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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L6: Industry Studies: Manufacturing
/ / / L69: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 ICT and R&D as inputs or efficiency determinants? Analysing the manufacturing Italian firms over the 2007-2009
    by Bonanno, Graziella
  • 2014 The Impact Of Industry Characteristics On Firms’ Export Intensity
    by Joana Reis & Rosa Forte
  • 2014 Growth Effects of Industrial Clusters
    by M.R. Narayana
  • 2014 Complex Evaluation Model of Corporate Energy Management
    by Ágnes Kádár Horváth
  • 2014 Konjunkturtest im Fokus: Herstellung von Gummi- und Kunststoffwaren
    by Evgenia Kudymowa & Klaus Wohlrabe
  • 2013 Impacts of a Micro-Enterprise Clustering Program on Firm Performance in Ghana
    by Jörg Peters & Maximiliane Sievert & Christoph Strupat
  • 2013 A Critical Assessment of the Index of Industrial Production Data in India
    by Rajesh, Raj & Kumar, Naveen
  • 2013 Substitution or overlap? The relations between geographical and non-spatial proximity dimensions in collaborative innovation projects
    by Hansen, Teis
  • 2013 Social Capital Determinants of Preferential Resource Allocation in Regional Clusters
    by Pulles, Niels J. & Schiele, Holger
  • 2013 Balancing Firm and Network-based Resources to Gain Competitive Advantage: A Case Study of an Artisanal Musical Instruments Cluster in Germany
    by Leick, Birgit
  • 2013 Economic analysis of alternatives for optimizing energy use in manufacturing companies
    by Méndez-Piñero, Mayra Ivelisse & Colón-Vázquez, Melitza
  • 2013 Productivity spillovers among linked sectors
    by Peng, Ling & Hong, Yongmiao
  • 2013 "Una familia muy dulce” Reflexiones en torno al estudio de caso de “las charamuscas” de Rincón de Tamayo, Municipio Celaya, Guanajuato
    by Xóchitl Mora Gómez
  • 2012 İhracatçı firmalar ve kümeler:İstanbul kuyumculuk kümesi ihracat kapasitesi analizi
  • 2012 Market Liberalization and Market Integration - Essays on the Nordic Electricity Market
    by Lundgren, Jens
  • 2012 The Consequences of Easy Credit Policy, High Gearing, and Firms’ Profitability in Pakistan’s Textile Sector: A Panel Data Analysis
    by Ijaz Hussain
  • 2012 Research on the Organization Model of Generic Technology for Manufacturing Industry
    by Wen Xin & Yang Miao & Zhang Yu
  • 2012 Why do electricity prices jump? Empirical evidence from the Nordic electricity market
    by Hellström, Jörgen & Lundgren, Jens & Yu, Haishan
  • 2012 Potencialidades del cluster como opción estratégica promotora de competitividad en las pymes de cacao del estado Sucre - Venezuela
    by Ana María Villagrasa Mejía & Damaris Serpa de Marquez
  • 2012 Capital humano, redes externas e innovación en la industria colombiana
    by Iliana Páez Gabriunas
  • 2011 Trade sustainability impact assessment (SIA) on the comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada: Final report
    by Kirkpatrick, Colin & Raihan, Selim & Bleser, Adam & Prud'homme, Dan & Mayrand, Karel & Morin, Jean Frederic & Pollitt, Hector & Hinojosa, Leonith & Williams, Michael
  • 2011 Sectoral Innovation Systems in Low-tech Manufacturing: Types, Sources, Drivers and Barriers of Innovation in Malaysia’s Wooden Furniture Industry
    by Boon-Kwee Ng & Thiruchelvam Kanagasundaram
  • 2011 Capacities and Competencies as Sources of Competitive Advantage: The Case Study of Latvian Hotels
    by Ilona Baumane & Rebekka Vedina
  • 2011 Lean Thinking and Transferring Lean Management - The Best Defence against an Economic Recession?
    by GEORGESCU Daniel
  • 2011 Modelli di business e competitività delle piccole imprese. L’industria italiana del mobile
    by Roberto Pozzana & Laura Benedetti
  • 2010 Copyright and endogenous market structure: a glimpse from the journal-publishing market
    by Ramello, Giovanni B.
  • 2010 Rural Electrification and Manufacturing Firm Performance in Benin – An Ex-Ante Impact Assessment
    by Jörg Peters & Colin Vance & Marek Harsdorff
  • 2010 Regional Knowledge and the Emergence of an Industry: Laser Systems Production in West Germany, 1975-2005
    by Guido Bünstorf & Michael Fritsch & Luis F. Medrano
  • 2010 Regional Knowledge and the Emergence of an Industry: Laser Systems Production in West Germany, 1975Ð2005
    by Guido Buenstorf & Michael Fritsch & Luis Medrano
  • 2010 Sistemas De Identificación Por Radiofrecuencia, Código De Barras Y Su Relación Con La Gestión De La Cadena De Suministro
  • 2010 Propuesta Metodológica Para La Programación De La Producción En Las Pymes Del Sector Artes Gráficas, Área Publi-Comercial
  • 2009 Short-Run Oil Price Drivers: South America's Energy Integration
    by Mercado, Alejandro F. & Aliaga, F. Javier
  • 2009 Market fields structure & dynamics in industrial automation
    by Slowak, André P.
