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by alumni of

Department of Economics
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama (United States)

These are publications listed in RePEc written by alumni of the above institution who are registered with the RePEc Author Service and listed in the RePEc Genealogy. List of alumni. For a list of publications by current members of the department, see here. Register yourself.

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Working papers


  1. Joseph P. Wesson, 2005. "Beyond the Liquidity Trap," Macroeconomics, EconWPA 0501036, EconWPA.


  1. Joseph Wesson, 1998. "Uncertainty and the Labor Market," Labor and Demography, EconWPA 9808005, EconWPA.
  2. Joseph Wesson, 1998. "The Teleological Impulse: Thorstein Veblen, Existentialism, and the Philosophy of Science," Method and Hist of Econ Thought, EconWPA 9808002, EconWPA.