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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P2: Socialist Systems and Transition Economies
/ / / P29: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Does money buy credit? Firm-level evidence on bribery and bank debt
    by Fungácová , Zuzana & Kochanova, Anna & Weill, Laurent
  • 2013 Motivation to Work in Russia: The Case of Protracted Transition from Noncompetitive to Competitive System
    by Anikin, Vasiliy
  • 2013 Informal or formal financing? Or both? First evidence on the co-funding of Chinese firms
    by Degryse, Hans & Lu, Liping & Ongena, Steven
  • 2012 The role of family background in the heterogeneity of self-employment in some transition countries
    by Castellano, R & Punzo, G
  • 2012 Foreign activity of Russian banks:reconsidering multinational banking theory
    by Victor Gorshkov
  • 2012 Measuring systemic funding liquidity risk in the Russian banking system
    by Andrievskaya, Irina
  • 2012 Territorial Distribution Of Land Conflict Types In The Rural Area From Argeş County
    by Rusu, Marioara
  • 2012 Ekonomické reformy v Kórejskej ľudovodemokratickej republike
    by Ľudmila Lipková
  • 2011 Decision to make a HOA: Empirical evidence
    by Borisova, Ekaterina
  • 2011 Land Related Disputes and Conflicts in Romania
    by Rusu, Marioara & Florian, Violeta & Tudor, Monica & Chitea, Mihai & Chitea, Lorena & Rosu, Elisabeta
  • 2010 Surveying transitional experience and subjective well-being : Income, work, family
    by Ekaterina Selezneva
  • 2010 Risques sanitaires globaux et politiques nationales : la gestion de la grippe aviaire au Vietnam
    by Muriel Figuié & Tristan Fournier
  • 2010 Külföldi részvétel a hazai egyetemek és az ipar közötti együttműködésben
    by Inzelt, Annamária
  • 2010 La Reconversión de la Izquierda Latinoamericana
    by Kornblum, Pablo
  • 2010 Gobernanza y crisis del neoliberalismo
    by Angulo Sánchez, Nicolás
  • 2009 Russia's Long and Winding Road to a more Efficient and Resilient Banking Sector
    by Geoff Barnard
  • 2009 Gender-sensitive Economic Policies in the UNECE Region in the Context of the Economic and Financial Crisis
    by Ursula Hermelink & Claudia Trentini
  • 2009 Public Health in Europe: The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis and UNECE Activities
    by Robert Shelburne & Claudia Trentini
  • 2009 Is There a Role for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding
    by Brinda Wachs & Geoffrey Hamilton
  • 2008 Revolutionary Situation, Early Socialism and the Logic Of History in Russia
    by Dimitrios S. Patelis
  • 2008 Vocatie si regionalizare cultural-spirituala a locurilor geografice. Relevanta pentru planificare spatiala/speciala
    by Puscasu, Violeta
  • 2008 A decisive intelligence failure? British intelligence on Soviet war potential and the 1939 Anglo-French-Soviet alliance that never was
    by Kahn, Martin
  • 2008 Efficiency of the poverty reduction programs: decomposition of the dynamics and structure of Russian poverty
    by Arzhenovskiy Sergey & Nivorozhkina Ludmila
  • 2008 Changes in the use of time and the state of health of the Russian population in the 1980s-1990s
    by Viktor Artemov & Olga Novokhatskaya
  • 2008 Capacidades Societales de Innovación. Su desarrollo en Empresas de Producción Social en el contexto del Socialismo del siglo XXI en Venezuela
    by Belinda Colina Arenas
  • 2007 Das georgische Steuersystem im Transformationsprozess
    by Khokrishvili, Elguja
  • 2004 Diverging Paths: Transition in the Presence of the Informal Sector
    by Maxim Bouev
  • 2004 Banking Reform in Russia: Problems and Prospects
    by William Tompson
  • 2004 High-order services and spatial change in the central and eastern european countries
  • 2004 Darázsfészek. A Gazdasági Versenyhivatal szerepea verseny strukturális alapjainak alakításában
    by Voszka, Éva
  • 2003 The relevance of foresight for accession countries and possibilities for co-operation
    by Havas, Attila
  • 2003 Második gazdaság. Pálya(függés)történeti töredékek
    by Gábor R., István
  • 2001 Entry Restrictions, Corruption and Extortion in the Context of Transition
    by Inna Cabelkova
  • 2001 Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Declining Union Organization
    by Henry S. Farber & Bruce Western
  • 2001 Poverty and Expenditure Differentiation of the Russian Population
    by Aivazian Sergey & Kolenikov Stanislav
  • 2001 Entry Restrictions, Corruption and Extortion in the Context of Transition
    by Inna Cabelkova
  • 2000 Towards the EMU: A Need For Exchange Rate Flexibility?
    by Cincibuch, Martin & Vávra, David
  • 2000 Road to EMU: Do We Need a Flexible Exchange Rate?
    by Martin Cincibuch & David Vávra
  • 1996 Macroeconomic Stabilization in Russia: Lessons of Reform, 1992-1995
    by Skidelsky, R. & Halligan, L..
  • 1996 Managerial Career Concerns, Privatization and Restructuring in Transition Economies
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, M. Khalid
  • 1995 On Your Marx, Get Set, Go: The Role of Competition in Enterprise Adjustment
    by Ickes, B. & Ryterman, R. & Tenev, S.
  • 1995 The Dilemmas of Hungarian Economic Policy
    by Kornai, J.
  • 1995 Business Start-ups in today's Poland: Who and How?
    by Erutku, Vallee, L.
  • 1992 Market Socialism and the Managerial Labour Market
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, M. Khalid
  • 1967 Mnohaletá Mezinárodní Diskuse O Socialismu A Trhu
    by Fišer, Drago & Kyn, Oldrich
  • 1965 Cybernetics in Economics
    by Kyn, Oldrich & Pelikan, Pavel