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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H7: State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations
/ / / H79: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 The Convergence Of Migration To The European Union Requirements
    by Silvia LAZARI & Iulita BIRCA & Alexander GRIBINCEA
  • 2014 Vnútropolitické Determinanty Krízovej Situácie Na Ukrajine
    by Tetyana Zubro
  • 2014 Zahraniční Politika Ázerbajdžánu V Letech 1991-2004
    by Emil Souleimanov & Josef Kraus
  • 2014 Severný Kaukaz Ako Destabilizujúci Región V Kontexte Vnútornej Bezpečnosti Ruskej Federácie
    by Lucia Borošová
  • 2014 Civil Service Rules and Policy Choices: Evidence from US State Governments
    by Gergely Ujhelyi
  • 2013 Le territoire entrepreneurial: analyse et réalités ENTREPRENEUR-CENTERED TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT ANALYSIS AND REALITIES
    by Antonin MICHELET
  • 2013 Trust and prosocial behaviour in a process of state capacity building: the case of the Palestinian Territories
    by Andriani, Luca & Sabatini, Fabio
  • 2013 On the measurement of sociopolitical consensus in direct democracies: Proposal of indexes
    by Alcantud, José Carlos R. & Muñoz-Torrecillas, María José
  • 2013 Is There Duration Dependence in Portuguese Local Governments’ Tenure?
    by Vítor Castro & Rodrigo Martins
  • 2013 Signature Requirements and Citizen Initiatives: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Germany
    by Felix Arnold & Ronny Freier
  • 2013 Decentralization and Natural Disasters
    by Timothy J. Goodspeed
  • 2013 Impact of weight indicators of TOPSIS technique in the selected district in the Slovak Republic
    by Roman Vavrek & Peter Adamisin
  • 2013 Professional Chambers as Forms of Civil Society
    by Libuše Müllerová & Karel B. Müller
  • 2013 Cittadinanza multilivello, nuovi rischi sociali e welfare regionale
    by Luis Moreno & Alessandro Gentile
  • 2013 Non-cooperative pollution control in an inter-jurisdictional setting
    by Boadway, Robin & Song, Zhen & Tremblay, Jean-François
  • 2013 Is there duration dependence in Portuguese local governments' tenure?
    by Castro, Vítor & Martins, Rodrigo
  • 2013 Bydgoszcz-Toruń Functional (Metropolitan) Area in the Light of Selected Aspects
    by Daniela Szymanska & Justyna Chodkowska-Miszczuk & Jadwiga Bieganska
  • 2013 On the problem of scale: Spinozistic sovereignty as the logical foundation of constitutional economics
    by Benjamen F. Gussen
  • 2013 Súčasný Stav A Perspektívy Rusko-Afganských Vzťahov
    by Lubomir Cech
  • 2013 Organizačné Prostredie Zahraničnej Politiky Slovenskej Republiky
    by Monika Satková
  • 2012 Theoretical Perspective of Local Government - Literature Review
    by Haqu, Adnan ul
  • 2012 Water Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Multi-Level Approach
    by Aziza Akhmouch
  • 2012 Is there duration dependence in Portuguese local governments’ tenure?
