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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N7: Economic History: Transport, International and Domestic Trade, Energy, and Other Services
/ / / N74: Europe: 1913-
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Book Translations as Idea Flows: The Effects of the Collapse of Communism on the Diffusion of Knowledge
    by Ran Abramitzky & Isabelle Sin
  • 2014 Globalisation and maritime labour in Norway after World War II
    by Tenold, Stig
  • 2014 Co-evolution of Technology and Institutions: Government Regulation and Technological Creativity in the Swedish Moped History 1952–70
    by Blomkvist, Pär & Emanuel, Martin
  • 2014 Market potential estimates in history: a survey of methods and an application to Spain, 1867-1930
    by Julio Martínez-Galarraga
  • 2014 Beyond the "Grid-Lock" in Electricity Interconnectors: The Case of Germany and Poland
    by Lidia Puka & Kacper Szulecki
  • 2014 Chicken or Egg? The PVAR Econometrics of Transportation
    by Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt & Kristoffer Moeller & Nicolai Wendland
  • 2014 El comercio agroalimentario español en la segunda globalización, 1951-2011
    by Ernesto Clar & Vicente Pinilla & Raúl Serrano
  • 2014 De país turístico rezagado a potencia turística. El turismo en la España de Franco
    by Rafael Vallejo Pousada
  • 2014 La dinámica empresarial en el sector exportador del aceite de oliva andaluz, 1886-1939
    by Salvador Hernández Armenteros & Juan Antonio Rubio Mondéjar & Josean Garrués Irurzun
  • 2014 Did patents of introduction encourage technology transfer? Long-term evidence from the Spanish innovation system
    by Patricio Sáiz
  • 2013 Radio and the rise of the Nazis in prewar Germany
    by Adena, Maja & Enikolopov, Ruben & Petrova, Maria & Santarosa, Veronica & Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
  • 2013 Chicken or egg? Transport and urban development in Berlin
    by Kristoffer Moeller & Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Nicolai Wendland
  • 2013 What determines the position of regions in European knowledge networks? A comparative perspective on R&D collaboration, co-patent and co-publication networks
    by Iris Wanzenböck & Thomas Scherngell & Thomas Brenner
  • 2013 Foreign Direct Investments and Intellectual Property Rights. International Intangible Assets in Spain circa 1820–1939
    by Saiz, Patricio & Castro, Rafael
  • 2013 Embeddedness of regions in European knowledge networks. A comparative analysis of inter-regional R and D collaborations, co-patents and co-publications
    by Iris Wanzenböck & Thomas Scherngell & Thomas Brenner
  • 2013 Financing Utilities: How the Role of the European Investment Bank shifted from regional development to making markets
    by Clifton, Judith & Diaz Fuentes, Daniel & Revuelta, Julio
  • 2013 Financing Utilities: How the Role of the European Investment Bank shifted from regional development to making markets
    by Clifton, Judith & Diaz Fuentes, Daniel & Revuelta, Julio
  • 2013 The great escape? The contribution of the empire to Portugal’s economic growth, 1500-1800
    by Leonor Freire Costa & Nuno Palma & Jaime Reis
  • 2013 The siting of UK Nuclear Power Installations
    by M,. Grimston & WJ. Nuttall
  • 2013 Public Policy End-of-Life Vehicles Reflected at Opel/Vauxhall
    by Zima Liliana Adela
  • 2013 The value of supply security: The costs of power outages to Austrian households, firms and the public sector
    by Reichl, Johannes & Schmidthaler, Michael & Schneider, Friedrich
  • 2013 Variability in overseas travel by Americans, 1820–2000
    by Brandon Dupont & Thomas Weiss
  • 2013 Historical study regarding the protection of consumers within the electric energy and natural gas markets
    by Ramona Pîrvu & Roxana Bădîrcea
  • 2013 3Month: March Setbacks And Achievements In Managing The Eastern Neighbourhood
    by Loredana Maria Simionov
  • 2012 The Ghost in the Attic? The Italian National Innovation System in Historical Perspective, 1861-2011
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Michelangelo Vasta
  • 2012 Social Networks of Innovation in the European Periphery. Exploring Independent versus Corporate Patents in Spain circa 1820-1939
    by Saiz, Patricio
  • 2012 La competitividad internacional de la industria vinícola española durante la globalización del vino
    by José Miguel Martínez-Carrión & Francisco José Medina-Albadalejo
  • 2012 Italy and the First Age of Globalization, 1861-1940
    by Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke & Harold James
  • 2012 Italy and the first age of Globalization, 1861-1940
    by Harold James & Kevin H. O’Rourke
  • 2012 Book Translations as Idea Flows: The Effects of the Collapse of Communism on the Diffusion of Knowledge
    by Ran Abramitzky & Isabelle Sin
  • 2012 The financing history of urban water infrastructure in Paris (1807-1925): lessons from the past to enlighten present and future challenges?
