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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P43: Finance; Public Finance
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Islamic finance: an alternative financial system for stability, equity, and growth
    by Hossein Askari & Noureddine Krichene
  • 2014 Introduction: welcoming a new editorial board
    by Carlo D'Ippoliti
  • 2014 The minimum approval mechanism implements the efficient public good allocation theoretically and experimentally
    by Masuda, Takehito & Okano, Yoshitaka & Saijo, Tatsuyoshi
  • 2013 Fragility Of Interest-Based Debt Financing: Is It Worth Sustaining A Regime Uncertainty?
    by Shaukat, Mughees & Mirakhor, Abbas & Krichene, Noureddine
  • 2013 Notes sur les bases et les effectifs militaires états-uniens à l'étranger
    by Rémy Herrera & Joëlle Cicchini
  • 2013 The U.S. economy today: Between systemic crisis and permanent war
    by Rémy Herrera
  • 2013 Persistent effects of empires: Evidence from the partitions of Poland
    by Grosfeld, Irena & Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
  • 2013 Transition To The Innovative Model Of Development In The National Economy And The Need For Financial Support Of This Process
    by Victoria GANEA
  • 2013 Institutional Models of Real Sector Financing
    by Kirdina, S.
  • 2013 An Old Measure of Decision-Making Quality Sheds New Light on Paternalism
    by Shachar Kariv & Dan Silverman
  • 2013 Grant legislation vs. political factors as determinants of soft budget spending behaviors. Comparison between Italian and French regions
    by Jean-Michel Josselin & Fabio Padovano & Yvon Rocaboy
  • 2013 The wonder-clause
    by Gelpern, Anna & Gulati, Mitu
  • 2013 The Effect of the Subprime Crisis on the Financing of Entrepreneurial Activities by Islamic Banks
    by Aida Kammoun Abdelmoula & Asma Abidi
  • 2012 Autocorrelation in economic indicators before and after Natural Disaster
    by Hasan, Syed Akif & Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz & Osman, Ms. Amber
  • 2012 Government quality determinants of stock market performance in African countries
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2012 Democracy and Stock Market Performance in African Countries
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2012 Subnational Taxation in Large Emerging Countries: BRIC Plus One
    by Richard M. Bird
  • 2012 Growth and public finance in Bihar
    by Das Gupta, Chirashree
  • 2012 Fiscal Policy in Crisis: Rethinking Austerity
    by Dubravko Radošević
  • 2012 Cross-cultural management: peculiarities of business cultures and communication problems
    by Chesnokova, Maria
  • 2012 Cost probability analysis of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel in the US
    by Recktenwald, G.D. & Deinert, M.R.
  • 2011 The State, the Crisis and the Expectations Trap
    by Croitoru Lucian
  • 2011 O “sociologie” a crizei actuale: de la social-democraţia “subprime”-lor, la conservatorismul tip “too big to fail”
    by Jora Octavian-Dragomir
  • 2011 Default Predictors in Retail Credit Scoring: Evidence from Czech Banking Data
    by Evzen Kocenda & Martin Vojtek
  • 2011 Government quality determinants of stock market performance in developing countries
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2011 Democracy and stock market performance in developing countries
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2011 Law, democracy and the quality of government in Africa
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2011 Equity of Health Care Financing: An Application to Iran
    by Moradi, Alireza
  • 2011 Provincial and Local Governments in China: Fiscal Institutions and Government Behavior
    by Roger H. Gordon & Wei Li
  • 2011 Income Redistribution in Urban China by Social Security System: An Empirical Analysis Based on Annual and Lifetime Income
    by Lixin He & Hiroshi Sato
  • 2011 Co-movements of Shanghai and New York Stock prices by time-varying regressions
    by Chow, Gregory C & Liu, Changjiang & Niu, Linlin
  • 2011 Frictions to Political Competition and Financial Openness
