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Robert K. Kaufmann

Personal Details

First Name:Robert
Middle Name:K.
Last Name:Kaufmann
RePEc Short-ID:pka207


Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEES)
Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts (United States)

: (617) 353-3083
(617) 353-5986
675 Commonwealth Avenue, Rm. 141, Boston, MA 02215
RePEc:edi:ceebuus (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. Yoosoon Chang & Robert K. Kaufmann & Chang Sik Kim & J. Isaac Miller & Joon Y. Park & Sungkeun Park, 2015. "Time Series Analysis of Global Temperature Distributions: Identifying and Estimating Persistent Features in Temperature Anomalies," Working Papers 1513, Department of Economics, University of Missouri, revised 25 Jul 2016.
  2. Yoosoon Chang & Robert K. Kaufmann & Chang Sik Kim & J. Isaac Miller & Joon Y. Park & Sungkeun Park, 2015. "Evaluating trends in time series of distributions: A spatial fingerprint of human effects on climate," Working Papers 1622, Department of Economics, University of Missouri, revised 17 Sep 2018.
  3. Kaufmann, R. K. & Kauppi, H. & Mann, M. L. & Stock, James H., 2011. "Reconciling anthropogenic climate change with observed temperature 1998–2008," Scholarly Articles 29071926, Harvard University Department of Economics.
  4. Vera-Diaz, Maria del Carmen & Kaufmann, Robert K. & Nepstad, Daniel C., 2009. "The Environmental Impacts of Soybean Expansion and Infrastructure Development in Brazil’s Amazon Basin," Working Papers 179072, Tufts University, Global Development and Environment Institute.
  5. di Mauro, Filippo & Kaufmann, Robert K. & Karadeloglou, Pavlos, 2008. "Will oil prices decline over the long run?," Occasional Paper Series 98, European Central Bank.
  6. Dées, Stéphane & Gasteuil, Audrey & Kaufmann, Robert K. & Mann, Michael, 2008. "Assessing the factors behind oil price changes," Working Paper Series 855, European Central Bank.
  7. Robert K. Kaufmann & David I. Stern, 2004. "A Statistical Evaluation of Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models: Complexity vs. Simplicity," Rensselaer Working Papers in Economics 0411, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Department of Economics.
  8. David I. Stern & Robert K. Kaufmann, 1997. "Is there a global warming signal in hemispheric temperature series?," Working Papers in Ecological Economics 9708, Australian National University, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Ecological Economics Program.
  9. David I. Stern & Robert K. Kaufmann, 1997. "Time series properties of global climate variables: detection and attribution of climate change," Working Papers in Ecological Economics 9702, Australian National University, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Ecological Economics Program.
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  11. Maria del Carmen Vera-Diaz & Robert K. Kaufmann & Daniel C. Nepstad, "undated". "09-05 "The Environmental Impacts of Soybean Expansion and Infrastructure Development in Brazil’s Amazon Basin"," GDAE Working Papers 09-05, GDAE, Tufts University.


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  5. Kaufmann, Robert K. & Vaid, Devina, 2016. "Lower electricity prices and greenhouse gas emissions due to rooftop solar: empirical results for Massachusetts," Energy Policy, Elsevier, vol. 93(C), pages 345-352.
  6. Dergiades, Theologos & Kaufmann, Robert K. & Panagiotidis, Theodore, 2016. "Long-run changes in radiative forcing and surface temperature: The effect of human activity over the last five centuries," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Elsevier, vol. 76(C), pages 67-85.
  7. Kaufmann, Robert K., 2016. "Price differences among crude oils: The private costs of supply disruptions," Energy Economics, Elsevier, vol. 56(C), pages 1-8.
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