    by Olivier CRESPI REGHIZZI
  • 2012 The public-private partnership in the Italian satellite telecommunication system design: SIRIO and Italsat (1969-1996)
    by Matteo LANDONI
  • 2012 The public-private financing of the first Italian highways: a historical analysis
    by Enrico BERBENNI
  • 2012 Measuring road congestion
    by Panayotis Christidis & Juan Nicolás Ibanez Rivas
  • 2012 The Price of Media Capture and the Looting of Newspapers in Interwar France
    by Vincent Bignon & Marc Flandreau
  • 2012 The Price of Media Capture and the Looting of Newspapers in Interwar France
    by Bignon, Vincent & Flandreau, Marc
  • 2012 Italy’s Comparative Advantage: A Long-Run Perspective
    by Federico, Giovanni & Wolf, Nikolaus
  • 2012 La competitividad de las exportaciones de vino español y el mercado mundial 1960-2011
    by Francisco J. Medina-Albaladejo & José M. Martínez-Carrión
  • 2012 Oil Price Shock and Structural Changes in CMEA Trade: Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters?
    by Elisabeth Beckmann & Jarko Fidrmuc
  • 2012 The Role Of The Energy Community Within The Eu Regional Cooperation
    by Victoria Musteata
  • 2012 Are public policies towards renewables successful? Evidence from European countries
    by Marques, António Cardoso & Fuinhas, José Alberto
  • 2012 The political economy of mass printing: Legitimacy and technological change in the Ottoman Empire
    by Coşgel, Metin M. & Miceli, Thomas J. & Rubin, Jared
  • 2012 Romania Foreign Trade in Global Recession, Revealed by the Extended Method of Exchange Rate Indicators
    by Gheorghe Săvoiu & Vasile Dinu & Laurenţiu Tăchiciu
  • 2011 The Path Towards the Modern Economy The Role of Energy
    by Paolo Malanima
  • 2011 Energy and Economic Growth in Europe. The Last Two Centuries
    by Silvana Bartoletto
  • 2011 A more efficient procurement mechanism for reserver capacity in the German market for balancing power
    by Flinkerbusch, Kai
  • 2011 Propiedad industrial y competitividad global en perspectiva histórica.Una década de colaboración entre la OEPM y la UAM
    by Saiz, Patricio
  • 2011 From national monopoly to Multinational Corporation: how regulation shaped the road towards telecommunications internationalization
    by Clifton, Judith & Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel & Comín Comín, Francisco
  • 2011 Irish Perceptions of the Great Depression
    by Frank Barry and Mary E. Daly & Mary E. Daly
  • 2011 Economic Growth and Clean Water in the Göta River - A Pilot Study of Collective Action and the Environmental Kuznets Curve 1895-2000
    by Granér, Staffan & Rönnbäck, Klas
  • 2011 Internet, IT-boomen och reklambranschen under andra hälften av nittiotalet - Transkript av ett vittnesseminarium på ABF-huset i Stockholm den 17 februari 2010
    by Sjöblom (red.), Gustav & Axelsson (red.), Ann-Sofie & Broberg (red.), Oskar
  • 2011 Italy and the first age of globalization, 1861-1940
    by Harold James & Kevin H. O'Rourke
  • 2011 Comparative Advantages in Italy: A Long-Run Perspective
    by Giovanni Federico & Nikolaus Wolf
  • 2011 Challenges And Dillemas Within The Relations Between Russia And The European Union
    by Loredana Maria Simionov
  • 2011 Do technological booms matter? New evidence on the relationship between firm size and innovativeness
    by Harald Degner
  • 2010 Integration versus subcontracting : the case of the french automotive industry (1945-1970)
    by Nogatchewsky, Gwenaëlle & Fabre, Karine & Pezet, Anne
