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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N6: Manufacturing and Construction
/ / / N63: Europe: Pre-1913
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Il settore degli apparecchi domestici e professionali: tra glorie passate e sfide future
    by Francesca G.M.Sica
  • 2014 The French Revolution and German industrialization: The new institutional economics rewrites history
    by Kopsidis, Michael & Bromley, Daniel W.
  • 2014 Dynamics of Overlapping Clusters: Industrial and Institutional Revolution in the Industrial District of Aachen, 1800‐1860
    by Reckendrees, Alfred
  • 2014 Catching up and falling behind in technological progress: the experience of the textile and chemical industries in Italy between 1904 and 1937
    by Makiko Hino & Mototsugu Fukushige
  • 2014 Wages and prices in early Catalan industrialisation
    by Julio Martínez-Galarraga & Marc Prat
  • 2014 Orígenes e historia empresarial de la industria del agua embotellada en Europa: el caso español
    by Elvira Lindoso Tato & Margarita Vilar Rodríguez
  • 2014 Immigration and the Diffusion of Technology: The Huguenot Diaspora in Prussia
    by Erik Hornung
  • 2013 Industrial Output in the USSR and Russia, 1861—2012
    by S. Smirnov.
  • 2013 Industrial Output in the USSR and Russia, 1861—2012
    by S. Smirnov.
  • 2013 The Institutional Approach to Economic History: Connecting the Two Strands
    by Richard N. Langlois
  • 2013 The Dual Crises of the Late-Medieval Florentine Cloth Industry, c. 1320 - c. 1420
    by John H. Munro
  • 2013 At the Onset of the original capital accumulation
    by Mauro Rota & Luca Spinesi
  • 2013 The Life of a Mariner in Eighteenth-Century Bristol: A Case Study of Higher-Value Probate Inventories
    by Yoshihiko Okabe
  • 2013 The Location of the UK Cotton Textiles Industry in 1838: a Quantitative Analysis
    by Nicholas Crafts & Nikolaus Wolf
  • 2013 The Location of the UK Cotton Textiles Industry in 1838: a Quantitative Analysis
    by Crafts, Nicholas & Wolf, Nikolaus
  • 2012 Matthew Boultonfs Sales in Christiefs -A Review of Research Trends -
    by Yoshihiko Okabe
  • 2012 Amateur or professional? A new look at 19th century. patentees in Norway
    by Basberg, Bjørn L.
  • 2012 The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism the Haugian Way
    by Grytten, Ola H.
  • 2012 The Enlightened Economy: An Economic History of Britain 1700-1850 : Review Essay
    by Gregory Clark
  • 2011 The Rise, Expansion, and Decline of the Italian Wool-Based Textile Industries, 1100-1730: a study in international competition, transaction costs, and comparative advantage
    by John H. Munro
  • 2011 Patterns of industrial specialisation in post-Unification Italy
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Proietti, Tommaso
  • 2011 Internal Geography and External Trade: regional disparities in Italy, 1861-2011
    by A'Hearn, Brian & Venables, Anthony J
  • 2011 Convergence among Italian Regions, 1861-2011
    by Giovanni Iuzzolino & Guido Pellegrini & Gianfranco Viesti
  • 2011 Old and new Italian multinational firms
    by Giuseppe Berta & Fabrizio Onida
  • 2011 Internal Geography and External Trade: regional disparities in Italy, 1861-2011
    by Brian A'Hearn & Anthony J. Venables
  • 2011 Identity Of National Heritage In Function Of Specialised Tourist Offer In Croatia
    by Neven Šerić & Jasminka Talijančić
  • 2011 Education and Catch-Up in the Industrial Revolution
    by Sascha O. Becker & Erik Hornung & Ludger Woessmann
  • 2010 Prices and Profits in Cotton Textiles During the Industrial Revolution
    by C. Knick Harley
  • 2010 Prices and Profits in Cotton Textiles During the Industrial Revolution
    by C. Knick Harley
  • 2010 Explaining contract choice: vertical co-ordination, sharecropping, and wine, France 1850-1950
    by Juan Carmona & James Simpson
  • 2010 Through the Magnifying Glass: Provincial Aspects of Industrial Growth in Post-Unification Italy
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Stefano Fenoaltea
  • 2009 Were British Cotton Entrepreneurs Technologically Backward? Firm-Level Evidence on the Adoption of Ring-Spinning
    by Ciliberto, Federico
  • 2009 The English cotton spinning industry, 1780–1840, as revealed in the columns of the London Gazette
    by Solar, Peter M & Lyons, John S
  • 2009 Consumption, Social Capital, and the ‘Industrious Revolution’ in Early Modern Germany
    by Ogilvie, S.
