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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P3: Socialist Institutions and Their Transitions
/ / / P32: Collectives; Communes; Agricultural Institutions
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Vladimir G. Wenger: Scientist and His Time
    by T. Kuznetsova.
  • 2014 Kazakhstan's wheat, beef and dairy sectors: An assessment of their development constraints and recent policy responses
    by Petrick, Martin & Oshakbaev, Dauren & Wandel, Jürgen
  • 2014 Community supported agriculture: Is it driven by economy or solidarity?
    by Bîrhală, Brînduşa & Möllers, Judith
  • 2014 Os sentidos do passado: questão agrária e luta pela terra no interior de São Paulo (Brasil, 1949)
    by Vagner José Moreira
  • 2014 Campesinos, Estado y mercado. La conflictividad forestal en el Noroeste de España, León (1870­ ‐1936)
    by José Serrano Álvarez
  • 2014 The Impact of the 2013 CAP Reform on Land Capitalization
    by Pavel Ciaian & d'Artis Kancs & Johan Swinnen
  • 2014 Las distintas caras de la economía institucional
    by Domingo Gallego Martínez
  • 2013 Competition for land and labour among individual farms and agricultural enterprises: Evidence from Kazakhstan's grain region
    by Petrick, Martin
  • 2013 The organisation of agricultural production in East Germany since World War II: Historical roots and present situation
    by Wolz, Axel
  • 2013 Religious origins of democracies and dictatorships
    by Grigoriadis, Theocharis
  • 2013 A political theory of Russian orthodoxy: Evidence from public goods experiments
    by Grigoriadis, Theocharis
  • 2013 Luxe, innovations et socialisme. Le cas des cigares cubains
    by Rémy Herrera
  • 2013 Chosen Institutional Arrangements in Trading of Agricultural Land of the State Treasury in Poland
    by Renata Marks-Bielska, Karolina Babuchowska
  • 2013 A View Upon The History Of The Peasant Association
    by Pop Stanca Alexandra & & &
  • 2013 On the transaction values of land use rights in rural China
    by Khantachavana, Sivalai V. & Turvey, Calum G. & Kong, Rong & Xia, Xianli
  • 2013 Biens de luxe et innovations en économie socialiste : le cas des habanos
    by Rémy Herrera
  • 2013 The Impact Of The Future Communitarian Budget On The Common Agricultural Policy
    by LUCIAN Paul
  • 2012 Performancevergleiche zwischen Genossenschaften und anderen Rechtsformen anhand von Erfolgs-, Liquiditäts- und Wachstumskennzahlen
    by Zieseniß, Roland & Müller, Dominik
  • 2012 Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Terms of The Republic of Serbia Strategic Goals Realization within The Danube Region(preservation of rural values)
    by Cvijanović, Drago & Subić, Jonel & Andrei, Jean
  • 2012 Intergenerational Income Persistency in Urban China
    by Quheng, Deng & Gustafsson, Björn Anders & Li, Shi
  • 2012 Organisation et performance des filières alimentaires dans les pays du Sud : le rôle de la proximité. Synthèse des travaux pour l’habilitation à diriger des recherches
    by Moustier, P.
  • 2012 La construcción de factor comunidad en las organizaciones de población desplazada (opd) de Medellín
    by Jenny Marcela Acevedo Valencia & Luz Dolly Lopera García & Olga Lucia Arboleda Álvarez
  • 2012 Food availability, food entitlements, and radicalism during the Chinese great leap forward famine: an econometric panel data analysis
    by Matthieu Clément
  • 2011 Farm restructuring and agricultural recovery in Kazakhstan's grain region: An update
    by Petrick, Martin & Wandel, Jürgen & Karsten, Katharina
  • 2010 Toward a Harmonious Countryside: The People's Republic of China's Rural Development Survey Results
    by Lin, Tun
  • 2010 Embedded institutions and the persistence of large farms in Russia
    by Koester, Ulrich & Petrick, Martin
  • 2010 Institutional change and collective action: The case of reclamation systems in Northwest Poland
    by Schleyer, Christian
  • 2010 Русская Аграрная Институциональная Система (Историко-Конструктивистский Анализ)
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2010 Toward a harmonious countryside: rural development survey results of the People’s Republic of China
    by Lin, Tun
  • 2010 New Co-operatives in China: An Indigenous Model of Social Enterprises
    by Li Zhao & Patrick Develtere
  • 2010 Food Availability and Food Entitlements during the Chinese Great Leap Forward Famine: A dynamic panel data analysis (In French)
    by Matthieu CLEMENT (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113)
  • 2010 EU Land Markets and the Common Agricultural Policy
    by Pavel Ciaian & d’Artis Kancs & Johan Swinnen
  • 2010 Distributional Effects of CAP Subsidies: Micro Evidence from the EU
    by Pavel Ciaian & d'Artis Kancs & Sergio Gomez y Paloma
  • 2010 Rethinking Agricultural Production Collectivities : The case for a group approach to energize agriculture and empower poor farmers
    by Bina Agarwal
  • 2010 Les petites exploitations roumaines connaissent elles une évolution sous contraintes de localisation?
