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İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi
Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi
İstanbul, Turkey

(Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Yildiz Technical University)

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Working papers


  1. Nermin Ceren Turkmen & Sedat Demir & Barýþ Akgül, 2012. "Framing Effect Application: A Critical View Of Rationality," Working Papers 0002, Okan University Research Centre for Financial Risks, OKFRAM, revised Mar 2012.
  2. Bildirici, Melike & Ersin, Özgür, 2012. "Nonlinear volatility models in economics: smooth transition and neural network augmented GARCH, APGARCH, FIGARCH and FIAPGARCH models," MPRA Paper 40330, University Library of Munich, Germany, revised May 2012.


  1. Melike Bildirici & Özgür Ersin, 2011. "Fiyat Teorisinin Mali Teorisine Farklý Bir Bakýþ: MLSTAR ve MLP Modelleri," Koç University-TUSIAD Economic Research Forum Working Papers 1115, Koc University-TUSIAD Economic Research Forum.


  1. Özgür Ömer Ersin, 2009. "Fiyatlar Genel Düzeyine İlişkin Maliye Teorisi ve Teorinin Test Edilmesine Yönelik Son Gelişmelerin Bir Analizi," Working Papers 0011, Yildiz Technical University, Department of Economics, revised 2009.

Journal articles


  1. Melike Bildirici & Işıl Şahin Onat & Özgür Ömer Ersin, 2023. "Forecasting BDI Sea Freight Shipment Cost, VIX Investor Sentiment and MSCI Global Stock Market Indicator Indices: LSTAR-GARCH and LSTAR-APGARCH Models," Mathematics, MDPI, vol. 11(5), pages 1-27, March.
  2. Özgür Ömer Ersin & Melike Bildirici, 2023. "Financial Volatility Modeling with the GARCH-MIDAS-LSTM Approach: The Effects of Economic Expectations, Geopolitical Risks and Industrial Production during COVID-19," Mathematics, MDPI, vol. 11(8), pages 1-26, April.
  3. Melike Bildirici & Sema Yılmaz Genç & Özgür Ömer Ersin, 2023. "Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policies, Energy Consumption and Economic Growth on CO 2 Emissions in the Turkish Economy: Nonlinear Bootstrapping NARDL and Nonlinear Causality Methods," Sustainability, MDPI, vol. 15(13), pages 1-23, July.
  4. Melike Bildirici & Fazıl Kayıkçı & Özgür Ömer Ersin, 2023. "Industry 4.0 and Renewable Energy Production Nexus: An Empirical Investigation of G20 Countries with Panel Quantile Method," Sustainability, MDPI, vol. 15(18), pages 1-19, September.
  5. Melike Bildirici & Yasemin Asu Çırpıcı & Özgür Ömer Ersin, 2023. "Effects of Technology, Energy, Monetary, and Fiscal Policies on the Relationship between Renewable and Fossil Fuel Energies and Environmental Pollution: Novel NBARDL and Causality Analyses," Sustainability, MDPI, vol. 15(20), pages 1-27, October.


  1. Yilanci, Veli & Turkmen, N. Ceren & Shah, Muhammad Ibrahim, 2022. "An empirical investigation of resource curse hypothesis for cobalt," Resources Policy, Elsevier, vol. 78(C).
  2. Melike E. Bildirici & Memet Salman & Özgür Ömer Ersin, 2022. "Nonlinear Contagion and Causality Nexus between Oil, Gold, VIX Investor Sentiment, Exchange Rate and Stock Market Returns: The MS-GARCH Copula Causality Method," Mathematics, MDPI, vol. 10(21), pages 1-16, October.
  3. Özgür ERSİN & Ayfer USTABAŞ & Tuğçe ACAR, 2022. "The Nonlinear Effects of High Technology Exports, R&D and Patents on Economic Growth: A Panel Threshold Approach to 35 OECD Countries," Journal for Economic Forecasting, Institute for Economic Forecasting, vol. 0(1), pages 26-44, April.


  1. Özgür ERSIN & Melike BILDIRICI, 2019. "Asymmetry in the Environmental Pollution, Economic Development and Petrol Price Relationship: MRS-VAR and Nonlinear Causality Analyses," Journal for Economic Forecasting, Institute for Economic Forecasting, vol. 0(3), pages 25-50, September.


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  1. Ozgur Omer ERSİN, 2012. "Türkiye’de Reel Döviz Kurunun Doğrusal Olmayan Ekonometrik Modeller ile İncelenmesi:Band-TAR ve STAR Modelleri," Iktisat Isletme ve Finans, Bilgesel Yayincilik, vol. 27(319), pages 89-122.


  1. Ozgur Omer ERSIN, 2011. "Turkiye’de Mali Surdurulebilirligin Dogrusal Olmayan Bir Analizi: MLSTAR Coklu Lojistik Yumusak Gecisli Otoregresif Modeli," Ege Academic Review, Ege University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, vol. 11(Special I), pages 41-58.


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