    by Aristotelis Boukouras & Kostas Koufopoulos
  • 2011 Political Competition, Ideology and Corruption
    by Aristotelis Boukouras & Kostas Koufopoulos
  • 2011 Democracy and Stock Market Performance in African Countries
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2011 Government Quality Determinants of Stock Market Performance in African Countries
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2011 Law, Democracy and the Quality of Government in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2011 A New Approach to Causality Testing
    by Sanja S. Dudakovic
  • 2011 Co-movements of Shanghai and New York stock prices by time-varying regressions
    by Chow, Gregory C. & Liu, Changjiang & Niu, Linlin
  • 2011 Public pension and household saving: Evidence from urban China
    by Feng, Jin & He, Lixin & Sato, Hiroshi
  • 2010 Scotland: A New Fiscal Settlement
    by Andrew Hughes Hallett & Drew Scott
  • 2010 Fuentes de financiamiento de los sistemas de seguridad social en países de América del Sur
    by Calabria, Alejandro A. & D´Elia, Vanesa & Rottenschweiler, Sergio & Calero, Analía & Gaiada, Julio
  • 2010 Direct and indirect state ownership on banks in Russia
    by Vernikov, Andrei
  • 2010 DEPENDENCE MODELING:Vine Copula Handbook
  • 2010 Voyage of Indian Banking Sector: 1979-2007
    by Bhaskar Birajdar
  • 2010 Social Aspects in Buyer-Supplier Relationships of SMEs in Hungary
    by Andrea Gubik
  • 2010 Sistema integral de gestión pública sobre la base de devengo. Experiencias en el ámbito de países de la OCDE
    by José Ignacio Martínez Churiaque & Teodoro A. Caraballo Esteban & Gaizka Zubiaur Etcheverry
  • 2010 Does More Government Deficit Lead to a Higher Long-term Interest Rate? Application of an Extended Loanable Funds Model to Estonia
    by Yu Hsing
  • 2009 Доля Государственного Участия В Банковской Системе России
    by Vernikov, Andrei
  • 2009 Рыночная Доля Банков С Государственным Участием В России
    by Vernikov, Andrei
  • 2009 Equity of health care financing in Iran
    by Hajizadeh, Mohammad & Connelly, Luke B.
  • 2009 The Ownership and Industry Effects of Corporate Dividend Policy in India, 1961-2007
    by Kamat, Manoj S.
  • 2009 Do Institutions Have a Greater Effect on Female Entrepreneurs?
    by Estrin, Saul & Mickiewicz, Tomasz
  • 2009 Do Institutions Have a Greater Effect on Female Entrepreneurs?
    by Estrin, Saul & Mickiewicz, Tomasz
  • 2009 Public Pension and Household Saving: Evidence from urban China
    by Jin Feng & Lixin He & Hiroshi Sato
  • 2009 Russian banking: The state makes a comeback?
    by Vernikov, Andrei
  • 2009 Default Predictors and Credit Scoring Models for Retail Banking
    by Evžen Kocenda & Martin Vojtek
  • 2009 Existence crises of actual financial management systems
    by SVASTA Mihai
  • 2009 Does more government deficit raise the interest rate? Application of extended loanable funds model to Slovenia
    by Yu Hsing
  • 2009 Le Resultat Financier Des Assureur Et Le Contenu Economique De Celui-Ci
    by Ludmila Cobzari & Stanislav Fotescu1
  • 2008 The Transatlantic Economy Dollar vs Euro relations amid the Global Financial Crisis
    by Avellaneda, Maria Belen
  • 2008 The Indicators from the Financial Structure of the Balance Sheet
    by ciumag, marin & ciumag, anca
  • 2008 The vulnerability of enterprise and the operating financial balance
    by Caruntu, Genu Alexandru & Romanescu, Marcel Laurentiu
  • 2008 Comparative Survey on the Records of Fixed Assets of Companies and Public Institutions
    by Ecobici, Nicolae
  • 2008 The Concept Of Autonomy In The Context Of The Economic-Financial Mechanism At The Local Public Authorities Level
    by Gheorghe GAVRILAS
  • 2008 Incomes And Expenses Define Elements Of The Budgetary Accounting Of Public Institutions Accounting
    by Iuliana Cenar
  • 2007 Leonid Hurwicz, Eric Maskin, Roger Myerson et la théorie des mécanismes
    by Forges, Françoise
  • 2007 Rescuing the concept of vertical fiscal imbalance
    by Sharma, Chanchal Kumar
  • 2007 Rechtliche und tatsächliche Bekämpfungsansätze gegen Geldwäsche
    by Mueller, Carsten V.
