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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H4: Publicly Provided Goods
/ / / H49: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Public–Private Service Delivery Arrangements and Incentive Schemes in Developing Asia
    by Capuno, Joseph J.
  • 2014 Public Order and Private Payments: Paying for Police Services at Events
    by Nyberg, Sten & Priks, Mikael
  • 2014 Médiation. Un nouveau service public aux entreprises
    by Lemeunier, Sebastien M. & Robic , Jean-Philippe
  • 2014 Alphabetical Order Effects in School Admissions
    by Stepan Jurajda & Daniel Munich
  • 2013 Der Wert der Sicherheit: Anmerkungen zur Ökonomie der Sicherheit
    by Entorf, Horst
  • 2013 Climate Amenities, Climate Change, and American Quality of Life
    by David Albouy & Walter Graf & Ryan Kellogg & Hendrik Wolff
  • 2013 Climate Amenities, Climate Change, and American Quality of Life
    by Albouy, David & Graf, Walter & Kellogg, Ryan & Wolff, Hendrik
  • 2013 El conocimiento en la economía global y colombiana
    by Germán Sánchez Pérez & Leonardo Duarte & Mario Blanco
  • 2012 The Business Environment in the Transition
    by Wendy Carlin & Mark Schaffer
  • 2012 Social Capital And Industrial District Development: The Role Of The Local Government
    by castagna alina & colantonio emiliano & furia donatella
  • 2011 Estimating the Value of Medal Success at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    by Humphreys, Brad & Johnson, Bruce & Mason, Daniel & Whitehead, John
  • 2011 Perceptions about the mass media among the students from Republic of Moldova
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona & Nistor, Costel
  • 2011 Estimating the Value of Medal Success at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    by Brad R. Humphreys & Bruce K. Johnson & Daniel S. Mason & John C. Whitehead
  • 2011 About Other Kind Of Productivity And Growth (Homo-Sapiens To Homo-Oeconomicus)
    by Jivan Alexandru
  • 2011 Ambiguity, social opinion and the use of common property resources
    by Diamantaras, Dimitrios & Gilles, Robert P.
  • 2010 Taxing Guns vs. Taxing Crime: An Application of the “Market for Offenses Model”
    by Isaac Ehrlich & Tetsuya Saito
  • 2010 The Role of the Judiciary in the Public Decision Making Process
    by Giuseppe Albanese & Marco M. Sorge
  • 2010 The Number of Organizations in Heterogeneous Societies
    by Lind, Jo Thori
  • 2010 Capacity of Phare and structural funds absorption: pre-accession versus post-accession
    by Corina CACE & Sorin CACE & Cristina IOVA & Victor NICOLAESCU
  • 2010 Productivity Questions for Public Sector Fast Fibre Network Financiers
    by Bronwyn HOWELL & Arthur GRIMES
  • 2010 Career Counseling in the New Career Era
    by Marijke Verbruggen
  • 2009 Incorporating water purification in efficiency evaluation: Evidence from Japanese water utilities
    by Theara Horn
  • 2009 Trade, Development, and the Political Economy of Public Standards
    by Johan F.M. Swinnen & Thijs Vandemoortele
  • 2009 Information, Externalities and Socioeconomics of Malaria in Honduras: A Preliminary Analysis
    by Maria Victoria Aviles & Jose Cuesta
  • 2009 Induced Civic Pride and Integration
    by Bernd Süssmuth & Malte Heyne & Wolfgang Maennig
  • 2008 ¡No hay suelo gratis!
    by Oscar A. Alfonso R.
