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Socio-economics of Fisheries and Aquaculture

These are publications indexed on RePEc about the above topic. This reading list is managed by Moniz;António;Brandão; (who can update the reading list here). You can also create your own reading list here. This page is updated in the first days of each month, at least.
Reading list on fisheries and aquaculture management systems and main associated economics concepts

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These are authors registered on RePEc who are particularly relevant to this topic:

  1. Criddle;Keith;Richard;
  2. Da Rocha;José María;;
  3. Gutiérrez;María-José;;
  4. Hynes;Stephen;;
  5. Kronbak;Lone;Grønbæk;
  6. Martinet;Vincent;;
  7. Meinzen-Dick;Ruth;Suseela;
  8. O'Donoghue;Cathal;;
  9. Sanchirico;James;N.;
  10. Turner;Matthew;;
  11. Villasante;Sebastian;;
  12. Xepapadeas;Anastasios;;

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Reading list on Socio-economics of Fisheries and Aquaculture