    by Marie-Luce Ghib & Pierre Wavresky & Krystyna Larkham & Lucian Luca
  • 2010 The Management of Agrarian Cooperatives: Cooperatives’ Typologies in the Olive Oil Sector in Spain
  • 2010 Romanian Rural Development And The Financing Policy
    by Prof. Ana Popa Ph. D & Assoc. Prof. Laura Giurcă Vasilescu Ph. D.
  • 2009 Twenty years of land reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: state of play and outlook
    by Céline Bignebat & Laure Latruffe
  • 2009 Acceptance of biotechnology and social-cultural implications in Ghana
    by Quaye, Wilhemina & Yawson, Ivy & Yawson, Robert M. & Williams, Irene E.
  • 2009 Cambodia’s patient zero: The political economy of foreign aid and avian influenza
    by Ear, Sophal
  • 2009 The Necessity for the Modernization of the Technical-Material Base of Agricultural Exploitations within the Process of Forming Competition-Economy
    by Ioan, Viorica & Susanu, Monica & Enachi, Saftica & Virlanuta, Florina Oana
  • 2009 Understanding of Social Capital in Gender-based Participatory JFM Programme: An Evidence from West Bengal
    by Das, Nimai
  • 2009 Land Rights Insecurity and Temporary Migration in Rural China
    by de la Rupelle, Maëlys & Quheng, Deng & Li, Shi & Vendryes, Thomas
  • 2009 Land Rights Insecurity and Temporary Migration in Rural China
    by de la Rupelle, Maëlys & Quheng, Deng & Li, Shi & Vendryes, Thomas
  • 2009 A Start for Mild Liberalization? Building Civil Society through Co-operative Dynamics in China
    by Li Zhao
  • 2009 The Capitalisation of Area Payments into Farmland Rents: Micro Evidence from the New EU Member States
    by Pavel Ciaian & d'Artis Kancs
  • 2009 The Necessity for the Modernization of the Technical-Material Base of Agricultural Exploitations within the Process of Forming Competition-Economy
    by Viorica IOAN & Monica SUSANU & Saftica ENACHI & Florina Oana VIRLANUTA
  • 2009 The Dualistic Model of European Agriculture - a Theoretical Framework for the Endogenous Development
    by Antonio SORTINO & Margherita CHANG TING FA
  • 2009 Governance Structures and Resource Policy Reform: Insights from Agricultural Transition
    by Johan F.M. Swinnen & Scott Rozelle
  • 2008 Landwirtschaft in Moldova
    by Petrick, Martin
  • 2008 The Limits of Equality: Insights from the Israeli Kibbutz
    by Ran Abramitzky
  • 2008 Emergence, Organizational Transformations, And Decline Of The Piquetero Movement: A Comparative Institutional Explanation
    by PONCE, ALDO
  • 2008 A stakeholder approach to investigating public perception and attitudes towards agricultural biotechnology in Ghana
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Quaye, Wilhemina & Williams, Irene E. & Yawson, Ivy
  • 2008 Policy options of agricultural biotechnology R&D in Sub-Saharan Africa: key issues and aspects
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Yawson, Ivy
  • 2008 Análise setorial e topografia da estrutura produtiva: as cooperativas agropecuárias no Paraná
    by Rodrigues, Rossana Lott & Guilhoto, Joaquim J. M.
  • 2008 Land Tenure Arrangements and Rural-Urban Migration in China
    by Katrina Mullan & Pauline Grosjean & Andreas Kontoleon
  • 2008 Study on the Functioning of Land Markets in the EU Member States under the Influence of Measures applied under the Common Agricultural Policy
    by Johan Swinnen & Pavel Ciaian & d’Artis Kancs
  • 2008 Study of Agricultural Productivity and Its Convergence across China's Regions
    by Li, Guoping & Zeng, Xianfeng & Zhang, Lizhen
  • 2008 Forecasting Input Demand Shocks on China's Gross Value of Agricultural Output
    by Lambert, Dayton M. & Cho, Seong-Hoon
  • 2008 Érvényes-e a Gibrat-törvény a magyar mezőgazdaságban?
