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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B2: History of Economic Thought since 1925
/ / / B24: Socialist; Marxist; Scraffian
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Lange's 1938 Model: Dynamics and the "Optimum propensity to consume"
    by Michaël Assous & Roberto Lampa
  • 2013 Credit, the Turnover of Capital, and the Law of the Falling Rate of Profit: A Critical Note
    by Miguel Ramirez
  • 2013 Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti's works and in the modern classical approach
    by Bellino, Enrico & Nerozzi, Sebastiano
  • 2013 Hilferding over Marx: A Political Economy Viewpoint of Struggles in the Left 1900-1933 and the Modern Revival
    by Stravelakis, Nikos
  • 2013 The Money of the Mind and the God of Commodities – The real abstraction according to Sohn-Rethel
    by Cardoso Machado, Nuno Miguel
  • 2013 Capital's Pons Asinorum: the Rate of Turnover in Karl Marx's Analysis of Capitalist Valorisation
    by Passarella, Marco & Baron, Hervé
  • 2013 The Oomph in economic philosophy: a bibliometric analysis of the main trends, from the 1960s to the present
    by Yalcintas, Altug
  • 2013 The fate of social sciences in Soviet Russia: the case of Isaak Il’ich Rubin
    by Ivan Boldyrev & Martin Kragh
  • 2013 Isaac I. Rubin e sua história do pensamento econômico
    by João Antonio de Paula & Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira
  • 2013 El aporte del pensamiento de Karl Polanyi a la cuestión ambiental
    by Federico Zuberman
  • 2013 Tadeusz Kowalik: Radical Political Economist, Solidarity Advisor and Critic of Globalised Capitalism
    by Jan Toporowski
  • 2013 Luigi Spaventa
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2013 Luigi Spaventa ministro del Bilancio (Luigi Spaventa Minister of the Budget)
    by Maria Teresa Salvemini
  • 2013 Luigi Spaventa
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2012 Gândirea economică românească în perioada postcomunistă
    by Cerna Silviu
  • 2012 Harmonic and Conflict Views in International Economic Relations: a Sraffian view
    by Sergio Cesaratto
  • 2012 Michal Kalecki and Rosa Luxemburg on Marx’s schemes of reproduction: two incisive interpreters of capitalism
    by Geoffrey Harcourt & Peter Kriesler
  • 2012 Revisiting the socialist calculation debate: the role of markets and finance in Hayek’s response to Lange’s challenge
    by Auerbach, Paul & Sotiropoulos, Dimitris P.
  • 2012 The Profit Rate in the Presence of Financial Markets: a Necessary Correction
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2012 Predicting crises: Five essays on the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2012 Pasinetti on Ricardo
    by Enrico Bellino
  • 2012 Dreams of order and freedom : debating trade management early 17th century England
    by Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak
  • 2012 Karl Marx: Herakles oder Sisyphos?Eine philosophische und ökonomische Untersuchung
    by Petersen, Thomas & Faber, Malte
  • 2012 Pierangelo Garegnani: Rebuilding Economic Theory
    by Roberto Ciccone
  • 2012 Pierangelo Garegnani: rifondare la teoria economica
    by Roberto Ciccone
  • 2012 Marxian-Radical Economics. A Heterodox Approach
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana
  • 2012 Heterodox Economics – A Dynamic Phenomenon
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana
  • 2012 Competition and Justice in the Works of Adolphe Landry and Léon Walras
    by Claire Baldin & Ludovic Ragni & Paul-Marie Romani
  • 2012 Competition in Maurice Allais’ works
    by Arnaud Diemer
  • 2011 Is the Falling Rate of Profit the Driving Force Behind Globalization?
    by Miguel Ramirez
  • 2011 Classical vs. Neoclassical Conceptions of Competition
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
  • 2011 La teoría clásica de la renta y de la distribución
    by Ávalos, Eloy
  • 2011 El excedente económico
    by Ávalos, Eloy
  • 2011 Competition
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo
  • 2011 Is There Room for Bulls, Bears, and States in the Circuit?
