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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P40: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Policy Uncertainty in China, Oil Shocks and Stock Returns
    by Wensheng Kang & Ronald A. Ratti
  • 2013 Understanding Islam: Development, Economics and Finance
    by Askari, Hossein & Iqbal, Zamir & Krichene, Noureddine & Mirakhor, Abbas
  • 2012 Internal Rebellions and External Threats: A Model of Government Organizational Forms in Ancient China
    by Haiwen Zhou
  • 2012 Islamic Finance, Risk Sharing and Macroeconomic Policies
    by Mirakhor, Abbas
  • 2012 Financial Inclusion: Islamic Finance Perspective
    by Mirakhor, Abbas & Iqbal, Zamir
  • 2012 The Nature of Relationships between Intelligent Enterprise Stakeholders within a Competitive Pole: A New Perspective
    by Matei Ramona-Mihaela & Radu Ioan
  • 2012 Identity and Economics: Review of the Literature
    by Ploae Catalin
  • 2012 A Critical Approach to Hofstede’s Model on Cultural Dimensions
    by Ploae Catalin
  • 2012 Les monnaies sociales en tant que dispositifs innovants : une évaluation
    by Jérôme Blanc & Marie Fare
  • 2012 ¿How plural is the plural economy of Bolivia? Constructing a plural economy indicator with fuzzy sets
    by Rolando Manuel Gonzáles Martínez
  • 2011 Elected Oligarchy and Economic Underdevelopment: The Case of Guyana
    by Khemraj, Tarron & Hinova, Diana
  • 2011 Autocracies and Development in a Global Economy: A Tale of Two Elites
    by A. Akerman & A. Larsson & A. Naghavi
  • 2011 Responsible innovation: bringing together technology assessment, applied ethics, and STS research
    by Armin Grunwald
  • 2011 Home Economics: Planting the Seeds of a Research Agenda for the Bioregional Economy
    by Molly Scott Cato
  • 2010 Rentismo y Democracia en Bolivia
    by Aliaga Lordemann, Javier
  • 2010 Theoretical And Methodological Considerations On Small And Medium Enterprise Strategy
    by Vladimir-Codrin IONESCU & Toma PLEªANU
  • 2010 Business Intelligence - The Standard Tool of a Modern Company
    by Suchánek, Petr
  • 2010 The Conseqences Of The Global Financial Crisis Regarding The Romanian Banking System
    by Ph.D Student Anca-Ioana Bumbeneci
  • 2009 Analysing the functions and expenses of logistics packaging systems
    by Péter BÖRÖCZ
  • 2009 The Three Arab Worlds
    by James E. Rauch & Scott Kostyshak
  • 2008 The Indigenous Movement and the Economic Trajectory of Ecuador
    by Ken Jameson
  • 2008 Revolutionary Situation, Early Socialism and the Logic Of History in Russia
    by Dimitrios S. Patelis
  • 2008 Social Economy and Social Economics –The Situation in the Republic of Ireland
    by Herrmann, Peter
  • 2008 A Political Economy Pattern of China's History: On Revolution, Reform, and Involution under Dictatorship
    by Jiancai Pi
  • 2008 Praktische Philosophie und Unternehmensethik – Weisheit und Wirtschaft: Konstruktiver Dialog oder Kategorienfehler? (Philosophy and Ethical Business – A Dialogue between Wisdom and Economy: Profitable Alliance or Twisted Categories?)
    by Ina Schmidt
  • 2008 Codes of Conduct: Ein Guetesiegel fuer die Legitimitaet von NGOs? – Eine Untersuchung anhand der Diskurstheorie des Rechts von Juergen Habermas (Codes of Conduct: A Hallmark of Legitimacy for NGOs?)
    by Nina Koenig & Judith Ojinnaka & Carola Ritzenhoff & Marlene Walk
  • 2008 Wirtschaftsethik und Dritter Sektor (Economic Ethics and the Third Sector)
    by Karl Gabriel
  • 2008 Leistungsprogrammplanung karitativer Nonprofit-Organisationen als Instrument des Ethik-Controlling – Eine exemplarische Analyse des Portfolios diakonischer Sozialleistungsunternehmen in Vorpommern (Portfolio Management of Caritative Nonprofit Organisations)
    by Steffen Flessa & Jan Westphal
  • 2008 Zwischen Boykott und CSR – Eine Beziehungsanalyse zu Unternehmen und NGOs (Caught between Boycott and CSR – An Analysis of Business-NGO-Relations)
    by Janina Curbach
  • 2008 Integration Phenomenon €“ Economic Transformation For The Member States’ Economies
    by Ionela Gavrila – Paven & Coriolan Simedru
  • 2008 The Impact Of R&D Investment On Productivity
    by Steliana Sandu & Cristina Modoran
  • 2007 l’économie sociale : un potentiel d’innovations ? (is social economy an opportunity for innovation?)
    by Nathalie Ferreira
  • 2006 Economic failure in the Middle East
    by Hossein Askari & Roshanak Taghavi
  • 2006 Economic failure in the Middle East
    by Hossein Askari & Roshanak Taghavi
  • 2005 The principle foundations of an Islamic economy
    by Hossein Askari & Roshanak Taghavi
  • 2005 The principle foundations of an Islamic economy
    by Hossein Askari & Roshanak Taghavi
  • 2005 Russia: An Abnormal Country
    by Steven Rosefielde
  • 2004 An abnormal country
    by Rosefielde, Steven
  • 2004 Mit tanulhatnak a posztszocialista átalakulás útjára lépő országok az átmenet eddigi tapasztalataiból?
    by Kornai, János
  • 2004 A puha költségvetési korlát - II
    by Kornai, János & Maskin, Eric & Roland, Gérard
  • 2004 A puha költségvetési korlát I
    by Kornai, János & Maskin, Eric & Roland, Gérard
  • 2003 Estimating the Probability of Leaving Unemployment Using Uncompleted Spells from Repeated Cross-section Data
    by Maia Guell & Luojia Hu
  • 2001 Does Parliament Matter in New Democracies? The Cas of South Africa 1994-2000
    by Mathisen, H.W. & Tjonneland, E.N.
  • 2001 Creation Of Money And The Role Of Central Bank In An Islamic Framework: A Simulation For Pakistan
    by M. Shaukat Ali
  • 2001 Gibt es einen Reformtrend der Sozialordnungen in der EU?
    by Werner Schönig
  • 2001 Attribute Coordination in Organizations
    by Yingyi Qian & Gerard Roland & Chenggang Xu
  • 1999 Le modele quebecois en question
    by Bourque, G.L. & Levesque, B.
  • 1998 Cohesion et Diversite au Sein de l'Union Europeenne: des Trafectoires irreconciliables?
    by Graham, B. & Hart, M.
  • 1998 Islamic and Neo-Confucian Perspectives on the New Traditional Economy
    by J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. & Marina Rosser
  • 1997 What have we learned from evolutionary game theory so far?
  • 1995 Islamic Economics and the Islamic Subeconomy
    by Timur Kuran
  • 1993 'Humanomics' of Ranade
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim