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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N8: Micro-Business History
/ / / N80: General, International, or Comparative
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Business registration pillars: Good regulatory practice for ASEAN
    by Zoe Dayan & Winona Rei Bolislis

  • 2017 Why Do Boards Exist? Governance Design in the Absence of Corporate Law
    by Burkart, Mike & Miglietta, Salvatore & Ostergaard, Charlotte

  • 2017 The transformation of the Prato industrial district: an organisational ecology analysis of the co-evolution of Italian and Chinese firms
    by Luciana Lazzeretti & Francesco Capone

  • 2017 El chocolate antes de la Gran Guerra: una perspectiva desde los sistemas abiertos
    by Oscar M. Granados

  • 2016 Inspired and inspiring: Hervé Moulin and the discovery of the beauty contest game
    by Rosemarie Nagel & Christoph Bühren & Björn Frank

  • 2016 The Modern Enterprise - Successor of Business Organization Forms in Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe
    by Pacala Anca

  • 2016 Micro Enterprise Financing in an Islamic Economic Framework: Bangladesh Perspective
    by M. A. Mannan CHOWDHURY & A. J. Mohammed FAROOQUE

  • 2016 What are the biggest obstacles to growth of SMEs in developing countries? – An empirical evidence from an enterprise survey
    by Yao Wang

  • 2015 The hidden role of women in family firms
    by Paula Rodríguez-Modroño & Lina Gálvez-Muñoz & Astrid Agenjo-Calderón

  • 2015 Inventing Prizes: A Historical Perspective on Innovation Awards and Technology Policy
    by B. Zorina Khan

  • 2015 Impacto de la crisis en las grandes empresas familiares del mundo. Una primera aproximación cuantitativa para 11 países
    by Paloma Fernández Pérez

  • 2015 Familias empresarias y grandes empresas familiares en América Latina y España: una visión de largo plazo

  • 2015 Supplier Relationship Strategies in the Automotive Industry: An International Comparative Analysis
    by Alexandra Ioana IONESCU FLOREA & Rãzvan-Andrei CORBOª

  • 2015 Not all smooth sailing: Barriers to small business success for owner/managers from Middle Eastern communities in Melbourne
    by Widad Pitrus*

  • 2014 How they made news pay: news traders’ quest for crisis-resistant business models
    by Bakker, Gerben

  • 2013 Explicit Evidence of an Implicit Contract
    by Andrew T. Young & Daniel Levy

  • 2013 Explicit Evidence of an Implicit Contract
    by Young, Andrew & Levy, Daniel

  • 2013 Why business historians need a constructive theory of the archive
    by Schwarzkopf, Stefan

  • 2013 Du Mont-de-Piété à la Grameen Bank : la finance sociale à travers le temps et l’espace \r\nEssai sur une cohérence institutionnelle et une diversité des pratiques
    by Guillaume PASTUREAU

  • 2013 Money for nothing: how firms have financed R&D-projects since the Industrial Revolution
    by Bakker, Gerben

  • 2013 Money for nothing: how firms have financed R&D-projects since the industrial revolution
    by Bakker, Gerben

  • 2013 Explicit Evidence of an Implicit Contract
    by Andrew T. Young & Daniel Levy

  • 2013 La evolución de los mayores negocios familiares en España (1964-2010). Nuevas fuentes, nuevos métodos, nuevos resultados
    by Paloma Fernández Pérez

  • 2013 Money for nothing: How firms have financed R&D-projects since the Industrial Revolution
    by Bakker, Gerben

  • 2013 Problematyka spolecznej odpowiedzialnosci w nauczaniu historii biznesu w Harvard Business School/Social Responsibility in Business History Teaching at Harvard Business School
    by Mariusz Jastrzab

  • 2013 3Month: March Financial Analysis From An Accounting Point Of View
    by Mihaela Ungureanu

  • 2012 Accounting fraud, business failure and creative auditing: A micro-analysis of the strange case of Sunbeam Corp
    by Marisa Agostini & Giovanni Favero

  • 2012 Book review: The long divergence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 The silence of the archive: post-colonialism and the practice of historical reconstruction from archival evidence
    by Decker, Stephanie

  • 2012 Interpreting the Roles and Economic Importance of Cooperative Enterprises in a Historical Perspective
    by Vera Negri Zamagni

  • 2011 The comeback of the Swiss watch industry on the world market: a business history of the Swatch Group (1983-2010)
    by Donzé, Pierre-Yves

  • 2011 The Comeback of the Swiss Watch Industry on the World Market: A Business History of the Swatch Group (1983-2010)
    by Pierre-Yves DONZÉ

  • 2011 Trading Away Wide Brands for Cheap Brands
    by Swati Dhingra

  • 2011 The Managerial Transformation of Italian Co-operative Enterprises 1946-2010
    by P. Battilani & V. Zamagni

