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Working papers


  1. Carillo, B.; Branco, D.; Trujillo, J.; Lima, J.;, 2017. "The Externalities of a Deforestation Control Policy in Infant Health: Evidence from Brazil," Health, Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG) Working Papers 17/09, HEDG, c/o Department of Economics, University of York.


  1. Bladimir Carrillo Bermudez & João Eustáquio De Lima & Juan C. Trujillo, 2016. "Weather Fluctuations, Early-Life Conditions, And Parental Investments: Evidence From Colombia," Anais do XLIII Encontro Nacional de Economia [Proceedings of the 43rd Brazilian Economics Meeting] 140, ANPEC - Associação Nacional dos Centros de Pós-Graduação em Economia [Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs in Economics].


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  1. Grundmann, Philipp & Ehlers, Melf-Hinrich & Uckert, Gotz, 2011. "Responses Of Agricultural Bioenergy Production In Brandenburg (Germany) To Ecological, Economic And Legal Changes: An Application Of Holling'S Adaptive Cycle," 51st Annual Conference, Halle, Germany, September 28-30, 2011 114726, German Association of Agricultural Economists (GEWISOLA).


  1. Trujillo, Juan C. & Iglesias, Wilman J., 2010. "Sueño y asignación de tiempo entre los estudiantes universitarios: el caso de la Universidad del Atlántico," MPRA Paper 67647, University Library of Munich, Germany.

Journal articles


  1. Bladimir Carrillo & Danyelle K. Branco & Juan C. Trujillo & João E. Lima, 2019. "The Externalities of a Deforestation Control Policy in Infant Health: Evidence from Brazil," Economic Development and Cultural Change, University of Chicago Press, vol. 67(2), pages 369-400.


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