    by Fertő, Imre & Bakucs, Lajos Zoltán
  • 2007 Od­dol­ne Inicja­ty­wy Ja­ko Sz­an­sa Po­pra­wy, Ja­ko­sci Życia na WSI? Wy­ni­ki Stu­di­um Przy­pad­ku w Bal­to­wie (Po­lud­nio­wo-​Wschod­nia Pols­ka)
    by Gramzow, Andreas
  • 2007 Evaluating the Financial Position and Performance of a typical Dairy Farm in Bulgaria
    by Vassilev, Zlatan
  • 2007 Environnement Institutionnel, Modes Organisationnels Et Performances Productives : Une Analyse Des Grandes Fermes Moldaves Au Début De La Transition
    by Daniela BORODAK
  • 2007 A puha költségvetési korlát és a hitelpiaci tökéletlenségek hatása a beruházásokra a magyar mezőgazdaságban
    by Fertő, Imre & Bakucs, Lajos Zoltán & Fogarasi, József
  • 2007 Česká úvěrová podpora zemědělství: analýza prvních deseti let (available in Czech only)
    by Karel Janda & Martin Čajka
  • 2006 Social capital among agricultural producers in the Czech Republic: its impact on economic performance
    by Wolz, Axel & Fritzsch, Jana & Pencáková, Jitka
  • 2006 Единая Аграрная Политика Европейского Союза – Путь Становления И Принципы Функционирования
    by Lissitsa, Alexej & Luka, Oksana & Gagaljuk, Taras & Kvaésa, Sergiy
  • 2006 Local partnership as an incubator for rural development: the case of Debrzno, North-Western Poland
    by Gramzow, Andreas
  • 2006 Endogenous initiatives as a chance to improve rural livelihood? Results of a case study in Bal­tow, South-Eastern Poland
    by Gramzow, Andreas
  • 2006 Partnerstwo Lokalne jako inkubator rozwoju terenow wiejskich: przypadek Debrzna, polnocno-zachodnia Polska
    by Gramzow, Andreas
  • 2006 Doswiadczenia oddolnych inicjatyw rozwoju regionalnego oraz perspektywy dla programu leader+ w regionie Doliny Strugu w Polsce
    by Gramzow, Andreas
  • 2006 Central and East European Agriculture in Integrating Europe
    by Zdenek Lukas & Jan Mládek
  • 2006 Villages where China’s Ethnic Minorities Live
    by Bjorn Gustafsson & Ding Sai
  • 2006 Villages where China's Ethnic Minorities Live
    by Gustafsson, Björn Anders & Sai, Ding
  • 2006 Analyzing Cost Efficient Production Behavior Under Economies of Scope: A Nonparametric Methodology
    by Laurens Cherchye & Bram De Rock & Frederic Vermeulen
  • 2006 Analyzing Cost Efficient Production Behavior Under Economies of Scope: A Nonparametric Methodology
    by Cherchye, Laurens & De Rock, Bram & Vermeulen, Frederic
  • 2006 Státní podpora českého zemědělského úvěru v období před vstupem do Evropské unie / Government Support of the Czech Agricultural Credit in the Period Before the Accession to the European Union [available in Czech only]
    by Karel Janda & Martin Čajka
  • 2006 Analyzing Cost Efficient Production Behavior Under Economies of Scope: A Nonparametric Methodology
    by Cherchye, L.J.H. & Rock, B. de & Vermeulen, F.M.P.
  • 2006 Ritorno alle Riduzioni
    by Giacomo COSTA
  • 2005 Процесс Формирования Рынкa Сельскохозяйственных Земель В Украине
    by Melnychuk, Vladimir & Parkhomenko, Sergiy & Lissitsa, Alexej
  • 2005 Creation of agricultural land market in Ukraine: current state of development
    by Melnychuk, Vladimir & Parkhomenko, Sergiy & Lissitsa, Alexej
  • 2005 Experience with endogenous rural development initiatives and the prospects for Leader+ in the region Dolina Strugu, Poland
    by Gramzow, Andreas
  • 2005 L’agriculture de subsistance et les exploitations agricoles commerciales en Russie : la coexistence pacifique ou la guerre ?