  • 2011 Demutualization and its Problems
    by P. Battilani & H. G. Schroter

  • 2011 Explicit Evidence on an Implicit Contract
    by Andrew T. Young & Daniel Levy

  • 2011 The start of a second automobile revolution: corporate strategies and public policies
    by Michel Freyssenet

  • 2010 Explicit Evidence on an Implicit Contract
    by Andrew T. Young & Daniel Levy

  • 2010 Public enterprise in the modern western world: an historical analysis
    by Robert MILLWARD

  • 2010 Bolagsrevisorn - En studie av revisionsverksamhet under sent 1800-tal och tidigt 1900-tal. Från frivillighet till lagreglering och professionalisering
    by Gärdfors, Bengt

  • 2010 Donor Policies, Industry Structure, and the Global Allocation of Electrification Aid, 1970-2001
    by William J. Hausman & John L. Neufeld & Till Schreiber

  • 2010 European acquisitions in the United States: re-examining Olivetti-Underwood fifty years later
    by Federico Barbiellini Amidei & Andrea Goldstein & Marcella Spadoni

  • 2010 Ciocnirea civilizatiilor: Turcia si UE? - A Clash of Civilizations: Turkey and the European Union?
    by Ph.D. Candidate Dumitru-Catalin ROGOJANU

  • 2010 Particularidades de China para el desarrollo empresarial: reflexión a partir de casos de estudio
    by Martínez Caraballo, Noemí

  • 2009 Intangible assets and competitiveness in Spain: an approach based on trademark registration data in Catalonia (1850-1946)
    by Sáiz, Patricio & Fernández, Paloma

  • 2009 The Nature of Inventive Activities : Evidence from a Data-Set of R&D Awards
    by Fontana, Roberto & Nuvolari, Alessandro & Shimizu, Hiroshi & Vezzulli, Andrea

  • 2009 Socialt kapital och karteller
    by Lundqvist, Torbjörn

  • 2008 Internationalising to create Firm Specific Advantages: Leapfrogging strategies of U.S. Pharmaceutical firms in the 1930s and 1940s & Indian Pharmaceutical firms in the 1990s and 2000s
    by Athreye, Suma & Godley, Andrew

  • 2008 Did Economics Cause World War II?
    by Robert J. Gordon

  • 2008 Chisso Corporation y la enfermedad de Minamata. Caso de Negocios 10
    by Enrique Yacuzzi

  • 2008 À la recherche d'une théorie de la firme pertinente historiquement. Retour sur le cas d'intégration verticale General Motors/ Fisher Body (1926)
    by Michael Dietrich & Jackie Krafft

  • 2007 Du paternalisme au managerialisme :les entreprises en quête de responsabilité sociale (Towards corporate social responsability)
    by Henri Jorda

  • 2007 Putting the Corporation in its Place
    by Timothy Guinnane & Ron Harris & Naomi R. Lamoreaux & Jean-Laurent Rosenthal

  • 2007 Vertical integration or specialisation: producing and commercialising cotton goods (1815-1913)
    by Marc Prat Sabartes

  • 2007 Gender and family firms: an interdisciplinary approach
    by Paloma Fernandez Perez & Eleanor Hamilton

  • 2007 Türkiye’de Burjuva Sınıfının Sosyal Profili
    by M. Zeki DUMAN

  • 2007 National Identity and Intercultural Outlook: a Critical Review of Hong Kong's Civic Education Since the 1980's
    by Timothy YUEN WAI WA

  • 2006 El Mercado De Función Empresarial
    by Pablo Díaz Morlán

  • 2005 Explicit Evidence on an Implicit Contract
    by Andrew T. Young & Daniel Levy

  • 2004 Bankruptcy Policy Reform and the Productivity Dynamics of Failing Firms: Micro-evidence on Korea
    by Youngjae Lim

  • 2003 Le financement d'une start-up:L'Air Liquide 1898 - 1913
    by Muriel Petit-Konczyk

  • 2003 Development of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship
    by Iordan Koev

  • 2003 Development of the Bulgarian entrepreneurship
    by Iordan Koev

  • 2002 The twin internationalisation strategies of U.S. carmakers: GM and Ford
    by Gérard Bordenave (IFReDE-E3i) & Yannick Lung (IFReDE-E3i)

  • 1999 Measuring the Effect of Arbitration on Wage Levels: The Case of Police Officers
    by Orley Ashenfelter & Dean Hyslop

  • 1999 Firms as the source of innovation and growth: the evolution of technological competence
    by John Cantwell & Felicia Fai

  • 1983 La micro empresa ¿palanca de desarrollo?
    by Hernando Gómez Buendía

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