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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F2: International Factor Movements and International Business
/ / / F29: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation
  2. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Financial crisis and exchange rates in emerging economies: An empirical analysis using PPP-UIP-Framework
    by Abdul Rashid & Mashael Bin Saedan
  • 2014 Chinese Outward Direct Investment in Central and Eastern European Countries: a Comparative Analysis
    by Sarmiza Pencea & Iulia Monica Oehler-Sincai
  • 2014 Competitiveness and Development of National Economy
    by Vladimir Knezevic & Dragan Ivkovic & Sladjana Vujicic
  • 2014 Las pymes españolas en Latinoamérica: barreras a la exportación
    by Jesús Arteaga-Ortiz & Rubén Fernández Ortiz & Mónica Clavel San Emeterio
  • 2013 Credit in the Structure of the Market Quotation of Financial Assets in Relation to the Islamic Financial Laws
    by Magomet Yandiev & Renat Bekkin
  • 2013 Topical issues related to the formation of the Islamic financial system: at the intersection of philosophy and practice
    by Magomet Yandiev
  • 2013 Information Lost (Apologies to Milton)
    by Catherine L. Mann
  • 2013 Aspects Regarding Romania's Energy Policy in an European Context
    by Botescu Ion
  • 2013 Competitiveness of Croatian Destinations Through Online Marketing Indicators
    by Jasmina Grzinic & Mirela Sucic Cevra
  • 2013 The internationalization of the Spanish SME sector
    by Sándor Gyula Nagy
  • 2012 Intangible assets as a source of competitiveness in the post-crisis economy. The role of trademarks
    by Dobre, Ana Maria
  • 2012 Fire-Sale FDI? The Impact of Financial Crisis on Foreign Direct Investment
    by Olga Bogach & Ilan Noy
  • 2012 On the welfare impacts of an immigration amnesty
    by Joël MACHADO
    by Moraru Marilena Ortansa
  • 2012 Determinants of family business internationalization. Review of existing research
    by Katarzyna ZANIEWSKA
  • 2012 The determinants of FDI in Turkey: A Markov Regime-Switching approach
    by Bilgili, Faik & Tülüce, Nadide Sevil Halıcı & Doğan, İbrahim
  • 2011 Provocări și tendințe ale învățămantului superior în contextul globalizării (literature review)
    by Hălăngescu, Constantin I.
  • 2011 Reverse FDI in Europe: An Analysis of Angola’s FDI in Portugal
    by Carlos P. Barros & Bruno Damásio & João R. Faria
  • 2011 Emerging Multinationals: A Comparison of Chinese and Indian Outward Foreign Direct Investment
    by Jaya Prakash Pradhan
    by Spiridon PRALEA & Roxana-Elena LAZAR
  • 2011 Extensii etice ale bipolarismului ideologic: American Way of Life si Homo Sovieticus - Ethical Extensions of Ideological Bipolarism: the American Way of Life and Homo Sovieticus (Romanian version)
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Candidate Ana-Maria AMBROSA
  • 2011 Absorbtia Fondurilor Structurale de Catre Universitatile Din Romania. Disfunctionalitati Institutionale - The Absorbtion Of Structural Funds By Universities In Romania. Institutional Problems (Romanian version)
    by Ph.D. Candidate Geta NEPOTU
  • 2010 Spiders and snakes: offshoring and agglomeration in the global economy
    by Richard Baldwin & Anthony Venables
  • 2010 Remittances and Household Consumption Instability in Developing Countries
    by Christian EBEKE & Jean-Louis COMBES
  • 2010 Some Thoughts On Writing Skills
    by Sim Monica Ariana
  • 2010 The role of government policies in the proliferation of multinational business
    by Valentina Golea & Nicoleta Niculescu & Dragos Filip Niculescu
