergio Cristian Sr. (notify us)
Salimans, Tim (notify us)
Samaratunga, Parakrama Amarenath (notify us)
Santamaria, Julieth (notify us)
Santos, Edward Ponce (notify us)
Santos, Rafael (notify us)
Sargu, Alina Camelia (notify us)
Saurkar, Anuja (notify us)
Sauter, Oliver (notify us)
Schmeißer, Christian (notify us)
Schmidt, Christian Walter (notify us)
Schröpfer, Stefanie (notify us)
Schumacher, Jan (notify us)
Scourneau, Vincent (notify us)
Segura-Ortiz, Juan Carlos (notify us)
Sembiring Meliala, Ivan Mulianta (notify us)
Seminario, Cristhian (notify us)
Sene, Serigne Moustapha (notify us)
Senthil velmurugan, Manivannan (notify us)
Serova, Elena G. (notify us)
Serra, Fernando Ribeiro (notify us)
Shaheen, Rozina (notify us)
Shamsi, Syed Furqan Haider (notify us)
Shapouri, Shahla (notify us)
Sharma, Sandeshika (notify us)
Sheran, Michelle E. (notify us)
Sherlock, Stephen (notify us)
Shi, Hui (notify us)
Shim, Kieun (notify us)
Shimamoto, Kenichi (notify us)
Shimomura, Tetsuya (notify us)
Shirai, Sayuri (notify us)
Shirov, Alexander (notify us)
Sideri, Marco (notify us)
Silva, João Carlos Domingos da Sr. (notify us)
Singh, Karan (notify us)
Skew, Alexandra Jane (notify us)
Slattery, Edward (notify us)
Sofran, Ofelia Cristina (notify us)
Solon, Orville jose C. (notify us)
Solum, Nils Henrik (notify us)
Sorasith, Christine (notify us)
Soria, Eugenio Guzman (notify us)
Spong, Kenneth (notify us)
Steinwascher, William Henry (notify us)
Stejskal, Ladislav (notify us)
Stevens, Ibrahim (notify us)
Stiková, Radka (notify us)
Stillman, Richard Perry (notify us)
Stout, James (notify us)
Stoytcheva, Petia (notify us)
Strauss, Jason David (notify us)
Strijbosch, Leo (notify us)
Suárez-Lledó, José (notify us)
Suleiman, Abrar (notify us)
Suphachalasai, Suphachol (notify us)
Sustersic, Janez (notify us)
Tan, Elaine (notify us)
Tanda, Paola (notify us)
Tarka, Daniel (notify us)
Téllez, Santiago (notify us)
Teixeira Dias, Rui Pedro (notify us)
Testas, Abdelaziz (notify us)
Teuber, Silvia (notify us)
Tezic, Kerem (notify us)
Thams, Andreas (notify us)
Thapar, Rishi (notify us)
Thor, Jesper Van (notify us)
Tkachuk, Oleksandr (notify us)
Tokman, Andrea Paula (notify us)
Tompkinson, Paul (notify us)
Tondani, Davide (notify us)
Traficante, Guido (notify us)
Tran, Thang Toan (notify us)
Trehan, Bharat (notify us)
Triebswetter, Ursula (notify us)
Tsegenidi, Kyriaki (notify us)
Uemura, Shuichi (notify us)
Unal, Hasan (notify us)
Urrutia, Marcela Paula (notify us)
Uske, Tobias (notify us)
Valckx, Nico (notify us)
van den Berg, Ward A. (notify us)
van der Loos, Matthijs (notify us)
van Leeuwen, Marko Jeroen (notify us)
Vargas, Mónica (notify us)
Vazquez-Alvarez, Rosalia (notify us)
Verma, P C (notify us)
Veyssiere, Luc (notify us)
Visser, Marcel P. (notify us)
Vlachaki, Irene M. (notify us)
Voigtländer, Christine (notify us)
von Westernhagen, Natalja Valeria (notify us)
Vorell, Matthias (notify us)
Vourvachaki, Evangelia (notify us)
Vouvaki, Dimitra (notify us)
Wagner, Wolfgang (notify us)
Walsh, Sharon (notify us)
Wang, Chaoyan (notify us)
Wang, Xuewu (notify us)
Wei, Xiao (notify us)
Weiland, Torsten (notify us)
Weir, Sharada (notify us)
Wergin-Cheek, Niels-Erik (notify us)
Wheatley Price, Stephen (notify us)
Wilfer, Tom (notify us)
Wilson, John Sullivan (notify us)
Wong, Chi Shing (notify us)
Wu, Wenbo (notify us)
Xu, Liujing (notify us)
Xu, Zhiying (notify us)
Yanez, Guillermo José (notify us)
Yang, Jing (notify us)
Yegorov, Igor (notify us)
Yi, Junjian (notify us)
Yoon, Seong-Min (notify us)
Yorulmazer, Tanju (notify us)
Young, Chester Edwin Jr. (notify us)
Yuan, Mingwei (notify us)
Zaretsky, Adam M. (notify us)
Zenthöfer, Andreas (notify us)
Zhang, Hua (notify us)
Zhang, Wei Bin (notify us)
Ziegenbalg, Björn (notify us)
Ziegler, Christina Elisabeth (notify us)