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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B1: History of Economic Thought through 1925
/ / / B19: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Inequality as Lack of Co-operation in Economic Thought
    by Monica Hernandez

  • 2017 Jevons’s Ideal Role for Labor Unions as a Form of Co-operation
    by Monica Hernandez

  • 2017 The "Modern Monetary Theory": An extension of Radical Political Economy
    by Esteban Cruz-Hidalgo & Francisco M. Parejo-Moruno

  • 2017 Adam Smith and William James on the psychological basis of progress
    by Simon Glaze

  • 2017 A "gung-ho" Approach Towards Sophic Economy
    by Nikolay Bogatzky

  • 2017 Useful and honourable. Notes towards a philosophy of political economy in the Traicté
    by Nicola Panichi

  • 2017 Antoine de Monchrestien and Antonio Serra: Two founders of political economy
    by André Tiran

  • 2016 Trevor Swan and Indian planning: The lessons of 1958/59
    by Selwyn Cornish & Raghbendra Jha

  • 2016 La doctrina del Justo Precio, desde Aristóteles hasta la escuela moderna subjetiva del valor
    by María Paz Valdebenito González

  • 2016 Czech Economist Karel Engliš and his Relation to The Austrian School in the First Half of the 20th Century
    by Ilona Bažantová

  • 2016 Aspects of Bulgarian Åconomic Policy and Development During and After the First World War (1914-1929)
    by Rumen Andreev

  • 2015 Das Ende der Kapitalknappheit und sein Verhältnis zur Keynesschen Theorie
    by von Weizsäcker, Carl Christian

  • 2015 Reconsidering Written Language
    by Gopal P. Sarma

  • 2015 The Art of Memory and the Growth of the Scientific Method
    by Gopal P. Sarma

  • 2015 The Impact Of Managerial Competencies On The Managerial Performance In The Educational System
    by Cristina, STAN

  • 2015 Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought - Silvio Gesell
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2015 The Evolution of Management Theories, Philosophies and Thoughts in Nigeria
    by James G Olusoji & Olufemi A Ogunkoya

  • 2015 Entre liberalismo y nacionalismo en México. El pensamiento económico de José Yves Limantour (1892-1911)
    by Iliana Marcela Quintanar Zárate

  • 2015 The Technostructure In John Kenneth Galbraith’S Vision
    by Cătălin MĂRGINEAN

  • 2015 International Regulatory Documents With Special Regime Used By Romanian Principalities In Relations With The Ottoman And The Russian Empire
    by Ion Gr. IONESCU

  • 2015 Economic forms, state socio-economic policy and socioeconomic ideas of Bulgarian society in the context of the orthodox Christianity (9th - first half of the 19th century)
    by Pencho D. Penchev

  • 2014 The theory of money supply: a case study
    by Taylor, Leon

  • 2014 Creativity as a travelling concept: from Alexander Gerard to Richard Florida (Kreatywnosc jako wedrujace pojecie: od Alexandra Gerarda do Richarda Floridy)
    by Tomasz Kukolowicz

  • 2014 When did we begin to spell Òheteros*edasticityÓ correctly?
    by Alfredo R. Paloyo

  • 2014 Gesuits and the Italian unification: the form and the economic role of the State in the writings of Taparelli
    by Giuseppe Mastromatteo & Stefano Solari

  • 2014 Enemigos del comercio: Un análisis de las ideas económicas en la novela decadente/Enemies of Commerce: Economic Ideas in the Decadent Novel

  • 2014 A láthatatlan kéz - szemelvények egy metafora történetéből
    by Madarász, Aladár

  • 2014 Ruskin's Triangle-Neither Wealth nor Beauty but Life-
    by Shionoya, Yuichi

  • 2013 On the Theoretical Problematic of Arabic Physical Science or why did Arabic Science Fail to Achieve the Copernican Revolution
    by Hisham Ghassib

  • 2013 From The General Managerial Skills To The School Manager’S Skills
    by STAN, Cristina

  • 2013 El debate moderno sobre los escritos económicos Aristotélicos
    by Hernán Borisonik

  • 2013 Interdisciplinarity in the Work of Nicholas Georgescu – Roegen
    by Cristian Sima & Gheorghe Marinescu

  • 2013 I discovered the peso problem: Irving Fisher and the UIP puzzle
    by Lothian, James R. & Pownall, Rachel A.J. & Koedijk, Kees G.

  • 2013 O teoretických východiskách skúmania európskej integrácie v 40. až 70. rokoch 20. storočia
    by Veronika Fodorová

  • 2013 Regionalism and its shelters. The probes of the cold war era and the post cold war era
    by Ioana-Bianca Berna & Daniela-Anamaria Radu

  • 2013 Indonesia now. Between Pancasila and crisis of democracy in Indonesia
    by Hendro Muhaimin & S.Fil & M.A.