  • 2007 External Relationship of Russian Corporations
    by Avdasheva, Svetlana & Golikova, Victoria & Sugiura, Fumikazu & Yakovlev, Andrei
  • 2007 Existence of the learning process at a proxy stock market
    by Evžen Kočenda & Jan Hanousek
  • 2006 The Nigerian Wars, Regional Crises and Ethnic Disturbances: Policy Responses and Democratic Implications
    by Nwaobi, Godwin
  • 2006 Romanian banking system evolution and Basel II requirements
    by Nicolau, Mihaela
  • 2006 The Stability and Growth Pact: A European Answer to the Political Budget Cycle?
    by Thierry Warin & Kenneth Donahue
  • 2006 On Concepts Of Governance: A Survey And Interpretation
    by Antonio Bariletti & Mariangela Zoli
  • 2006 Credit-Scoring Methods (in English)
    by Martin Vojtek & Evžen Koèenda
  • 2006 Liberté, justice et efficacité : distribution, impôts et transferts optimaux
    by Serge-Christophe Kolm
  • 2005 The Interregional Incidence of Public Budgets in Federations: Measurement Issues, Evidence from Canada, and Policy Relevance
    by Francois Vaillancourt & Richard M. Bird
  • 2005 Evolutia arieratelor in Romania
    by Ecobici, Nicolae
  • 2005 Learning by Bidding: Evidence from a Large-Scale Natural Experiment
    by Jan Hanousek & Evzen Kocenda
  • 2005 Does Corporate Ownership Structure Matter for Economic Growth? A Cross-Country Analysis
    by Panayotis Kapopoulos & Sophia Lazaretou
  • 2005 Descentralização tributária e fiscal sob a visão econômica do federalismo
    by Chalfun, Nelson
  • 2004 Socio-Economic Development : A Politico - Financial Overview
    by Viswanatha Sankara Rama Subramaniam
  • 2004 Socio-Economic Development : A Politico - Financial Overview
    by Dr.VSR.Subramaniam
  • 2004 Mission Implausible III: Measuring the Informal Sector in a Transition Economy using Macro Methods1
    by Jan Hanousek & Filip Palda
  • 2004 Hedging Strategies and Financial Risks
    by Zdenìk Zmeškal
  • 2003 Decomposing Wage Gaps Between Ethnic Groups: The Case of Israel
    by Gad Levanon & Yaron Raviv
  • 2001 The Financial Blockage Of The Romania Economy – Part Ii
    by Dobrescu, Emilian & Mereuta, Cezar
  • 2001 Development Of Mudarabah Instruments: Understanding Their Profitability, Securitization And Negotiability Aspects
    by Muhammad Anwar
  • 2000 The Financial Blockage Of The Romania Economy
    by Dobrescu, Emilian & Mereuta, Cezar
  • 2000 Islamic Banking: An Evaluation
    by Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi
  • 1999 Die EWWU als Club: Positive und normative Implikationen für den Beitritt mittel- und osteuropäischer Reformstaaten ; Beitrag für den Projektbericht: Währungspolitische Optionen für die mittel- und osteuropäischen Beitrittskandidaten zur EU
    by Sell, Friedrich L.
  • 1999 La révolution biotechnologique quand le débat éthique masque les enjeux économiques et industriels
    by Renaud Bellais
  • 1999 The Design of Instruments For Government Finance in An Islamic Economy
    by Haque, Nadeem ul & Mirakhor, Abbas
  • 1998 Delegation and Delay in Bank Privatization
    by Lorand Ambrus-Lakatos & Ulrich Hege
  • 1997 Monetary structures: evaluations and signification. A comparative study Romania - France
    by Dragomir, Georgeta & Nicolau, Mihaela
  • 1996 Islamic Economics in Principle and Practice
    by Bjorvatn, K.
  • 1995 Government Subsidies to Enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe: Budgetary Subsidies and Tax Arrears
    by Schaffer, Mark E
  • 1993 Key Elements of the Reform of the Hungarian Banking System: Privatization and Portfolio Cleaning
    by Várhegyi, Eva