  • 2007 Les conventions de délégation de service public : transparence et service public local
    by Boiteau, Claudie
  • 2007 Hidden Value: Wohlfahrtsökonomische Effekte internationaler Sportgroßveranstaltungen. Eine Betrachtung vom anderen Ende des Contingent-Valuation-Spektrums: Maradona- vs. Beckenbauer-Effekt
    by Malte Heyne & Bernd Süssmuth
  • 2007 Mega-sporting Events as Experience Goods
    by Malte Heyne & Wolfgang Maennig & Bernd Süssmuth
  • 2007 Small Firm Size and Health Insurance: A Private Enterprise Perspective
    by Cebula, Richard
  • 2007 Altruism and the Child-Cycle of Alumni Giving
    by Jonathan Meer & Harvey S. Rosen
  • 2007 Do Collective Actions Clear Common Air? The Effect of International Environmental Protocols on Sulphur Emissions
    by Aakvik, Arild & Tjøtta, Sigve
  • 2007 Mega-Sporting Events as Experience Goods
    by Malte Heyne & Wolfgang Maennig & Bernd Suessmuth
  • 2006 International Initiatives towards legal harmonisation in the field of Funds transfers, payments and payment systems - Annotated Bibliography
    by Heinrich, Gregor
  • 2006 The Public-Private University Debate in the Higher Education Sector in Bangladesh
    by Wadood, Syed Naimul
  • 2006 The Role of Community in Migration Dynamics
    by Sergio Vergalli
  • 2006 Entry and Exit Strategies in Migration Dynamics
    by Sergio Vergalli
  • 2005 Scenarios for the Financial Redistribution across Member States in the European Union in 2007-2013
    by Sandor Richter
  • 2005 Social Capital, R&D and Industrial Districts
    by Cainelli, Giulio & Mancinelli, Susanna & Mazzanti, Massimiliano
  • 2005 Expenditure spillovers and fiscal interactions: Empirical evidence from local governments in Spain
    by Albert Solé Ollé
  • 2005 Social Capital, R&D and Industrial Districts
    by Massimiliano Mazzanti & Giulio Cainelli & Susanna Mancinelli
  • 2003 Do voluntary international environmental agreements work?
    by Bratberg, Espen & Tjøtta, Sigve & Øines, Torgeir
  • 2003 La Salud En Colombia: ¿Qué Tan Meritorio Y Público Es Este Bien O Servicio?
  • 2002 A Frontline Decision Support System for Georgia Career Centers
    by Randall W. Eberts & Christopher J. O'Leary
  • 2002 The Effect of Noise Barriers on the Market Value of Adjacent Residential Properties
    by Benoit Julien & Paul Lanoie
  • 2002 Voluntary Contributions to Reduce Expected Public Losses
    by Claudia Keser & Claude Montmarquette
  • 2001 Predicting Corporate Failure: Empirical Evidence for the UK
    by Neophytou, E. & Charitou, A. & Charalambous, C.
  • 2001 The efficiency of refuse collection services in Spanish municipalities: do non-controllable variables matter?
    by Núria Bosch & Francisco Pedraja & Javier Suárez-Pandiello
  • 2001 Budget spillovers in a metropolitan area: typology and empirical evidence
    by Albert Solé-Ollé
  • 2000 Un modele conceptuel du lobbying pratique par les entreprises
    by Attarca, M.
  • 2000 The Political Foundation of Chinese Style Gradualism: A Paradox of too Strong Private Interests?
    by Christian Henning & Xiaobo Lu
  • 1999 A Principal-Agent Building Block for the Study of Decentralization and Integration
    by Mariano Tommasi & Federico Weinschelbaum
  • 1999 Measuring the efficiency in spanish municipal refuse collection services
    by Nuria Bosch Roca & Francisco Pedraja & Javier Suarez Pandiello
  • 1998 A Note on Health Care Inflation
    by Nair-Reichert, Usha & Cebula, Richard
  • 1996 Early Weather Information, Costs That May Be Sunk, and the Ensuing Rate of Return
    by Craft, E-D
  • 1996 The Restructuring and Privatisation of the CEGB: Was It Worth It?
    by Newbery, D.M. & Pollitt, M.G.
  • 1995 Queuing May Be First-Best Efficient
    by de Palma,A. & Jehiel,P.
  • 1994 The Free-Rider Problem: A Pedagogical Note (Using Indifference Curve Technology)
    by Cebula, Richard & Belton, Willie & McLeod, John
  • 1990 The Effects of Minimum Wage Legislation: A Case Study of California, 1987-89
    by David Card
  • 1974 On the Impact of State and Local Government Policies on Human Migration: A Log-Linear Analysis
    by Cebula, Richard
  • 1973 Local Government Policies and Migration: An Analysis for SMSAs in the United States, 1965-1970
    by Cebula, Richard
  • 1973 Interstate Migration and the Tiebout Hypothesis: An Analysis According to Race, Sex, and Age
    by Cebula, Richard