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Roger D. Congleton

Personal Details

First Name:Roger
Middle Name:D.
Last Name:Congleton
RePEc Short-ID:pco300
Terminal Degree:1974 Department of Economics; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (from RePEc Genealogy)


(94%) Department of Economics
College of Business and Economics
West Virginia University

Morgantown, West Virginia (United States)
RePEc:edi:dewvuus (more details at EDIRC)

(3%) Center for the Study of Public Choice (CSPC)
Economics Department
George Mason University

Fairfax, Virginia (United States)
RePEc:edi:csjgmus (more details at EDIRC)

(3%) Economics Department
George Mason University

Fairfax, Virginia (United States)
RePEc:edi:edgmuus (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. Roger D. Congleton & Yang Zhou, 2018. "A Test of the Institutionally Induced Equilibrium Hypothesis: On the Limited Fiscal Impact of Two Celebrity Governors," Working Papers 18-02, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  2. Roger D. Congleton, 2018. "Toward a Rule-Based Model of Human Choice: On the Nature of Homo Constitutionalus," Working Papers 18-09, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  3. Roger D. Congleton, 2015. "The Logic of Collective Action and Beyond," Working Papers 15-23, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  4. Roger D. Congleton, 2015. "On the Evolution of Organizational Governance: Divided Governance and Survival in the Long Run," Working Papers 15-25, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  5. Roger D. Congleton, 2015. "On the Political Economy of Privacy: Information Sharing between Friends and Foes," Working Papers 15-21, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  6. Roger D. Congleton & Dongwoo Yoo, 2015. "Constitutional Bargaining, Eminent Domain, and the Quality of Contemporary African Institutions: A Test of the Incremental Reform Hypothesis," Working Papers 15-27, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  7. Congleton, Roger D. & Yoo, Dongwoo, 2014. "A Test of the Unraveling Hypothesis: Constitutional Bargaining and the Quality of African Institutions," CEI Working Paper Series 2014-4, Center for Economic Institutions, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University.
  8. Roger D. Congleton, 2013. "The Contractarian Constitutional Political Economy of James Buchanan," Working Papers 13-08, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  9. Roger D. Congleton, 2013. "On the Inevitability of Divided Government and Improbability of a Complete Separation of Powers," Working Papers 13-04, Department of Economics, West Virginia University.
  10. Congleton, Roger D., 2011. "Coping with unpleasant surprises in a complex world: Is rational choice possible in a world with positive information costs?," CIW Discussion Papers 6/2011, University of Münster, Center for Interdisciplinary Economics (CIW).
  11. Roger D. Congleton, 2010. "On the Evolution of Organizational Government," Papers on Economics and Evolution 2010-09, Philipps University Marburg, Department of Geography.
  12. Congleton, R.D., 2007. "Democracy in America: Labor Mobility, Ideology, and Constitutional Reform," Cambridge Working Papers in Economics 0764, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge.
  13. Congleton, Roger D., 1995. "Return to Rio: Agency problems and the political economy of environmental treaties," Discussion Papers, Series II 261, University of Konstanz, Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 178 "Internationalization of the Economy".


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  6. Roger D. Congleton, 2019. "On the emergence of a classic work: a short history of the impact of Gordon Tullock’s Welfare Costs of Tariffs, Monopolies, and Theft," Public Choice, Springer, vol. 181(1), pages 5-12, October.
  7. Roger D. Congleton, 2019. "Fiscal Bargaining and the Implicit Fiscal Constitutions of Liberal Democracies: A Public Choice Perspective," Public Policy Review, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance Japan, vol. 15(2), pages 175-198, December.
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  1. Constitutional Political Economy, Springer.

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