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by members of

Internationales Institut für Management
Universität Flensburg
Flensburg, Germany

(International Management Institute, University of Flensburg))

These are publications listed in RePEc written by members of the above institution who are registered with the RePEc Author Service. Thus this compiles the works all those currently affiliated with this institutions, not those affilated at the time of publication. List of registered members. Register yourself. This page is updated in the first days of each month.
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Working papers


  1. Piper, Alan T., 2013. "Europe’s capital cities and the happiness penalty: an investigation using the European Social Survey," MPRA Paper 47793, University Library of Munich, Germany.
  2. Piper, Alan, 2013. "A Note on Modelling Dynamics in Happiness Estimations," MPRA Paper 49364, University Library of Munich, Germany.
  3. Piper, Alan T., 2013. "Happiness, Dynamics and Adaptation," MPRA Paper 52342, University Library of Munich, Germany.


  1. Piper, Alan T., 2012. "A Happiness Test of Human Capital Theory," MPRA Paper 43496, University Library of Munich, Germany.
  2. Piper, Alan T., 2012. "Dynamic Analysis and the Economics of Happiness: Rationale, Results and Rules," MPRA Paper 43248, University Library of Munich, Germany, revised Dec 2012.
  3. Piper, Alan T., 2012. "Heaven knows I’m miserable now: overeducation and reduced life satisfaction," MPRA Paper 43259, University Library of Munich, Germany.


  1. Susanne Royer & Marion Festing & Charlotte Steffen & Kerry Brown & John Burgess & Jennifer Waterhouse, 2009. "The Value Adding Web at Work - Developing a toolbox to analyse firm clusters," Danish-German Working Papers 001, University of Flensburg, International Institute of Management (IIM) & University of Southern Denmark, Department of Border Region Studies (IFG).


  1. Helmut Dietl & Susanne Royer & Uwe Stratmann, 2007. "Wertschöpfungsorganisation und Differenzierungsdilemma in der Automobilindustrie," Working Papers 0064, University of Zurich, Institute for Strategy and Business Economics (ISU).


  1. Helmut Dietl & Egon Franck & Susanne Royer, 2006. "Strategische Wettbewerbsvorteile und Wertschöpfungsorganisation –Konzeptionelle Überlegungen und Gestaltungsempfehlungen für zwei- und mehrseitige Dienstleistungsmärkte," Working Papers 0063, University of Zurich, Institute for Strategy and Business Economics (ISU).

Journal articles


  1. Royer, Susanne & Waterhouse, Jennifer & Brown, Kerry & Festing, Marion, 2008. "Employee voice and strategic competitive advantage in international modern public corporations - an economic perspective," European Management Journal, Elsevier, vol. 26(4), pages 234-246, August.


  1. Festing, Marion & Eidems, Judith & Royer, Susanne, 2007. "Strategic Issues and Local Constraints in Transnational Compensation Strategies:: An Analysis of Cultural, Institutional and Political Influences," European Management Journal, Elsevier, vol. 25(2), pages 118-131, April.



  1. Marion Festing & Susanne Royer (ed.), 2008. "Current Issues in International Human Resource Management and Strategy Research," Books, Rainer Hampp Verlag, edition 1, number 9783866182394.