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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N0: General
/ / N1: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Industrial Structure; Growth; Fluctuations
/ / N2: Financial Markets and Institutions
/ / N3: Labor and Consumers, Demography, Education, Health, Welfare, Income, Wealth, Religion, and Philanthropy
/ / N4: Government, War, Law, International Relations, and Regulation
/ / N5: Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Extractive Industries
/ / N6: Manufacturing and Construction
/ / N7: Economic History: Transport, International and Domestic Trade, Energy, and Other Services
/ / N8: Micro-Business History
/ / N9: Regional and Urban History

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Speed under Sail, 1750-1850
    by Morgan Kelly & Cormac Ó Gráda
  • 2014 Survival Analysis of Very Low Birth Weight Infant Mortality in Taiwan
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Wei-Chen Chen & Michael McAleer
  • 2014 Une histoire asyncrone de l’économie et de l’écologie, et de leurs « passeurs » AN ASYNCHRONOUS HISTORY OF THE ECONOMICS AND ECOLOGY AND TO THEIR « BOATMEN »
    by Sophie BOUTILLIER & Patrick MATAGNE
  • 2014 The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Dreaming of Child Safe Organisations?
    by William Budiselik & Frances Crawford & Donna Chung
  • 2014 Socioeconomic Position and Low Birth Weight: Evaluating Multiple and Alternative Measures Across Race in Michigan
    by Cedric A. L. Taylor & Dilshani Sarathchandra
  • 2014 Coping with a Self-Induced Shock: The Heterarchic Organization of the London Olympic Games 2012
    by Gernot Grabher & Joachim Thiel
  • 2014 The Voice of the Child in Child Protection: Whose Voice?
    by Margaret Bruce
  • 2014 Gathering the Voices: Disseminating the Message of the Holocaust for the Digital Generation by Applying an Interdisciplinary Approach
    by Angela Shapiro & Brian McDonald & Aidan Johnston
  • 2014 Urgent Protection versus Chronic Need: Clarifying the Dual Mandate of Child Welfare Services across Canada
    by Nico Trocmé & Alicia Kyte & Vandna Sinha & Barbara Fallon
  • 2014 Mandatory Reporting Laws and Identification of Child Abuse and Neglect: Consideration of Differential Maltreatment Types, and a Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse Reports
    by Ben Mathews
  • 2014 Developing Child-Centered Social Policies: When Professionalism Takes Over
    by Nicole Hennum
  • 2014 Technology-Based Innovations in Child Maltreatment Prevention Programs: Examples from SafeCare®
    by Melissa Cowart-Osborne & Matthew Jackson & Elizabeth Chege & Evander Baker & Daniel Whitaker & Shannon Self-Brown
  • 2014 “Under His Spell”: Victims’ Perspectives of Being Groomed Online
    by Helen C. Whittle & Catherine E. Hamilton-Giachritsis & Anthony R. Beech
  • 2014 The Relationship between “Protection of” and “Violence Against” Infants and Young Children: The U.S. Experience, 1940–2005
    by Jack E. Riggs & Gerald R. Hobbs
  • 2014 On the Design of Social Media for Learning
    by Jon Dron & Terry Anderson
  • 2014 Implementing a Mobile Social Media Framework for Designing Creative Pedagogies
    by Thomas Cochrane & Laurent Antonczak
  • 2014 Vulnerable Family Meetings: A Way of Promoting Team Working in GPs’ Everyday Responses to Child Maltreatment?
