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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L6: Industry Studies: Manufacturing
/ / / L64: Other Machinery; Business Equipment; Armaments
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Metals and engineering vision 2025
    by Nikinmaa, Timo
  • 2014 While explaining cluster internal impacts on cluster development, cluster life cycle theory fails to explain the influence of cluster external factors. Based on a multiscalar approach, this study investigates factors causing change within an agritech cluster applying a qualitative approach. Main shifts in cluster development and their inducing factors from multiple scalar and thematic contexts are investigated. Concluding, incremental changes are mainly induced by knowledge dynamics within the same industry, especially from the local level. Radical change is the result of an exogenous shock from the national institutional environment. In total, specific changes are induced by specific factors from specific scales
    by Dominik Santner & Dirk Fornahl
  • 2014 Defacto and Deeded Intellectual Property: Knowledge-Driven Co-Evolution of Firm Collaboration Boundaries and IPR Strategy
    by Lynne G. Zucker & Michael R. Darby
  • 2014 Trust your neighbour. Industrial relatedness, social capital and outsourcing
    by Roberto Antonietti & Maria Rosaria Ferrante & Riccardo Leoncini
  • 2014 Do U.S. State Firearms Laws Affect Firearms Manufacturing Location?
    by Jurgen Brauer & Daniel Montolio & Elisa Trujillo
  • 2014 Gilda: El coste de lanzar un guante a un oligopolista/Gilda: The Cost to Challenge a Cartel Member
  • 2013 Boeing Boeing : la dualité civil-militaire source d’un rebond stratégique dans l’ère post-guerre froide
    by Depeyre, Colette
  • 2013 Competitiveness of Russia’s Machine-tool Industry
    by A. Gribkov & D. Zakharchenko & A. Kornienko.
  • 2013 Mergers failure in the European defence technological and industrial base. The case of EADS / BAE systems
    by Pierre BARBAROUX & Blandine LAPERCHE
  • 2013 Differences in Initial Training and Wages of Japanese Engineering and Retailing Companies - Who Pays for Higher Training Costs?
    by Uschi Backes-Gellner & Shiho Futagami & Silvia Teuber & Andrea Willi
  • 2013 The Machine Tool Industry in Italy: Industrial Innovations and Performances
    by Fabio Campanini & Serena Costa & Paolo Rizzi
  • 2013 SMEs’ Absorptive Capacities and Large Firms’ Knowledge Spillovers: Micro Evidence from the Machining Industry in Mexico
    by Claudia de Fuentes & Gabriela Dutrénit
  • 2013 Importing Skill-Biased Technology
    by Ariel Burstein & Javier Cravino & Jonathan Vogel
  • 2013 Price Discrimination and Bargaining: Empirical Evidence from Medical Devices
    by Matthew Grennan
  • 2012 L’innovation dans les industries de défense: une étude de cas INNOVATION IN DEFENCE INDUSTRIES: A CASE STUDY
    by Pierre BARBAROUX
  • 2012 Competitiveness and future challenges of Pohjois-Savo - A report for The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo (in Finnish with English abstract and summary)
    by Hernesniemi, Hannu & Kulvik, Martti & Ylä-Anttila, Pekka
  • 2012 Kone- ja metallialan koulutuksen laadullinen ennakointi
    by Hernesniemi, Hannu
  • 2012 High efficiency turbines
    by Varma, Vijaya Krushna Varma
  • 2012 Indian non-electrical machinery industry
    by Keshari, Pradeep Kumar
  • 2012 Technology network for machine tools in Vietnam
    by Mizuno, Junko
  • 2012 How do companies adjust their organization to national institutions: evidence from matched-pair engineering companies
    by Silvia Teuber & Uschi Backes-Gellner
  • 2012 Fuzzy Rule-Based Analysis of Industrial Service Flexibility in Collaborative Networks
    by Wen-Hsiang Lai
  • 2012 La meccanica strumentale in Germania e Italia: due modelli a confronto
    by Secondo Rolfo & Alessandro Manello
  • 2012 Il distretto della giostra del Polesine: caratteristiche e traiettorie di sviluppo
    by Anna Cabigiosu
  • 2012 Estimación de la eficiencia del sector metalmecánico en colombia: análisis de frontera estocástica
    by Gerardo Antonio Buchelli Lozano & Jhon Jairo Marín Restrepo
  • 2011 Processes and industry turning points. Critical phases at the actors' and market's levels
    by Depeyre, Colette
  • 2011 Emotionale Markenkommunikation im Investitionsgütermarketing am Beispiel des Antriebssystemherstellers MTU
    by Harder, Frauke & Hoz-Klemme, Assaf
  • 2011 Kilpailukyky ja globaalin toimintaympäristön muutos - Suomen koneteollisuus maailmantaloudessa
    by Suni, Paavo & Ylä-Anttila, Pekka
  • 2011 Business models as systemic instruments for the evolution of traditional districts?
