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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P44: National Income, Product, and Expenditure; Money; Inflation
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 What is the effect of inflation on consumer spending behaviour in Ghana?
    by Effah Nyamekye, Gabriel & Adusei Poku, Eugene

  • 2017 Association between inflation rates and inflation uncertainty in quantile regression
    by Alimi, R. Santos

  • 2017 The Transactions Demand for Paper and Digital Currencies
    by Koichiro Kamada

  • 2017 Empirical Analysis of the Transformation of Economic Growth into Social Development at an International Level
    by Albino Prada-Blanco & Patricio Sanchez-Fernandez

  • 2017 Corruption and Economic Development: New Evidence from the Middle Eastern and North African Countries
    by Saha, Shrabani & Ben Ali, Mohamed Sami

  • 2016 The New Concept of Money: From Record-Of-Value (RoV) To Record-Of-Entropy (RoE)
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2016 Fresh Cherry Industry In Chile
    by Penny Bamber & Karina Fernandez-Stark

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Consumer Electronic Appliances In Indonesia
    by Emmanuel A. San Andres

  • 2016 Remanufacturing Services In The Construction Machinery Value Chain
    by Katherine Tait & Gary Gereffi

  • 2016 Integrated Logistics Solutions Provider In Mexico
    by Andre Wirjo & Gloria O. Pasadilla

  • 2016 Wine Industry In Chile
    by Karina Fernandez-Stark & Penny Bamber

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Printed Circuit Boards In Canada
    by Ben Shepherd

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Telecommunications Equipment
    by Huani Zhu & Gloria O. Pasadilla

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Automotive Components In Mexico: Perspectives From Three Firms
    by Andre Wirjo & Gloria O. Pasadilla & Joel G. Bassig

  • 2016 Watch Manufacturing
    by Deborah Elms

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Refrigerators
    by David Sit

  • 2016 Production Of Precision Die And Machine Parts In Thailand
    by Denise Cheung & Andre Wirjo

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Thermal Power Generation Equipment
    by Gloria O. Pasadilla

  • 2016 Car Manufacturing In The Philippines
    by Sherry Stephenson

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Oil And Gas Industry Equipment In Singapore
    by Andre Wirjo & Gloria O. Pasadilla

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Automotive Components In The Asean Region
    by Denise Cheung

  • 2016 Wastewater Treatment Services
    by Arian Hassani & Andre Wirjo

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Computer Servers
    by Yuhua Zhang

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Mining And Construction Equipment
    by David Sit & Patrick Low

  • 2016 Industrial Welding Services In Thailand
    by William Haines

  • 2016 Manufacturing Of Aircraft Control Systems In The Philippines
    by Andre Wirjo & Gloria O. Pasadilla

  • 2016 Manufacturing-Related Services
    by Patrick Low & Gloria O. Pasadilla

  • 2016 Services in Global Value Chains:Manufacturing-Related Services

  • 2016(XXVI) A New Multidimensional Ranking of Shadow Economy for EU Countries
    by Gheorghe ZAMAN & Zizi GOSCHIN

  • 2015 The Opportunities of Growth in the Environment of Currency Collapses in Russia and Financial Bubbles in the World
    by M. Ershov.

  • 2015 Banking concentration and financial stability: Evidence from developed and developing countries
    by Ben Ali, Mohamed Sami & Intissar, Timoumi & Zeitun, Rami

  • 2015 Monetary Policy-Making in Nigeria: Does evidence support augmented Taylor Rule?
    by Onanuga, Abayomi & Oshinloye, Michael & Onanuga, Olaronke

  • 2015 Monetary Development and Transmission in the Eurosystem
    by Anton, Roman

  • 2015 Análisis del acoplamiento entre la riqueza y el desarrollo socioeconómico de las naciones
    by Prada, Albino & Sanchez-Fernandez, Patricio

  • 2015 Revenues, expenses, profitability and investments of potential contenders for the status of a listed company in Poland
    by Joanna Malecka