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2011 Profits and Exploitation: A Reappraisal
    by Yoshihara, Naoki & Veneziani, Roberto
  • 2011 Is Globalization Inevitable in the Marxian Paradigm?
    by Ramirez, Miguel D.
  • 2011 Essays on a positive theory of economic growth
    by Heng-fu Zou
  • 2011 Notes and Discussions - The Issue of the Stability of Capitalism in Recent Literature
    by Francesco Vito
  • 2011 Education, Growth And Distribution: Classical-Marxian Economic Thought And A Simple Model
    by Amitava Krishna Dutt & Roberto Veneziani
  • 2011 Money in the Grundrisse
    by Laurent Baronian
  • 2010 Keynes after Sraffa and Kaldor: Effective demand, accumulation and productivity growth
    by Alcino F. Camara-Neto and Matías Vernengo
  • 2010 A comment on hollander on Sraffa and the 'Marxian dimension'
    by Antonella Stirati
  • 2010 Trends in Value Theory since 1881
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2010 Elements for a Classical Theory of Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Prices
    by Alexander Tobón & Eduardo Bolaños
  • 2010 Valore e costo reale di produzione. Un riesame del problema, dopo la "New Value Controversy"
    by Duccio Cavalieri
  • 2010 Desenvolvendo a solidariedade no caminho da transição: um ensaio sobre a teoria do socialismo a partir de Marx
    by Bertucci, Jonas de Oliveira
  • 2010 Paul Boccara's analysis of global capitalism. the return of the Bourbons, and the breakdown of the Brussels / Paris neo-liberal consensus
    by Tausch, Arno
  • 2010 A note on Ricardo’s ‘invariable measure of value’
    by Ajit Sinha
  • 2010 De l'exclusion à la discrimination. Une généalogie historique, philosophique et politique
    by Geneviève Fraisse & Hélène Périvier
  • 2010 David Riazanov e a Edição das Obras de Marx e Engels
    by Hugo Eduardo da Gama Cerqueira
  • 2009 New Critical Perspectives on the U.S. and the Post-WWII Global Economy: Brenner, Harvey, and Pollin
    by Merlin Chowkwanyun
  • 2009 Social Democratic and Socialist Policies
    by John King
  • 2009 The temporal single-system interpretation: underdetermination and inconsistency
    by Mohun, Simon & Veneziani, Roberto
  • 2009 试论凯恩斯主义的当代命运
    by Tang, Linyao
  • 2009 Labour Values and the Theory of the Firm: Part I: The Competitive Firm
    by Hagendorf, Klaus
  • 2009 Arbeitswerte und die Theorie der Unternehmung. Teil I: Die Unternehmung unter vollständiger Konkurrenz
    by Hagendorf, Klaus
  • 2009 Electronic Resources and Heterodox Economists
    by Fabio D'Orlando
  • 2009 David Riazanov e a edição das obras de Marx e Engels
    by Hugo Eduardo da Gama Cerqueira
  • 2009 The Specificity of Manufacturing in Marx’s Economic Thought
    by Tregenna, F.
  • 2009 Overcoming of binary mentality as the precondition of economy sustainable and safe development and its evolutionary spatial transformation
    by Lev Korshunov
  • 2009 Marxismo e economia política: ‘o caso Caraça’
    by Carlos Bastien
  • 2009 Value Theory in Ecological Economics: The Contribution of a Political Economy of Wealth
    by Ali Douai
  • 2009 Sraffa And The Question Of Equilibrium
    by Ajit SINHA & Michel-Stéphane DUPERTUIS
  • 2009 L'incongruence de la prétendue correction par Ladilaus von Bortkiewicz de la méthode de calcul des prix de production de Karl Marx
    by Vincent Laure Van Bambeke
  • 2008 Karl Marx and the employment contract: from natural abstraction to formal subsumption
    by Ernesto Screpanti
  • 2008 Revolutionary Situation, Early Socialism and the Logic Of History in Russia
    by Dimitrios S. Patelis
  • 2008 Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration
    by Herrmann, Peter & van der Maesen, Laurent J.G.
