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/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q5: Environmental Economics
/ / / Q59: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Technology Assessment

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Ecosystems - Burden or Bounty?
    by Richard Damania & Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo & Ann Jeannette Glauber
  • 2014 Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts: Conceptual Frameworks, Modelling Approaches and Research Needs
    by Ian Sue Wing & Elisa Lanzi
  • 2014 A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivatives
    by Andreas Groll & Brenda López-Cabrera & Thilo Meyer-Brandis &
  • 2014 Climate Change and Natural Disasters: Responding to the Philippines’ Haiyan tragedy
    by K. C. Ratha & S. K. Mahapatra
  • 2014 Air Pollution and the Willingness to Pay of Exposed Individuals in Downtown Medellín, Colombia
    by Carlos Felipe Gaviria Garcés & Daniel Felipe Martínez Enríquez
  • 2013 Somewhere over the Rainbow: How to Make Effective Use of Colors in Meteorological Visualizations
    by Reto Stauffer & Georg J. Mayr & Markus Dabernig & Achim Zeileis
  • 2013 Volatility linkages between energy and agricultural commodity prices
    by Brenda López Cabrera, & Franziska Schulz, & &
  • 2013 Pricing Rainfall Derivatives at the CME
    by Brenda López Cabrera & Martin Odening & Matthias Ritter &
  • 2013 Ecological Agriculture – Engine Of Sustainable Development In Romania
    by Madalina Tocan
  • 2013 Environmental management and its application in the Slovak Republic
    by Mariana Dubravska
  • 2013 Natural Capital, Human Evolution And The Propensity Towards Preserving Nature
  • 2013 Institutions Matter! But Why?
    by Lenka Slavíková
  • 2013 Financial health of beneficiaries of Czech and Slovak Operational Program Environment
    by Dagmar Čámská
  • 2013 Environmental Policy In Romania: A Component Of The Overall Sustainable Development
    by Alexandru TOMA
  • 2013 Desigualdad en la distribución mundial de emisiones de CO2 por sectores: Descomposición y estudio de sensibilidad/Inequality of Global Distribution of CO2 Emissions by Sector: Decomposition and Sensitivity Study
  • 2013 Estimating The Necessary Costs For Natura 2000 Network Management In Romania
    by Rusu, Marioara
  • 2013 Towards a Sustainable University – The Ca’ Foscari Experience
    by Chiara Mio
  • 2013 What a Political Philosopher Has to Say About Climate Change
    by Furio Cerutti
  • 2013 Bounded awareness, heuristics and the Precautionary Principle
    by Grant, Simon & Quiggin, John
  • 2013 Pricing rainfall futures at the CME
    by López Cabrera, Brenda & Odening, Martin & Ritter, Matthias
  • 2013 On the economics of ramping rate restrictions at hydro power plants: Balancing profitability and environmental costs
    by Niu, Shilei & Insley, Margaret
  • 2013 Tourists’ Intentions To Support Environmental Initiatives In Mountain Destinations: The Case Of Poiana Brasov, Romania
  • 2013 Roi - Kaen - San - Sin destination branding. The challenge of responsible tourism in Thailand for AEC
    by Donruetai Kovathanakul
  • 2013 An environmentally - sensitive approach in the hotel industry: ecolodges
    by Baris Erdem & Nuray Tetik
  • 2012 Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Natural Resource Management
    by Meena, M.S.. & Singh, K.M.