    by Cocchi, Andrea
  • 2011 Foreign Manufacturing Multinationals and the Transformation of the Chinese Economy: New Measurements, New Perspectives
    by Theodore H. Moran
  • 2011 The contributions of warfare with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France to the consolidation and progress of the British industrial revolution
    by Patrick O'Brien
  • 2010 Does Productivity Differ in Domestic and Foreign Firms? Evidence from the Indian Machinery Industry
  • 2010 Vertical Integration and Efficiency: an application to the Italian Machine Tool Industry
    by Fabio Pieri & Enrico Zaninotto
  • 2010 The Impact of Vertical Integration and Outsourcing on Firm Efficiency: Evidence from the Italian Machine Tool Industry
    by Fabio Pieri & Enrico Zaninotto
  • 2010 Relationship between Efficiency Level of Working Capital Management and Profitability of Firms in the Textile Sector of Pakistan
    by Chhapra, Imran Umer & Naqvi, Nousheen Abbas
  • 2010 Has medical innovation reduced cancer mortality?
    by Frank R. Lichtenberg
  • 2010 Development of Dynamic and Comparative Functions of Estimation of Innovative Potential
    by Oleksandra Kosenko
  • 2010 Relationship between Efficiency Level of Working Capital Management and Profitability of Firms in the Textile Sector of Pakistan
    by Imran Omer Chhapra & Nousheen Abbas Naqvi
  • 2010 Detecting Illegal Arms Trade
    by Stefano DellaVigna & Eliana La Ferrara
  • 2009 The Estimation of Technical Efficiency Effects Models with an Example Applied to the Thai Manufacturing Sector
    by Suwanee Arunsawadiwong & Gavin C. Reid
  • 2009 A new arms race? The political economy of maritime military modernization in the Asia-Pacific
    by Richard A. Bitzinger
  • 2009 . Industry structure and innovation in the U.K defense sector
    by Peter Hall & Andrew James
  • 2009 Internationalization process of Russian construction industry: Inward investments perspective
    by Andrei Panibratov
  • 2009 Supply Chain Cooperatives in Taiwan's Machine Tool Industry
    by Wen-Hsiang Lai & Hsiao-Yu Wang
  • 2008 Performance des marchés de Défense : le rôle combiné des institutions et des choix contractuels
    by Oudot, Jean-Michel & Kirat, Thierry
  • 2008 The Impact of Terrorism on the Defense Industry
    by Claude Berrebi & Esteban F. Klor
  • 2008 Determinants of Corporate Investment: Post Liberalization Panel Data Evidence from Indian Firms
    by Bhattacharyya, Surajit
  • 2008 Stratégies de déstabilisation et de stabilisation des marchés:le cas de l’industrie de défense américaine
    by Colette Depeyre & Hervé Dumez
  • 2008 L'innovation de Défense aux États-Unis : une approche politico-culturelle à partir de Fligstein
    by Sylvain Moura
  • 2008 Choix contractuels et innovation : le cas de l'approvisionnement de Défense
    by Jean-Michel Oudot & Renaud Bellais
  • 2008 Le rôle de l'innovation de Défense dans le système national d'innovation de la France
    by Claude Serfati
  • 2008 R&D et innovation en France : quel financement pour les entreprises de la Défense ?
    by Jean Belin & Marianne Guille
  • 2007 Positionierung der deutschen Industrie im globalen Konsolidierungsprozess : im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie
    by Michael Reinhard & Hans Schedl & Achim Buchwald & Ralph Henger
  • 2007 Un nou tip de sinergie : prelucrari-servicii
    by Popescu, Radu & Sandu, Irina
  • 2007 Toward a regionalisation of industrial policy: the case of French aerospace industry in Aquitaine (In French)
    by Vincent FRIGANT (GREThA)
  • 2007 Toward a regionalisation of industrial politics: the case of French aerospace industry in Aquitaine (In French)
    by Vincent FRIGANT (GREThA-GRES)
  • 2007 Flexible Automation Versus the Evolution of the Organizations
    by Cosmin DOBRIN & Ion POPA
  • 2006 Policy, Economic Federalism & Product Market Entry: The Indian Experience
    by Sumon Bhaumik & Shubhasish Gangopadhyay & Shagun Krishnan
  • 2006 Reforms, Entry and Productivity: Some Evidence from the Indian Manufacturing Sector
    by Sumon Kumar Bhaumik & Shubhashis Gangopadhyay & Shagun Krishnan
  • 2006 Il decentramento produttivo in Romania in tre distretti del Nord-Est
    by Tattara, Giuseppe & De Giusti, Giovanna & Constantin, Florentina
  • 2006 Struttura e dinamica relazionale nelle reti di impresa: il caso della filiera del packaging di Montecchio
    by Luciano PILOTTI & Andrea GANZAROLI
  • 2006 Reforms, Entry and Productivity: Some Evidence from the Indian Manufacturing Sector
    by Sumon Kumar Bhaumik & Shubhashis Gangopadhyay & Shagun Krishnan
  • 2006 Reforms, Entry and Productivity: Some Evidence from the Indian Manufacturing Sector
    by Bhaumik, Sumon K. & Gangopadhyay, Shubhashis & Krishnan, Shagun
  • 2006 The dynamics of the vertical relations in the aeronautics: An analysis of the subcontracting relationships of Airbus (In French)
  • 2006 New Industries in Southeast Asia’s Late Industrialization: Evolution versus Creation - The Automation Industry in Penang (Malaysia) considered
    by Leo van Grunsven
  • 2006 Learning curves and changing product attributes: the case of wind turbines
    by Coulomb, L. & Neuhoff, K.