  • 2013 Southeast asian regionalism: theoretical systemic obligingness in disarray
    by Ioana Bianca Berna

  • 2012 Diseguaglianza, conflitto sociale e sindacati in America
    by Lettieri, Antonio

  • 2012 Keynes Post Mercantilista
    by Adolfo Eslava Gómez & Hernán Darío Orozco

  • 2011 When Did We Begin to Spell ""Heteros*edasticity"" Correctly?
    by Paloyo, Alfredo R.

  • 2011 Silvio Gesell: 'a strange, unduly neglected' monetary theorist
    by Ilgmann, Cordelius

  • 2011 Les entreprises de l’économie sociale et solidaire : des entreprises comme les autres ? L’exemple de Mondragon et de Eurasa. Analyse à partir des outils de la théories de la firme ARE NON PROFIT ENTREPRISES LIKE THE OTHERS ? THE EXAMPLES OF MONDRAGON AND EURESA ANALYSIS BASED ON THE TOOLS OF THE THEORY OF THE FIRM
    by Nathalie FERREIRA & Sophie BOUTILLIER

  • 2011 Entrepreneurs Historiques De L’Industrie Du Luxe Gabriel Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Helena Rubinstein Et Nicole-Barbe Clicquot-Ponsardin Historical Entrepreneurs In Luxury Industry Gabriel Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Helena Rubinstein And Nicole-Barbe Clicquot-Ponsardin
    by Sophie BOUTILLIER & Dimitri UZUNIDIS

  • 2011 Relaţii Diplomatice Româno-Portugheze (1919-1933). Martinho De Brederode - Ambasador La Bucureşti
    by Stoica, Alina

  • 2011 Ресурсная Теория Системной Организации Экономики
    by Kleiner, George

  • 2011 Tocqueville sobre la pobreza en las democracias industrializadas
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2011 Tocqueville on Poverty in Industrial Democracies
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2011 The Stabilising Role Of The Fiscal And Budgetary Policies Within The Simplified Keynesian Model
    by Campeanu, Emilia Mioara

  • 2011 Buborékok és legendák. Válságok és válságmagyarázatok - II/2. rész. A Déltengeri Társaság
    by Madarász, Aladár

  • 2011 Buborékok és legendák. Válságok és válságmagyarázatok - II/1. rész. A Déltengeri Társaság
    by Madarász, Aladár

  • 2011 A Political Approach of the Popular Credit: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and the mutual credit
    by Cyrille Ferraton & David Vallat

  • 2010 The Economic History of the American Economic Review: A Century’s Explosion of Economics Research
    by Robert A. Margo

  • 2010 Banks' Reserves' Restrictions and Economic Performance in Sudan (2007-2009)
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 Globalisation of Stone Tools and Beginnings of Mechanical Processing of Polymers
    by Igor Catic & Maja Rujnic-Sokele & Ivor Karavanic

  • 2010 The Sociological School of Italian Science of Finance: A Retrospective View
    by Antonio Di Majo

  • 2010 Empresarios Y Empresas Del Ayer En Michoacán. Contexto Y Aspectos Generales Sobre Las Cadenas Productivas Del Aceite Y Harina, 1930-1960
    by Abel Padilla Jacobo

  • 2010 Banking Problems In A.D. Xenopol'S Work
    by Stefanescu Florica

  • 2010 Financial Problems In A.D. Xenopol’S Work

  • 2010 La Rerum Novarum dalla fine del XIX all'inizio del XXI secolo
    by Giacomo Costa

  • 2010 Tengri on Mars
    by Paksoy, H. B.

  • 2010 L’inégalité au temps de l’égalité : démocratie, industrialisation et paupérisme chez Alexis de Tocqueville
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2010 Catholic perspectives on poverty and misery : from nineteenth century French catholic social economists to the contribution of jesuits
    by Stefano Solari

  • 2009 Après l’Est, l’Ouest. L’effondrement des puissants vu du Sud (After the East, the West. The collapse of the great powers, from the southern perspective)
    by Hassan ZAOUAL

  • 2009 Fran ois Perroux, a precursor of the current analyses of power
    by René Sandretto

  • 2009 A comparison of the processes of institutionalisation of political economy in Spain and Italy (1860-1900)
    by F. Javier San Julian Arrupe

  • 2009 Ekonomie a štěstí
    by Pavel Štika

  • 2009 Buborékok és legendák. Válságok és válságmagyarázatok - a tulipánmánia és a Déltengeri Társaság, I. rész
    by Madarász, Aladár

