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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N6: Manufacturing and Construction
/ / / N65: Asia including Middle East
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Food security, food safety and pesticides: China and the EU compared
    by Maria Bruna Zolin & Matilde Cassin & Ilda Mannino

  • 2017 The Development Effects of the Extractive Colonial Economy: The Dutch Cultivation System in Java
    by Melissa Dell & Benjamin A. Olken

  • 2017 Structural Change in Mass-Procurement Systems: China’s Iron and Steel Industry and the Global Iron Ore Market
    by Akira Tanaka & Xiaochun Huang

  • 2016 Highways, Market Access and Urban Growth in China
    by Nathaniel Baum-Snow & Loren Brandt & J. Vernon Henderson & Matthew A. Turner & Qinghua Zhang

  • 2016 In brief: Investing in roads
    by Nathaniel Baum-Snow & Loren Brandt & Vernon Henderson & Matthew Turner & Qinghua Zhang

  • 2016 Is the Value Addition in Services and Manufacturing Complementary? Empirical Evidence from SAARC
    by Mirajul Haq & Syed Kafait Hussain Naqvi & Muhammad Luqman

  • 2016 Assessing the role of inward foreign direct investment in Chinese economic development, 1990–2007: Towards a synthesis of alternative views
    by Lo, Dic & Hong, Fuhai & Li, Guicai

  • 2015 Chinese National Income, ca. 1661–1933
    by Xu, Yi & Shi, Zhihong & Van Leeuwen, Bas & Ni, Yuping & Zhang, Zipeng & Ma, Ye

  • 2015 Malaysia NAP: More Shadows than Lights
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 From the Phased Manufacturing Programme to Frugal Engineering: Some Initial Propositions
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 2015 From Commodity Booms to Economic Miracles: Why Southeast Asian Industry Lagged Behind
    by Jean-Pascal Bassino & Jeffrey G. Williamson

  • 2015 From Commodity Booms to Economic Miracles: Why Southeast Asian Industry Lagged Behind
    by Bassino, Jean-Pascal & Williamson, Jeffrey G

  • 2015 The Indonesian Economy from the Colonial Extraction Period until the Post-New Order Period: A Review of Thee Kian Wie’s Major Works
    by Maria Monica Wihardja & Siwage Dharma Negara

  • 2015 Compact organizational space and technological catch-up: Comparison of China's three leading automotive groups
    by Nam, Kyung-Min

  • 2015 Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry
    by Serguey Braguinsky & Atsushi Ohyama & Tetsuji Okazaki & Chad Syverson

  • 2014 Some Lessons from Korea's Industrialization Strategy and Experience
    by Sta. Romana, Leonardo L.

  • 2014 Did Japanese direct investment in Korea suppress indigenous industrialization in the 1930s? : evidence from country-level factory entry patterns
    by Arimoto, Yutaka & Lee, Changmin

  • 2014 Does higher productivity and efficiency lead to spillover? evidence from Indian manufacturing
    by Pritish Kumar Sahu & Sakiru Adebola Solarin

  • 2014 China’s Great Convergence and Beyond
    by Kjetil Storesletten & Fabrizio Zilibotti

  • 2013 Cluster-based industrial development in contemporary developing countries and modern Japanese economic history
    by Hashino, Tomoko & Otsuka, Keijiro

  • 2012 Rebuilding the Philippine economy
    by Beja, Edsel Jr.

  • 2012 Shanghai’s Trade, China’s Growth: Continuity, Recovery, and Change since the Opium War
    by Keller, Wolfgang & Li, Ben & Shiue, Carol Hua

  • 2012 Australia-China: Not just 40 years
    by Wilson Au-Yeung & Alison Keys & Paul Fischer

  • 2011 The State, Industrialization and Competition: A reassessment of India's Leading Business Enterprises under Dirigisme
    by Mazumdar, Surajit

  • 2011 Financial governance and economic development: making sense of the Chinese experience
    by Dic Lo & Guicai Li & Yingquan Jiang

  • 2010 Private Industry and the Second Five-Year Plan:The Mundhra Episode as Exemplar of Capitalist Myopia
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 2010 Technology transfer with requisitioned material from Germany: The impact of gPB reports h on Japanese postwar technological development
    by Yuki Nakajima

  • 2010 Business Activities of Yamanaka Hyouemon Family: The Case of the Gotenba-sake Branch in the Edo period
    by Atsuko Suzuki

  • 2010 The Japanese Economy in Retrospect: Selected Papers of Gary R. Saxonhouse (Description and Table of Contents)
    by Robert M. Stern & Gavin Wright & Hugh Patrick

  • 2009 Role of Public Expenditures and Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Determining Private Investment in Large Scale Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan
    by Ahmad, Imtiaz & Qayyum, Abdul