  • 2015 Locating a chronology for the great divergence: a critical survey of published data deployed for the measurement of nominal wages for Ming and Qing China
    by O'Brien, Patrick & Deng, Kent

  • 2015 Revenues, Expenses, Profitability And Investments Of Potential Contenders For The Status Of A Listed Company In Poland
    by Joanna Malecka

  • 2014 Del concepto de crecimiento económico al de desarrollo y bienestar de las naciones: Una aplicación a la Unión Europea
    by Prada, Albino & Sanchez-Fernandez, Patricio

  • 2014 Estimaciones Quinquenales del PIB Estatal Industrial en México durante 1930-1965, a partir de Información Censal
    by Wilfrido Ruiz-Ochoa

  • 2014 Determinantes de la inflación en Ecuador Un análisis econométrico utilizando modelos VAR
    by Diana María Morán Chiquito

  • 2014 Dolarizasyon ve Finansman Maliyeti
    by Hasan Zeybek

  • 2014 Triangular Relationship between Energy Consumption, Price Index and National Income in Asian Countries: A Pooled Mean Group Approach in Presence of Structural Breaks
    by Bilal Mehmood & Syed Hassan Raza & Mahwish Rana & Huma Sohaib & Muhammad Azhar Khan

  • 2013 Economic Turnovers and Financial Vacuum Cleaners
    by O. Dmitrieva.

  • 2013 Financing Japan’s World War II occupation of Southeast Asia
    by Gregg Huff & Shinobu Majima

  • 2013 Belarusian Economic Growth Decomposition
    by Dzmitry Kruk & Kateryna Bornukova

  • 2013 Theoretical Aspects Concerning the Inflation Analysis
    by Constantin ANGHELACHE & Dan CRUCERU & Vergil VOINEAGU & Radu Titus MARINESCU

  • 2013 Environmentally Sustainable National Income: Indispensable Information for Attaining Environmental Sustainability
    by Roefie Hueting

  • 2013 La brecha del producto y el producto potencial en Venezuela: una estimación SVAR
    by Pedro Alexander Harmath Fernández & José U. Mora Mora & Rafael Alexis Acevedo Rueda

  • 2013 Are the inflations of world co-integrated?
    by Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani & Syed Akif Hasan & Amber Osman & Junaid Minhas

  • 2012 Общностните валути като инструмент за противодействие срещу нежеланите аспекти от икономическата криза (Community currencies as a counter tool to unacceptable aspects of economic crisis)
    by Toncheva, Rossitsa

  • 2012 La brecha del producto y el producto potencial en Venezuela: una estimación SVAR
    by Acevedo Rueda, Rafael Alexis & Mora Mora, José U. & Harmath Fernández, Pedro Alexander

  • 2012 Financing Japan’s World War II Occupation of Southeast Asia
    by Gregg Huff & Shinobu Majima

  • 2012 Towards the European integration model perspectives
    by E. S. Akopova & S.E. Akopov

  • 2012 Stochastic National Income
    by Taoyuan Wei

  • 2011 Bayesian Integration of Large Scale SNA Data Frameworks with an Application to Guatemala
    by Van Tongeren, J.W. & Magnus, J.R.

  • 2011 Pakistan: Breaking out of stagflation into sustained growth
    by Amjad, Rashid & Din, Musleh-ud & Qayyum, Abdul

  • 2011 The debt-inflation cycle and the global financial crisis
    by Boettke, Peter & Coyne, Christopher

  • 2011 Estimating Demand for Nutrients in Nigeria: A Vector Error Correction Model
    by Ogundari, Kolawole

  • 2011 Optimal Government Size and Economic Growth in France (1871-2008): An explanation by the State and Market Failures
    by François Facchini & Mickaël Melki

  • 2011 . Relationship between Trade Openness and Inflation: Empirical Evidences from Pakistan (1976–2010)
    by Sehar Munir & Adiqa Kausar Kiani

  • 2011 The Economics of Inflation, Issues in the Design of Monetary Policy Rule, and Monetary Policy Reaction Function in Pakistan
    by Ather Maqsood Ahmed & Wasim Shahid Malik