  • 2012 Farsight and Myopia in a Transboundary Pollution Game
    by Hassan Benchekroun & Guiomar Martín-Herrán
  • 2012 Statistical Modelling of Temperature Risk
    by Zografia Anastasiadou & BrendaLópez-Cabrera &
  • 2012 Forecast based Pricing of Weather Derivatives
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Brenda López-Cabrera & Matthias Ritter
  • 2012 Environmental Evaluation and Benchmarking of Traditional Mediterranean Crop Farming System of Dryland Agriculture in the Alentejo Region of Portugal
    by M.ª Maurícia Rosado & Carlos Marques & Rui Fragoso
  • 2012 Cultural and Political Determinants of Air Quality
    by Francisca Guedes de Oliveira & Alexandra Leitão
  • 2012 Revisión de la metodología empleada y resultados alcanzados en la investigación sobre actuación medioambiental de la empresa y rendimiento económico (1972-2009) || Review of Methodology and Results of Research on Environmental Management of the Firm and Economic Performance (1972-2009)
    by Vicente Molina, María Azucena & Tamayo Orbegozo, Unai & Izaguirre Olaizola, Julen
  • 2012 The Relationship Between Good Governance And Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Evidence From Developing Economies
  • 2012 Environmental Taxation as a Tool for Sustainable Development Policy-State Comparison of Serbia and Application of Ecological Taxation Reform in European Union
    by Olja Munitlak Ivanovic & Mirjana Golusin
  • 2012 Volunteering, pro-environmental attitudes and norms
    by García-Valiñas, María A. & Macintyre, Alison & Torgler, Benno
  • 2012 What are the starting points? Evaluating base-year assumptions in the Asian Modeling Exercise
    by Chaturvedi, Vaibhav & Waldhoff, Stephanie & Clarke, Leon & Fujimori, Shinichiro
  • 2012 On voluntary eco-labeling and fiscal incentives
    by Jamalpuria, Aditi
  • 2012 Una revisión a la reglamentación e incentivos de las energías renovables en Colombia
    by Diana Carolina Ortiz Motta & Javier Sabogal Aguilar & Enrique Hurtado Aguirre
  • 2011 International Environmental Agreements in the Presence of Adaptation
    by Ray Chaudhuri, A. & Marrouch, W.
  • 2011 Del metabolismo social al metabolismo hídrico
    by María Jesús Beltrán & Esther Velázquez
  • 2011 On the behavioural relevance of optional and mandatory impure public goods: results from a laboratory experiment
    by Dirk Engelmann & Alistair Munro & Marieta Valente
  • 2011 Localising temperature risk
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Brenda López Cabrera & Ostap Okhrin & Weining Wang
  • 2011 Overcoming grape growers’ pesticide lock-in
  • 2011 International Environmental Agreements in the Presence of Adaptation
    by Walid Marrouch & Amrita Ray Chaudhuri
  • 2011 Adaptation Effectiveness and Free-Riding Incentives in International Environmental Agreements
    by Benchekroun, H. & Marrouch, W. & Ray Chaudhuri, A.
  • 2011 International Environmental Agreements in the Presence of Adaptation
    by Marrouch, W. & Ray Chaudhuri, A.
  • 2011 International Environmental Agreements in the Presence of Adaptation
    by Walid Marrouch & Amrita Ray Chaudhuri
  • 2011 Los resultados educativos españoles en PISA 2009 y sus condicionantes
    by José Manuel Cordero Ferrera & César Manchón López & Mª Ángeles García Valiñas
  • 2011 El rendimiento educativo y sus determinantes según PISA: Una revisión de la literatura en España
    by José Manuel Cordero Ferrera & Eva Crespo Cebada & Francisco Pedraja & Rosa Simancas Rodríguez
  • 2011 Ecological Consumer Behavior – Influencial Factors -
    by Oboroceanu (Popa) Anda & Manea Ioana Livia
  • 2011 The Politics of Ethical Consumption
    by Manea Ioana Livia
  • 2011 Monetary Valuation with Impact Pathway Analysis: Benefits of Reducing Nitrate Leaching in European Catchments
    by Andersen, Mikael Skou & Hansen, Morten S�es & Carstensen, Jacob & Kronvang, Brian & Andersen, Hans Estrup & Thodsen, Hans
  • 2011 El riesgo de disponibilidad de agua en la agricultura: una aplicación a las cuencas del Guadalquivir y del Segura/Water Availability Risk in Agriculture: An Application to Guadalquivir and Segura River Basins
  • 2011 La educación medioambiental en España: Una aproximación a partir de los datos de PISA 2006
    by Cordero, J.M., & García Valiñas, M.A & Manchón, C. & Muñiz,M. A.
