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/ A: General Economics and Teaching
/ / A3: Multisubject Collective Works
/ / / A30: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Utopian Left-Wing Expectations and the Social Consequences of the 3rd Memorandum in Greece
    by Kotroyannos, Dimitrios & Tzagarakis, Stelios & Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Kamekis, Apostolos

  • 2017 Financial Performance of Healthcare Firms: The Case of Korea
    by Jun Woo Park & Seyoung Guahk

  • 2016 Ways Of Using Humor In Interpersonal Relationships: An Analysis Between Turks And The Spanish

  • 2016 The Political Economy of Deregulation Policy in the Downstream Sector of the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (1999-2015)
    by Kenneth Nweke & Vincent Nyewusira

  • 2016 Conflict and Reconciliation Motives in the Hebrew Curriculum for the Arabic Junior High Schools in Israel
    by Sara Zamir

  • 2016 Sixth School of Interdisciplinary Analysis of Socio-economic Processes
    by Leonidov, A. & Savvateev, A. & Filatov, A.

  • 2016 Cohesion Policy instruments. Cohesion Structural Funds (CSF) 2007 - 2013 and European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) 2014 - 2020 absorptions in EU member countries
    by Mariana-Camelia Taranu & Victoria Folea & Cristinel-Claudiu Cocosatu

  • 2016 Editorial statement: The first five years of the European Journal of Government and Economics
    by Diego Varela & Giacomo Benedetto & Jose Manuel Sanchez-Santos

  • 2015 Why The Press Freedom ?S Necessary

  • 2015 Developing a Survey on Aesthetic Labour: Women Frontline Employees

  • 2015 Effects of Psychological Factors in Life
    by Maryam Havasel

  • 2015 Self-Knowledge, The Intellectual, Liberation And The Afro-Constructivist Strategy
    by Elijah Okpanachi & Onogu Williams & Philip Idachaba & Mercy Mabe Ocheni

  • 2015 Code of Conduct for MNCs in relation to Environment Issues
    by Saksham Samarth & Prashasti Janghel

  • 2015 Between Theory and Pragmatism
    by Bodo HERZOG

  • 2015 Romanian energetic security - a dimension of the national security
    by Cristian Nita & Brindusa Covaci

  • 2015 China in the un security council: the dynamics of change at the beginning of a new millenium
    by Monica Gheorghita

  • 2015 Evaluation of the management of PTSD patients with oncological diagnosis
    by Catalina Iliuta

  • 2015 Directing the strategies of the electricity production sector in Romania based on the results of the integrated analysis - economic and environmental
    by Calanter Paul

  • 2015 Importance of the geographical localization of the commercial provider of cloud storage services with regard to the protection of consumer's rights through European Union rules
    by Ioan-Luca Vlad

  • 2015 The correlation between economic development and effective use of intellectual property
    by Alisa Valeria Toma

  • 2015 Tourism destination competitiveness - expression of Spain superiority in tourism
    by Daniel Bulin

  • 2015 Study about the role of the lawyer in contracting safe cloud computing services
    by Dumitrescu Bogdan

  • 2015 Efficient measures to mitigate effects of terrorist bomb attacks on buildings
    by Baciu Catalin

  • 2015 Cloud computing and client-attorney privileged information
    by Madalina Berechet

  • 2015 Using virtual space in human resources management
    by Corneliu Bente

  • 2015 Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing services, from the employee's point of view
    by Iacob Emanuel Baciu

  • 2015 Is there anything new to say about American foreign Policy?
    by Alan Hunt

  • 2015 The influence of socio-economic and technological transformations on braking systems for equipping the special vehicles
    by Puncioiu Alin Marian & Vedinas Ioan

  • 2015 Updating old armored vehicles vs. buying new products. Experimental research - making decision in updating
    by Vilau Radu

  • 2015 Economic prominence of energetic materials development
    by Zecheru Teodora

  • 2015 Unconventional metalworking technologies. Explosive forming of metal
    by Nicolaescu Gigi Ionut

  • 2015 The electromagnetic field and the human body - methods of calculation and experimental for determining the value of SAR cellular phone interference
    by Jeler Grigore Eduard