  • 2011 Pakistan: Breaking Out of Stagflation into Sustained Growth
    by Rashid Amjad Chaudhry & Musleh ud Din & Abdul Qayyum

  • 2011 Confidence as an Economic Indicator :A Cultural-Ecology Perspective
    by Linjie Chou & Snjolfur Olafsson

  • 2010 An Unbiased Pareto Improvement strategy for poverty alleviation
    by Zaman, Md Monowaruz

  • 2010 Considerations Regarding the Importance of the Service Sector in the National Economy. A Romanian Case Study
    by Herman Emilia & Pop-Florea Mioara

  • 2010 Systems Of Public Expenditure Charged In European Union
    by Ph.D Student Croitoru Daniela

  • 2010 The Role Of Internal Assignment Prices In The Evaluation Of The Transactions Between Profit Centers
    by Dorina Budugan & Iuliana Georgescu

  • 2009 Formal and Informal Sectors in China and India: An Accounting-Based Approach
    by Codrina Rada

  • 2009 Die Wachstumsspirale in der Krise ; Ansätze zu einem nachhaltigen Wachstum
    by Binswanger, Hans Christoph

  • 2009 The National Accounts as a Tool for Analysis and Policy; History, Economic Theory and Data Compilation Issues
    by Bos, Frits

  • 2009 A multivariate approach for identification of optimal locations with in Ethiopia’s wheat market to tackle soaring inflation on food price
    by Mezgebo, Taddese

  • 2009 The Analysis Of The Romanians’ Knowledge On Inflation Phenomenon

  • 2005 Disinflation And Monetary Policy Arrangements In Romania
    by Daniel Daianu & Ella Kallai &

  • 2005 Generación del producto interno bruto mexicano por entidad federativa, 1940-1992
    by Germán-Soto, Vicente

  • 2005-2006 Is There Any Race to the Top of Productive Government Expenditures? Evidence from OECD Countries (1970-1997)
    by Ismael Sanz

  • 2004 How to Rationalize the Export-Saving Paradigm (the Czech experience)
    by Bruno S. Sergi & Karel Vít

  • 2003 Decomposing Wage Gaps Between Ethnic Groups: The Case of Israel
    by Gad Levanon & Yaron Raviv

  • 2003 Issuing Policies In Currencies Denominated In Euros And Eurocents
    by Novak, Branko & Matić, Branko & Stjepanović, Slobodanka

  • 2003 Expectations, Capital Gains, and Income
    by Robert J. Hill & T. Peter Hill

  • 2002 Inflation and Disinflation in Turkey
    by Kibritçioğlu, Aykut & Rittenberg, Libby & Selçuk, Faruk & Akçay, O. Cevdet & Alper, C. Emre & Berument, M. Hakan & Dibooğlu, Selahattin & Erlat, Haluk & Ertuğrul, Ahmet & Malatyalı, N. Kamuran & Nas, Tevfik F. & Özmucur, Süleyman & Perry, Mark J.

  • 1999 A New Conceptual Approach to the Measurement of Capital Gains, Depletion and Net National Product
    by Hill, R.J. & Hill, T.P.

  • 1998 La Banca Central en Colombia: de la autonomía privada a la autonomía pública, 1923-1997
    by Adolfo Meisel

  • 1998 Evolución y racionalidad de las instituciones presupuestales en Colombia
    by Rudolf Hommes

  • 1996 Plan real: una segunda evaluación
    by Edmar Bacha

  • 1995 Algunas enseñanzas de casi medio siglo de las cuentas de la economía vasca
    by Alberto Alberdi Larizgoitia

  • 1995 Veinticinco años de inflación
    by Hernando José Gómez R.

  • 1994 El comportamiento monetario en Colombia: 1980 - 1993. Una hipótesis cambiaria
    by Alberto Carrasquilla & Arturo Galindo

  • 1992 Inflación y competitividad de la economía española
    by José Luis Raymond

  • 1987 Analysis of Short-Term Asset Concentration in Islamic Banking
    by Mirakhor, Abbas

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