  • 2009 The Estimation of Technical Efficiency Effects Models with an Example Applied to the Thai Manufacturing Sector
    by Suwanee Arunsawadiwong & Gavin C. Reid
  • 2009 Short-Run Oil Price Drivers: South America’s Energy Integration
    by Mercado, Alejandro & Aliaga, Javier
  • 2009 Finance and Industrial Dynamics (In French)
    by Claude DUPUY (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113) & Matthieu MONTALBAN (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113) & Sylvain MOURA (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113)
  • 2009 MEXICAN MAQUILA INDUSTRY OUTLOOK. A Quantitative Space-Time Analysis
    by F. Javier TRIVEZ & Angel Mauricio REYES & F. Javier ALIAGA
  • 2009 Ventajas competitivas basadas en la gestión del conocimiento: El caso de tres sectores industriales del departamento del Atlántico
    by José Luis Ramos R. & Rubén Darío Rangel R.
  • 2009 Transport Characteristics In Automated Production
    by Elisabeta Mihaela Ciortea
  • 2009 How Do Gasoline Prices Affect Fleet Fuel Economy?
    by Shanjun Li & Christopher Timmins & Roger H. von Haefen
  • 2008 Multinational Electricity Market Integration and Electricity Price Dynamics
    by Lundgren, Jens & Hellström, Jörgen & Rudholm, Niklas
  • 2008 The Environmental Goods and Services Industry
    by Sinclair-Desgagn�, Bernard
  • 2008 Análisis coyuntural y prospectivo de la industria maquiladora de exportación mexicana
    by Francisco Javier Trívez Bielsa & ÁngelMauricio Reyes Terrón & Francisco Javier Aliaga Lordeman
  • 2008 Imalat Sanayinde Sektorel Donusum Oranlari
    by M. Ensar Yesilyurt
  • 2008 Constraints Concerning Investment And Participation In Professional Training In The Companies From The Romanian Manufacturing Industry
  • 2007 Biotechnology as a Competitive Edge for the Finnish Forest Cluster
    by Hakala, Terhi & Haltia, Olli & Hermans, Raine & Kulvik, Martti & Nikinmaa, Hanna & Porcar-Castell, Albert & Pursula, Tiina
  • 2007 Atlas of wooden furniture industry in Jepara, Indonesia
    by Roda, Jean-Marc & Cadène, Philippe & Guizol, Philippe & Santoso, Levania & Uzair Fauzan, Achmad
  • 2007 Economic Performance Of the Arabic Book Translation Industry in Arab Countries
    by Harabi, Najib
  • 2007 The Analysis Of Five Competitive Forces Of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry And E-Commerce Industry Cases At The Global Level
    by Manuel, Eduardo
  • 2006 Private Sector R&D in the New Member States: Hungary
    by Havas, Attila
  • 2005 Australian residential telecommunications consumption and substitution patterns
    by Madden, Gary G & Coble-Neal, Grant
  • 2005 Competition and quality in the notary profession
    by Richard Nahuis & Joëlle Noailly
  • 2004 The Flying Geese Paradigm: A critical study of its application to East Asian regional development
    by Kasahara, Shigehisa
  • 2004 Az ásványvízpiac átalakulása
    by Laki, Mihály
  • 2004 High Point Industries of The Aegean Region of Turkey
    by Nese Kumral & Cagacan Deger
  • 2003 Complementarity constraints and induced innovation: Some evidence from the first IT regime
    by Andreas Reinstaller & Werner Hölzl
  • 2003 Innovation Clusters: Combining Physical and Virtual Links
    by Brigitte Preissl
  • 2003 U.S. Domestic Barter : an Empirical Investigation
    by Barbara, CRESTI
  • 2003 Costos de formalización de las empresas: medición de los costos de transacción en Brasil
    by Decio Zylbersztajn & Carolina T. Graca
  • 2002 Agriculture – Element of the Economic Environment for Development of the Agricultural Machine-Building in Bulgaria in the Last Decade
    by Simeonka Petrova
  • 2001 The creative response in economic development: the case of information processing technologies in US manufacturing, 1870-1930
    by Andreas Reinstaller & Werner Hölzl
  • 2000 La decision d'investissement nucleaire : l'influence de la structure industrielle
    by Guillerminet, M.-L.
  • 1996 Externalities and Cross-Sectoral Spillovers in Italian Industry
    by Felli, E. & Tria, G.
  • 1996 The Silver Age of Manufacturing in Norway: New Estimates of the Growth in Industrial Production 1927-1948
    by Klovland, J.T.
  • 1996 Ethique de la production en sous-traitance: le cas de l'industrie du vetement
    by Verna, G. & Bertrand, J.
  • 1996 The Italian Goldsmith Industry: The Development Relieson Exports
    by Anna Maria Gaibisso & Elena Ragazzi
  • 1995 Company Investment Decisions and Financial Constrants: An Analysis of a Panel of Korean Manufacturing Firms
    by Cho, Y.D.
  • 1995 Cotton Production Prospects for the Next Decade
    by Gillham, F.E.M. & Bell. T.M. & Arin, T. & Matthews, G.A. & Le Rumeur, C. & Hearn, A.B.
  • 1993 Usine Laterriere: Un depassement du fordisme
    by Lapointe, P.A.
  • 1993 Usine Grande-Baie: ou "La grande illusion"
    by Lapointe, P.A.
  • 1993 Usine Arvida: de la crise du travail au renouvellment du fordisme
    by Lapointe, P.A.
  • 1993 Grille de collecte des donnees pour une monographie d'usine
    by Lapointe, P.A.
  • 1993 Control of the costs of quality management: A review or current practice in Spain
    by Oriol Amat & John Blake
  • 1983 Technology Choice in Developing Countries: The Textile and Pulp and Paper Industries
    by Michel A. Amsalem
  • 1979 Taxation, Human Capital and Uncertainty
    by Jonathan Eaton & Harvey Rosen
  • 1965 The Sources of Increased Efficiency: A Study of DuPont Rayon Plants
    by Samuel Hollander