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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M2: Business Economics
/ / / M29: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Lean Education System: A Case Study
    by Tolga Memika & Tülay Korkusuz Polat

  • 2015 Micro-Entrepreneurship: Tendenzen der Präkarisierung auf dem Arbeitsmarkt? Empirische Ergebnisse für Kärnten
    by Bögenhold, Dieter & Klinglmair, Andrea

  • 2015 A VBA model for calculating partnership efficiency
    by Lukáš Turèok & Athanasios Podaras

  • 2015 Corporate diversification and board composition in Japanese electronics corporations
    by Takahiro NISHI

  • 2015 Culture And Leadership: The Case Of Romania
    by Raluca-Elena Hurduzeu

  • 2015 Strategies for Improving the Economic and Financial Performance of the Hotel Companies in the Romanian Seaside Area
    by Trandafir Raluca-Andreea

  • 2015 Influence Of Variable Compensation On Business Performance Of The Split - Dalmatia County Pharmacies
    by Ante Mihanovic & Ante Sanader & Mate Krce

  • 2015 Diversification of Leisure Tourism in the Black Sea Coast
    by Roxana-Mihaela Ionita & Elena Pindiche

  • 2015 Does affective commitment positively predict employee performance? Evidence from the banking industry of Bangladesh
    by Sardana Islam Khan

  • 2015 Does affective commitment positively predict employee performance? Evidence from the banking industry of Bangladesh
    by Sardana Islam Khan

  • 2015 Small Businesses in the Context of Innovation Competition
    by Vitaliy Vasilievich Biryukov & Elena Vasilievna Romanenko & Vera Petrovna Ploskonosova & Irina Gennadievna Bagno & Yuliya Vadimovna Kalashnikova

  • 2015 Approach Regarding a Framework for Risk Reporting in Order to Enhance the Related Good Practices
    by Mirela Nichita & Carmen Turlea

  • 2014 A caring interpretation of stakeholder management for the social enterprise. Evidence from a regional survey of micro social cooperatives in the Italian welfare mix
    by Lorenzo Dorigo & Giuseppe Marcon

  • 2014 Corporate diversification and board composition in Japanese electronic corporations
    by Takahiro NISHI

  • 2014 Tax Agents Perceptions of the Corporate Taxpayers’ Compliance Costs under the Self-assessment System
    by Noor Sharoja Sapiei

  • 2014 Adaptability of the internal business environment of small and medium-sized enterprises in Slovakia
    by Misunova Hudakova, Ivana & Misun, Juraj

  • 2014 Knowledge, Economic Models And Market Value Of Companies
    by IANCU, Eugenia & SOCACIU, Tiberiu

  • 2014 Franchising as a tool for sustainable regional development
    by Viktor I. Korsak

  • 2014 Main problems in the project management and the method of six thinking hats as possible solution
    by KRCHOVA, Eva

  • 2014 Implications and Modalities to Mitigate Seasonality in the Romanian Seaside
    by Ionitã Roxana-Mihaela & Nenciu Daniela Simona

  • 2013 Zum Einfluss des Geschlechts des Übergebers auf die Wahl des familieninternen Nachfolgers: Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse in deutschen Familienunternehmen
    by Schlömer-Laufen, Nadine & Kay, Rosemarie

  • 2013 Unternehmensnachfolgen in Deutschland 2014 bis 2018
    by Kay, Rosemarie & Suprinovič, Olga

  • 2013 Strategic Management, Leadership and Governance of the University in Portugal
    by Marques, Maria da Conceição da Costa

  • 2013 Application Of The Cross Impact Matrix Method In Problematic Phases Of The Balanced Scorecard System In Private And Public Sector
    by Vincent ŠOLTÉS & Beáta GAVUROVÁ

  • 2013 Dynamics of Financial System: A System Dynamics Approach
    by Girish K. Nair & Lewlyn Lester Raj Rodrigues

  • 2013 Competitividad de empresas turísticas: un análisis desde el enfoque sistémico
    by Mercy Lolly Narváez Castro & Gladys Fernández De Hurtado & Aracely Teresa Henríquez Barráez

  • 2013 Protection Of Energy Consumers In The Economies Of European Countries
    by Mihaela ȘTEȚ

  • 2012 Optimal Duration Of Equity Joint Ventures
    by David Mayston & Juning Wang

  • 2012 Stakeholder theory and care management: An inquiry into social enterprises
    by Giuseppe Marcon & Lorenzo Dorigo

  • 2012 Оцінка Потенціалу Систем З Активними Елементами: Управлінський Аспект
    by Filippova, Irina & Sumcov, Victor

  • 2012 The Business Environment in the Transition
    by Wendy Carlin & Mark Schaffer

  • 2012 Agent-Based Design Of Business Intelligence System Architecture
    by Roman Å PERKA