    by Jenny Woodman & Ruth Gilbert & Danya Glaser & Janice Allister & Marian Brandon
  • 2014 Child Protection in Sport: Reflections on Thirty Years of Science and Activism
    by Celia H. Brackenridge & Daniel Rhind
  • 2014 Comparing Pedophile Activity in Different P2P Systems
    by Raphaël Fournier & Thibault Cholez & Matthieu Latapy & Isabelle Chrisment & Clémence Magnien & Olivier Festor & Ivan Daniloff
  • 2014 Epilogue: The Machinery of Urban Resilience
    by Ash Amin
  • 2014 Has Austerity Succeeded in Ameliorating the Economic Climate? The Cases of Ireland, Cyprus and Greece
    by Marcell Zoltán Végh
  • 2014 Governing Through Resilience? Exploring Flood Protection in Dresden, Germany
    by Gérard Hutter & Markus Leibenath & Annika Mattissek
  • 2014 A Comparison of Tablet-Based and Paper-Based Survey Data Collection in Conservation Projects
    by Craig Leisher
  • 2014 Gender Socialization and Identity Theory
    by Michael J. Carter
  • 2014 Adolescent Physical Fighting in Ghana, Their Demographic and Social Characteristics
    by Emmanuel O. Acquah & Jennifer K. Lloyd & Laura Davis & Michael L. Wilson
  • 2014 Sexual Motivations and Ideals Distinguish Sexual Identities within the Self-Concept: A Multidimensional Scaling Analysis
    by Celeste Sangiorgio & Warren A. Reich & Andrea C. Vial & Mirko Savone
  • 2014 Stanley Milgram’s Obedience to Authority “Relationship” Condition: Some Methodological and Theoretical Implications
    by Nestar Russell
  • 2014 Correction: Bouvet F., et al ., Debt Contagion in Europe: A Panel-Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Analysis. Soc. Sci. 2013, 2 , 318–340
    by Martin J. Bull
  • 2014 An Instrument to Investigate Expectations about and Experiences of the Parent-Child Relationship: The Parent-Child Relationship Schema Scale
    by Marcia Dixson & Emily Bermes & Suze Fair
  • 2014 Limits of Religious Analogy: The Example of Celebrity
    by Nathalie Heinich
  • 2014 On Resilience
    by David Stark
  • 2014 Intercorrelations of Intimacy and Identity Dating Goals with Relationship Behaviors and Satisfaction among Young Heterosexual Couples
    by Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck & Vanessa Arnhold & Jennifer Connolly
  • 2014 Coping with Break-Ups: Rebound Relationships and Gender Socialization
    by Cassie Shimek & Richard Bello
  • 2014 Your Resilience is My Vulnerability: ‘Rules in Use’ in a Local Water Conflict
    by Frank Sondershaus & Timothy Moss
  • 2014 The Eurozone Crisis: Psychological Mechanisms Undermining and Supporting European Solidarity
    by Gerhard Reese & Oliver Lauenstein
  • 2014 Local Constructions of Vulnerability and Resilience in the Context of Climate Change. A Comparison of Lübeck and Rostock
    by Gabriela B. Christmann & Karsten Balgar & Nicole Mahlkow
  • 2014 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Social Sciences in 2013
    by Social Sciences Editorial Office
  • 2014 Performance of Survey Forecasts by Professional Analysts: Did the European Debt Crisis Make it Harder or Perhaps Even Easier?
    by Frederik Kunze & Mario Gruppe
  • 2014 Peer Influence and Attraction to Interracial Romantic Relationships
    by Justin J. Lehmiller & William G. Graziano & Laura E. VanderDrift
  • 2014 Once You Are In You Might Need to Get Out: Adaptation and Adaptability in Volatile Labor Markets—the Case of Musical Actors
    by Oliver Ibert & Suntje Schmidt
  • 2014 The Confrontation Of Ideas On Romanian Economic Development Between Theworld Wars
    by Mariana, BUICAN
  • 2013 Carmichael's Arctan Trend: Precursor of Smooth Transition Functions
    by Terence Mills & Kerry Patterson
  • 2013 Optimal Linear Filtering, Smoothing and Trend Extraction for the m-th Differences of a Unit Root Process: A Singular Spectrum Analysis Approach
    by Dimitrios Thomakos & Hossein Hassani & Kerry Patterson
  • 2013 Organizational form as a source of systemic risk
    by Bholat, David & Gray, Joanna
  • 2013 NEP as a model of economic development: achievements and realization problems
    by Chernishova Anna Vladimirovna
  • 2013 How to develop economy: state treasury or private capitals (historical aspect)
    by Alexey Alexeevich Halin
  • 2013 Debt Contagion in Europe: A Panel-Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Analysis
    by Florence Bouvet & Ryan Brady & Sharmila King
  • 2013 Constructions of Resilience: Ethnoracial Diversity, Inequality, and Post-Katrina Recovery, the Case of New Orleans
    by Kevin Fox Gotham & Richard Campanella
  • 2013 Why an Unbiased External R&D Evaluation System is Important for the Progress of Social Sciences—the Case of a Small Social Science Community
    by Franc Mali
  • 2013 Sustainable Paper Consumption: Exploring Behavioral Factors
    by Bertha Maya Sopha
  • 2013 Prostate Cancer Disparities throughout the Cancer Control Continuum
    by Meghan E. Borysova & Dawood H. Sultan & Ganna Chornokur & Kyle J. Dalton & Adewale Troutman
  • 2013 Patterns, Characteristics, and Correlates of Adolescent Bully-Victims in Urban Tanzania
    by Michael L. Wilson & Karen L. Celedonia & Benjamin A. Kamala
  • 2013 The Eurozone Crisis: Muddling through on the Way to a More Perfect Euro Union?
