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RePEc Economists in Monetary Economics on Twitter

This page indexes registered economists that are also on Twitter and is updated daily.

How to get listed


  1. Be registered with the RePEc Author Service.
  2. Have been registered for a least a day.
  3. Have a main field in Monetary Economics

How to be listed

  1. Send a tweet to @repec_signup with your RePEc Short-ID. This identifier is of the form pxxnnnn, where xx are two letters and nnnn are up to four numbers. The RePEc Short-ID is found when you log into your account at the RePEc Author Service or on your profile page at EconPapers and IDEAS.

    A sample tweet would be: @repec_signup pxx123

  2. Receive a confirmation email (sent to the address used for the last monthly message from RePEc) within ten minutes.
  3. Click on the link provided in the email.

You are then listed here after the daily refresh. Your Twitter account will then also be listed on your IDEAS profile. Alternatively to the procedure above, look up your monthly RePEc email, click on the ranking analysis link, and there find a link to Twitter that auto-fills the tweet for you.

How the procedure could fail

(You have not received an email within 10 minutes).
  • Your tweets are protected. "Unprotect" before sending the tweet, and protect again after you have received the email.
  • You did not send the tweet to @repec_signup.
  • You have a typo in your RePEc Short-ID.
  • You have registered with RePEc within this month. Try again next month.

Further listings and links

There are 150 economists on this list. Learn about new papers in this field through NEP-MON (Email).

Afonso, Antonio Andolfatto, David Auer, Raphael Anton
Akanni, Lateef Olawale Anton, Roman
Albanesi, Stefania Arnould, Guillaume
Bachmann, Ruediger Bennouna, Hicham Bosupeng, Mpho
Backus, David Bernanke, Ben S. Bounader, Lahcen
Barrdear, John Bibow, Joerg Bouoiyour, Jamal
Barthelemy, Jean Bignon, Vincent Branch, William A.
Baum, Christopher F Binder, Carola Conces Brunnermeier, Markus K.
Benassy-Quere, Agnes Bjornland, Hilde C. Bussiere, Matthieu
Benchimol, Jonathan Blanchard, Olivier J
Camacho, Maximo Carrasco, Carlos A. Comunale, Mariarosaria
Cantore, Cristiano Chadha, Jagjit S. Coudert, Virginie
Capolongo, Angela Chinn, Menzie
De Grauwe, Paul Demertzis, Maria Dovern, Jonas
Dehmej, Salim Diebold, Francis X. Dullien, Sebastian
Delatte, Anne-Laure Doepke, Matthias
Ehnts, Dirk H. El Herradi, Mehdi
Ekor, Maxwell Eyquem, Aurelien
Faria-e-Castro, Miguel Frankel, Jeffrey Alexander
Farmer, Roger E. A. Fratzscher, Marcel
Ghironi, Fabio Gonzalez-Astudillo, Manuel Guimaraes, Bernardo
Givens, Gregory Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier Gurkaynak, Refet S.
Gomez-Gonzalez, Jose Eduardo Gourio, Francois
Hanif, Muhammad Nadim Hevia, Constantino
Heathcote, Jonathan Hofstetter, Marc
Idier, Julien Ireland, Peter N.
Jansen, David-Jan
Kalantzis, Yannick Kiley, Michael T Koetter, Michael
Kaufmann, Daniel Kimball, Miles Spencer Korhonen, Iikka
Kerssenfischer, Mark Klose, Jens Korobilis, Dimitris
Lakdawala, Aeimit Levy Yeyati, Eduardo Lucotte, Yannick
Lanne, Markku Lisack, Noemie
Levin, Andrew Theo Lombardi, Marco Jacopo
Malagon, Jonathan Mengus, Eric Monnet, Eric
Matthes, Christian Mihalache, Gabriel Motyovszki, Gergo
McMahon, Michael Francis Mitman, Kurt Mourlon-Druol, Emmanuel
Mele, Antonio Mojon, Benoit Muscatelli, Vito Antonio
Nagel, Stefan Nientiedt, Daniel
Nguyen, Benoit Novy, Dennis
Paccagnini, Alessia Parra-Polania, Julian Pinter, Julien
Palma, Nuno Passari, Evgenia Pourroy, Marc
Pan, Dongyang Peersman, Gert Presbitero, Andrea Filippo
Reade, J James Reis, Ricardo Rogoff, Kenneth S
Rebucci, Alessandro Rey, Helene Romelli, Davide
Reinhart, Carmen M. Rime, Dagfinn Roventini, Andrea
Sahuc, Jean-Guillaume Shambaugh, Jay C. Sturzenegger, Federico
Saraceno, Francesco Shiller, Robert J. Summers, Lawrence H.
Schnabel, Isabel Shin, Hyun Song Svensson, Lars E. O.
Schnabl, Gunther Sinclair, Tara M. Szczerbowicz, Urszula
Schuler, Tobias Snower, Dennis
Taskin, Temel Taylor, John B. Tunc, Cengiz
Vargas, Carmina O. Veron, Nicolas Villamizar-Villegas, Mauricio
Vermandel, Gauthier Vespignani, Joaquin
Waknis, Parag Whelan, Karl Wolff, Guntram
Waters, Alex Wieland, Volker Wolters, Maik
Werning, Ivan Williamson, Stephen D. Wren-Lewis, Simon
Yilmazkuday, Hakan
Zachariadis, Marios Zinn, Jesse Aaron
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