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John E. Tilton

Personal Details

First Name:John
Middle Name:E.
Last Name:Tilton
RePEc Short-ID:pti172


(90%) Division of Economics and Business
Colorado School of Mines

Golden, Colorado (United States)

(303) 273-3480
(303) 273-3416
Golden, Colorado 80401
RePEc:edi:decsmus (more details at EDIRC)

(10%) Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Escuela de Ingeniería Departamento de Ingeniería de Minería (Pontificia Catholic University of Chile College of Engineering Department of Mining Engineering)
Chile, Santiago

Research output

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Working papers

  1. John E. Tilton, 2013. "Cyclical and Secular Determinants of Productivity in the Copper, Aluminum, Iron Ore, and Coal Industries," Working Papers 2013-11, Colorado School of Mines, Division of Economics and Business.
  2. John E. Tilton, 2012. "The Terms Of Trade Debate and the Policy Implications for Primary Product Producers," Working Papers 2012-11, Colorado School of Mines, Division of Economics and Business.
  3. Bruno Lanz & Thomas F. Rutherford & John E. Tilton, 2011. "Subglobal Climate Agreements and Energy-Intensive Activities: Is there a Carbon Haven for Copper?," Working Papers 1103, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research.
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