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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

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Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Generator Cooling Fan Vibrational Problems: A Design and Operational Case in Jordan
    by Naamneh, Rakan & Alboursh, Asem & Al-Amer, Ayman

  • 2016 Determinantes socioeconómicos e institucionales para promover el desarrollo económico local en Nariño, Cundinamarca, municipio de sexta categoría en Colombia
    by Adolfo VÉLEZ MONTOYA & Olga Marina García Norato

  • 2015 Disponibilidad, Consumo y Utilización Biológica de Alimentos en Bolivia: Análisis y Perspectivas (1990-2030)
    by Rivero Lobo, Blanca & Aliaga Lordemann, Javier

  • 2015 Does Indonesian National Health Insurance serve a potential for improving health equity in favour of workers in informal economy?
    by Kartika, Dwintha Maya

  • 2015 Skrivhandledning. För doktorander i ekonomisk historia vid Göteborgs universitet
    by Elmerot, Irene

  • 2015 Identity And Otherness In The Novel ”Ambigen”. An Existence File Of Octav Șuluțiu
    by Mirela MOLDOVEANU

  • 2014 Requirements to Doctor’s Theses and Innovations of Regulation on Awarding Academic Degrees
    by Y. Ezrokh.

  • 2014 Einfluss des Verhaltens von Inhaber-Unternehmern auf Innovationen und deren Erfolg in ihren Unternehmen. Eine empirische Studie nach der Grounded-Theory-Methodologie
    by Hauser, Tobias

  • 2014 Disponibilidad, consumo y utilización biológica de alimentos en Bolivia: análisis y perspectivas (1990-2030)
    by Rivero Lobo, Blanca & Aliaga Lordermann, Javier

  • 2014 Per un’alterità politica del sindacato
    by Riccardo Terzi

  • 2014 Measuring, Assessing And Reporting The Intellectual Capital In A Sme
    by Anca CRUCERU

  • 2014 Authenticity And Polemic In The Dramaturgy Of Camil Petrescu
    by Mirela MOLDOVEANU

  • 2013 Problematising the Effect of Rural - Urban Linkages on Food Secutiry and Malnutrition in Guatemala´s Western Highlands
    by Ioulia Fenton

  • 2013 La construcción del lugar. La plaza en los pueblos del Instituto Nacional de Colonización
    by José Antonio Flores Soto

  • 2013 Invecchiare. Uno sguardo sulla vita
    by Francesco Totaro

  • 2013 Le vere colpe dei padri: riforme sbagliate e riforme mancate
    by Luigi Mariucci

  • 2013 Apprendere a cambiare la formazione nei processi d'invecchiamento attivo
    by Alessandro Montebugnoli

  • 2013 Autonomia della persona, socialità, cittadinanza attiva
    by Riccardo Terzi

  • 2012 Role of Vernacular FM stations in National Cohesion and Intergration in Kenya
    by Namasaka, Martin

  • 2012 Applications in Agent-Based Computational Economics
    by Schuster, Stephan

  • 2012 Supply chain configuration under information sharing
    by Kashefi, Mohammad Ali

  • 2012 Is Economic Integration Between Developing Countries a Singular Process?
    by Koné, Salif

  • 2011 Towards systematic understanding of institutional interests in current agenda items at the world radiocommunication conference
    by Ard-Paru, Nattawut

  • 2011 Macroeconomic instability in Afghanistan: causes and solutions
    by Joya, Omar

  • 2011 Improving biodiversity monitoring by modeling relative abundance from "presence only" data
    by Jingwa A, Brian

  • 2011 The impact of power market reforms on electricity price-cost margins and cross-subsidy levels: a cross country panel data analysis
    by Erdogdu, Erkan

  • 2011 Die monetaere Quantifizierung des personalen Faktors im Rahmen von Unternehmensbewertungen
    by Pieter Wolter

  • 2011 Sprachliche Legitimation von Personalabbaumaßnahmen. Eine Argumentations- und Metaphernanalyse der Massenkommunikation zweier Großbanken
    by Heiko Hoßfeld

  • 2011 Integration bei Mergers & Acquisitions.Eine empirische Studie des Human Resource Managements aus Sicht des ressourcenbasierten Ansatzes
    by Sandra Kaltenbacher

  • 2011 Project Management Methodology for University-Industry Collaborative Projects
    by C.M.M. CHIN & E.H. YAP & A.C. SPOWAGE

  • 2011 Human Capital Externalities and Growth
    by Carolina Arteaga Cabrales

  • 2011 Human Capital Externalities and Growth
    by Carolina Arteaga Cabrales

  • 2010 Ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen in Form der negativen Einkommensteuer: Eine soziologische und finanzwissenschaftliche Analyse
    by Sterner, Cornelia

  • 2010 An inflation expectations horserace
    by Guzman, Giselle C.

