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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ J: Labor and Demographic Economics
/ / J5: Labor-Management Relations, Trade Unions, and Collective Bargaining
/ / / J59: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Facial Attractiveness and Lifetime Earnings: Evidence from a Cohort Study
    by John Karl Scholz & Kamil Sicinski

  • 2015 Weiterhin kaum Frauen in den Vorständen großer Unternehmen: auch Aufsichtsräte bleiben Männerdomänen
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2015 Executive Board and Supervisory Board Members in Germany’s Large Corporations Remain Predominantly Male
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2014 Social Exchange Concept As A Methodological Framework For Employment Relations Analysis
    by Azer Efendiev & Anna Gogoleva & Evgeniya Balabanova

  • 2014 Neoclassical Economics and Federal Policies
    by Brigitte H. Bechtold

  • 2014 Sustainable HRM: Bridging theory and practice through the ‘Respect Openness Continuity (ROC)’-model
    by De Prins, Peggy & Van Beirendonck, Lou & De Vos, Ans & Segers, Jesse

  • 2014 Frauen sind in Vorständen großer Unternehmen in Deutschland noch immer die Ausnahme: Moderat steigende Anteile in Aufsichtsräten
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2014 Women Still the Exception on Executive Boards of Germany's Large Firms: Gradually Increasing Representation on Supervisory Boards
    by Elke Holst & Anja Kirsch

  • 2014 Salarios reales, desempleo y productividad en España
    by José Aixalá & Carmen Pelet

  • 2013 UGTT at the Heart of a Troubled Political Transition
    by Yousfi, Hèla

  • 2013 Reciprocal preferences and the unraveling of gift-exchange
    by Riedl A.M. & Dariel A.

  • 2013 Cumplimiento de los acuerdos alcanzados en los Consejos de Salarios en Uruguay entre 2007-2011
    by Virginia Cabrera & Cecilia Cárpena & Ivone Perazzo

  • 2013 Metodología para empalmar la ECH y los convenios colectivos
    by Virginia Cabrera & Cecilia Cárpena

  • 2013 'Make-or-Buy' of Peripheral Services in Manufacturing: Evidence from Spanish Plant-Level Data
    by Bayo-Moriones, Alberto & Galdon-Sanchez, Jose Enrique & Gil, Ricard

  • 2013 Going beyond the zero-sum game: Flexisecurity as a tool for worker advancement in the Asia-Pacific region
    by Parvinder Kler

  • 2013 Sense of deservingness: What are the entitlement beliefs of students in their anticipatory psychological contract?
    by Gresse, Werner & Linde, Bennie & Schalk, René

  • 2013 The Impact of Single Agents on Gender Equity in Organizations – The Case of Austrian Equal Opportunity Active Works Councillors
    by Auer, Manfred & Welte, Heike

  • 2013 El Ajuste al Equilibrio a Largo Plazo de los Salarios en España
    by Jose Aixala & Carmen Pelet

  • 2013 Unfolding the growing confidence in Latin American unions: a longitudinal analysis
    by Lorenzo Frangi & Vincenzo Memoli

  • 2013 Frauenanteil in Topgremien großer Unternehmen in Deutschland nimmt geringfügig zu: DAX-30-Unternehmen mit größerer Dynamik
    by Elke Holst & Julia Schimeta

  • 2013 Slightly More Women in Germany's Corporate Boardrooms: Especially in DAX 30 Companies
    by Elke Holst & Julia Schimeta

  • 2013 Inclusion And Integration Of The Disabled Into The Labor Market Against The Background Of The New Regulations In Germany
    by Lilianna Jodkowska

  • 2012 La negociación salarial en Uruguay: un modelo para analizar sus efectos
    by Ivone Perazzo

  • 2012 Kultur in der europaeischen betrieblichen Mitbestimmung: eine oder viele?
    by Klemm, Matthias & Kraetsch, Clemens & Weyand, Jan

  • 2012 Spitzengremien großer Unternehmen: Hartnäckigkeit männlicher Strukturen lässt kaum Platz für Frauen
    by Elke Holst & Julia Schimeta

  • 2012 Top-Level Management in Large Companies: Persistent Male-Dominated Structures Leave Little Room for Women
    by Elke Holst & Julia Schimeta

  • 2011 Solidaritaet in der europaeischen betrieblichen Mitbestimmung als theoretische Herausforderung – ein kultursoziologischer Loesungsvorschlag (Solidarity in Company-level Codetermination in European Multinationals as a Theoretical Challenge: A Cultural-sociological Approach)
    by Matthias Klemm & Clemens Kraetsch & Jan Weyand

  • 2010 Career Management in the Psychiatric Hospital Socola Iasi
    by Alexandra Marinescu, & Gabriela Marinescu

  • 2010 Considerations Concernant L’Assurance De La Representativite Du Citoyen Europeen Dans La Situation Economique Actuelle
    by Timofte Claudia Simona & Mirisan Ligia Valentina

  • 2010 Innovation and Cultural Divide in Electric Power Generation Industry
    by Dmitry Timofeev

