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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ E: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
/ / E6: Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance, and General Outlook
/ / / E69: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation
  2. Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles (QM&RBC)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 When Is Lift-Off? Evaluating Forward Guidance From The Shadow
    by M. Neuenkirch, P. Siklos
  • 2014 How Monetary Policy is Made: Two Canadian Tales
    by Pierre L. Siklos, Matthias Neuenkirch
  • 2014 When is Lift-off? Evaluating Forward Guidance from the Shadow
    by Matthias Neuenkirch & Pierre L. Siklos
  • 2014 Corporate income tax, legal form of organization, and employment
    by Chen, Daphne & Qi, Shi & Schlagenhauf, Don E.
  • 2014 How Monetary Policy is made: Two Canadian Tales
    by Pierre L. Siklos & Matthias Neuenkirch
  • 2014 International Experience of State Investment Policy Development and Implementation
    by Viktoriya Rudenko
  • 2013 Political Selection with Pessimistic Voters
    by Alvaro Forteza
  • 2013 Türki̇ye’De Hi̇sse Senedi̇ Fi̇yatlari Ve Dövi̇z Kuru Arasinda Doğrusal Ve Doğrusal Olmayan Eş Bütünleşme İli̇şki̇si̇
    by Dogru, Bülent & Recepoglu, Mursit
  • 2013 Développement de l’Industrie Créative et Réduction du Chômage des Jeunes au Cameroun : une Approche par la Matrice de Comptabilité Sociale
    by NGUENA, Christian L.
  • 2013 Una aproximación metodológica al Balance Estructural: Aplicación a Ecuador
    by Reza Paocarina, Edison Bolívar
  • 2013 Las políticas y programas sociales del gobierno de Ollanta Humala desde la perspectiva de la pobreza multidimensional
    by Enrique Vásquez
  • 2013 El Perú hacia 2062: pensando juntos el futuro
    by José Luis Bonifaz & Carlos Casas & Cynthia A. Sanborn & Bruno Seminario & Roberto Urrunaga & Enrique Vásquez & Gustavo Yamada & María Alejandra Zegarra
  • 2013 How Monetary Policy is Made: Two Canadian Tales
    by Matthias Neuenkirch & Pierre Siklos
  • 2013 On the cost of rent-seeking by government bureaucrats in a Real-Business-Cycle framework
    by Aleksandar Vasilev
  • 2013 Fiscal policy in a Real-Business-Cycle model with labor-intensive government services and endogenous public sector wages and hours
    by Aleksandar Vasilev
  • 2013 The Global Financial Crisis and the Language of Central Banking: Central Bank Guidance in Good Times and in Bad
    by Pierre L. Siklos
  • 2013 A General Equilibrium Model with Banks and Default on Loans
    by Tamon Takamura
  • 2013 Wagner’s Law versus Keynesian Hypothesis: Evidence from pre-WWII Greece
    by Antoniou Antonis & Katrakilidis Constantinos & Tsaliki Persefoni
  • 2013 ¿Es la privatización la solución a los problemas de ineficiencia de las empresas públicas?: Revisión de la literatura
    by Diana Oliveros & Mauricio Mendoza
  • 2013 From The Rules Of Stability And Growth Pact At Six – Pack: Financial Certainty
    by Mariana VUŢĂ
  • 2012 The victory of the prussian railway "dynamic" accounting over the public finance and patrimonial accounting models (1838-1884): an early illustration of the appearance of the second stage of capitalist financial accounting and a testimony against the agency and the market for excuses theories
    by Richard, Jacques
  • 2012 A DSGE-Based Assessment of Nonlinear Loan-to-Value Policies: Evidence from Hong Kong
    by Funke, Michael & Paetz, Michael
  • 2012 Income Inequality in Some Major European Union Economies a Discriminant Analysis
    by Jyotirmayee Kar
  • 2012 Methodology and Practice of Working out Multyindustry Complex Program (an Example of Petrochemical Complex)
    by Braginskiy, O.
  • 2012 Pension Systems in the Context of Insurance Principles
    by Solovyev, A.
  • 2011 Fiscal Prospects and Reforms in India
    by Richard Herd & Sam Hill & Vincent Koen
  • 2011 Un excès de dette publique handicape-t-il réellement la croissance ?
    by Yeva S. Nersisyan & L. Randall Wray
  • 2011 Landmarks of Contemporary Fiscal Policy in The European Union
    by Ionut - Catalin CROITORU
  • 2011 The Impact of Capital Account Liberalization on Romanian Financial Account
    by Ioan Alin NISTOR & Maria-Lenuta ULICI & Anca NAN
  • 2010 Immigration and large banknotes
    by Andreas M. Fischer
  • 2010 Does Excessive Sovereign Debt Really Hurt Growth? A Critique of This Time Is Different, by Reinhart and Rogoff
    by Yeva Nersisyan & L. Randall Wray
  • 2010 Immigration and large banknotes
    by Fischer, Andreas M
  • 2010 Fiscal policy in Colombia and a prospective analysis after the 2008 financial crisis
    by Ignacio Lozano
  • 2010 The Analysis of the Main Factors of the Macro-medium Influencing the Dynamics of Public Services in Romania
    by Bicajanu Vasile & Ioncica Maria
  • 2010 The Romanian Winter Tourism Concerning the Climate Changes
    by Virgil Nicula
  • 2010 Aşırı Birikim - Finansallaşma İlişkisinin 2008 Krizi Bağlamında Analizi
    by Mustafa DURMUŞ
  • 2010 Análisis del proceso de descentralización fiscal: el caso de las finanzas públicas del gobierno central de Cundinamarca
    by Manuel Bernal Garzón
  • 2010 Public Finance Versus Private Finance
  • 2009 Carbon futures and macroeconomic risk factors : a view from the EU ETS
    by Chevallier, Julien
  • 2009 America's Financial Crisis: The End of an Era
    by Bosworth, Barry & Flaaen, Aaron
  • 2009 Renewable Resources – a Way of Putting an End to Environmental Pollution and an Inexhaustible Asset
    by Cristina Bumbac
  • 2009 The Coordinates Of The Financial Policy
  • 2008 The Italian public finances in the period 1998-2007: temporary factors, medium-term trends and discretionary measures
    by Maria Rosaria Marino & Sandro Momigliano & Pietro Rizza
  • 2008 Capital-Skill Complementarity and the Immigration Surplus
    by Michael Ben-Gad
  • 2007 Causes Of Bankruptcy In Europe And Croatia
    by Novak, Branko & Sajter, Domagoj
  • 2007 Elaboration of crisis early warning system for Kyrgyzstan
    by Mironova Yuliya
  • 2007 Temporary measures in Italy: buying or losing time?
