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Ning Zhang

Not to be confused with: Ning Zhang, Ning Zhang

Personal Details

First Name:Ning
Middle Name:
Last Name:Zhang
RePEc Short-ID:pzh690
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Center for Economic Research
Shandong University

Jinan, China
RePEc:edi:cesducn (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. Jiashuo Li & Sili Zhou & Wendong Wei & Jianchuan Qi & Yumeng Li & Bin Chen & Ning Zhang & Dabo Guan & Haoqi Qian & Xiaohui Wu & Jiawen Miao & Long Chen & Sai Liang & Kuishuang Feng, 2020. "Mercury-related health benefits from retrofitting coal-fired power plants in China," Papers 2005.07346,
  2. Ning Zhang, 2017. "Country portfolios with habit persistence," Working Papers 2019_10, Business School - Economics, University of Glasgow.
  3. Dong Xiang & Ning Zhang & Andrew C Worthington, 2015. "Efficiency in the highly market-segmented Chinese banking sector: A meta-frontier non-radial directional distance function approach," Discussion Papers in Finance finance:201511, Griffith University, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics.
  4. Zhang, Ning & Wu, Tao & Wang, Bing & Dong, Liang & Ren, Jingzhen, 2015. "Sustainable water resource and endogenous economic growth," MPRA Paper 73457, University Library of Munich, Germany.
  5. Dominik Wiedenhofer & Dabo Guan & Zhu Liu & Jing Meng & Zhang, Ning & Wei, Yi-Ming, "undated". "Unequal household carbon footprints in China," Working Paper 512821, Harvard University OpenScholar.


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