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John K. Dagsvik

Personal Details

First Name:John
Middle Name:K.
Last Name:Dagsvik
RePEc Short-ID:pda154
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Terminal Degree:1985 Department of Economics; New York University (NYU) (from RePEc Genealogy)


(in no particular order)

Statistisk Sentralbyrå (Statistics Norway)
Government of Norway

Oslo, Norway
RePEc:edi:ssbgvno (more details at EDIRC)

Stiftelsen Frischsenteret for samfunnsøkonomisk forskning (Frisch Centre for Economic Research)
Universitetet i Oslo (University of Oslo)

Oslo, Norway
RePEc:edi:ossnfno (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. John K. Dagsvik, 2020. "Marginal compensated effects and the slutsky equation for discrete choice models," Discussion Papers 930, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  2. John K. Dagsvik & Zhiyang Jia, 2018. "Aggregate behavior in matching markets with flexible contracts and non-transferable representations of preferences," Discussion Papers 875, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  3. John K. Dagsvik & Steinar Strøm, 2017. "Labor supply analysis with non-convex budget sets without the Hausman approach," Discussion Papers 857, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  4. John K. Dagsvik & Tom Kornstad & Terje Skjerpen, 2016. "Discouraged worker effects and barriers against employment for immigrant and non-immigrant women," Discussion Papers 845, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  5. John K. Dagsvik & Zhiyang Jia, 2014. "Labor supply as a discrete choice among latent jobs: Unobserved heterogeneity and identification," Discussion Papers 786, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  6. John K. Dagsvik & Zhiyang Jia, 2012. "Labor supply as a discrete choice among latent jobs," Discussion Papers 709, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  7. John K. Dagsvik & Zhiyang Jia & Tom Kornstad & Thor O. Thoresen, 2012. "Theoretical and practical arguments for modeling labor supply as a choice among latent jobs," Discussion Papers 692, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  8. John K. Dagsvik, 2012. "Behavioral multistate duration models. What should they look like?," Discussion Papers 688, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  9. John K. Dagsvik, 2012. "Making Sen's capability approach operational. A random scale framework," Discussion Papers 710, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  10. Dagsvik John K., 2010. "Making Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach Operational: A Random Scale Framework for Empirical Modeling," Department of Economics and Statistics Cognetti de Martiis. Working Papers 201005, University of Turin.
  11. John K. Dagsvik & Tom Kornstad & Terje Skjerpen, 2010. "Labor force participation and the discouraged worker effect," Discussion Papers 642, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  12. John K. Dagsvik & Zhiyang Jia, 2008. "An Alternative Approach to Labor Supply Modeling. Emphasizing Job-type as Choice Variable," Discussion Papers 550, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  13. John Dagsvik & Kristian Orsini & Zhiyang Jia, 2008. "Subsidies on low skilled's social security contributions: the case of Belgium," Working Papers of Department of Economics, Leuven ces0816, KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Department of Economics, Leuven.
  14. John K. Dagsvik & Torbjørn Hægeland & Arvid Raknerud, 2008. "Estimating the Returns to Schooling: A Likelihood Approach Based on Normal Mixtures," Discussion Papers 567, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  15. John K. Dagsvik & S. Strøm & Marilena Locatelli, 2007. "Evaluation of tax reforms when workers have preferences over job attributes and face latent choice restrictions," CHILD Working Papers wp13_07, CHILD - Centre for Household, Income, Labour and Demographic economics - ITALY.
  16. John K. Dagsvik & Zhiyang Jia, 2006. "Labor Supply as a Choice among Latent Job Opportunities. A Practical Empirical Approach," Discussion Papers 481, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  17. Dagsvik, John K. & Locatelli, Marilena & Strøm, Steinar, 2006. "Simulating labor supply behavior when workers have preferences for job opportunities and face nonlinear budget constraints," Memorandum 20/2006, Oslo University, Department of Economics.
  18. John K. Dagsvik & Gang Liu, 2006. "A Framework for Analyzing Rank Ordered Panel Data with Application to Automobile Demand," Discussion Papers 480, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  19. John K. Dagsvik & Torbjørn Hægeland & Arvid Raknerud, 2006. "Estimation of Earnings- and Schooling Choice Relations: A Likelihood Approach," Discussion Papers 486, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  20. John K. Dagsvik & Astrid L. Mathiassen & Bengt J.Eriksson, 2006. "Quality adjusted price indexes for discrete goods," Discussion Papers 490, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  21. John K. Dagsvik & Marilena Locatelli & Steinar Strøm, 2006. "Simulating labor supply behaviour when workers have preferences over job opportunities and face non-linear budget constraints," CHILD Working Papers wp01_06, CHILD - Centre for Household, Income, Labour and Demographic economics - ITALY.
  22. John K. Dagsvik & Tom Kornstad & Terje Skjerpen, 2006. "Analysis of the discouraged worker phenomenon. Evidence from micro data," Discussion Papers 453, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  23. Dagsvik, John K., 2006. "Justifying Functional Forms in Models for Transitions between Discrete States, with Particular Reference to Employment-Unemployment Dynamics," Memorandum 06/2006, Oslo University, Department of Economics.
  24. John K. Dagsvik, 2006. "Axiomatization of Stochastic Models for Choice under Uncertainty," Discussion Papers 465, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  25. John K. Dagsvik, 2005. "Choice under Uncertainty and Bounded Rationality," Discussion Papers 409, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  26. John K. Dagsvik & Steinar Strøm & Zhiyang Jia, 2005. "Utility of Income as a Random Function. Behavioral Characterization and Empirical Evidence," Discussion Papers 431, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
  27. John K. Dagsvik & Astrid L. Mathiassen, 2004. "Agricultural Production with Uncertain Water Supply," Discussion Papers 370, Statistics Norway, Research Department.
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