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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H6: National Budget, Deficit, and Debt
/ / / H69: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Fiskalna konsolidacija: teorijski okvir i slučaj Republike Hrvatske
    by Paško Burnać

  • 2017 UMTEB-2017 1st International Congress on Vocational and technical Sciences
    by Barýþ YILDIZ & Gizem AKBULUT

  • 2016 Public Debt Episodes in Irish Economic History 1950-2015
    by Kenny, Sean

  • 2016 An evaluation of the policies on repayment of Government’s trade debt in Italy
    by Leandro D’Aurizio & Domenico Depalo

  • 2016 An Evaluation of the Policies on Repayment of Government’s Trade Debt in Italy
    by Leandro D’Aurizio & Domenico Depalo

  • 2016 Foreign Debt: Causes and Measures Taken
    by Ion Botescu

  • 2016 Assessment Of Shadow Economy In Moldova Using The Input-Output Model In 2014
    by Valentina GANCIUCOV & Tatiana GUTIUM & Alexandru CEBAN

  • 2015 Do Fiscal Rules Constrain Fiscal Policy? A Meta-Regression-Analysis
    by Heinemann, Friedrich & Moessinger, Marc-Daniel & Yeter, Mustafa

  • 2015 Public Financial Management in Latin America: The Key to Efficiency and Transparency
    by Carlos Pimenta & Mario Pessoa & Marco Varea & Adriana Arosteguiberry & Mike Williams & Israel Fainboim Yaker & Claudiano de Albuquerque & José Adrián Vargas & Joseph Cavanagh & Benito Almudena Fernández & James L. Chan & Gerardo Uña & Natalia Rezai

  • 2015 Reverse Charge and the Cash Flow of the Public Budgets in the Czech Republic
    by Růžena Kohoutková & Hana Zídková

  • 2015 Implications of Public External Debt for Social Spending: A Case Study of Selected Asian Developing Countries
    by Sadia Shabbir & Hafiz M. Yasin

  • 2015 Work of grief over infancy in street adolescents in Cameroon
    by Amana Evelyne

  • 2015 The extended meanings of medical terms. Difficulties in the practice of translation
    by Corina Lungu & Oana Badea & Valentina Gabriela Hohota

  • 2015 Use Of The European Union Financial Resources
    by Florin-Cornel Popovici PhD student & Laura Nasta PhD student

  • 2014 The Forecasting Capacity of Indicators Measuring Budget Sustainability
    by Csaba Tóth G.

  • 2014 Optimal Financial Policy in Relation to the Interests of National Economy
    by Gabriel I. Nastase & Sorin Adrian Ciupitu

  • 2014 Fiskalni deficit, javni dug, kamatna stopa i devizni kurs
    by Žarko Ristic & Kristijan Ristic

  • 2013 Euro Membership and Fiscal Reaction Functions
    by Zimmer, Jochen & Weichenrieder, Alfons

  • 2013 Governments and legislative production in France: the database (1959-2012)
    by Nicolas Gavoille

  • 2013 Estimating the structural budget balance of the Australian Government: An update
    by Nu Nu Win & Simon Duggan & Phil Garton & Spiro Premetis & Bonnie Li

  • 2013 Tales of three budgets: Changes in long-term fiscal projections through the GFC and beyond
    by Matthew Bell & Paul Rodway

  • 2013 Tax-Spend or Spend-Tax: An Ampirical Survey on Turkey
    by Akca, Hasim & Bilgin, Cevat

  • 2013 Eurozone Public Debt Problem: An Analysis From The Perspective Of The Institutions And Policies
    by Ionela Baltatescu

  • 2013 Government science and technology budgets in times of crisis
    by Makkonen, Teemu

  • 2012 Overcrowding Versus Liquidity in the Euro Sovereign Bond Markets
    by Andrea Coppola & Alessandro Girardi & Gustavo Piga

  • 2012 The Implications of Public Indebtedness on Public Expenditures in Romania
    by Zugravu Bogdan & Dobranschi Marian

  • 2012 A Review on the Assessment of Public Debt Sustainability
    by Nicolescu Cristina

