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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P5: Comparative Economic Systems
/ / / P59: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Exchange Rate Co-movements, Hedging and Volatility Spillovers in New EU Forex Markets
    by Evzen Kocenda & Michala Moravcova

  • 2017 A comparative study of net entrepreneurial productivity in developed and post-transition economies
    by Djula Borozan & Josip Arneric & Ilija Coric

  • 2016 Intraday Effect of News on Emerging European Forex Markets: An Event Study Analysis
    by Evzen Kocenda & Michala Moravcova

  • 2016 Thirty Years of Conflict and Economic Growth in Turkey: A Synthetic Control Approach
    by Fırat Bilgel & Burhan Can Karahasan

  • 2016 Comparative Advantage Defying Development Strategy and Cross Country Poverty Incidence
    by Abu Bakkar Siddique

  • 2016 Trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights agreements and the upsurge in foreign direct investment in developing countries
    by Zhang, Huiying & Yang, Xiaohui

  • 2016 Central And Eastern Europe’S Transition To A Market Economy And The European Integration: With Special Attention To Mitterrand’S Project Of European Confederation
    by Yoji Koyama

  • 2015 Vérité sociale ou fausseté économique
    by Izu, Akhenaton

  • 2014 Revisiting the national corporate social responsibility index
    by Skouloudis, Antonis

  • 2014 The system of indicators of estimation the economic efficiency in the production of goat milk
    by Chetroiu, Rodica & Calin, Ion

  • 2014 Nepal-Potential Projects in a New Model of Economy
    by Paunić, Alida

  • 2014 If industrial sector development is sustainable: Lithuania compared to the EU
    by Manuela TvaronaviÄ ienÄ—

  • 2014 Cenové skoky během finanční nejistoty: od intuice k regulační perspektivě
    by Jan Hanousek & Jan Novotný

  • 2014 Centralized institutions and cascades
    by Rubin, Jared

  • 2014 A comparative analysis of the impact of oil prices on oil-rich emerging economies in the Pacific Rim
    by Kuboniwa, Masaaki

  • 2013 Litigation as a Measure of Well-Being
    by Eisenberg, Theodore & Kalantry, Sital & Robinson, Nick

  • 2013 Productivity spillovers among linked sectors
    by Peng, Ling & Hong, Yongmiao

  • 2013 Dimensiunea Politicilor Culturale Ale Republicii Moldova În Contextul Relaţiilor Internaţionale
    by Stela SPÎNU

  • 2012 The triangle of democratic interdependence and the media's role in contemporary society
    by Skouras, Thanos

  • 2012 Price jumps in Visegrad-country stock markets: An empirical analysis
    by Hanousek, Jan & Novotný, Jan

  • 2012-06 Naming and War in Modern Germany
    by Bruhn, Anja & Huschka, Denis & Wagner, Gert G.

  • 2011 Shari’ah Governance Regimes for Islamic Finance: Types and Appraisal - I regimi di governance conformi alla shari’ah nella finanza islamica: tipologia e valutazione

  • 2010 Foreign News and Spillovers in Emerging European Stock Markets
    by Evzen Kocenda & Jan Hanousek

  • 2010 Diagnosing the “Russian Disease”: Growth and Structure of the Russian Economy Then and Now
    by Kuboniwa, Masaaki

  • 2010 Were Stocks during the Financial Crisis More Jumpy: A Comparative Study
    by Jan Novotny

  • 2010 Price Jumps in Visegrad Country Stock Markets: An Empirical Analysis
    by Jan Novotny

  • 2010 Vliv vnitrodenních makroekonomických zpráv na akciové trhy nových států EU
    by Jan Hanousek & Evžen Kočenda

  • 2010 Exchange Rate Risk in Central European Countries
    by Evžen Koèenda & Tigran Poghosyan

  • 2010 Tengri on Mars
    by Paksoy, H. B.