  • 2008 Sen’s Capability Approach as a new social-liberal paradigm (In French)
    by Alexandre BERTIN
  • 2008 Prospettive e limiti dell'Economia quantitativa
    by Luigi Pasinetti &
  • 2008 Evaluating the impact of average cost based contracts on the industrial sector in the European emission trading scheme
    by OGGIONI, Giorgia & SMEERS, Yves
  • 2008 Imperialism: Old and New Theories
    by George Stathakis
  • 2007 Sraffa's Mathematical Economics - A Constructive Interpretation
    by K. Vela Velupillai
  • 2007 Mises, Kantorovich and Economic Computation
    by Cockshott, W. Paul
  • 2007 János Kornai’s Contributions to Economic Analysis
    by Lindbeck, Assar
  • 2007 Roman Rosdolsky (1898-1967): um intelectual em tempos de extremos [Roman Rosdolsky (1898-1967): an intellectual in an era of extremes]
    by João Antonio de Paula
  • 2007 Algunas consideraciones sobre los errores epistemológicos de la Teoría Marxista de lo Político
    by Caparrós Valderrama, Rafael
  • 2006 The rate of profit in the Greek economy 1988-1997. an input-output analysis
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Rodousakis, Nikolaos & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
  • 2006 Kondratiev, Marx and the long cycle
    by Papageorgiou, Aris & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
  • 2006 A future for (analytical) Marxism?
    by Veneziani, Roberto
  • 2006 Social Structures of Accumulation, Regulation Approach and stages theory
    by Mavroudeas, Stavros
  • 2006 Henryk Grossmann’s Falling Rate of Profit theory of crisis: a presentation and a reply to old and new critics
    by Mavroudeas, Stavros & Ioannides, Alexis
  • 2006 A Note on Ronald Meek's 'Studies in the Labour Theory of Value'
    by Hagendorf, Klaus
  • 2006 The neoliberal "rebirth" of development economics
    by Rémy Herrera
  • 2006 Costos de transacción, un hallazgo no tan reciente. Aproximaciones a la teoría de los costos de circulación de Karl Marx
    by German Darío Valencia Agudelo
  • 2006 Reexamination of the Marxian Exploitation Theory
    by Yoshihara, Naoki
  • 2006 Land, Technical Progress and the Falling Rate of Profit
    by Howard Petith
  • 2006 Rudolf Hilferding : Des Avancées Novatrices (Monnaie De Crédit, Barrières À L'Entrée…)
    by Christian PALLOIX
  • 2006 The Evolution of Economic Theory during the Twentieth Century
    by Zoya Mladenova
  • 2006 20th Century and Evolution of the Economic Theory (Neoclassical School: Development of Macroeconomics. Non-orthodox Economic Schools)
    by Zoya Mladenova
  • 2005 The Principal Conflict in Contemporary Russian Economic Thought: Traditional Approaches Against Economics
    by Zaostrovtsev, Andrei
  • 2005 Economic Ideas and Institutional Change: Evidence from Soviet Economic Discourse 1987-1991
    by Zweynert, Joachim
  • 2005 La variazione dei prezzi relativi da Ricardo a Sraffa
    by Iacono, Roberto
  • 2005 Un renouveau de l'économie du développement ?
