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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N7: Economic History: Transport, International and Domestic Trade, Energy, and Other Services
/ / / N77: Africa; Oceania
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 International Trade Geographic Structure of African Regional Economic Communities
    by Eduard Marinov
  • 2013 Financing U.S. External Trade, 1790-1819
    by Javier Cuenca-Esteban
  • 2013 The Birth of a Democracy: Homegrown Bicameralism in Somaliland
    by Azam, Jean-Paul
  • 2013 Dispersion and Distortions in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
    by Dalton, John & Leung, Tin Cheuk
  • 2013 Reinventing the Wheel: The Economic Benefits of Wheeled Transportation in Early British Colonial West Africa
    by Isaías N. Chaves & Stanley L. Engerman & James A. Robinson
  • 2013 The Birth of a Democracy: Homegrown Bicameralism in Somaliland
    by Azam, Jean-Paul
  • 2013 The Economic Costs of Unsupplied Electricty: Evidence from Backup Generation among African Firms
    by Musiliu 0. Oseni & Michael G. Pollitt
  • 2013 International trade commodity structure of African regional integration communities (English)
    by Eduard Marinov
  • 2013 International trade commodity structure of African regional integration communities (Bulgarian)
    by Eduard Marinov
  • 2012 Moving Forward in African Economic History: Bridging the Gap Between Methods and Sources
    by Jerven , Morten & Austin , Gareth & Green, Erik & Uche , Chibuike & Frankema , Ewout & Fourie , Johan & Inikori , Joseph & Moradi , Alexander & Hillbom , Ellen
  • 2012 Regional trade and economic networks in West Africa
    by WALTHER Olivier
  • 2012 Moving Forward in African Economic History. Bridging the Gap Between Methods and Sources
    by Jerven, Morten & Austin, Gareth & Green, Erik & Uche, Chibuike & Frankema, Ewout & Fourie, Johan & Inikori, Joseph & Moradi, Alexander & Hillbom, Ellen
  • 2012 Mobilizing Tech Entrepreneurs in Africa (Innovations Case Narrative: iHub)
    by Erik Hersman
  • 2012 Fertilizer by Phone: Esoko Enhances African Farmers' Livelihoods through Innovations in Data Access (Innovations Case Narrative: Esoko)
    by Mark Davies
  • 2012 Wind energy in Egypt: Economic feasibility for Cairo
    by Hamouda, Yasmina Abdellatif
  • 2012 Problematika africké ekonomické integrace
    by Vilém Řehák
  • 2011 Wind Energy in Egypt: Economic Feasibility for Cairo
    by Yasmina Hamouda
  • 2011 The national strategy of tourism development in Algeria: issues, opportunities and limitations
    by Kamel Bouadam
  • 2010 Water and energy in South Africa – managing scarcity
    by Potgieter, Petrus H.
  • 2010 A Note on Nonlinear Cointegration, Misspecification and Bimodality
    by M.C. Medeiros & E. Mendes & Les Oxley
  • 2010 Water and Energy in South Africa – Managing Scarcity
    by Petrus H. POTGIETER
  • 2009 Evaluating Africa’s comparative advantage in travel service exports
    by Johan Fourie
  • 2008 The significance of the Cape trade route to economic activity in the Cape colony: a medium-term business cycle analysis
    by Willem H Boshoff & Johan Fourie
  • 2008 Explaining ship traffic fluctuations in the early Cape settlement: 1652–1793
    by Willem Boshoff & Johan Fourie
  • 2008 Policy options of agricultural biotechnology R&D in Sub-Saharan Africa: key issues and aspects
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Yawson, Ivy
  • 2008 Re-inventing New Zealand: Institutions Output and Patents 1870-1939
    by David Greasley & Les Oxley
  • 2007 Transport, croissance et démographie. Une analyse cliométrique
    by Riadh Harizi
  • 2006 Protectionist but globalised? Latin American custom duties and trade during the pre-1914 belle époque
    by M. del Mar Rubio Varas
  • 2006 Some policy proposals for future infrastructure investment in South Africa
    by Johan Fourie
  • 2006 Corruption Et Sécurite Routière : Le Cas Des Transports Routiers D'Afrique Subsaharienne
    by Zié BALLO
  • 2005 Privatization in Africa: What has happened? What is to be done?
    by John Nellis
  • 2005 The Evolution of Enterprise Reform in Africa: From State-owned Enterprises to Private Participation in Infrastructure — and Back?
    by John Nellis
  • 2005 What Are EU Trade Preferences Worth for Sub-Saharan Africa and Other Developing Countries?
    by Fabien Candau & Sébastien Jean
  • 2002 The Relocation of the Market for Australian Wool, 1880-1939
    by Ville, Simon
  • 1999 Union Success in Representation Elections: Why Does Unit Size Matter?
    by Henry S. Farber
  • 1998 Social Capital, Community and Citizenship at the Eveleigh Railway Workshops in Sydney, 1880-1932
    by Taksa, L.
  • 1996 'All a Matter of Timing': Workplace Restructuring and Cultural Change in the NSW Railways and Tramways Priorto 1921
    by Taksa, L.
  • 1996 Managerial Development in Retailing: The Department and the Chain Store, 1890-1940
    by Perkins, J. & Meredith, D.