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Working papers

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  1. Ardiana N. Gashi & Geoff Pugh & Nick Adnett, 2008. "Technological change and employer-provided training: Evidence from German establishments," Economics of Education Working Paper Series 0026, University of Zurich, Department of Business Administration (IBW).


  1. Adnett, Nick & Davies, Peter, 2000. "Education as a positional good for marked-based reforms of state schooling: paper presented at the ECER 2000-conference in Edinburgh 20 - 23 September 2000," FiBS-Forum 5, Forschungsinstitut für Bildungs- und Sozialökonomie (FiBS).


  1. Jean Mangan & Nick Adnett & Peter Davies, "undated". "On the Importance of Knowledge Augmenting Research: An Empirical Investigation," Working Papers 00-2, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  2. Nick Adnett, "undated". "Competition in the School Curriculum: the economic and policy context in the UK," Working Papers 001, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  3. Peter Davies & Nick Adnett, "undated". "School Behaviour in a Local Quasi-Market," Working Papers 98-12, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  4. Nick Adnett, "undated". "Rewarding Performing Teachers? theory, evidence and UK policy," Working Papers 996, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  5. Nick Adnett & Spiros Bougheas & Peter Davies, "undated". "Market-Based Reforms of Public Schooling: Some Unpleasant Dynamics," Working Papers 994, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  6. Nick Adnett & Spiros Bougheas, "undated". "Transferable Training and the Hold-Up Problem: Policy Implications," Working Papers 98-4, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  7. Nick Adnett & Gwen Coates, "undated". "Mature Female Entrants to Higher Education: Matching Theory, Empirical Analysis and Policy," Working Papers 993, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  8. Peter Davies & Nick Adnett, "undated". "Market Forces and School Curriculum," Working Papers 991, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  9. Nick Adnett & Peter Davies, "undated". "Reconciling The Economic And Sociological Analyses Of Uk Schooling Quasi-Markets," Working Papers 98-5, Staffordshire University, Business School.
  10. Peter Davies & Nick Adnett, "undated". "QUASI-MARKET REFORMS AND VOCATIONAL SCHOOLING IN ENGLAND AND WALES: an economic analysis," Working Papers 98-11, Staffordshire University, Business School.

Journal articles


  1. Merita Zulfiu Alili & Nick Adnett, 2021. "Return migrants in Albania: The determinants of “entrepreneurial gain”," Review of Development Economics, Wiley Blackwell, vol. 25(3), pages 1761-1777, August.


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