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Documents related to the workings of RePEc.

These are publications indexed on RePEc about the above topic. This reading list is managed by Jonas Holmstrom (who can update the reading list here). You can also create your own reading list here. This page is updated in the first days of each month, at least.
Contains working papers and articles related to the creation and running of RePEc. The list also contains documents written based on data collected from RePEc's different services.

Relevant JEL codes for this reading list are:

Working papers and articles about RePEc and NEP

Here is a list of documents mostly related to RePEc but also to the related services such as NEP. A number of documents about RePEc had been written by Thomas Krichel and published mostly in library and information science journals. You will find most of these documents listed on the CV of Thomas Krichel.

    repec:jns:jbstat:v:227:y:2007:i:2:p:187-208 is not listed on IDEAS

Software components

All software components related to RePEc can be found in the RePEc scripts archive

Working papers and articles about Scientific Publishing

The documents in this section may not deal directly with RePEc, however they deal with scientific publishing and with publishing in economics.

    repec:taf:jecmet:v:9:y:2002:i:3:p:317-335 is not listed on IDEAS

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