  • 2012 The Fiscal Union and the Eurozone Debt Problem
    by Ionela Baltatescu

  • 2011 Vietnam's SCIC: A gradualist approach to sovereign wealth funds
    by DT Nguyen & Tran-Phuc Nguyen & Jeremy Nguyen

  • 2011 Public Debt Sustainability Analysis: Eu Case
    by Nicolescu Cristina & Pirtea Marilen & Botoc Claudiu

  • 2010 Pension Reform Options for Russia and Ukraine: A Critical Analysis of Available Options and Their Expected Outcomes
    by Marek Gora & Oleksandr Rohozynsky & Oksana Sinyavskaya

  • 2010 Pension Reform Options for Russia and Ukraine: A Critical Analysis of Available Options and Their Expected Outcomes (with a Focus on Labour Market, Industrial Restructuring and Public Finance)
    by Marek Góra & Oleksandr Rohozynsky & Oxana Sinyavskaya

  • 2010 EU Budget – An Economic Integration Support
    by ORAC Madalina & MIHAI Constantin & BUJDOVEANU Aurica

  • 2010 Romanians’ Public Debts Saga
    by Monica SUSANU

  • 2010 Comportamiento Y Evolución Del Déficit Fiscal En Colombia Durante El Período 1990 - 2008

  • 2009 EU: Can federalism become the chief integration theory?
    by Ivana Šimíková

  • 2009 Medellín: una evaluación del comportamiento de las finanzas públicas municipales, 2000-2006
    by González H., Jenifer & Rodríguez V., Amalia

  • 2009 An Evaluation on the Determinants of FinancialDevelopment: Literature Survey
    by Hüseyin Agir & Osman Peker & Muhsin Kar

  • 2007 Fiscal transparency from central banks’ perspective: off-budget activities and government asset funds
    by Dubravko Mihaljek

  • 2007 One-off and off-budget items: An alternative approach
    by Gábor P. Kiss

  • 2006 Maastricht Antlaşması Yakınlaşma Kriterleri Çerçevesinde Bütçe Disiplini ve Türkiye ile İlgili Bir Karşılaştırma
    by Deniz Aytaç

  • 2005 The Impact of Fiscal Restraint on Budgetary Allocations for Women's Programs
    by Rosario G. Manasan & Eden C. Villanueva

  • 2005 Social security finances
    by B. Eugène & T. Stragier & K. Van Cauter & L. Van Meensel

  • 2005 The stability and growth pact : an eventful history
    by Geert Langenus

  • 2004 Vulnerabilidad De La Balanza De Pagos Colombiana En La Perspectiva Resumen De La Deuda Pública

  • 2004 El Debate Actual Sobre Un Sistema General De Pensiones Óptimo

  • 2003 Federal Government Budget Deficits and the Crowding Out of Private Investment in the United states: Evidence for the 1990s
    by Cebula, Richard & Koch, James & Perry, William & Toma, Michael

  • 2000 Structural Deficits in Czech Public Finances
    by Aleš Kreidl & Onøej Schneider

  • 1996 Les perspectives budgetaires de la communaute francaise a l'horizon 2010
    by Charles, J.B.

  • 1995 Fiscal Crises and Aggregate Demand: Can High Public Debt Reverse the Effects of Fiscal Policy?
    by Sutherland, Alan

  • 1991 Estimating the Payoff to Schooling Using the Vietnam-era Draft Lottery
    by Joshua D. Angrist & Alan B. Krueger

  • 1987 Crowding Out, Deficits, and Interest Rates: Reply
    by Cebula, Richard

  • 1986 Federal Deficits and the Real Rate of Interest in the United States: A Note
    by Cebula, Richard

  • 1979 Crowding Out: An Empirical Note: Reply
    by Cebula, Richard

  • 1972 Deficit Spending, Expectations, and Fiscal Policy Effectiveness
    by Cebula, Richard

  • Fisher Dynamics in Household Debt: The Case of the U.S. 1929-2011
    by Joshua Mason and Arjun Jayadev

  • Watering the Garden of Government Securities:Measuring the "Bunching" Effect in Euro Sovereign Bond Markets
    by Andrea Coppola & Gustavo Piga

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