  • 2015 The influence of socio-economic and technological transformations on braking systems for equipping the special vehicles
    by Puncioiu Alin Marian & Vedinas Ioan

  • 2015 Smart array antennas for information society technologies
    by Casu George

  • 2015 3D modeling in ANSYS AUTODYN regarding underwater shock wave mitigation
    by Ciortan (Pana) Iuliana Florina

  • 2015 EOD robots. History, using and perspective
    by Constantin Daniel

  • 2015 Cold-formed steel structures an economic and a green alternative
    by Cucu Vlad

  • 2015 Progressive collapse in civil engineering
    by Buliga Dan Ilie

  • 2015 Fluid-structure interaction using the method smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH). SPH - flexibility, efficiency, accuracy
    by Belega Bogdan Alexandru

  • 2015 Structural stability of buildings exposed to the risk of terrorist bomb attacks
    by Baciu Catalin

  • 2015 Considerations for manufacturing costs and benefits in a new ammunition family for individual grenade launchers
    by Antonie Daniel & Goga Doru Adrian

  • 2015 Transient signal characrecterization using multi-lag phase space analysis
    by Bernard Cindy & Ioana Cornel & Lungu Elvira & Nicolaescu Ioan & Digulescu Angela

  • 2015 RSA algorithm implementation using FPGA
    by Nicolcioiu Andreea Teodora

  • 2015 Enhanced binary diff algorithm for secure and high performance cloud computing forensics infrastructures
    by Patrascu Alecsandru & Patriciu Victor Valeriu

  • 2015 The analysis of Romania's loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Monetary Fund between 1973-1989
    by Tiu Ilarion

  • 2015 Social and economic effects of the restitution of the properties in Romania
    by Padure Loredana Adelina

  • 2015 The environmental side of the crimes committed to the forest regime
    by Mincan Stefan Alin

  • 2015 Study on the level of attention to students faculty physical education and sports
    by Pavel Silviu Ioan & Rata Gloria

  • 2015 Cost evaluation of work accident
    by Rusu Zagar Catalin

  • 2015 The cost assessment for protection and prevention of activities carried at height
    by Craciun Nicoleta

  • 2015 Innovation in accounting - integrated reporting
    by Cozma Ighian Dana

  • 2015 The Romanian minority from Serbia and the right to education in the mother tongue
    by Mihaela Teodor

  • 2015 Strengthening the resilience of civil society in possible crisis and improving parliamentary oversight over the intelligence services current premises of the developement security strategies of Romania
    by Anca Cristina Grecea & Stoican Constantin

  • 2015 Frozen conflicts, economical relations and political ties. considerations on the components of political actions of russian federation in the near abroad in the post cold war years
    by Serban Liviu Pavelescu

  • 2015 The person and work of the Holy Spirit, as reflected in the orthodox liturgic life
    by Stefanica Dragos

  • 2015 The prophet like the poet or a comparative analysis of the moments of the encounter with the speeches of the unconscious
    by Ioana Cristina Tempea

  • 2015 Using benchmarks from the social sciences in organizations’ headship
    by Marinel Adi Mustata

  • 2015 Added value and challenges regarding the implementation of a social working and collaboration platform in intelligence
    by Daniela Elena Mitu

  • 2015 Application of the criminal executional legislation on the matter of probation - difficulties and solutions
    by Preda Aura-Marcela

  • 2015 Placing the locus of control on their own existence in patients diagnosed with cancer
    by Catalina Iliuta

  • 2015 Added Value and Challenges regarding the Implementation of a Social Working and Collaboration Platform in Intelligence
    by Daniela Elena Mitu

  • 2015 Application of the Criminal Executional Legislation on the Matter of Probation - Difficulties and Solutions -
    by Preda Aura-Marcela

  • 2015 Russia’s strategy to reintegrate the Eastern and Central-European area in a “Post-Soviet Commonwealthâ€
    by Cristian Nita

  • 2015 Space and voting patterns: urban influences on periurban voting behaviour in the Romanian 2014 presidential elections
    by Aurelian Giugal