  • 2010 Why Did Corporations Patent in Spain? Some Historical Inquiries
    by Saiz, Patricio
  • 2010 Book Translations As Idea Flows: The Effects of the Collapse of Communism on the Diffusion of Knowledge
    by Ran Abramitzky & Isabelle Sin
  • 2010 Energy Security in the EU and Beyond
    by Richard Pomfret
  • 2010 Risk Premiums in the German Day-Ahead Electricity Market
    by Viehmann, Johannes
  • 2010 "Fortress Europe" in long-term perspective: agricultural protection in the European Community, 1957-2003
    by Spoerer, Mark
  • 2010 Beggar Thy Neighbour: British Imports during the Inter-War Years and the effect of the 1932 tariff
    by Nicholas Horsewood & Somnath Sen & Anca Voicu
  • 2010 The tourism revolution in the Mediterranean, 1950-2005
    by Carles Manera Erbina & Jaume Garau Taberner & Ramon Molina de Dios
  • 2010 Las cooperativas españolas y los ciclos económicos: una primera aproximación, 1942-2002
    by Cándido Román Cervantes
  • 2010 Agricultural and food trade in European Union countries, 1963‐2000:a gravity equation approach
    by Raúl Serrano & Vicente Pinilla
  • 2010 Diagnosing the Potential of Renewable Energy in România
    by Ionut-Cosmin BALOI
  • 2010 Russia And Its Pipeline Weapon
    by BENEA Ciprian-Beniamin & FODOR Cosmin
  • 2010 If Another Gas Dispute Breaks out between the Ukraine and Russia, Would Europe Now Be Equipped to Deal with It?
    by Hella Engerer & Manfred Horn & Anne Neumann
  • 2009 Patents of Introduction and the Spanish Innovation System
    by Saiz, Patricio
  • 2009 La regulación del sector eléctrico en España antes de la Guerra Civil
    by Cayón, Francisco
  • 2009 Oil Price Shock and Structural Changes in CMEA Trade
    by Beckmann, Elisabeth & Fidrmuc, Jarko
  • 2009 How to Explain the High Prices in Switzerland?
    by Christoph Sax & Rolf Weder
  • 2009 Bei erneutem Gasstreit zwischen Ukraine und Russland: wäre Europa jetzt gewappnet?
    by Hella Engerer & Manfred Horn & Anne Neumann
  • 2009 Los Depósitos Francos en España, 1914-1930
    by Joseba Lebrancón Nieto
  • 2008 Analyse von Grenzkostenpreisen im Europaeischen Gasmarkt
    by Lochner, Stefan & Dieckhoener, Caroline
  • 2008 European integration by means of energetic integration
    by Rotaru, Marius-Petre
  • 2008 Americanización y consumo de masas, la distribución alimentaria en España, 1947-2007
    by Maixe-Altes, J. Carles
  • 2008 Spatial Determinants of CBD Emergence: A Micro-level Case Study on Berlin∗
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Wendlan, Nicolai
  • 2008 How Streetcars Shaped Suburbanization: A Granger-Casality Analysis of Land Use and Transit in The Twin Cities
    by Feng Xie & David Levinson
  • 2008 Did Economics Cause World War II?
    by Robert J. Gordon
  • 2008 Religion, Longevity, and Cooperation: The Case of the Craft Guild
    by Gary Richardson & Michael McBride
  • 2008 Integration versus subcontracting: The case of the French automotive industry (1945-1970)
    by Pezet, Anne & Nogatchewsky, Gwenaëlle & Fabre, Karine
  • 2008 Explaining vineyard specialization in the province of Barcelona (Spain) in the mid-19th century
    by Enric Tello & Marc Badia-Miro & Xavier Cusso & Ramon Garrabou & Francesc Valls
  • 2008 Sísifo en España: doscientos años de banca francesa (c.1800-c.2000)
    by Rafael Castro Balaguer
  • 2007 The Orderliness Hypothesis: Does Population Density Explain the Sequence of Rail Station Opening in London?