  • 2012 Computational Modelling Of The Parallel Logistic System
    by Robert BUCKI & Petr SUCHÃNEK

  • 2012 The Businesses and the Environment
    by Robert-Ionut Dobre & Dorin Iancu & Lucian Andusca

  • 2012 Agent Theory and Its Impact on Economic Crisis
    by Ion Stegaroiu & Robert-Ionut Dobre & Dorin Iancu

  • 2012 Experiments And Results On The Use Of Ontologies In The Artificial Intelligence Domain
    by Vasile-Daniel Pavaloaia

  • 2012 Aplicación de la metáfora biológica para el desarrollo de formas organizativas en la integración empresarial
    by Luz Alexandra Montoya Restrepo & Iván Alonso Montoya Restrepo

  • 2012 Ict, Informational Innovation And Knowledge-Based Economy
    by Mohamed Neffati

  • 2012 Theoretical Approach Regarding the Bases of Success and Reasons that May Lead to Failure in Project Management
    by Larisa Loredana Dragolea & Denisa Cotîrlea Denisa

  • 2011 Организационная Культура Предприятий Малого Бизнеса
    by Ashirbagina, Natalia

  • 2011 Method of supply chain optimization in E-commerce
    by Suchánek, Petr & Bucki, Robert

  • 2011 Method Of Supply Chain Optimization In E-Commerce
    by Petr SUCHÃNEK & Robert BUCKI

  • 2011 Macroeconomic Analysis Of Corruption Among Developing Countries
    by James P. Gander

  • 2011 Business Ethics from the Perspective of the Students in Business and Economics – Identifying the Factors of Variation
    by Rusu Sabina Mihaela

  • 2011 Strategic Management of Regional Development in the Context of Contemporary Economy
    by Popa Gabriela & Badea Alexandru & Cernea Valeriu

  • 2011 The Adoption/Adaptation Of The "Supply Chain" Concept In Romanian
    by Butilca Delia - Alexandra & Crisan Emil Lucian & Salanta Irina - Iulia & Ilies Liviu

  • 2011 Transport Fleet Sizing By Using Make And Buy Decision-Making
    by Djurdjica Stojanović & Svetlana Nikoličić & Milica Miličić

  • 2011 Purchasing Decision On Crisis Conditions
    by Ion Stancu Ph. D

  • 2011 Scientific Research And Innovation - Decisive Factors Of Business Performance
    by Spiridon Cosmin Alexandru

  • 2011 Considerations On Measuring Performance And Market Structure
    by Spiridon Cosmin Alexandru

  • 2011-2012 Financial Resources of NGOs
    by Nicoleta Ciucescu

  • 2010 In the economic research community there are discussions about what kind of skills an entrepreneur possesses that enables him/her to recognize the situation and to make appropriate strategic decisions. So far two approaches have become dominant: one concentrates on the psychological dimension of the entrepreneurial personality, whereas the other propagates the priority of cultural patterns of the examined society. This paper explores the main statements of the international literature of the past few decades, paying attention to the main findings of both directions
    by Melinda Csaszar & Gergely Krisztian Horvath

  • 2010 Creativity - a Determinant of Business Success in the Context of Global Crisis
    by Manoela Popescu & Cecilia Luminita Crenicean

  • 2010 Measures And Initiatives Adopted To Manage And Develop Tourism Activity In The Ue Member States
    by Cojocariu Steliana & Molnar Elisabeta

  • 2010 Virtue Ethics – New Coordinates For Economic Development
    by PUP ANCA

  • 2010 Aspectos jurídicos y tributarios de la factura como título valor
    by Miryam Romero Restrepo & Constanza Loreth Fajardo Calderón & Carlos A ndrés Vélez R omero

  • 2010 Consorcios Microbianos: Una Metáfora Biológica Aplicada a la Asociatividad Empresarial en Cadenas Productivas Agropecuarias
    by Diana Carolina Ochoa Carreño & Alexandra Montoya Restrepo

  • 2010 Un enfoque de mercadeo de servicios educativos para la gestión de las organizaciones de educación superior en Colombia: el modelo Migme
    by Milton Ricardo Ospina Díaz & Pedro Emilio Sanabria Rangel

  • 2010 Estilos de Liderazgo, Riesgo Psicosocial y Clima Organizacional en un grupo de empresas Colombianas
    by Francoise Contreras & Fernando Juárez & David Barbosa & Ana Fernanda Uribe

  • 2010 Methodological Foundamentations Concerning The Accountancy Of The Operations Of Purchasing Stocks From Coal Extraction
    by Prof. Magdalena Mihai Ph.D & Anca Ciumag Ph.D Student & Student Adriana Iota

  • 2010 The Impact Of Cohesion Policy And Of Member States Effort On Competitiveness
    by Prof. Carmen Corduneanu Ph. D & Lect. Rodica Gabriela Blidisel Ph. D