  • 2009 Community Characteristics and Demographic Development: Three Württemberg Communities, 1558 - 1914
    by Ogilvie, S. & Küpker, M. & Maegraith, J.
  • 2009 La formación de un distrito industrial metalúrgico en Valladolid (c. 1842-c. 1953)
    by Monserrat Álvarez Martín & Pedro Pablo Ortúñez Goicolea
  • 2009 Coste de la vida y salarios en Madrid, 1680-1800
    by Enrique Llopis Agelán & Hector Garcia Montero
  • 2009 ‘Glorious Times’: The Emergence of Mechanical Engineering in Early Industrial Britain, c. 1700-1850
    by Christine MacLeod & Alessandro Nuvolari
  • 2008 Three Centuries of Luxury Textile Consumption in the Low Countries and England, 1330 - 1570: New Methodologies for Estimating Changes in Real Values
    by John H. A. Munro
  • 2008 Necessities and Luxuries in Early-Modern Textile Consumption: Real Values of Worsted Says and Fine Woollens in the Sixteenth-Century Low Countries
    by John H. Munro
  • 2008 Construction in Italy's regions, 1861-1913
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Fenoaltea, Stefano
  • 2008 Metalmaking In Italy, 1861-1913: National And Regional Time Series
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Fenoaltea, Stefano
  • 2008 The comovements of construction in Italy's regions, 1861-1913
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Fenoaltea, Stefano & Proietti, Tommaso
  • 2008 Ship building and repairing in Italy, 1861-1913: national and regional time series
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Fenoaltea, Stefano
  • 2007 Hanseatic commerce in textiles from the Low Countries and England during the Later Middle Ages: changing trends in textiles, markets, prices, and values, 1290 - 1570
    by Munro, John H.
  • 2007 The Industrial Revolution in Miniature: The Spinning Jenny in Britain, France, and India
    by Robert Allen & Robert C. Allen
  • 2007 Productivity and Transition in Swedish Iron and Steel, 1870-1940
    by Houpt, Stefan
  • 2006 At the Centre of the Old World.Reinterpreting Venetian Economic History
    by Paola Lanaro
  • 2006 Old and new ceramics: manufactures, products and markets in the Venetian Republic in the 17th and 18th centuries
    by Giovanni Favero
  • 2006 The Rise, Expansion, and Decline of the Italian Cloth Industries, 1100 - 1730: a study in conjoncture, transaction costs, and comparative advantage
    by John H. Munro
  • 2006 Real Wages and the 'Malthusian Problem' in Antwerp and South-Eastern England, 1400 - 1700: A regional comparison of levels and trends in real wages
    by John H. Munro
  • 2006 The Anti-Red Shift -- to the Dark Side: Changes in the Colour Patterns and Market Values of Flemish Luxury Woollens, 1300 - 1550
    by John H. A. Munro
  • 2006 The anti-red shift – to the 'Dark Side': Colour changes in Flemish luxury woollens, 1300 - 1550
    by Munro, John H.
  • 2005 Subcontracting and vertical integration in the Spanish cotton industry
    by Joan Ramon Rosés
  • 2005 Trayectorias tecnológicas de las máquinas térmicas e industrial del motor en España
    by Saiz, Patricio & Amengual, Rubén
  • 2005 ¡Que fabriquen ellos! La fabricación de locomotoras de vapor en España, ¿Una ocasión perdida para la industria?
    by Cayón, Francisco & Muñoz, Miguel
  • 2005 Il setificio meridionale tra età rivoluzionaria, decennio francese e restaurazione: dinamiche di mercato e nuovi assetti produttivi
    by Ciccolella, Daniela
  • 2005 I panni di lana: Nascita, espansione e declino dell’industria tessile di lana italiana, 1100-1730
    by Munro, John H.
