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Tigran Poghosyan

Personal Details

First Name:Tigran
Middle Name:
Last Name:Poghosyan
RePEc Short-ID:ppo231
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Terminal Degree:2008 Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education and Economics Institute (CERGE-EI) (from RePEc Genealogy)


International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Washington, District of Columbia (United States)

: (202) 623-7000
(202) 623-4661
700 19th Street, N.W., Washington DC 20431
RePEc:edi:imfffus (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. Tigran Poghosyan, 2019. "How Effective is Macroprudential Policy? Evidence from Lending Restriction Measures in EU Countries," IMF Working Papers 19/45, International Monetary Fund.
  2. Tigran Poghosyan, 2018. "Regional Labor Mobility in Finland," IMF Working Papers 18/252, International Monetary Fund.
  3. Tigran Poghosyan, 2018. "Investment Slowdown in Denmark: Diagnosis and Policy Options," IMF Working Papers 18/161, International Monetary Fund.
  4. Vitor Gaspar & Paolo Mauro & Tigran Poghosyan, 2017. "Lessons from the Old Masters on Assessing Equity and Efficiency: A Primer for Fiscal Policymakers," IMF Working Papers 17/214, International Monetary Fund.
  5. Luc Eyraud & Vitor Gaspar & Tigran Poghosyan, 2017. "Fiscal Politics in the Euro Area," IMF Working Papers 17/18, International Monetary Fund.
  6. Era Dabla-Norris & Pietro Dallari & Tigran Poghosyan, 2017. "Fiscal Spillovers in the Euro Area: Letting the Data Speak," IMF Working Papers 17/241, International Monetary Fund.
  7. Kerstin Gerling & Paulo A Medas & Tigran Poghosyan & Juan Farah-Yacoub & Yizhi Xu, 2017. "Fiscal Crises," IMF Working Papers 17/86, International Monetary Fund.
  8. Tigran Poghosyan, 2017. "Cross-Country Spillovers of Fiscal Consolidations in the Euro Area," IMF Working Papers 17/140, International Monetary Fund.
  9. Angana Banerji & Valerio Crispolti & Era Dabla-Norris & Romain A Duval & Christian H Ebeke & Davide Furceri & Takuji Komatsuzaki & Tigran Poghosyan, 2017. "Labor and Product Market Reforms in Advanced Economies; Fiscal Costs, Gains, and Support," IMF Staff Discussion Notes 17/03, International Monetary Fund.
  10. Tigran Poghosyan & Abdelhak Senhadji & Carlo Cottarelli, 2016. "The Role of Fiscal Transfers in Smoothing Regional Shocks: Evidence from Existing Federations," Working Papers 18, European Stability Mechanism.
  11. Martin Bruns & Tigran Poghosyan, 2016. "Leading Indicators of Fiscal Distress; Evidence from the Extreme Bound Analysis," IMF Working Papers 16/28, International Monetary Fund.
  12. Elva Bova & Paulo A Medas & Tigran Poghosyan, 2016. "Macroeconomic Stability in Resource-Rich Countries; The Role of Fiscal Policy," IMF Working Papers 16/36, International Monetary Fund.
  13. Tigran Poghosyan, 2016. "Can Property Taxes Reduce House Price Volatility? Evidence from U.S. Regions," IMF Working Papers 16/216, International Monetary Fund.
  14. Tigran Poghosyan, 2015. "How Do Public Debt Cycles Interact with Financial Cycles?," IMF Working Papers 15/248, International Monetary Fund.
  15. Estelle X Liu & Todd D. Mattina & Tigran Poghosyan, 2015. "Correcting “Beyond the Cycle"; Accounting for Asset Prices in Structural Fiscal Balances," IMF Working Papers 15/109, International Monetary Fund.
  16. Pritha Mitra & Tigran Poghosyan, 2015. "Fiscal Multipliers in Ukraine," IMF Working Papers 15/71, International Monetary Fund.
  17. Serkan Arslanalp & Tigran Poghosyan, 2014. "Foreign Investor Flows and Sovereign Bond Yields in Advanced Economies," IMF Working Papers 14/27, International Monetary Fund.
  18. Tigran Poghosyan & Charlotte Werger & Jakob de Haan, 2014. "Size and support ratings of US banks," DNB Working Papers 434, Netherlands Central Bank, Research Department.
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  20. Grace Weishi Gu & Ruud A. de Mooij & Tigran Poghosyan, 2012. "Taxation and Leverage in International Banking," IMF Working Papers 12/281, International Monetary Fund.
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  23. Tigran Poghosyan & Samya Beidas-Strom, 2011. "An Estimated Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model of the Jordanian Economy," IMF Working Papers 11/28, International Monetary Fund.
  24. Salvatore Dell'Erba & Emanuele Baldacci & Tigran Poghosyan, 2011. "Spatial Spillovers in Emerging Market Spreads," IMF Working Papers 11/221, International Monetary Fund.
  25. Tigran Poghosyan, 2011. "Assessing the Variability of Tax Elasticities in Lithuania," IMF Working Papers 11/270, International Monetary Fund.
  26. Tigran Poghosyan, 2010. "Slowdown of Credit Flows in Jordan in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis; Supply or Demand Driven?," IMF Working Papers 10/256, International Monetary Fund.
  27. Vahram Stepanyan & Tigran Poghosyan & Aidyn Bibolov, 2010. "House Price Determinants in Selected Countries of the Former Soviet Union," IMF Working Papers 10/104, International Monetary Fund.
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  39. Tigran Poghosyan & Evzen Kocenda, 2006. "Foreign Exchange Risk Premium Determinants: Case of Armenia," William Davidson Institute Working Papers Series wp811, William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan.


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