    by Sandro Momigliano & Pietro Rizza
  • 2006 A disaggregated framework for the analysis of structural developments in public finances
    by Kremer, Jana & Braz, Cláudia Rodrigues & Brosens, Teunis & Langenus, Geert & Momigliano, Sandro & Spolander, Mikko
  • 2006 A disaggregated framework for the analysis of structural developments in public finances
    by Jana Kremer & Cláudia Braz & Teunis Brosens & Geert Langenus & Sandro Momigliano & Mikko Spolander
  • 2005 Defense Spending and economic growth in Turkey: an empirical application of new macroeconomic theory
    by Ferda Halicioglu
  • 2005 Policy Reform and Income Distribution
    by Giovanni Andrea Cornia
  • 2005 The impossibility of an effective theory of policy in a complex economy
    by K. Vela Velupillai
  • 2005 The impossibility of an Effective Theory of Policy in a Complex Economy
    by K. Vela Velupillai
  • 2005 Taxing powers and developmental role of the Indian states: A study with reference to Kerala
    by R. Mohan & D. Shyjan
  • 2005 The role of incentives and evaluations in enhancing development effectiveness
    by Eduardo Wiesner
  • 2004 Social Security and its Fertility Effects
    by Larry E. Jones & Michele Boldrin & Mariacristina De Nardi
  • 2004 Catching-up, Regional Disparities and EU Cohesion Policy: The Case of Hungary
    by Jorg Lackenbauer
  • 2004 Inflación Y Finanzas Públicas
    by Leonardo Villar Gómez
  • 2004 The role of incentives and evaluations in enhancing development effectiveness
    by Eduardo Wiesner
  • 2003 En torno a la economía política de la exclusión social en Colombia
    by Luis Jorge Garay S.
  • 2003 TAX COMPETITION AND INVESTMENT IN THE EMU: The Case of the Cash Flow Income Tax in Greece
    by Konstantinos Zacharopoulos
  • 2003 The Government Policy on “Small Business” Support: The Bulgarian Case
    by Plamen Patchev
  • 2003 The state policy for small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria
    by Plamen Puchev
  • 2002 Structural Cointegration Analysis of Private and Public Investment
    by Rosemary Rossiter
  • 2001 Social Security evaluation: A critique
    by Jorge Soares
  • 2001 Institutions, Restructuring and Macroeconomic Performance
    by Ricardo J. Caballero & Mohamad L. Hammour
  • 2001 Electoral competition and the unfunding of public pension programs
    by Alvaro Forteza
  • 2001 Bankruptcy Law, Capital Allocation, and Aggregate Effects: A Dynamic Heterogenous Agent Model with Incomplete Markets
    by Tao Zha
  • 2000 Clientelism in Social Security
    by Alvaro Forteza
  • 2000 Selling company shares to reluctant employees : France Télécom's experience
    by DEGEORGE, François & JENTER, Dirk & MOEL, Alberto & TUFANO, Peter
  • 2000 Public And Private Capital Formation And Economic Growth In Malaysia, 1961-1995
    by Mansor H. Ibrahim
  • 2000 The Integration of Czech Banking into the European Single Market
    by Petr Procházka
  • 1999 Política de clientelas y reformas de la Seguridad Social en América Latina
    by Alvaro Forteza
  • 1998 Monetary Union and Precautionary Labour-Market Reform
    by Calmfors, L.
  • 1998 Macroeconomic Policy, Wage Setting and Employment -What Differences Does the EMU Make?
    by Calmfors, L.
  • 1998 Unemployment, Labour-Market Reform and Monetary Union
    by Calmfors, L.
  • 1998 Monetary Union and Precautionary Labour-Market Reform
    by Calmfors, Lars
  • 1998 Macroeconomic Policy, Wage Setting and Employment - What Difference Does the EMU Make?
    by Calmfors, Lars
  • 1998 Unemployment, Labour-Market Reform and Monetary Union
    by Calmfors, Lars
  • 1997 Specifications formelles du modele CLFPSR
    by Courrege, P. & Gourdel, P. & Lacroix, J.
  • 1997 Adapting to Circumstances: The Evolution of Work, School, and Living Arrangements Among North American Youth
    by David Card & Thomas Lemieux
  • 1996 Public Investment in Canada
    by Voss, G.M.
  • 1995 The Theoretical and Empirical Structure of the G-Cubed Model
    by McKibbin, W.J. & Wilcoxen, P.J.
  • Императивы Смены Экономического Курса
    by Neshitoy Anatoly Semenovich