    by Rémy Herrera
  • 2005 Searching for the accounting features of capitalism: an illustration with the economic transition process in China
    by Chiapello, Eve & Ding, Yuan
  • 2005 Desenvolvendo A Solidariedade No Caminho Da Transição: Um Ensaio Sobre A Teoria Do Socialismo A Partir De Marx
    by Jonas de Oliveira Bertucci
  • 2005 On Sartres Ontology and Metaphysics
    by Ján Pavlík
  • 2005 On Sartres Ontology and Metaphysics
    by Ján Pavlík
  • 2004 Geld
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2004 Geld (Money)
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2004 Confronting the Evidence: Marx's Historians on the Falling Profit Rate
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2003 Accounting and the Birth of the Notion of Capitalism
    by Eve, CHIAPELLO
  • 2002 Money, interest, and capital accumulation in Karl Marx's economics: A monetary interpretation
    by Hein, Eckhard
  • 2002 Valore e Marx: Perche sono importanti
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2002 Marx After Marx After Sraffa
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2002 Value and Marx: why it matters
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2002 Finance and industrial evolution: introductory notes on a key relationship for the capitalist accumulation
    by João Antonio de Paula & Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira & Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque
  • 2002 A foundation Model for Marxian Breakdown Theories Based on a New Falling Rate of Profit Mechanism (Long Version)
    by Howard Petith
  • 2002 A Foundation Model for Marxian Breakdown Theories Based on a New Falling Rate of Profit Mechanism
    by Howard Petith
  • 2001 The Case for Simplicity: a Paradigm for the Political Economy of the 21st Century
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2001 A Foundation Model for Marxian Theories of the Breakdown of Capitalism
    by Howard Petith
  • 2001 A Marxian Model of the Breakdown of Capitalism
    by Howard Petith
  • 2001 Other Things Equal: Getting It Right, or Left: Marxism and Competition
    by Deirdre N. McCloskey
  • 2000 Les theories du systeme mondial capitaliste
    by Herrera, R.
  • 2000 Value, Price of Production and Market Price
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2000 Rejoinder to Duncan Foley and David Laibman
    by Kliman, Andrew & Freeman, Alan
  • 2000 Two Concepts of Value, Two Rates of Profit, Two Laws of Motion
    by Freeman, Alan & Kliman, Andrew
  • 2000 Marxian debates on the falling rate of profit
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1999 Between Two World Systems: A Response to David Laibman
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 Accumulation, Breakdown Crises, Disproportionality, and Effective Demand
    by Halevi, J.
  • 1998 About Economic Inequality
    by Simkin, C.
  • 1998 Swedish Lessons for Post-Socialist Countries
    by Lindbeck, A.
  • 1998 A Formalization of Elster's Version of the Marxian Revolution, Viewed as a Contingent Event
    by Petith, H.
  • 1998 Capital Accumulation, the Organic Composition of Capital, the Rate of Profit and the Rate of Exploitation in a Provisional Marxian Model
    by Petith, H.
  • 1998 Marx: The Spectre Haunting Economics
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 Simultaneous and Temporal Valuation Contrasted
    by Freeman, Alan & Kliman, Andrew
  • 1998 A dialogue concerning the two chief systems of value
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 What happens in crashes? a non-equilibrium, value-theoretic approach to liquidity preference
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 The indeterminacy of price-value correlations: a comment on papers by Simo Mohun and Anwar Shaikh
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 A general refutation of Okishio’s theorem and a proof of the falling rate of profit
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1997 Left - and Right- Endogenous Money. A Table of Two Books
    by Fladers, M.J.
  • 1997 Meek, Dickinson and Marx's Falling Rate of Profit
    by Petith, H.
  • 1997 Sfruttamento, alienazione e astrazione del lavoro: una nota
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 1997 The New Value debate and the birth of a paradigm
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1997 The Wage Rate and the Profit Rate in the Price of Production Equation: a New Solution to an Old Problem
    by LORANGER, Jean-Guy
  • 1996 The Transformation Problem : An Aleternative Solution with an Identical Aggregate Profit Rate in the Labor value and the Monetary Space
    by Loranger, J.G.
  • 1996 The Timing of Wage Payments, Historic Labor Costs, and Marx's Surplus Value Accounts of Exploitation
    by Suvakovic, D.
  • 1996 The Psychopathology of Walrasian Marxism
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1996 Mr Marx and the neoclassics
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1996 Price, value and profit – a continuous, general, treatment
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1996 The Transformation Problem : an Aleternative Solution with an Identical Aggregate Profit Rate in the Labor value and the Monetary Space
    by Loranger, J.G.
  • 1995 The Underrepresentation of Women in Economics: A Study of Undergraduate Economics Students
    by Karen Dynan & Cecilia Rouse
  • 1995 Where Do We Go from Here
    by Duncan K. FOLEY
  • 1988 L'utopia della ragione in Claudio Napoleoni (1924-1988)
    by Cavalieri, Duccio