  • 2009 Dois Momentos para a Teoria Cartalista da Moeda De Knapp a Goodhart
    by Gustavo de Oliveira Aggio & Marco Antônio da Rocha

  • 2009 Retrospectives: Trouble in the Inaugural Issue of the American Economic Review: The Cross/Eaves Controversy
    by Ann Mari May & Robert W. Dimand

  • 2008 Theoretical Framework Of Competition As Applied To Banking Industry
    by Kv, Bhanu Murthy & Deb, Ashis Taru

  • 2008 Ibn Abd al-Wahhab and his economic ideas
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2008 Poverty Measurement: The Development of Different Approaches and Its Techniques
    by Celso Nunes

  • 2008 El luga de la nueva economía política en la ciencia económica
    by Andrés Gómez León & Martín Bermúdez Urdaneta

  • 2008 The Laspeyres-Paradox: tax overshifting in nineteenth century Prussia
    by Mark Spoerer

  • 2007 The Laspeyres-Paradox: Tax Overshifting in Nineteenth Century Prussia
    by Spoerer, Mark

  • 2007 Perception of market and pricing among the sixteenth century Muslim scholars
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2007 Ciclo económico de Colombia
    by Carlos Andrés Cano Gamboa

  • 2007 Ciclo económico de Colombia: una mirada desde la teoría austriaca (1994-2004)
    by Carlos Andrés Cano Gamboa

  • 2006 Combating Poverty Through Self Reliance: The Islamic Approach
    by Ahmad Bello, Dogarawa

  • 2006 Mill on Slavery, Property Rights and Paternalism
    by Mauricio Pérez Salazar

  • 2006 El Sistema De La Simpatía De Adam Smith: Una Alternativa Liberal Olvidada Por John Rawls
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2006 The history of the economic thought in the test of the "universalism" of Othmar Spann
    by Jean-Jacques GISLAIN

  • 2005 A Visão De Keynes Do Sistema Econômico Como Um Todo Orgânico Complexo
    by Fernanda Cardoso & Gilberto Tadeu Lima

  • 2005 I fondamenti di principio di un’economia islamica
    by Hossein Askari & Roshanak Taghavi

  • 2005 Economic Agent in the Hegelian Philosophy of Right
    by Ragip EGE

  • 2005 Una visión poskeynesiana del gasto público
    by Juan Pablo Radziunas Pulido{

  • 2004 Braudel et Schumpeter : deux manières de voir le capitalisme ? (Braudel and Schumpeter : two different ways to consider capitalism ? )
    by Fabrice Dannequin

  • 2004 Alexis de Tocqueville's idea of association
    by Cyrille FERRATON

  • 2004 Claude-Henri de Saint-Simon, Industrialism and Bankers
    by Franck YONNET

  • 2003 Entre la modernidad y la represión: una aproximación a la sociedad inglesa antes de la primera guerra mundial
    by Mario García Molina

  • 2003 The Great Gatsby: Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Harvard, Oxford
    by Ray C. Fair

  • 2003 L'actuariat au siècle des Lumières. Risque et décision économiques et statistiques
    by Pierre-Charles Pradier

  • 2002 Classical Political Economy through the Sieve of Dialectic Reason: the Hegelian Rereading
    by Delphine BROCHARD

  • 2002 Conséquences anticipées et comportements face au risque dans la pensée économique de Jeremy Bentham
    by Sandrine Leloup

  • 1999 The schumpeterian paradox
    by Francis MUNIER

  • 1999 An Ontology Of Economic Objects
    by Zuniga, Gloria L.

  • 1999 La genealogía del liberalismo: una lectura económica del “Segundo Tratado sobre el Gobierno Civil” de John Locke
    by Mauricio Pérez Salazar

  • 1999 The Tao of Laissez-Faire
    by Ken McCormick

  • 1995 XIX and XX Centuries Transport History , Current Trends and New Problems
    by Carreras, A. & Giuntini, A. & Kunz, A.

  • 1995 The Wage Curve: A Review
    by David Card

  • 1994 Sull'economia politica del risorgimento italiano
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 1994 Il corporativismo nel pensiero economico italiano: una rilettura critica
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 1994 Retrospectives: Fixed Capital, Railroad Economics and the Critique of the Market
    by Michael Perelman

  • 1992 The Gold Standard, Monetary Policy, and the Banking School--Currency School Debate
    by Scott Sumner

  • 1991 The When, the How and the Why of Mathematical Expression in the History of Economic Analysis
    by Philip Mirowski

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