  • 2010 Avance para una Arqueología del Capitalismo en Chile (1880-1930)
    by Fuentes M., Miguel

  • 2009 Intraday Price Discovery in Emerging European Stock Markets
    by Jan Hanousek & Evzen Kocenda

  • 2008 An Analytical Review of Different Concepts of Riba (Interest) in the Sub-Continent
    by Aziz, Farooq & Mahmud, Muhammad & Karim, Emadul

  • 2008 Socioeconomic, Institutional & Political Determinants Of Human Rights Abuses: A Subnational Study Of India, 1993 – 2002
    by Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya

  • 2008 Vers une convergence des modèles? une réflexion à la lumière des expériences européennes de réforme des systèmes d'enseignement supérieur
    by Jean Luc De Meulemeester

  • 2008 Use of informal mobile telephony in low income households in Colombia
    by Luis Fernando Gamboa & Luis Hernando Gutiérrez

  • 2008 An approximation to the digital divide among low income people in Colombia, Mexico and Perú: two composite indexes
    by Luis Hernando Gutierrez & Luis Fernando Gamboa

  • 2008 The Reaction of Asset Prices to Macroeconomic Announcements in New EU Markets: Evidence from Intraday Data
    by Jan Hanousek & Evzen Kocenda & Ali M. Kutan

  • 2008 Knowledge Society And Transition Economies.The Bulgarian Challenge
    by Lise Bourdeau-Lepage & Desislava Kolarova

  • 2008 An Analytical Review of Different Concepts of Riba (Interest) in the Sub-Continent
    by Farooq Aziz & Muhammad Mahmud & Emad ul Karim

  • 2008 Sociedad de la información, neo-subjetividad posmoderna y modelos organizativos en la era de la globalización
    by Parra, Gabriel

  • 2007 Macroeconomic Sources of Foreign Exchange Risk in New EU Members
    by Tigran Poghosyan & Evzen Kocenda

  • 2005 Contagion Across and Integration of Central and Eastern European Stock Markets: Evidence from Intraday Data
    by Balazs Egert & Evzen Kocenda &

  • 2005 On Compulsory Voting and Income Inequality in a Cross-Section of Countries
    by Mauricio Olivera & Alberto E. Chong

  • 2004 Reform des Sozialstaats in Deutschland und Frankreich: was auf dem Spiel steht (Welfare state policies in France and Germany : what is really at stake ?)
    by Arnaud Lechevalier

  • 2004 Trust In Transition: Cross Country And Firm Evidence
    by Martin Raiser & Alan Rousso & Franklin Steves

  • 2004 High-order services and spatial change in the central and eastern european countries

  • 2003 Exchange Rate Regimes and Volatility: Comparison of the Snake and Visegrad
    by Juraj Valachy & Ev??en Ko?enda &

  • 2003 Varsovie, une nouvelle métropole

  • 2002 Local Interactions and the Global City Metropolization in Warsaw
    by BOURDEAU-LEPAGE, Lise & Jean-Marie HURIOT

  • 2002 Varsovie entre polarisation et dispersion
    by Lise Bourdeau-Lepage

  • 2001 Varsovie entre polarisation et dispersion

  • 2000 Economics Of Liability: An Islamic View
    by Monzer Kahf

  • 1999 Al-Dawudi: A North African Malikite Observer Of The Economic Disorder Under The Fatimid Regime
    by Cengiz Kallek

  • 1998 Bank Reform in Greece with reference to Eastern Europe. The Case of the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank S.A
    by Marica Frangakis

  • 1997 The Determining Factors of Foreign Direct Investment in Spain and the rest of the OECD: Lessons for CEECs
    by Martín, Carmela & Velazquez, Francisco J

  • 1995 The Structure of Arms Races Before and After the End of the Cold War: From Strategic Substitutes to Strategic Complements
    by Hamada, K.

  • 1991 Financial Reform in Eastern Europe: Progress With the Wrong Model
    by Corbett, Jennifer & Mayer, Colin

  • A comparative study of net entrepreneurial productivity in developed and post-transition economies
    by Djula Borozan & Josip Arneric & Ilija Coric

  • The Formation And Transformation Of Public Space And Economic Dimension
    by Nihat Falay

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