  • 2009 The Impact of Union Corruption on Union Membership
    by Coombs, Christopher & Cebula, Richard

  • 2007 Improving Employment Prospects in the Slovak Republic: Building on Past Reforms
    by Andrés Fuentes

  • 2007 Reforms, Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Performance in Germany
    by Carlin, Wendy & Soskice, David

  • 2007 Workplace Flexibility and Institutions in Europe. A Tale of Two Countries
    by Federica Origo

  • 2007 Creating the ‘Neo-Lisbon’ Economy
    by Robert M. Lindley

  • 2007 Turkiye’nin Avrupa Birligine Giris Surecinin CRD Yontemi ile Degerlendirilmesi
    by Aynur Incekirik

  • 2006 Communities of Practice - Is it Like Pulling Teeth ? : Help Our Dentists, they're Caught in an Identity Trap
    by Josserand, Emmanuel & Dameron, Stéphanie

  • 2006 Una estimación macroeconómica de los determinantes salariales en España (1980-2000)
    by José Aixalá Pastó & Carmen Pelet Redón

  • 2006 Tax cuts and employment: Evidence from Finnish linked employer-employee data
    by Piekkola, Hannu

  • 2006 Manager Race and the Race of New Hires
    by Laura Giuliano & David I. Levine & Jonathon Leonard

  • 2006 An Analysis of Quits, Dismissals, and Promotions at a Large Retail Firm
    by Laura Giuliano & David I. Levine & Jonathon Leonard

  • 2006 Democracia y cultura organizacional en las cooperativas. El caso del cooperativismo de trabajo asociado andaluz
    by Antonio José Romero Ramírez

  • 2005 L’interaction vie professionnelle/vie familiale dans le modèle à double carrière (The professional life / private life interaction in the double carreer model)
    by Alban Goguel d’Allondans

  • 2005 High Performance Work Systems, Industrial Relations and Pay Policies in Europe
    by Carlo DELL’ARINGA & Paolo GHINETTI & Claudio LUCIFORA

  • 2005 Las empresas sociales: ¿nuevas formas de Economía Social en la creación de servicios y empleos?
    by Danièle Demoustier

  • 2005 La regulación del trabajo por cuenta propia o autónomo: el estado de la cuestión
    by Alberto Valdés Alonso

  • 2004 Explaining the Desire for Local Bargaining: Evidence from a Finnish Survey of Employers and Employees
    by Heikkilä, Anni & Piekkola, Hannu

  • 2003 The Determinants of Lateness: Evidence from British Workers
    by Clark, Ken & Simon A Peters & Mark Tomlinson

  • 2000 Earnings Instability and Earnings Inequality of Males in the United States: 1967-1991
    by Haider, S.J.

  • 2000 Earnings Instability and Earnings Inequality of Males in the United States: 1967-1991
    by Steven J. Haider

  • 2000 Sindicalismo: o fim do contra poder?
    by Sampaio, José João

  • 2000 Une typologie de la formalisation de l'éthique en entreprise: l'analyse de contenu de 50 documents
    by Samuel Mercier

  • 2000 L'instrumentalisation des valeurs:une ressource stratégique pour l'entreprise?La démarche du groupe Fournier
    by Samuel Mercier

  • 2000 La formalisation de l'éthique:un outil stratégique pour l'entreprise?
    by Samuel Mercier

  • 1999 Relations syndicales et valeur boursière de l'entreprise : une illustration de l'apport de la sociologie économique aux sciences de gestion
    by Huault, Isabelle

  • 1996 Cooperation et resistance dans les reseaux d'innovation du travail
    by Harrisson, D. & Laplante, N. & St-Cyr, L.

  • 1996 The Wolf at the Door: The Trade Union Movement and Overseas Multinational in Britain During the 1930s
    by Scott, P.

  • 1995 What Happened to Job Search Behaviour in Spain During the Recovery Period (1987-1991)?
    by Antolin,P.

  • 1994 La negociation collective et l'organisation du travail dans l'industrie du papier au Canada et au Quebec
    by Rioux, C. & Bourque, R.

  • 1993 Le renouvellement des relations de production et du travail: une etude de cas, celui de Bestar Inc
    by Grant, M. & Lebeau, J.

  • 1993 Changement de strategies a la CSN: de l'affrontement a la participation dans les entreprises
    by Boucher, J.

  • 1992 Labor-Management Relations in North America. Neo-Liberalism or Democracy?
    by Belanger, P.R. & Levesque, B.

  • 1992 Theories de la satisfaction au travail
    by Comeau, Y. & Levesque, B.

  • 1988 Overtime: Legislative and Collective Bargaining Issues
    by Arrowsmith, J.D.

  • 1976 The Expansion of Labour Board Remedies
    by Carter, D.D.

  • 1975 Interest Arbitration in the Federal Public Service of Canada
    by Barnes, L.W.C.S. & Kelly, L.A.

  • 1967 Non-Linearities in the Labor Market Adjustment Process
    by George E. Johnson

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