  • 2009 Communication and Procedural Models of the E-commerce Systems
    by Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 E-business Environment in the Global Information Society
    by Vymětal, Dominik & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 Measuring Organizational Capital
    by Oliver Ludewig & Dieter Sadowski

  • 2009 How to deal with crisis knowing change management principles
    by Eduard CEPTUREANU & Sebastian CEPTUREANU

  • 2009 The efficiency of investments in logistic spaces in Romania
    by TARTAVULEA Ramona Iulia & BANACU Cristian Silviu

  • 2009 Traceability In Stock Management Systems
    by Demian Horia

  • 2009 The Enterprise Information System And Risk Management
    by Carmen Radut

  • 2009 Algunas concepciones del tiempo en ciencias sociales e implicaciones para la investigación en dirección estratégica

  • 2009 The National And The European Union Business Environment In The Context Of The Knowledge-Based Economy

  • 2008 Dimensiunea interculturala în rezolvarea conflictelor
    by Mihaela Belu

  • 2008 Does the study of Kondratieff Cycles help us to know more about the social nature of money?
    by Jourdon, Philippe

  • 2008 Imalat Sanayinde Sektorel Donusum Oranlari
    by M. Ensar Yesilyurt

  • 2008 Relación De La Presentación De Información De Negocios On-Line Con Las Variables Financieras En Las Empresas Colombianas
    by FABIO ENRIQUE GÓMEZ MENESES & Diego Fernando Catòlico Segura

  • 2008 De la noción de competitividad a las ventajas de la integración empresarial

  • 2007 Lazy User Behaviour
    by Collan, Mikael

  • 2007 Innovation and Risk Management
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2007 The Risk-Return Paradox for Strategic Management: Disentangling True and Spurious Effects
    by Henkel, Joachim

  • 2007 The improvement of economic business management – competitiveness growth factor
    by Florenta Circeag

  • 2007 Olympic Prague: Reality or Economic Utopia?
    by Jiří Strouhal

  • 2007 Dividend Puzzle is Still Alive
    by Petr Marek

  • 2006 Nowe ujęcie funkcji zarządzania informacjami
    by Ćwiklicki, Marek

  • 2006 Governance of Innovation in the Different Countries of the World
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2006 The Development of Business Sector in Georgia
    by İsmail Özsoy & Maya Kubetova

  • 2005 Business Climate Survey In Romania Results And Analysis

  • 2004 L’Optimisation De La Performance Economique Peut-Elle Etre Dangereuse Pour L’Entreprise ?
    by Olivier BACHELARD & Stéphanie CARPENTIER

  • 2004 L’Optimisation De La Performance Economique Peut-Elle Etre Dangereuse Pour L’Entreprise ?
    by Olivier BACHELARD & Stéphanie CARPENTIER

  • 2004 L’Optimisation De La Performance Economique Peut-Elle Etre Dangereuse Pour L’Entreprise ?
    by Olivier BACHELARD & Stéphanie CARPENTIER

  • 2004 L’Optimisation De La Performance Economique Peut-Elle Etre Dangereuse Pour L’Entreprise ?
    by Olivier BACHELARD & Stéphanie CARPENTIER

  • 2004 L’Optimisation De La Performance Economique Peut-Elle Etre Dangereuse Pour L’Entreprise ?
    by Olivier BACHELARD & Stéphanie CARPENTIER

  • 2004 L’Optimisation De La Performance Economique Peut-Elle Etre Dangereuse Pour L’Entreprise ?
    by Olivier BACHELARD & Stéphanie CARPENTIER

  • 2003 On Optimal Dynamic Pricing of Perishable Assets with Menu Costs - Monotone Price Changes
    by Emre Berk & Ulku Gurler

  • 2001 Supply chain management: An opportunity for metaheuristics
    by Helena Ramalhinho-Lourenço

  • 2001 Nová ekonomika mění požadavky na vzdělávání na vysokých školách
    by Vaněk, Jindřich & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2001 Application of Price Bundling Strategies in Retail Banking in Europe
    by Mankila, Merja

  • 1998 Promoting Honesty in Negotiation: An Exercise in Practical Ethics
    by Peter Cramton & J. Gregory Dees

  • 1996 Empirical Tests of Agency theory in South Africa
    by Davidson, S.

  • 1995 Company Investment Decisions and Financial Constrants: An Analysis of a Panel of Korean Manufacturing Firms
    by Cho, Y.D.

  • 1995 Deception and Mutual Trust: A Reply to Strudler
    by Peter Cramton & J. Gregory Dees

  • 1993 In Search of Excellent Management
    by Koch, James & Cebula, Richard

  • 1991 Shrewd Bargaining on the Moral Frontier: Toward a Theory of Morality in Pratice
    by Peter Cramton & J. Gregory Dees

  • 1982 Taxation and On-The-Job Training Decisions
    by Harvey Rosen

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