    by Joshua Aizenman
  • 2013 Determinants for Bullying Victimization among 11–16-Year-Olds in 15 Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Multi-Level Study
    by Michael L. Wilson & Andrea C. Dunlavy & André Berchtold
  • 2013 Self-Efficacy in Social Work: Development and Initial Validation of the Self-Efficacy Scale for Social Workers
    by Monica Pedrazza & Elena Trifiletti & Sabrina Berlanda & Gian Antonio Di Bernardo
  • 2013 Breaks and Convergence in U.S. Regional Crime Rates: Analysis of Their Presence and Implications
    by Steve Cook & Duncan Watson
  • 2013 Dearfield Dream Project: Developing an Interdisciplinary Historical/Cultural Research Network
    by Robert Brunswig & George Junne & Gillian Bowser & Erin Renfrew & Ellyn Dickmann & Amanda Purnell & Mark Brown
  • 2013 Geographic Concentration and Development Potential of Poultry Microenterprises and Value Chain: A Study Based on Suitable Sites in Gazipur, Bangladesh
    by Syeda Khaleda & Yuji Murayama
  • 2013 The European Social Market Model in Crisis: At a Crossroads or at the End of the Road?
    by Anita Pelle
  • 2013 Is Labor a Suitable Input in LCA + DEA Studies? Insights on the Combined Use of Economic, Environmental and Social Parameters
    by Diego Iribarren & Ian Vázquez-Rowe
  • 2013 Interactions in Generalized Linear Models: Theoretical Issues and an Application to Personal Vote-Earning Attributes
    by Tsung-han Tsai & Jeff Gill
  • 2013 Greek Exit from the Crisis—A Pressing and Much-Needed Public Service Reform
    by Demetrios Argyriades
  • 2013 Community Perceptions of Criminality: The Case of the Maltese Walled City of Bormla
    by JosAnn Cutajar & Saviour Formosa & Trevor Calafato
  • 2013 Understanding the Economic Integration of Immigrants: A Wage Decomposition of the Earnings Disparities between Native-Born Canadians and Recent Immigrant Cohorts
    by Kristyn Frank & Kelli Phythian & David Walters & Paul Anisef
  • 2013 Population, Resources and Female Labor in the Raw Silk Industry of Nagano in Meiji Japan
    by Tim F. Liao
  • 2013 Culture and Dignity: Dialogues Between the Middle East and the West . By Laura Nader, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012; 264 Pages. Price £55.00 / €66.00, ISBN 978-1-1183-1900-0
    by Shu-Kun Lin
  • 2013 Cooperative Management of a Traditional Irrigation System in the Swiss Alps
    by Robert Finger & Anna Borer
  • 2012 Energy Crisis In Communist Romania
    by Pãrean Mihai - Olimpiu
  • 2012 The Failure Of Industrialism In Communist Romania
    by Parean Mihai - Olimpiu
  • 2012 Public Procurement and Forest Governance: A German Case Study of Governmental Influences on Market-Driven Governance Systems
    by Moritz Albrecht
  • 2012 Contesting Views on a Protected Area Conservation and Development in Ethiopia
    by Asebe Regassa Debelo
  • 2011 The German Influence on the Origin of U.S. Federal Financial Rescues
    by James L. Butkiewicz
  • 2011 Future of Economic History at the Czech Universities
    by Radek Soběhart & František Stellner
  • 2011 A New Venture
    by Martin Bull
  • 2011 Social Sciences and Sustainability
    by Shu-Kun Lin
  • 2011 Regional specialisation and industry location in the long run: Spain in the US mirror (1856-2002)
    by Concha Betrán
  • 2010 Островитянов Константин Васильевич
    by Era Davydovna Matvievskaya
  • 2010 Gender Inequality and Job quality in Europe
    by Peter Muehlau
  • 2010 Low expectations or different evaluations – What explains immigrants’ high levels of trust in host country institutions?
