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/ A: General Economics and Teaching
/ / A3: Multisubject Collective Works
/ / / A30: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Why The Press Freedom Ä°S Necessary

  • 2015 Developing a Survey on Aesthetic Labour: Women Frontline Employees

  • 2015 Effects of Psychological Factors in Life
    by Maryam Havasel

  • 2015 Self-Knowledge, The Intellectual, Liberation And The Afro-Constructivist Strategy
    by Elijah Okpanachi & Onogu Williams & Philip Idachaba & Mercy Mabe Ocheni

  • 2015 Code of Conduct for MNCs in relation to Environment Issues
    by Saksham Samarth & Prashasti Janghel

  • 2015 Between Theory and Pragmatism
    by Bodo HERZOG

  • 2015 The place of the charismata in the orthodox church life and teaching
    by Dragos Stefanica

  • 2015 Medical language and literary expression
    by Mirela Radu

  • 2015 Predisposition evaluation in locus of control placement in patients with oncologic diagnosis
    by Gabriela Iliuţă & Irina Anca Tănăsescu

  • 2015 The role of the Gattung in the prophetic call narratives
    by Ioana Cristina Tempea

  • 2015 The “Dark Side†of the personality in organizational context
    by Mihaela Grigoras

  • 2015 Development of vulnerable groups’ parental competence as mediating factor for the next generation’s socioeconomic integration - research project
    by Simona Maria Glaveanu

  • 2015 Aspects of the construction / deconstruction of the myths of Frenchness in the work of some French writers of the 20th century. Prolegomena
    by Lidia Cotea

  • 2015 National cultural heritage from the intellectual property perspective. Conservatism versus modernity
    by Alisa Valeria Toma

  • 2015 Physicians – culture creators
    by Mirela Radu

  • 2015 Climate security, an important concept in the post cold war era
    by Mihaela Raileanu

  • 2015 The strategic importance of intellectual property protection
    by Alisa Valeria Toma

  • 2015 Reconsideration of Democratic Control Over the Institutions of the Romanian National Security in the Context of the Evolution of Current Risks and Threats
    by Anca Cristina Grecea

  • 2015 Population’s Resilience: A Social Perspective on Security Strategies
    by Constantin Stoican

  • 2015 Analytical Hubs in Intelligence - Collaborative Platforms for Promoting the National Interest
    by Daniela Elena Mitu

  • 2015 An Attempt to Define the Concept of Charisma in Orthodox Theology
    by Stefanica Dragos

  • 2015 Strengthening Population’s Resilience Against Significant Risk by Exercising Democratic Control over Institutions of National Security Sector
    by Stoican Constantin & Grecea Anca-Cristina

  • 2015 The Degree of Absorbing the New Forms of Expression Promoted by Contemporary English and its Significance in Addressing English-Learning Professionals
    by Marinescu Liviu-Mihail

  • 2015 Bridging The Gap Between Theory And Practice In Organizations €“ An Intelligent Way To Promote The National Interest
    by Marinel Adi Mustata

  • 2015 Analysis mechanism of crisis situation evolution having a major impact on international security
    by Adriana Sauliuc

  • 2015 Freedom and reforms versus national security
    by Ana-Maria Oana Goleanu

  • 2015 Etno-linguistic conflicts in the Post-Soviet and Eastern Europe space
    by Mihaela Teodor

  • 2015 Early detection of hybrid-type security crisis
    by Iuliana Udroiu

  • 2015 Secret services and the national interest in Romanian interwar period
    by Bogdan Teodor

  • 2015 The national security – an academic perspective
    by Cristian Nita

  • 2015 The communication of accounting information and risk establishment in the economy
    by Lucica Sintea

  • 2015 Russian Federation from a regional power to a great power status? a realistic perspective
    by Adrian Pogacian

  • 2015 Middle Kingdom’s Un Diplomacy In The Xxist Century: Some Thoughts On Multilateralism With Chinese Characteristics
    by Monica Gheorghita