    by David Levinson
  • 2007 Network Neutrality: Lessons from Transportation
    by David Levinson
  • 2007 Density and Dispersion: The Co-Development of Land use and Rail in London
    by David Levinson
  • 2007 What'S Space Got To Do With It? Distance And Agricultural Productivity Before The Railway Age
    by George Grantham
  • 2007 History and industry location: evidence from German airports
    by Stephen Redding & Daniel.M Sturm & Nikolaus Wolf
  • 2007 History and Industry Location: Evidence from German Airports
    by Redding, Stephen J & Sturm, Daniel M & Wolf, Nikolaus
  • 2007 History and Industry Location: Evidence from German Airports
    by Stephen Redding & Daniel M. Sturm & Nikolaus Wolf
  • 2007 The treatment effect of borders on trade. The great war and the disintegration of Central Europe
    by Hans Christian Heinemeyer
  • 2006 El ferrocarril como sector estratégico durante la Guerra Civil española: reorganización, explotación y consecuencias
    by Cayón, Francisco & Muñoz, Miguel
  • 2006 The role of the tourism sector in economic development. Lessons from the Spanish experience
    by Isabel Cortes Jimenez & Manuel Artis Ortuno
  • 2006 Series De Deflactores Corcheros Desde 1900
    by Santiago Zapata Blanco
  • 2005 Endowments vs market potential: what explains the relocation of industry after the Polish reunification 1918?
    by Wolf, Nikolaus
  • 2005 Why did modern trade fairs appear?
    by Albert Carreras & Lídia Torra
  • 2005 ¡Que fabriquen ellos! La fabricación de locomotoras de vapor en España, ¿Una ocasión perdida para la industria?
    by Cayón, Francisco & Muñoz, Miguel
  • 2005 Le concept de confiance à l'épreuve des faits : le cas de la relation entre l'enseigne Auchan et ses fournisseurs
    by Lepers, Xavier
  • 2005 The Impact of the Legal Milieu on the Private Enterprise in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s and the 1960s
    by Pavel Dufek
  • 2004 Economic integration across borders : the Polish interwar economy 1921-1937
    by Trenkler, Carsten & Wolf, Nikolaus
  • 2004 Renfe’s contribution to Spain’s economic growth between 1950 and 2000: sn initial estimation
    by Muñoz, Miguel
  • 2004 Comércio Externo e Crescimento da Economia Portuguesa no Século XX
    by Óscar Afonso & Álvaro Aguiar
  • 2004 The Baltic States' Integration into the European Division of Labour
    by Claus-Friedrich Laaser & Klaus Schrader
  • 2004 Longevity in services: the case of the Dutch warehousing companies 1600-2000
    by van Driel, H. & Volberda, H.W. & Eikelboom, S.
  • 2004 Endowments, market potential, and industrial location: evidence from interwar Poland (1918-1939)
    by Nikolaus Wolf
  • 2004 Endowments, Market Potential, and Industrial Location: Evidence from Interwar Poland (1918-1939)
    by Nikolaus Wolf
  • 2003 Economic Integration in Interwar Poland - A Threshold Cointegration Analysis of the Law of One Price for Poland (1924-1937)
    by Carsten TRENKLER & Nikolaus WOLF
  • 2002 A história das relações econômicas internacionais em Portugal
    by Nuno Valerio
  • 2000 Successes of trade reorientation and expansion in post-communist transition: an enterprise-level approach
    by Jan Winiecki
  • 2000 Successes of trade reorientation and expansion in post-communist transition: an enterprise-level approach
    by Jan Winiecki
  • 1999 Estimating Returns to Schooling When Schooling is Misreported
    by Thomas J. Kane & Cecilia Rouse & Douglas Staiger
  • 1998 Public Sector Investment and Britain's Post-War Economic Performance: a Case Study of Roads Policy
    by Scott, P.
  • 1998 Opportunistic Behaviour in Subcontracting with Asset Specificity and Asymmetric Information: the Interwar British Road-haulage Industry
    by Scott, P. & Reid, C.
  • 1998 Technical and Institutional Interrelatedness in British Rail Coal Haulage: a Re-Appraisal
    by Scott, P.
  • 1975 La politique de l'énergie en France après la deuxième guerre mondiale
    by Khattab, Mokhtar & Chevalier, Jean-Marie
  • Europe and its ‘other’: free trade and the geographical imagineries of euro-mediterranean politics
    by Raffaella Coletti & Filippo Celata
  • A more efficient procurement mechanism for reserve capacity in the German market for balancing power
    by Kai Flinkerbusch