    by Antje Roeder & Peter Muehlau
  • 2010 Discrimination, Exclusion And Immigrants’ Confidence In Public Institutions In Europe
    by Antje Roeder & Peter Muehlau
  • 2010 Cartagena De Indias: Globalizada Desde Su Origen, Fragmentada En Su Presente
    by Fredy Goyeneche González
  • 2009 La historia se repite: una visión del desarrollo y del desarrollo sostenible
  • 2008 Money, Prices, Wages, and 'Profit Inflation' in Spain, the Southern Netherlands, and England during the Price Revolution era: c. 1520 - c. 1650
    by John H. Munro
  • 2008 Long Term Persistence
    by Luigi Guiso & Paola Sapienza & Luigi Zingales
  • 2008 A interação entre universidades e empresas em perspectiva histórica no Brasil
    by Wilson Suzigan & Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque
  • 2008 Wealth accumulation motives: evidence from the probate records of Ontario, 1892 and 1902
    by Livio Di Matteo
  • 2007 Мейлахс Абрам Аронович
    by Era Davydovna Matvievskaya
  • 2007 Solutions of Bohemian Unemployment in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century
    by Jana Englová
  • 2007 Orden social en la Colombia de los siglos XVIII y XIX
  • 2006 The Growth Performance of Developing Countries in the Last Thirty Years. Who gained? Who Lost?
    by Horst Siebert
  • 2006 Did Vasco da Gama Matter for European Markets? Testing Frederick Lane's Hypotheses Fifty Years Later
    by Jeffrey G. Williamson & Kevin H. O'Rourke
  • 2006 Lenin and the Currency Competition Reflections on the NEP Experience
    by Nikolay Nenovsky
  • 2006 América Latina y el Caribe: integración e inserción en los mercados internacionales
    by Giovanni E Reyes
  • 2005 When Being Virtuous Makes Sense: Bourgeois Ethics in the Golden Age vs. Embarrassment of the Bourgeoisie Today
    by Altug Yalcintas & Arjo Klamer
  • 2005 The Austrian School of Economics and the Gold Standard Mentality in Austrian Economic Policy in the 1930s
    by Hansjoerg Klausinger
  • 2005 “The Thin Film Of Gold”: The Limits Of Monetary Commitments
    by Moritz Schularick & Niall Ferguson
  • 2005 Application of Method of Systems Potential in Economics: Hysteresis Loops and Business Cycle; The Great Depression of 1930's as Mathematical Catastrophe of Economic System
    by Grigorii Pushnoi
  • 2005 Manufacturing Growth and Liberalisation in India (1960-1999): A Demand Side Analysis
    by Rahul Shastri
  • 2005 Exploring the relationship between tourism and offshore finance in small island economies: lessons from Jersey
    by John Christensen & Mark Hampton
  • 2005 India and the Challenge of New Technology
    by Rahul Amolak Shastri
  • 2005 Central Banks and how they affect your retirement savings
    by Joseph_ F_ Dunphy_ MBA_ MFP & Chris_Stone & & Poor_Richard's_Shoebox
  • 2005 Origen y evolucion de la manufactura en el interior. El caso de Bahía Blanca
    by Viego Valentina
  • 2005 Accounting And Financial Reporting In A Changing Environment: Historical And Theoretical Perspectives
    by Stanley Salvary
  • 2005 The Transition to Agriculture: Climate Reversals, Population Density, and Technical Change
    by Gregory K. Dow & Nancy Olewiler & Clyde G. Reed
  • 2005 Transferring Rhineland Capitalism to the Polish-German Border: Perceptions of Bank Governance and Practice in Zgorzelec-Görlitz
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo & Robert Locke & Kristine Müller
  • 2005 Time, A Form Of Wealth
    by Gopinath VadirajaRao Bangalore
  • 2005 On-line distribution of working papers through NEP: A Brief Business History
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo & Thomas Krichel