  • 2009 Commercially-and-socially-oriented postal services
    by Briceño Avalos, Hernán Ricardo
  • 2009 Borders and Distance in Knowledge Spillovers: Dying over Time or Dying with Age? - Evidence from Patent Citations
    by Yao Li
  • 2009 English And The Glossy Magazines. Profitable Or Not…
    by Sim Monica Ariana & Pop Anamaria Mirabela
  • 2009 The Eu Import Requirements For Medical Devices By Comparison With The Usa And The Ghtf Guidelines
    by UNITA Lucian & MAGHIAR T. Traian & STRACIUC Oreste & UIVAROSAN Diana
  • 2009 Testing The Modified-Combined Ppp And Uip Hypothesis In South Asian Economies
    by Abdul RASHID
  • 2008 The effect of import penetration on labor market outcomes in Austrian manufacturing industry
    by Özlem Onaran
  • 2008 Horizontal And Vertical Spillovers From Fdi In The Italian Productive System
    by Filippo Reganati & Rosanna Pittiglio & Edgardo Sica
  • 2008 Les droits de propriété intellectuelle : aspects théoriques et impacts économiques (intellectual property rights: theoretical aspects and economic impacts)
    by Nejla Yacoub
  • 2008 Perceptions of the Foreign Direct Investors on the Romanian Business Environment
    by Dumitriu, Ramona & Stefanescu, Razvan
  • 2008 The IDE geographical simulation model : predicting long-term effects of infrastructure development projects
    by Kumagai, Satoru & Gokan, Toshitaka & Isono, Ikumo & Keola, Souknilanh
  • 2008 Policy Liberalization and FDI Growth, 1982 to 2006
    by Matthew Adler & Gary Clyde Hufbauer
  • 2008 Prepájanie regionálnych hospodárskych priestorov v pohraničnom regióne Centrope
    by Miroslav Mojžiš
  • 2007 Macroréconomic determinants of remittances in the Mediterranean Basin
    by Mouhoud, El Mouhoub & Unan, Elif & Oudinet, Joël
  • 2007 Foreign-owned firms and technological capabilities in the Argentinean manufacturing industry
    by Costa, Ionara & Marin, Anabel
  • 2007 A New Nexus Between Foreign Direct Investment, Industrial and Innovation Policies
    by Costa, Ionara & Filippov, Sergey
  • 2007 Free Movement of Goods and the Czech Republic with Emphasis on Environmental Protection
    by Magdaléna, Kudelová
  • 2007 Resource Augmentation for Meeting the Millennium Development Goals in the Asia Pacific Region
    by Raghbendra Jha & T. Palanivel
  • 2007 Resource Augmentation for Meeting the Millennium Development Goals in the Asia Pacific Region
    by Raghbendra Jha & T. Palanivel
  • 2007 Offshoring and Heterogeneous Firms: One Job Offshored, One Job Lost?
    by Nana Bourtchouladze
  • 2007 Offshoring and Manufacturing Employment: A General Equilibrium Analysis
    by Cosimo Beverelli
  • 2007 A Response to Gradual Globalization: Regionalism
    by Irah Kučerová
  • 2006 Statistics On Modern Private International Cartels, 1990-2005
    by John Connor & C. Gustav Helmers
  • 2005 Will Industrial Districts Exploit B2B? A local experience and a general assessment
    by Guido Fioretti
  • 2005 The Impact of Mode 4 Liberalization on Bilateral Trade Flows
    by Jansen, Marion & Piermartini, Roberta
  • 2005 Multicriterial evaluations of the competitiveness of new EU member- states and the real competitiveness of the Czech republic in international comparison
    by Jana Sereghyová
  • 2000 Open windows of Europe
    by Rodenburg, Caroline A. & Ubbels, Barry & Nijkamp, Peter
  • 2000 Explaining the diversification discount
    by Campa, Jose M. & Kedia, Simi
  • 2000 Open windows of Europe
    by Rodenburg, Caroline A. & Ubbels, Barry & Nijkamp, Peter
  • 1998 Empirical Strategies in Labor Economics
    by Joshua Angrist & Alan Krueger
  • 1995 How Troublesome Are Sterotypes in International Business?
    by katz, J.H.