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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N8: Micro-Business History
/ / / N81: U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 History of American Corporate Governance: Law, Institutions, and Politics
    by Eric Hilt
  • 2012 Economic Effects of Runs on Early 'Shadow Banks': Trust Companies and the Impact of the Panic of 1907
    by Carola Frydman & Eric Hilt & Lily Y. Zhou
  • 2012 Shanghai’s Trade, China’s Growth: Continuity, Recovery, and Change since the Opium War
    by Wolfgang Keller & Ben Li & Carol H. Shiue
  • 2011 Patent Pools and the Direction of Innovation - Evidence from the 19th-century Sewing Machine Industry
    by Ryan L. Lampe & Petra Moser
  • 2011 Business Failures by Industry in the United States, 1895 to 1939: A Statistical History
    by Gary Richardson & Michael Gou
  • 2009 The Effect of Newspaper Entry and Exit on Electoral Politics
    by Matthew Gentzkow & Jesse M. Shapiro & Michael Sinkinson
  • 2009 Wall Street's First Corporate Governance Crisis: The Panic of 1826
    by Eric Hilt
  • 2009 What do ads buy? Daily coverage of listed companies on the Italian press
    by Marco GAMBARO & Riccardo PUGLISI
  • 2008 The Limited Partnership in New York, 1822-1853: Partnerships without Kinship
    by Eric Hilt & Katharine E. O'Banion
  • 2008 Nineteenth Century Black and White US Statures: The Primary Sources of Vitamin D and their Relationship with Height
    by Scott A. Carson
  • 2007 When did Ownership Separate from Control? Corporate Governance in the Early Nineteenth Century
    by Eric Hilt
  • 2001 The Great Merger Movement and the Diffusion of Electric Power Utilization in American Manufacturing, 1899-1909: A Simple Test of the Schumpeterian Hypothesis
    by Donald J. Smythe
  • 2001 Why Regulate Insider Trading? Evidence from the First Great Merger Wave (1897-1903)
    by Ajeyo Banerjee & E. Woodrow Eckard
  • 1999 Measuring the Effect of Arbitration on Wage Levels: The Case of Police Officers
    by Orley Ashenfelter & Dean Hyslop
  • 1993 What Is a Small Business?
    by Jerome S. Osteryoung & Derek Newman