    by Vítor Castro & Rodrigo Martins
  • 2012 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: The case of Japan for 1998–2004
    by Eiji Yamamura & Haruo Kondoh
  • 2012 Europe 2020 and national reforms: economic governance and structural reforms
    by Paolo Sestito & Roberto Torrini
  • 2012 Challenges in Implementing FP7 Projects in the Public Institutions
    by Viorel VULTURESCU
  • 2012 The Question Marks of Public Audits – Regularities and Irregularities in Public Administration
    by Marianna Nagy
  • 2012 L’opera di luca antonini, "federalismo all’italiana": ovvero del pensiero ellittico
    by Federico Pica
  • 2012 European Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation
    by Florin TUDOR
  • 2012 Faktory rozvoja a radikalizácie islamu v regióne Strednej Ázie
    by Ľubomír Čech
  • 2012 Vybrané problémy vzájomných vzťahov postsovietskych republík strednej Ázie a Afganistanu
    by Ľubomír Čech
  • 2012 Východiská zahraničnej a bezpečnostnej politiky Francúzska po nástupe Nicolasa Sarkozyho do prezidentského úradu
    by Rudolf Kucharčík
  • 2012 Ústavný Vývoj Fínska A Jeho Snahy O Integráciu Do Európskych A Transatlantických Štruktúr
    by Simona Chuguryan
  • 2012 Mocenské Zmeny Vo Francúzsku Vo Volebnom Roku 2012
    by Rudolf Kucharčík
  • 2012 Vybrané Problémy Iránskej Zahraničnej Politiky V Strednej Ázii
    by Ľubomír Čech
  • 2011 Neural Networks, Ordered Probit Models and Multiple Discriminants. Evaluating Risk Rating Forecasts of Local Governments in Mexico
    by Alfonso Mendoza-Velázquez & Pilar Gómez-Gil
  • 2011 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: the case of Japan for 1998-2004
    by Yamamura, Eiji & Kondoh, Haruo
  • 2011 Mayors’ Reelection Choice and the Economy: Evidence from Portugal
    by Vítor Castro & Rodrigo Martins
  • 2011 Homeownership, dissatisfaction and voting
    by Holian, Matthew J.
  • 2011 An Overview and Analysis on Indices of Regional Competitiveness
    by Thomas Berger
  • 2010 La gestión financiera de las Haciendas Municipales en la Edad Moderna. El caso de los Bienes de Propios de Madrid
    by Hernando Ortego, Javier
  • 2010 Managing the Risk of Natural Catastrophes: The Role and Functioning of State Insurance Programs
    by Kousky, Carolyn
  • 2010 The National and International Effects;of Regional Policy Choices: Agglomeration Economies, Peripherality and Territorial Characteristics
    by Ugo FRATESI
  • 2010 Euroregion’s "mission" and the success of the Lisbon strategy
    by Maria Greta & Krzysztof Lewandowski
  • 2010 TERRORISM IN SOUTH ASIA (English version)
    by Saroj Kumar RATH, Ph.D
  • 2010 La cuantificación de la solidaridad en la financiación de las Comunidades Autónomas de régimen común en el período 2002-2007/An Assessment of the Solidarity in the Spanish Regional Financing System for the Period 2002-2007
  • 2010 El nuevo sistema de financiación autonómica. Una visión crítica. /The New Regional Financing System. A Critical Review
  • 2010 The Architectural Design Of The Cohesion Policy Within The Eu Budget
  • 2010 The Changes Brought By The Financial Crisis Upon The Interaction Between The European Union Budget And Small And Medium Sized Enterprises
  • 2010 The Relevance of Notions of Risk and Uncertainty in Investment Decision to Base at Local
    by Veronica Pasa Stignei
  • 2009 On the many Ways Europeanization Matters: The Implementation of the Water Reform in Italy (1994-2006)
    by Alberto Asquer
  • 2009 Russia's innovation reform - the current state of the special economic zones
    by Kari LIUHTO
  • 2009 The New Rural Paradigm And The Public Policies In France: Rural Excellence Poles
    by Natario, Maria Manuela & Neto, Paulo Alexandre
  • 2009 Les indicateurs d'inclusion sociale : où est la Wallonie aujourd'hui ?