  • 2011 Environmental Audit, A Possible Source Of Information For Financial Auditors
    by Nicolae Todea & Ionela Cornelia Stanciu & Ana Maria Joldos (Udrea)
  • 2010 GIS-Based Estimation of Housing Amenities: The Case of High Grounds and Stagnant Streams
    by Shibashis Mukherjee & Arthur J. Caplan
  • 2010 Why should sustainable finance be given priority? Lessons from pollution and biodiversity degradation
    by Clevo Wilson
  • 2010 Why do policy decision-makers opt for command and control environmental regulation? An economic analysis with special reference to Sri Lanka
    by Clevo Wilson & Manel Jayamanna & Wasantha Athukorala
  • 2010 Plan or React? Analysis of Adaptation Costs and Benefits Using Integrated Assessment Models
    by Shardul Agrawala & Francesco Bosello & Carlo Carraro & Kelly de Bruin & Enrica De Cian & Rob Dellink & Elisa Lanzi
  • 2010 The disconnect between indicators of sustainability and human development
    by Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva & Isabel Pereira
  • 2010 L'évaluation des politiques à l'épreuve des faits : apports des débats autour des approches evidence based policies
    by Marielle Berriet-Solliec & Jacques Baudry & Pierre Labarthe
  • 2010 Exchange Market Pressure and De Facto The Evolution of Demographic Phenomena in Terms of Globalization and Environmental Changes
    by Balan, Mariana
  • 2010 EMS Certification – Priority for Romania
    by CONDREA Elena & STANCIU Anca & MIREA Marioara
  • 2009 Intraday price formation and volatility in the European Union emissions trading scheme: an introductory analysis
    by Rotfuß, Waldemar
  • 2009 Nice but cautious guys: The cost of responsible investing in the bond markets
    by Bastien Drut
  • 2009 Optimal and robust control of invasive alien species spreading in homogeneous landscapes
    by Carrasco, Luis Roman & Baker, R & MacLeod, A & Knight, J. D. & Mumford, J. D.
  • 2009 An Economic and Environmental Assessment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Power Plants – A Case Study for the City of Kiel
    by Sören Lindner & Sonja Peterson & Wilhelm Windhorst
  • 2009 Pricing of Asian temperature risk
    by Fred Benth & Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Brenda López Cabrera
  • 2009 Pro-active environmental strategies,main source of competitive advantage within economic organizations
    by Oana-Catalina TAPURICA & Florin TACHE
  • 2009 Economics of the Environmental Protection on the Crossroad
    by Jiřina Jílková & Lenka Slavíková
  • 2008 Climate Trading - The Clean Development Mechanism and Africa
    by Sanja Lutzeyer
  • 2008 Avantajele implementarii unui sistem de management al mediului la nivelul clusterelor industriale in economia bazata pe cunoastere
    by Ciobotaru, Virginia & Tapurica, Oana-Catalina & Tache, Florin
  • 2008 Green goods: are they good or bad news for the environment? Evidence from a laboratory experiment on impure public goods
    by Alistair Munro & Marieta Valente
  • 2008 Applying Revenue Management to the Reverse Supply Chain
    by Ferguson, M. & Fleischmann, M. & Souza, G.C.
  • 2008 What is to be Done with Disasters?A Literature Survey on Disaster Study and Response
    by Ruly Marianti
  • 2008 Approaches Of Environmental Information Audit In Annual Reports
    by Leontina Betianu & Iuliana Georgescu
  • 2007 The Socioeconomic Determinants of Individual Environmental Concern: Evidence from Shanghai Data
    by Junyi Shen & Tatsuyoshi Saijo
  • 2007 Social Reinforcement: Cascades, Entrapment and Tipping
    by Geoffrey Heal & Howard Kunreuther
  • 2006 Le développement peut-il être durable ? la civilisation de la diversité (Can development be sustainable? the civilization of diversity)
    by Hassan Zaoual
  • 2006 Can proactive fuel economy strategies help automakers mitigate fuel price risk?
    by McManus, Walter
  • 2006 Application Of Ecological Management Organisation For Ukrainian Enterprises
  • 2004 Financial Compensation in Case of Catastrophes: A European Law and Economics Perspective
    by Michael Faure
  • 2004 環境政策と権利構造 : 米国オレゴン州流水権制度の意義と限界
    by 野田, 浩二 & 寺西, 俊一
  • 2004 Financial Compensation in Case of Catastrophes: A European Law and Economics Perspective
    by Michael Faure
  • 2001 Implementation of environmental management systems standards: important factors in corporate decision-making
    by Halkos, George
  • 2001 Determinants of environmental management systems standards implementation: evidence from Greek industry
    by Halkos, George E