  • 2005 An Inquiry Into the Causes and Nature of Walras' Theory of Tatonnement
    by stephane verani
  • 2005 Gens du chiffre et gens du prétoire : Domaines réservés, domaines convoités
    by Jean-Guy DEGOS & Loïc GESLIN
  • 2005 L'actionnaire minoritaire, le commissaire, l'avocat et le juge : histoire d'une fusion litigieuse
    by Stéphane TREBUCQ
  • 2005 Taxer les bénéfices de guerre, ou confisquer les profits illicites, deux légitimités distinctes
    by Béatrice TOUCHELAY
  • 2005 La pratique du droit par la profession d’expert-comptable : itinéraires croisés de l’avocat et de l’expert-comptable
    by Christian SIMON
  • 2005 Emergence d’une profession comptable libérale : le cas du Maroc
    by Sami El OMARI & Michèle SABOLY
  • 2005 The merchant banker, the broker and the Company chairman: a new issue case study
    by Jeannette RUTTERFORD
  • 2005 Les comptes du canal de Suez : analyse d'un investissement pharaonique (1859-1869)
    by Christian PRAT dit HAURET
  • 2005 Le principe de fixité du capital social : une étude juridique et comptable du concept (1807-1947)
    by Nicolas PRAQUIN
  • 2005 Comptabilité privée et formation du droit romain classique
    by Marc MALHERBE
  • 2005 De l’atelier à l’utopie. Consultants et projets de société dans la tourmente (1930 – 1944)
    by Yves LEVANT & Marc NIKITIN
  • 2005 Comptabilité et traite négrière. Le Guide du commerce de Gaignat de l'Aulnais (1718-1791)
    by Cheryll S. Mc WATTERS & Yannick LEMARCHAND
  • 2005 Mythe et réalité des relations entre les experts-comptables et les avocats : La guerre du chiffre et du droit a eu lieu
    by Maxime DELHOMME
  • 2005 Les années sombres de l'Ordre national des experts-comptables : quelques textes oubliés
    by Jean-Guy DEGOS
  • 2005 L'entreprise au-delà de ses obligations légales : publicité financière et communication chez Saint-Gobain (1867-2005)
    by Rahma CHEKKAR
  • 2005 L’expert-comptable judiciaire : un pair de la cour ?
    by Emmanuel CHARRIER
  • 2005 Illuminating the darkness: the impact of the First World War on cost calculation practices in British firms
    by Trevor BOYNS
  • 2005 Les mutations du traitement des données comptables dans les banques françaises dans les années 1930-1960
    by Hubert BONIN
  • 2005 Les faux bilans de la Banque de France dans les années 1920
    by Bertrand BLANCHETON
  • 2005 The Australian Institute of Management Business report awards and their influence on corporate reporting in Australia
    by Ray ANDERSON
  • 2005 Banking on Change: Information systems and technologies in UK High Street Banking, 1919-1979
    by Bernardo BÁTIZ-LAZO & Peter WARDLEY
  • 2005 Productivity growth prospects and the new economy in historical perspective
    by Paul A. David
  • 2005 At last, a remedy for chronic QWERTY-skepticism!
    by Paul A. David
  • 2005 Path dependence, its critics and the quest for ‘historical economics’
    by Paul A.David
  • 2005 General Purpose Technologies and Productivity Surges: Historical Reflections on the Future of the ICT Revolution
    by Paul A. David & Gavin Wright
  • 2005 Trajetorias individuais num ambiente de planejamento: as quotas deprodução de açúcar no Brasil de 1951 a 1980
    by Heitor Moura Filho
  • 2005 Estatísticas Demográficas: Pernambuco 1838-1888
    by Heitor Moura Filho
  • 2005 Application of Method of Systems Potential in Economics
    by Grigorii Pushnoi
  • 2005 Reconstruction, development and sustainable peace: a unified programme for post-conflict countries
    by Milivoje Panic
  • 2005 The Decline of the Independent Inventor: A Schumpterian Story?