  • 2015 National sectorial strategies that Romania should assume on the long term, taking into account the regional, European and global challenges
    by Filip Petru

  • 2015 Tax administration reorganization through regionalization and the simplification of legislative procedures and the tax procedures
    by Arina Dragodan

  • 2015 Hearing failure as a defendant putting forward followed by arrest
    by Razvan Viorel Doseanu

  • 2015 Influence of some microclimate elements on quantity and quality of yield on tomatoes crop under polyetilenne tunnel conditions
    by Bei Mariana Florica

  • 2015 The place of the charismata in the orthodox church life and teaching
    by Dragos Stefanica

  • 2015 Medical language and literary expression
    by Mirela Radu

  • 2015 Predisposition evaluation in locus of control placement in patients with oncologic diagnosis
    by Gabriela Iliuţă & Irina Anca Tănăsescu

  • 2015 The role of the Gattung in the prophetic call narratives
    by Ioana Cristina Tempea

  • 2015 The “Dark Side†of the personality in organizational context
    by Mihaela Grigoras

  • 2015 Development of vulnerable groups’ parental competence as mediating factor for the next generation’s socioeconomic integration - research project
    by Simona Maria Glaveanu

  • 2015 Aspects of the construction / deconstruction of the myths of Frenchness in the work of some French writers of the 20th century. Prolegomena
    by Lidia Cotea

  • 2015 National cultural heritage from the intellectual property perspective. Conservatism versus modernity
    by Alisa Valeria Toma

  • 2015 Physicians – culture creators
    by Mirela Radu

  • 2015 Climate security, an important concept in the post cold war era
    by Mihaela Raileanu

  • 2015 The strategic importance of intellectual property protection
    by Alisa Valeria Toma

  • 2015 Reconsideration of Democratic Control Over the Institutions of the Romanian National Security in the Context of the Evolution of Current Risks and Threats
    by Anca Cristina Grecea

  • 2015 Population’s Resilience: A Social Perspective on Security Strategies
    by Constantin Stoican

  • 2015 Analytical Hubs in Intelligence - Collaborative Platforms for Promoting the National Interest
    by Daniela Elena Mitu

  • 2015 An Attempt to Define the Concept of Charisma in Orthodox Theology
    by Stefanica Dragos

  • 2015 Strengthening Population’s Resilience Against Significant Risk by Exercising Democratic Control over Institutions of National Security Sector
    by Stoican Constantin & Grecea Anca-Cristina

  • 2015 The Degree of Absorbing the New Forms of Expression Promoted by Contemporary English and its Significance in Addressing English-Learning Professionals
    by Marinescu Liviu-Mihail

  • 2015 Bridging The Gap Between Theory And Practice In Organizations €“ An Intelligent Way To Promote The National Interest
    by Marinel Adi Mustata

  • 2015 Analysis mechanism of crisis situation evolution having a major impact on international security
    by Adriana Sauliuc

  • 2015 Freedom and reforms versus national security
    by Ana-Maria Oana Goleanu

  • 2015 Etno-linguistic conflicts in the Post-Soviet and Eastern Europe space
    by Mihaela Teodor

  • 2015 Early detection of hybrid-type security crisis
    by Iuliana Udroiu

  • 2015 Secret services and the national interest in Romanian interwar period
    by Bogdan Teodor

  • 2015 The national security – an academic perspective
    by Cristian Nita

  • 2015 The communication of accounting information and risk establishment in the economy
    by Lucica Sintea

  • 2015 Russian Federation from a regional power to a great power status? a realistic perspective
    by Adrian Pogacian

  • 2015 Middle Kingdom’s Un Diplomacy In The Xxist Century: Some Thoughts On Multilateralism With Chinese Characteristics
    by Monica Gheorghita

  • 2015 Environmental campaigns versus skeptical / Lobbysts. Romania on climate changes map
    by Mihaela Raileanu

  • 2015 Socio-economic evolution of Transylvanian Saxons in the context of the Austria-Hungarian collapse and the formation of Greater Romania
    by Ovidiu Horia Savu

  • 2015 Systemic approach on the implementation of European grants in Romania
    by Cristinel Claudiu Cocoșatu