    by Cécile Atta & Claire Maréchal & Sergio Perelman
  • 2009 The Tax Burden In Eu-27
  • 2009 Prudent Intesting? The Credit Crisis of August 2007 Mainsail II Siv-Lite, and the State Cash Investment Pool
    by Richard H. Borgman
  • 2007 Political fragmentation and projected tax revenues: evidence from Flemish municipalities
    by Goeminne, Stijn & Geys, Benny & Smolders, Carine
  • 2007 From "Clientelism" to a "Client-Centred Orientation"? The Challenge of Public Administration Reform in Russia
    by William Tompson
  • 2006 Estimating the Impact of State Policies and Institutions with Mixed-Level Data
    by Jeffrey Milyo & David M. Primo & Matthew L. Jacobsmeier
  • 2006 IMF quotas: Constructing an international organization using inferior building blocks
    by Graham Bird & Dane Rowlands
  • 2006 Principal-agent problems in international organizations
    by Roland Vaubel
  • 2006 La cooperación en materia de Tecnologías de la Información en el Binomio Argentina-Brasil
    by Oddone, Carlos Nahuel
  • 2005 On the origins of electoral systems and political parties. The role of elections in multi-member districts
    by Josep M. Colomer
  • 2005 It's parties that choose electoral systems (or Duverger's Law upside down)
    by Josep M. Colomer
  • 2005 The Effects of Campaign Finance Laws on Turnout, 1950-2000
    by Jeffrey Milyo & David M. Primo
  • 2005 Regional Policy from a Supra-Regional Perspective
    by Ugo FRATESI
  • 2005 Efectos de espacio sobre costos de provisión local. Un modelo de ecualización por bloques para los municipios bolivianos
    by Franz Xavier Barrios Suvelza
  • 2005 Enchevêtrement des espaces de régulation et gouvernance territoriale. Les processus d'innovation institutionnelle dans la politique des Pays en France
    by Jean-Pierre Gilly & Frédéric Wallet
  • 2004 Effects of norms, warm-glow and time use on household recycling
    by Bente Halvorsen
  • 2004 Forms of Participatory Democracy: An Analytical Framework Based on the Experiences of Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia
    by Clemente Forero & Carlos Eduardo Sepúlveda
  • 2003 Principal-Agent-Probleme in internationalen Organisationen
    by Vaubel, Roland
  • 2003 Staff Growth in International Organizations: A Principal-Agent Problem? An Empirical Analysis
    by Roland Vaubel & Axel Dreher & Ugurlu Soylu
  • 2003 Unequal Provision of Local Public Services under the Threat of Secession
    by Brink , Anna
  • 2002 Multiple-task common agency with one fully-informed principal: implications for public policy
    by Laurent Franckx & Alessio d'Amato
  • 2002 Le Elezioni Galiziane al Reichsrat di Vienna, 1907-1911
    by Franzinetti, Guido
  • 2002 Možný vliv èinnosti krajù na veøejné rozpoèty - Odhad zadlužení novì vzniklého stupnì samosprávy na základì francouzských dat a zkušeností
    by Jaroslava Kypertová
  • 2002 Le recours au financement désintermédié par une collectivité locale et l'évaluation de la prime de risque obligataire: le cas de la ville de Marseille
    by Stéphanie Serve
  • 2002 La réforme comptable dans les communes flamandes: une étude empirique des comptes annuels
    by Johan Christiaens & Séverine Hermans
  • 2001 Tax Competition and Tax Harmonisation in an Urban Context
    by Oana Secrieru (Machidon)
  • 2001 The Determination of a Migration Wave Using Ethnicity and Community Ties
    by Locher, Lilo
  • 2001 The Determination of a Migration Wave Using Ethnicity and Community Ties
    by Locher, Lilo
  • 2001 Crisis de la deuda en las empresas municipales de Cali y perspectivas
    by Blanca Zuluaga & Juliana María Idrobo
  • 1999 A Principal-Agent Building Block for the Study of Decentralization and Integration
    by Mariano Tommasi & Federico Weinschelbaum
  • 1999 Minority representation and policy choices: the significance of legislator identity
    by Rohini Pande
  • 1998 How Germany shouldered the fiscal burden of the unification
    by Boss, Alfred
  • 1996 National Competition Policy and its Implications for Local Government
    by Felmingham, B.S. & Page, B.
  • Registering in Harmony: The Case for Pan-Canadian Corporate Registration
    by Daniel Schwanen