  • 2005 What drives the market value of firms in the Defense industry ?
    by Gunther Capelle-Blancard & Nicolas Couderc
  • 2005 Demystifying the German "Armament Miracle" During World War II. New Insights from the Annual Audits of German Aircraft Producers
    by Lutz Budrab & Jonas Scherner & Jochen Streb
  • 2005 Innovation distribuée et modularité: un modèle idéal pour la survie des PME ? Le cas du secteur de la défense
    by Tran, Sébastien & Guichard, Renelle
  • 2005 The Impact of Terrorism Across Industries: An Empirical Study
    by Berrebi, Claude & Klor, Esteban F
  • 2005 Sustainable Excellence of Industrial Companies. Evaluation of Acumulated Synergies
    by Radu POPESCU
  • 2005 What Lies Beneath? Who Owns British Defence Contractors and Does It Matter?
    by Derek Braddon, Jonathan Bradley
  • 2004 Japan's Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Changes in Japanese and East Asian Trade
    by Koike, Ryoji
  • 2003 The Cutting Edge of Modernity: Machine Tools in the United States and Germany 1930-1945
    by Ristuccia , C.A. & Tooze, J.A.
  • 2002 Der Maschinenbau im Zeitalter der Globalisierung und "New Economy"
    by Hans-Günther Vieweg & Carsten Dreher & Herbert Hofmann & Steffen Kinkel & Gunter Lay & Ulrich Schmoch
  • 2002 Mercados de violencia" y guerra civil en América Latina en los 90*"
    by Javier Guerrero Barón
  • 2002 Der Maschinenbau im Zeitalter der Globalisierung und »New Economy«
    by Hans-Günther Vieweg
  • 2002 Avrupa Birligi Ile Entegrasyon Surecinde Kucuk ve Orta Olcekli Isletmelerin (Kobi) Rekabet Güclerinin Arttirilmasi ve Eskisehir’de Makine Imalati ve Gida Sektorunde Yer Alan Kobi’ler Uzerinde Uygulama
    by Birol Tenekecioglu & Nuri Calık & N.Figen Ersoy
  • 2001 Sources of Machine-Tool Industry Leadership in the 1990s: Overlooked Intrafirm Factors
    by Hiroyuki Chuma
  • 2001 Sources of Machine-Tool Industry Leadership in the 1990s: Overlooked Intrafirm Factors
    by Hiroyuki Chuma
  • 2000 Nuclear Wastelands: A Global Guide to Nuclear Weapons Production and Its Health and Environmental Effects
  • 2000 Der Maschinenbau im Freistaat Sachsen : Untersuchung im Auftrag des Sächsischen Staatsministeriums für Wirtschaft und Arbeit
    by Hans-Günther Vieweg & Matthias Bernhardt & Ralf Heisig
  • 2000 Industrial Poles and Local Development: a Survey on Food Technologies in the Mezzogiorno of Italy
    by Francesco Leone
  • 1999 Mudanças estruturais recentes na indústria de bens de capital
    by Marco Flávio Resende & Patrícia Anderson
  • 1998 Taxes and the Quality of Capital
    by Austan Goolsbee
  • 1998 The Dynamics of the Diversified Corporation and the Role of Central Management of Technology
    by Jens Frøslev Christensen
  • 1997 Machinery Investment and Export Competitiveness
    by Mody, A. & Yilmaz, K.
  • 1996 Patterns of Advanced Technology Adoption and Manufacturing Performance: Employment Growth, Labor Productivity, and Employee Earnings
    by David N. Beede & Kan H. Young
  • 1995 The 2-Machine Loading/Scheduling Problem
    by Lancia, G.
  • 1995 Scanning Procedures for Tabu Search and Beam Search in Large-Scale Dynamic One-Machine Scheduling Problems
    by Tran, T. & Morton, T.E. & Ramnath, P.
  • 1994 Hipóteses para uma hibridação de um sistema flexível de produção
    by Moniz, António
  • 1993 Concepção de postos de trabalho em novos sistemas produtivos: o exemplo da robÓtica industrial
    by Moniz, António
  • 1993 CMEA and COCOM Abolished: Restructuring Precision Engineering Industry in Hungary
    by Havas, Attila
  • 1983 The Microeconomics of Organization and Productivity Change: The Use of Machine Tools in Manufacturing
    by Carlsson, Bo
  • 1979 Disarmament in the context of the international economic order
    by Chichilnisky, Graciela
  • 1978 Does the Labor Market Clear? A Test of the Equilibrium Hypothesis
    by Joseph Altonji
  • Some Features of Migration and Labour Mobility in the Leather Accessories Manufacture in India: A Study of the Informal Sector Industry in Dharavi, Mumbai
    by Jesim Pais