  • 2005 Networks of People in Specialty Production: Family Firms in the Iron and Steel Wire Industries in Spain (1870-2000)
    by Paloma Fernandez Perez
  • 2005 Spatial Dependence and Regional Convergence in Brazil
    by Magalhães, André & Hewings, Geoffrey J.D. & Azzoni, Carlos R.
  • 2005 Hacia un cártel perfecto. Los acuerdos colusivos en el sector siderúrgico español (1871-1907)
    by Miguel Ángel Sáez García
  • 2004 Builders’ wages in southern England and the southern Low Countries, 1346 -1500: a comparative study of trends in and levels of real incomes
    by Munro, John H.
  • 2004 Were Spanish migrants attracted by industrial agglomerations? An analysis for the interwar years in the light of the new economic geography
    by Jordi Pons Novell & Javier Silvestre & Daniel Aurelio Tirado Fabregat & Elisenda Paluzie Hernandez
  • 2004 Siglo y medio de comercio exterior de productos corcheros en españa, 1849-1999
    by Francisco Manuel Parejo Moruno
  • 2004 Trade Policy and Industrial Location in Spain (1856-1995):a first analysis in the light of the New Economic Geography
    by Pons Novell, Jordi & Paluzie, Elisenda & Tirado, Daniel A.
  • 2003 Regional industrialisation without national growth: The Catalan industrialization and the growth of Spanish economy (1830-1861)
    by Joan Ramon Rosés
  • 2003 Patents, International Technology Transfer and Industrial Dependence in 19th Century Spain
    by Saiz, Patricio
  • 2003 The Industrial Revolution as the Escape from the Malthusian Trap
    by Komlos, John
  • 2003 Creating Firms for a New Century: Determinants for Firm Creation around 1900
    by Joerg Baten
  • 2003 Industrial agglomerations and wage gradients: the Spanish economy in the interwar period
    by Daniel Aurelio Tirado Fabregat & Jordi Pons Novell & Elisenda Paluzie Hernandez
  • 2003 Lira stabilisation, construction boom and the level of economic activity: the Shift in Favour of Non-Traded Goods Prices and Urban Rents
    by Giuseppe Tattara
  • 2002 A hesitant evolution: industrialisation and de-industrialisation in Greece over the long run
    by Louri, Helen & Pepelasis Minoglou, Ioanna
  • 2002 Industrial energy from water-mills in the European economy, 5th to 18th Centuries: the limitations of power
    by Munro, John H.
  • 2002 Wage-stickiness, monetary changes, and real incomes in late-medieval England and the Low Countries, 1300 - 1500: did money matter?
    by Munro, John H.
  • 2002 A provincial (stock) exchange in Belgium: the case of Termonde
    by Hans Willens
  • 2001 Uma contribuição ao debate sobre a primeira revolução industrial utilizando a técnica do diagrama de recorrência
    by Newton P. Bueno & Adriano Provesano Gomes
  • 2000 A Tale of Two Theories: Monopolies and Craft Guilds in Medieval England and Modern Imagination
    by Richardson, G.
  • 2000 Brand Names Before the Industrial Revolution
    by Richardson, G.
  • 2000 Integracion economica y localizacion industrial. Cataluna, la fabrica de Espana: cuando y por que?
    by Daniel Aurelio Tirado Fabregat & Elisenda Paluzie Hernandez & Jordi Pons Novell
  • 1998 Industrial Estates and British Industrial Development, 1897-1939
    by Scott, P.
  • 1998 The Property Specialisation Cycle: From Trough to Peak in Two and a Half Centuries
    by Fowler, C. & Hampton, M.P. & Scott, P.
  • 1996 The Evolution of Britain's Urban Built Environment : 1840-1960
    by Scott, P
  • 1996 Industrial Revolution and Scientific and Technological Progress
    by Fremdling, R.
  • 1995 When Piece Rates Work: More Lessons from the Cotton Mills
    by Michael Huberman