  • 2009 Productivity and Growth: Least Absolute Deviation estimator and bootstrap techniques to predict aggregate production elasticities in the Palestinian manufacturing industry
    by Scorbureanu, Alexandrina Ioana

  • 2009 Desarrollo económico y política industrial de Japón: Implicaciones para países en Desarrollo
    by Shoji Nishijima

  • 2009 Agglomeration versus Fragmentation:A Comparison of East Asia and Europe
    by Hayakawa, Kazunobu & JI, Zheng & Obashi, Ayako

  • 2009 The Iron and Steel Industry in Asia: Development and Restructuring
    by Sato, Hajime

  • 2009 Poaching, Courts, and Settlements:Complementarity of Governance in Labor Markets
    by NAKABAYASHI, Masaki

  • 2009 Border Area Development in the GMS: Turning the Periphery into the Center of Growth
    by Toshihiro KUDO

  • 2008 Policies for Industrial Learning in China and Mexico: Neo-developmental vs. Neo-liberal approaches
    by Shafaeddin, Mehdi & Gallaher, Kevin

  • 2008 South-South Regionalism And Trade Cooperation In The Asia-Pacific Region
    by Shafaeddin, Mehdi

  • 2008 Labour-Intensive Industrialisation in Indonesia, 1930-1975: Output Trends and Government Policies
    by Pierre van der Eng

  • 2008 The development of Transistor Radio export from Japan -The contribution of Small and Medium firms in its formative stage-
    by Yuki Nakajima

  • 2008 Optimal entry restriction program for a new industry - How Japan nurtured comparative advantage with policy
    by Yunfang Hu & Henry Wan, Jr.

  • 2008 Le Chaebol après la crise financière de 1997
    by Park, Chung-Yeol

  • 2008 Contracts, Hold-Up, and Exports: Textiles and Opium in Colonial India
    by Rachel Kranton & Anand V. Swamy

  • 2007 Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’nda XIX. yüzyılda gelişen üretim tekniklerinin maliyet ve yönetim muhasebesi uygulamalarına etkisi: Tüfenkhane-i amire’ye ait bir imalat defteri
    by Birol ÇETİN & Fatih Coşkun ERTAŞ

  • 2007 'De-industrialisation' and colonial rule: The cotton textile industry in Indonesia, 1820-1941
    by Pierre van der Eng

  • 2007 The Industrial Revolution in Miniature: The Spinning Jenny in Britain, France, and India
    by Robert Allen & Robert C. Allen

  • 2007 Institutional Development of Capital Markets in Nine Asian Economies
    by Nakagawa, Rika

  • 2006 Research & Development in the Telecommunication Industry in Prewar Japan -Automatic Telephone Switchboard-
    by Yuki Nakajima

  • 2006 The rise of China’s manufacturing sector : challenges and opportunities for ASEAN-5
    by Mahendhiran Nair & Deviga Vengedasalam & Karunagaran Madhavan & V.G.R. Chandran Govindaraju

  • 2005 Hedonic prices and multitask incentives
    by Masaki Nakabayashi

  • 2005 Hedonic prices and multitask incentives
    by Masaki Nakabayashi

  • 2005 Hedonic prices and multidimensional incentives
    by Masaki Nakabayashi

  • 2005 The Restructuring of Cotton Spinning Companies in Postwar Japan
    by Takeshi Abe

  • 2005 Current Account Reversals: Always a Problem?
    by Barry Eichengreen & Muge Adalet

  • 2005 Can a Rapidly-Growing Export-Oriented Economy Smoothly Exit an Exchange Rate Peg? Lessons for China from Japan's High-Growth Era
    by Barry Eichengreen & Mariko Hatase

  • 2004 The Flying Geese Paradigm: A critical study of its application to East Asian regional development
    by Kasahara, Shigehisa

  • 2003 The Politics of Development Policy and Development Policy Reform in New Order Indonesia
    by Michael T. Rock

  • 2003 Industrialization in Indonesia since the 1970s
    by 石田, 正美

  • 2000 Communal Infrastructure in Slovenia: Survey of Investment Needs and Policies Aimed at Encouraging Private Sector Participation
    by Mrak, M.

  • 1999 Measuring Labor's Share
    by Alan B. Krueger

  • 1999 articles: Intra-Asia trade and foreign direct investment
    by Akira Kiminami & Lily Y. Kiminami

  • 1996 The Trade-Growth Nexus in Taiwan's Development
    by Ranis, G

  • 1996 The Role of Agriculture in the Early Phase of Industrialization: Policy implications of Japan's experience
    by Kasahara, Shigehisa

  • 1995 Technological Slips between the Cup and the Lip: Unlearnt Lessons from Inter-War Colonial Madras
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 1984 Japanese Miracle: Review Article of Chalmers Johnson MITI and the Japanese Miracle: The Growth of Industrial Policy, 1925-75
    by Tyabji, Nasir

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