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RePEc/IDEAS rankings


This page provides links to various rankings of research in Economics and related fields. This analysis is based on data gathered with the RePEc project, in which publishers self-index their publications and authors create online profiles from the works indexed in RePEc. Citation analysis is performed by the CitEc project, abstract views and paper downloads are counted by the LogEc project, and the various rankings are then established.

Rankings are typically updated around the 3rd to 5th day of each month. Some rankings are updated more frequently. All data is experimental.

Top Research Items

Top Series

List of all indexed series: Working papers, journals, software components, chapters, books. Instructions for indexing new series.

Top Authors

Only registered authors are considered for these rankings. To register yourself or to update your profile, go to the RePEc Author Service. Note that registered authors also get detailed individualized statistics every month by email.

You may also compare these rankings with another one containing a larger set of authors, as determined by Tom Coupé, with all registered authors linked to their profile on IDEAS.

Top Institutions

Only institutions listed in EDIRC and claimed as affiliations by authors are considered. Note that it is to the advantages of any institution to have as many authors registered as possible.

Top Geographic Regions

In this listing, there are also links to the rankings of top institutions and top authors in each country (or US state). This is based on registered authors and their affiliations in institutions listed with EDIRC.

Historical rankings

Rankings for past months are available in this directory. Each month has a separate directory, then click on the file of your choice.



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