  • 2015 Environmental campaigns versus skeptical / Lobbysts. Romania on climate changes map
    by Mihaela Raileanu

  • 2015 Socio-economic evolution of Transylvanian Saxons in the context of the Austria-Hungarian collapse and the formation of Greater Romania
    by Ovidiu Horia Savu

  • 2015 Systemic approach on the implementation of European grants in Romania
    by Cristinel Claudiu Cocoșatu

  • 2015 The influence of the globalization on causality between energetic sector and differentiated wages
    by Brindusa Covaci

  • 2015 Advocating For Integrating Business Intelligence In Virtual Communities Of Practice
    by Ioana COMSULEA

  • 2014 The prospects of developing Suez Canal Region – A futuristic vision
    by Naglaa Zaafarany & Sawyia AlSahar & Sawyia AlSahar

  • 2014 Boko Haram Insurgency: A Re-Visit To Economic Community Of West African States Free Movement Policy
    by John Danfulani

  • 2014 Literary Globalization
    by Dumitrescu Maria Magdalena & Zaheer Eldin (Malciu) Mihaela

  • 2014 The Potential of the Relationship Capital
    by Marinescu Paul & Toma Sorin George & Grigore Ana – Maria

  • 2014 Editorial statement: Lessons from Goodhart’s law for the management of the journal
    by Diego Varela & Giacomo Benedetto & Jose Manuel Sanchez-Santos

  • 2013 Optimal choice of an exchange rate regime: a critical literature review
    by Ouchen, Mariam

  • 2013 Cuantificación del riesgo operacional mediante modelos de pérdidas agregadas y simulación de Monte Carlo
    by Marco Flores

  • 2013 Editorial statement: The first two years of EJGE
    by Diego Varela & Giacomo Benedetto & Jose Manuel Sanchez-Santos

  • 2012 Dynamic and Topicality in Romanian Scientific Publishing
    by Sorin-Ciprian TEIUSAN & Ioana CALEAN

  • 2011 Establishing Data Collection Procedures Equivalence in International Business Research
    by Agnieszka Chidlow & Pervez N. Ghauri

  • 2011 Quality Development Guidelines For Project Management Education And Training
    by Constanta-Nicoleta BODEA & Melania COMAN

  • 2011 National Publications For The Young Economists
    by Sorin-Ciprian Teiusan & Ioana Calean

  • 2010 Data Collection Procedures Equivalence in International Business Research
    by Agnieszka Chidlow & Anna Morgan-Thomas & Pervez N. Ghauri

  • 2010 Evidence review and experts’ opinion on consumer acceptance of agrifood nanotechnology
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Kuzma, Jennifer

  • 2010 Ethics of conducting qualitative social science research in the emerging field of nanotechnology
    by Yawson, Robert M.

  • 2010 The Zambrano Report
    by Zambrano, Joshua David

  • 2010 Creative Economy-Feasible Option for România
    by Marta-Christina SUCIU & Maria-Liana LACATUS & Mina IVANOVICI

  • 2010 Book or paper, the trends in financial research
    by Giulio Tagliavini

  • 2009 Critical Thinking - A Pedagogical Approach
    by Adriana Rîºnoveanu

  • 2009 Continuous Professional Training Within The Learning Organization
    by Sorina-Mihaela MARDAR

  • 2009 The Economic Approach To Education
    by Geamanu, Marinela

  • 2009 Teaching Islamic finance in madaris – need, difficulties and solutions
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2009 Integrated Agribusiness Model- A Public Sector Success Story of Instructional Dairy Farm

  • 2009 Análisis bibliométrico de la Revista de Economía Institucional en sus primeros diez años
    by Gonzalo Ordoñez & Alejandro Hernández & Carolina Hernández & Carolina Méndez

  • 2009 Institutions And Values Of Romanians – Comparative Analysis Of Historical Regions
    by Baciu Livia & Asandului Laura & Iacobuta Andreea-Oana

  • 2008 Production Possibilities in Catchment Areas Under Dharabi Dam in Chakwal
    by Khan, Muhammad Aamir