  • 2010 Modest expectations: Causes and effects of migration on migrant households in source countries
    by Hagen-Zanker, Jessica

  • 2010 Electricity Market Reform: Lessons for developing countries
    by Erdogdu, Erkan

  • 2010 Can carpooling clean the air? The economics of HOV lanes, hybrid cars and the Clean Air Act
    by Shewmake, Sharon

  • 2010 Truly Non-Cooperative Games: A Unified Theory
    by Funk, Matt

  • 2010 Is force ever justified in preventing a State from acquiring nuclear weapons?
    by Dobra, Alexandra

  • 2010 Micro-Bargaining as Enhancer of Knowledge Management. A Comparison between Mexico and Germany
    by Atl R. Marsch Martínez

  • 2010 Arzt und Patient. Die Dienstleistung zwischen Hausarzt und Patient im deutschen Gesundheitssystem – eine handlungsfundierte Institutionenanalyse
    by Monika Wilken

  • 2010 Erfolgsfaktoren der Karriere. Eine Analyse objektiv erfassbarer Praediktoren des beruflichen Erfolgs bei deutschen Akademikern

  • 2010 La monnaie unique europeenne et sa relation au developpement economique et social coordonne : une analyse cliometrique. Tome IV : Annexes
    by Jourdon, Philippe

  • 2010 La monnaie unique europeenne et sa relation au developpement economique et social coordonne : une analyse cliometrique. Tome III : Modele et calculs : une theorie monetaire des Cycles de Kondratieff, l'Euro de 2000 a 2050
    by Jourdon, Philippe

  • 2010 La monnaie unique europeenne et sa relation au developpement economique et social coordonne : une analyse cliometrique. Tome II : Donnees empiriques sur la periode 1800-2000 : histoires economique et monetaire de l'Europe
    by Jourdon, Philippe

  • 2010 La monnaie unique europeenne et sa relation au developpement economique et social coordonne : une analyse cliometrique. Tome I : revue des auteurs et preamble
    by Jourdon, Philippe

  • 2010 Research Skill: Operationalizing a Definition
    by Pano Loulanski

  • 2009 The Political Economy of Disaster Vulnerability: A Case Study of Pakistan Earthquake 2005
    by Yasir, Agha

  • 2009 Principal concerns concentrating on the costs and benefits of immigration in developed countries
    by Dobra, Alexandra

  • 2009 Search and the City: Comparing the Use of WiFi in New York, Budapest and Montreal
    by Laura Forlano

  • 2009 El destino de las remesas en Ecuador: Un análisis microeconómico sobre los factores que determinan su utilización en actividades de inversión
    by Guido Gabriel González Casares & Marlon Andrés Viera Mendoza & Xavier Ordeñana Rodríguez

  • 2009 L'objectif de la règlementation prudentielle et son rôle dans l'allocation de l'épargne des sociétés d'assurance-vie : le dépassement de Solvency II par une approche "rendement-risque"
    by Fedor, Marcin

  • 2009 La gestion des fonds de fonds islamiques de capital investissement pour le développement des pays arabes
    by Abou-Zeid, Amr

  • 2009 Formulating a Research Topic: from Necessary Prerequisites to More Precise Requirements
    by Pano Loulanski

  • 2008 Dissertations on Organization and Management in Estonia and Finland 1960-1989
    by Jaak Leimann & Asko Miettinen

  • 2008 Using sentiment surveys to predict GDP growth and stock returns
    by Guzman, Giselle C.

  • 2008 Using sentiment to predict GDP growth and stock returns
    by Guzman, Giselle C.

  • 2008 La première rencontre mémorable entre un consommateur et une marque
    by Benoît-Moreau, Florence

  • 2007 Development of relationships in interorganizational networks: studies in the tourism and construction industries
    by Pesämaa, Ossi

  • 2007 Neural Substrates of Decision-Making in Economic Games
    by Stanton, Angela A.

  • 2007 Empoderamiento femenino y desarrollo rural: evaluación de un programa de desarrollo regional sustentable en Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila
    by Denisse Barreda & Guillermo Gándara

  • 2006 Влияние На Човешкия Капитал Върху Икономическия Растеж (България, 1949-2005 Г.)
    by Simeonova-Ganeva, Ralitsa

  • 2006 Supply Chains Facing Atypical Demand: Optimal Operational Policies And Benefits Under Information Sharing
    by Baruah, Pundarikaksha

  • 2005 Firma Başarısızlığının Dinamiklerinin Belirlenmesinde Makina Öğrenmesi Teknikleri: Ampirik Uygulamalar ve Karşılaştırmalı Analiz
    by Cakir, Murat

  • 2005 Magison-ison: A parallel reality construction of war among Joloano Muslim Survivors in Sulu, Philippines
    by Usman-Laput, Lea

  • 2005 Rethinking the Culture - Economy Dialectic
    by Brons, Lajos

  • 2004 Giga-Investments: Modelling the Valuation of Very Large Industrial Real Investments
    by Collan, Mikael

  • 2004 Developing Strategies for Islamic Banks to Face the Future Challenges of Financial Globalization
    by Al Ajlouni, Ahmed

  • 2000 Методология Анализа Системных Противоречий Общественного Развития
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2000 Hemispheric dominance and language proficiency levels in the four macro skills of Western Mindanao State university college students
    by Tendero, Julieta

  • 1993 Production Efficiency in Peasant Agriculture: An Application of LISREL Model
    by Mariam, Yohannes & Eisemon, Thomas & Coffin, Garth

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