  • 2015 The influence of the globalization on causality between energetic sector and differentiated wages
    by Brindusa Covaci

  • 2015 Advocating For Integrating Business Intelligence In Virtual Communities Of Practice
    by Ioana COMSULEA

  • 2014 The prospects of developing Suez Canal Region ? A futuristic vision
    by Naglaa Zaafarany & Sawyia AlSahar & Sawyia AlSahar

  • 2014 Boko Haram Insurgency: A Re-Visit To Economic Community Of West African States Free Movement Policy
    by John Danfulani

  • 2014 El rol del mercado de bonos de carbono europeo (EU–ETS) como gestor de inversión en medioambiente en Europa y países en desarrollo
    by Díaz Valdivia, Carlos

  • 2014 Literary Globalization
    by Dumitrescu Maria Magdalena & Zaheer Eldin (Malciu) Mihaela

  • 2014 The Potential of the Relationship Capital
    by Marinescu Paul & Toma Sorin George & Grigore Ana – Maria

  • 2014 Editorial statement: Lessons from Goodhart’s law for the management of the journal
    by Diego Varela & Giacomo Benedetto & Jose Manuel Sanchez-Santos

  • 2013 Optimal choice of an exchange rate regime: a critical literature review
    by Ouchen, Mariam

  • 2013 Cuantificación del riesgo operacional mediante modelos de pérdidas agregadas y simulación de Monte Carlo
    by Marco Flores

  • 2013 Analysis Of The Impact Of The Implementation Of The Program Guides Students In The University: Case Cesues Hermosillo,Analisis Del Impacto De La Aplicacion Del Programa Guias Escolares En La Universidad. Caso Cesues Hermosillo
    by Emma Vanessa Casas Medina & Norma Lorena Arenas Mozqueda & Susana Ayde Sender Aviles & Luis Enrique Ibarra Morales

  • 2013 Editorial statement: The first two years of EJGE
    by Diego Varela & Giacomo Benedetto & Jose Manuel Sanchez-Santos

  • 2012 Dynamic and Topicality in Romanian Scientific Publishing
    by Sorin-Ciprian TEIUSAN & Ioana CALEAN

  • 2011 Establishing Data Collection Procedures Equivalence in International Business Research
    by Agnieszka Chidlow & Pervez N. Ghauri

  • 2011 Quality Development Guidelines For Project Management Education And Training
    by Constanta-Nicoleta BODEA & Melania COMAN

  • 2011 National Publications For The Young Economists
    by Sorin-Ciprian Teiusan & Ioana Calean

  • 2010 Data Collection Procedures Equivalence in International Business Research
    by Agnieszka Chidlow & Anna Morgan-Thomas & Pervez N. Ghauri

  • 2010 Evidence review and experts’ opinion on consumer acceptance of agrifood nanotechnology
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Kuzma, Jennifer

  • 2010 Ethics of conducting qualitative social science research in the emerging field of nanotechnology
    by Yawson, Robert M.

  • 2010 The Zambrano Report
    by Zambrano, Joshua David

  • 2010 Creative Economy-Feasible Option for România
    by Marta-Christina SUCIU & Maria-Liana LACATUS & Mina IVANOVICI

  • 2010 Book or paper, the trends in financial research
    by Giulio Tagliavini

  • 2009 Critical Thinking - A Pedagogical Approach
    by Adriana Rîºnoveanu

  • 2009 Continuous Professional Training Within The Learning Organization
    by Sorina-Mihaela MARDAR

  • 2009 The Economic Approach To Education
    by Geamanu, Marinela

  • 2009 Teaching Islamic finance in madaris – need, difficulties and solutions
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2009 Integrated Agribusiness Model- A Public Sector Success Story of Instructional Dairy Farm

  • 2009 Análisis bibliométrico de la Revista de Economía Institucional en sus primeros diez años
    by Gonzalo Ordoñez & Alejandro Hernández & Carolina Hernández & Carolina Méndez

  • 2009 Institutions And Values Of Romanians – Comparative Analysis Of Historical Regions
    by Baciu Livia & Asandului Laura & Iacobuta Andreea-Oana