  • 2008 Are Islamic banks in Malaysia really ‘Islamic’?
    by Eddy Yusof, Ezry Fahmy

  • 2008 Accounting Information - Power Instrument for Advanced Management in Knowledge Based Organizations
    by Potecea, Olga & Gabroveanu, Emilia & Radneantu, Nicoleta

  • 2008 Analýza siete ŽP Group podľa vybraných oblastí skúmania Novej ekonomickej geografie a teórie učiacich sa regiónov
    by Stanislav, Kološta & Ivan, Sokáč & Filip, Flaška & Mário, Hošala

  • 2008 Evaluation of Second National Fadama Development Project in Nigeria: A Rapid Policy Appraisal
    by Nwachukwu, Ifeanyi N. & Agwu, Nnanna M. & Ezeh, Chima I. & Mbanasor, Jude A. & Onyenweaku, Chris O. & Kamalu, Chinedu E.

  • 2008 Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration
    by Herrmann, Peter & van der Maesen, Laurent J.G.

  • 2008 Stylebook:Tips on Organization, Writing, and Formatting
    by Wicks, Rick

  • 2008 Riscurile Şi Performanţele Bancare
    by Nagy, Agnes & Solovăstru, Alina

  • 2008 Capacidades Societales de Innovación. Su desarrollo en Empresas de Producción Social en el contexto del Socialismo del siglo XXI en Venezuela
    by Belinda Colina Arenas

  • 2007 Status of Women in the Rural Khasi Society of Meghalaya
    by De, Utpal Kumar & Ghose, Bholanath

  • 2007 Misallocation and manufacturing TFP in China and India
    by Chang, Tai Hsieh & Peter, J- Klenow

  • 2007 Development of a Nationwide Seismic Vulnerability Estimation System
    by Sandi, H. & Pomonis, A. & Francis, S. & Georgescu, E. S. & Mohindra, R. & Borcia, I. S.

  • 2007 Seismic vulnerability assessment: Methodological elements and applications to the case of Romania
    by Sandi, H. & Pomonis, A. & Francis, S. & Georgescu, E. S. & Mohindra, R. & Borcia, I. S.

  • 2007 Interdisciplinary Trust Meta-Analysis
    by Ebert, Tara

  • 2007 Eficacia En Las Reuniones De Academias De Los Institutos Tecnológicos
    by Gloria Pérez Garmendia & Francisco Gerardo Barroso Tanoira & Concepción Mánica Zuccolotto

  • 2007 Scientific Periodicals in Economics – Scientometric Aspects
    by Lilyana Stoeva

  • 2006 Cost Return Analysis of Cocoyam Production at NRCRI, Umudike
    by Okoye, B.C & Asumugha, G.N & Mbanaso, E.N.A

  • 2006 Questionary Research to Learn State of Affairs of Technological Support CRM
    by Vaněk, Jindřich & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2006 An Outline Of The History Of Social Statistics And Its Methods
    by Nikola Tcholakov

  • 2005 Earthquake 2005: Some Implications for Environment and Human Capital
    by Hamdani, Nisar Hussain & Shah, Syed Akhter Hussain

  • 2005 Citing reprinted material
    by Azar, Ofer H.

  • 2005 Magison-ison: A parallel reality construction of war among Joloano Muslim Survivors in Sulu, Philippines
    by Usman-Laput, Lea

  • 2004 The Integration and Efficiency of the Scandinavian Foreign Exchange Market 1873-1914: A Quantitative Analysis
    by Talia, Krim

  • 2000 Hemispheric dominance and language proficiency levels in the four macro skills of Western Mindanao State university college students
    by Tendero, Julieta

  • 1994 The Economic Return to School Quality: A Partial Survey
    by David Card & Alan Krueger

  • 1993 Estonia and Finland - A Retrospective Socioenonomic Comparison
    by Olev Lugus & Pentti Vartia

  • 1987 An Agenda for the 21st Century
    by Rushworth Kidder

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