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2005 Development of Individual Farming in Georgia: Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons
    by Gogodze, Joseph & Kan, Iddo & Kimhi, Ayal
  • 2004 Milchproduktion und -verarbeitung in Weißrussland: eine Analyse der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit
    by Ramanovich, Mikhail & Lajtos, Ildikó
  • 2004 Land Tenure Choice in Chinese Villages: The Rational versus the Political Model
    by Yang Yao
  • 2004 Cooperación y desarrollo ante las nuevas tecnologías en el marco del siglo XXI
    by Isabel de Felipe & Julián Briz
  • 2003 Credit access and borrowing costs in Poland's agricultural credit market: a hedonic pricing approach
    by Petrick, Martin & Latruffe, Laure
  • 2003 Cooperation and the In-Group-Out-Group Bias: A Field Test on Israeli Kibbutz Members and City Residents
    by Bradley J. Ruffle & Richard H. Sosis
  • 2003 Does It Pay To Pray? Evaluating the Economic Return to Religious Ritual
    by Bradley J. Ruffle & Richard H. Sosis
  • 2003 La campagne russe face à l'accession du pays à l'OMC : analyse institutionnelle
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2003 Agrarian reform and subsistence agriculture in Russia
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2003 Broadening monitoring and evaluation within reforming national agricultural research systems
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Sutherland, Alistair J. & Amoa-Awua, Wisdom A
  • 2003 Méthodes de privatisation et évolution de l'output dans les économies en transition
    by Fabian Gouret
  • 2002 Farm investment, credit rationing, and public credit policy in Poland: a microeconometric analysis
    by Petrick, Martin
  • 2002 Profit Efficiency Analysis Under Limited Information. With an Application to German Farm Types
    by Laurens Cherchye & Tom Van Puyenbroeck
  • 2002 Sequencing and the Success of Gradualism: Empirical Evidence from China's Agricultural Reform
    by Alan de Brauw & Jikun Huang & Scott Rozelle
  • 2002 Educational Debt Burden and Career Choice: Evidence from a Financial Aid Experiment at NYU Law School
    by Erica Field
  • 2001 Poland's agriculture: serious competitor or Europe's poorhouse? Survey results on farm performance in selected Polish voivodships and a comparison with German farms
    by Petrick, Martin
  • 2001 Continuité et recomposition des régimes agraires russes dans le siècle
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2001 ¿Política de desarrollo regional o política regional de desarrollo?
    by Edilberto Rodríguez Araujo
  • 2000 Développement portuaire et milieu innovateur le cas de Dunkerque
    by Olivier Coppin & Olivier Jérôme Ziel & Nathalie Mudard
  • 2000 Evolution de la législation agraire russe
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2000 O desenvolvimento de cooperativas de produção coletiva de trabalhadores rurais no capitalismo. Limites e possibilidades
    by Christoffoli, Pedro Ivan
  • 2000 Limitations on De-collectivisation in Central European Agriculture
    by Dirk J. Bezemer
  • 2000 State-Directed Diffusion of Technology: The Mechanization of Cotton-Farming in Soviet Central Asia
    by Richard Pomfret
  • 2000 A kilencvenes évek krónikása. Berács JózsefChikán Attila (szerk.): Managing Business in Hungary An International Perspective (Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, 1999, 506 oldal)
    by Ábel, István
  • 1999 Russian Reforms: the Return of the Peasant?
    by Dirk J. Bezemer
  • 1999 A mezőgazdaság működését szolgáló főbb intézmények. A piaci intézményrendszer és az állami szerepvállalás
    by Juhász, Pál & Mohácsi, Kálmán
  • 1999 Migration, Remittances, and Agricultural Productivity in China
    by J. Edward Taylor & Scott Rozelle & Alan deBrauw
  • 1999 Land Reform and Farm Restructuring: What Has Been Accomplished to Date?
    by Zvi Lerman
  • 1999 Measures of Agricultural Support Policies in Transition Economies: 1994-1997
    by Alberto Valdes
  • 1998 Közép-Kelet-Európa és a volt Szovjetunió agrárgazdasága a kilencvenes évek második felében
    by Csáki, Csaba
  • 1998 Trigger Strategies in Chinese Agricultural Teams
    by Xiao-Yuan Dong
  • 1997 Approche institutionnelle de l'analyse de la transition (le cas de l'agriculture du Nord-Kazakhstan)
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 1997 Elszalasztott lehetőség és/vagy elhalasztott paradigmaváltás?. A magyar agrárgazdaságtan a kilencvenes években
    by Fertő, Imre
  • 1996 Soft Budget Constraints: An Analysis Based on a Survey of Chinese Township Enterprises
    by Sjöberg, Örjan & Gang, Zhang
  • 1996 Az agrárium gazdasági és társadalmi folyamatai 1995-ben
    by Juhász, Pál & Mohácsi, Kálmán
  • 1993 Production Efficiency in Peasant Agriculture: An Application of LISREL Model
    by Mariam, Yohannes & Eisemon, Thomas & Coffin, Garth
  • 1992 Vom Camarade Zum Monsieur: Strukturanpassung Und Demokratisierung in Benin
    by Kohnert, Dirk & Preuss, Hans-Joachim
  • 1988 Socialism without liberation: Land Reclamation Projects in Guinea-Bissau
    by Kohnert, Dirk