  • 2008 Production Possibilities in Catchment Areas Under Dharabi Dam in Chakwal
    by Khan, Muhammad Aamir

  • 2008 Are Islamic banks in Malaysia really ‘Islamic’?
    by Eddy Yusof, Ezry Fahmy

  • 2008 Accounting Information - Power Instrument for Advanced Management in Knowledge Based Organizations
    by Potecea, Olga & Gabroveanu, Emilia & Radneantu, Nicoleta

  • 2008 Analýza siete ŽP Group podľa vybraných oblastí skúmania Novej ekonomickej geografie a teórie učiacich sa regiónov
    by Stanislav, Kološta & Ivan, Sokáč & Filip, Flaška & Mário, Hošala

  • 2008 Evaluation of Second National Fadama Development Project in Nigeria: A Rapid Policy Appraisal
    by Nwachukwu, Ifeanyi N. & Agwu, Nnanna M. & Ezeh, Chima I. & Mbanasor, Jude A. & Onyenweaku, Chris O. & Kamalu, Chinedu E.

  • 2008 Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration
    by Herrmann, Peter & van der Maesen, Laurent J.G.

  • 2008 Stylebook:Tips on Organization, Writing, and Formatting
    by Wicks, Rick

  • 2008 Riscurile Şi Performanţele Bancare
    by Nagy, Agnes & Solovăstru, Alina

  • 2008 Capacidades Societales de Innovación. Su desarrollo en Empresas de Producción Social en el contexto del Socialismo del siglo XXI en Venezuela
    by Belinda Colina Arenas

  • 2007 Status of Women in the Rural Khasi Society of Meghalaya
    by De, Utpal Kumar & Ghose, Bholanath

  • 2007 Misallocation and manufacturing TFP in China and India
    by Chang, Tai Hsieh & Peter, J- Klenow

  • 2007 Development of a Nationwide Seismic Vulnerability Estimation System
    by Sandi, H. & Pomonis, A. & Francis, S. & Georgescu, E. S. & Mohindra, R. & Borcia, I. S.

  • 2007 Seismic vulnerability assessment: Methodological elements and applications to the case of Romania
    by Sandi, H. & Pomonis, A. & Francis, S. & Georgescu, E. S. & Mohindra, R. & Borcia, I. S.

  • 2007 Interdisciplinary Trust Meta-Analysis
    by Ebert, Tara

  • 2007 Eficacia En Las Reuniones De Academias De Los Institutos Tecnológicos
    by Gloria Pérez Garmendia & Francisco Gerardo Barroso Tanoira & Concepción Mánica Zuccolotto

  • 2007 Scientific Periodicals in Economics – Scientometric Aspects
    by Lilyana Stoeva

  • 2006 Cost Return Analysis of Cocoyam Production at NRCRI, Umudike
    by Okoye, B.C & Asumugha, G.N & Mbanaso, E.N.A

  • 2006 Questionary Research to Learn State of Affairs of Technological Support CRM
    by Vaněk, Jindřich & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2006 An Outline Of The History Of Social Statistics And Its Methods
    by Nikola Tcholakov

  • 2005 Earthquake 2005: Some Implications for Environment and Human Capital
    by Hamdani, Nisar Hussain & Shah, Syed Akhter Hussain

  • 2005 Citing reprinted material
    by Azar, Ofer H.

  • 2005 Magison-ison: A parallel reality construction of war among Joloano Muslim Survivors in Sulu, Philippines
    by Usman-Laput, Lea

  • 2004 The Integration and Efficiency of the Scandinavian Foreign Exchange Market 1873-1914: A Quantitative Analysis
    by Talia, Krim

  • 2000 Hemispheric dominance and language proficiency levels in the four macro skills of Western Mindanao State university college students
    by Tendero, Julieta

  • 1994 The Economic Return to School Quality: A Partial Survey
    by David Card & Alan B. Krueger

  • 1993 Estonia and Finland - A Retrospective Socioenonomic Comparison
    by Olev Lugus & Pentti Vartia

  • 1987 An Agenda for the 21st Century
    by Rushworth Kidder

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