    by Naomi R. Lamoreaux & Kenneth L. Sokoloff
  • 2005 Governor Eugene Meyer and the Great Contraction
    by James L. Butkiewicz
  • 2004 One Asset, Two Prices: The case of the Tsarist Repudiated Bonds
    by Kim Oosterlinck & Ariane Szafarz
  • 2004 The Railroad’s Impact on Land Values in the Upper Great Plains at the Closing of the Frontier
    by Christopher S. Decker & David T. Flynn
  • 2004 The Duration of Book Credit in Colonial New England
    by David T. Flynn
  • 2004 A Track Record of Monetary Integration in the Southern Cone: Possible Lessons and Future Prospects
    by Ralf Kronberger
  • 2004 Internationalization and the Rearrangement of Ownership of Firms and Parts of Firms: Grindlays Bank, 1828-2000
    by Adrian E. Tschoegl
  • 2004 Une approche régulationnniste des crises de l'économie Argentine : 1930-2002
    by Panigo, Demian & Torija-Zane, Edgardo
  • 2003 Copyright and Creativity: Authors and Photographers
    by Douglas Galbi
  • 2003 A New Account of Personalization and Effective Communication
    by Douglas A. Galbi
  • 2003 Corportate strategy, centralisation and outsourcing in banking: case studies on paper payment processing
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo & Douglas Wood
  • 2003 Effects of regulatory change on European banks: A case study on the strategy and stock market performance of Lloyds Bank (1980-1993)
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo & Douglas Wood
  • 2003 Estrategia de la banca en Ecuador
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
  • 2003 Tarjetas inteligentes
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
  • 2003 Dinero electronico
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
  • 2003 Agricultural Investment and the Interwar Business Cycle
    by James L. Butkiewicz & Matthew A. Martin
  • 2002 The Origins of Money
    by Nick Szabo
  • 2002 Strategic alliances & competitive edge: Insights from Spanish & UK banking histories
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
  • 2002 Information technology innovations and commercial banking: A review and appraisal from an historical perspective
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo & Douglas Wood
  • 2002 Information technology innovations and commercial banking: A review and appraisal from an historical perspective
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo & Douglas Wood
  • 2002 Crescimento Econ\363mico no P\363s-guerra: os Casos de Espanha, Portugal e Irlanda
    by Tiago Sequeira
  • 2001 Tracing the Changing Measures of Unemployment in Dutch Unemployment Statistics 1900-1940
    by Peter Rodenburg
  • 1997 Markets and Famines : Some Evidence from India and Ireland
    by O Grade, C
  • 1997 On the Changing Nature of Entrepreneurship
    by S. Y. Wu
  • 1996 Institutions, Organizations And Market Competition
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1996 Economic Performance Through Time: The Limits to Knowledge
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1996 Economics and Cognitive Science
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1996 Where Have We Been And Where Are We Going?
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1995 Intuition and Institutions. The Bounded Society
    by Macario Schettino
  • 1995 Bursting Boilers and the Federal Power Redux: The Evolution of Safety on the Western Rivers
    by Richard N. Langlois & amd David J. Denault & Samson M. Kimenyi
  • 1995 The Coevolution of Technology and Organization in the Transition to the Factory System
    by Richard N. Langlois
  • 1994 Institutions and Credible Commitment
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 Institutional Change: A Framework Of Analysis
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 The Historical Evolution of Polities
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 Transaction Costs Through Time
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 The Evolution Of Efficient Markets In History
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 Institutions Matter
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 Institutions And Productivity In History
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 Privatization, Incentives And Economic Performance
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1994 Institutional Competition
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1993 Interest Rates Under the U.S. National Banking System
    by Bruce Champ & Neil Wallace & Warren Weber
  • 1993 The Paradox of the West
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1993 Institutions, Transaction Costs and Productivity in the Long Run
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1993 Shared Mental Models: Ideologies and Institutions
    by Arthur T. Denzau & Douglass C. North
  • 1993 The New Institutional Economics and Development
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1993 Five Propositions about Institutional Change
    by Douglass C. North
  • 1983 Income Redistribution During a Disinflation and its Effect on the Disinflation Path
    by Jesse Abraham