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Working papers


  1. Sami Basly & Paul-Laurent Saunier, 2019. "Family members’ commitment to the firm and family business continuity: investigating the mediating role of family-to-firm identity fit and emotional attachment," Post-Print hal-01991492, HAL.
  2. Sami Basly & Paul-Laurent Saunier, 2019. "Familiness, socio-emotional goals and the internationalization of French family SMEs," Post-Print hal-02424748, HAL.
  3. Sami Basly & Amira Hammouda, 2019. "Family businesses and digital entrepreneurship adoption: A conceptual model," Post-Print hal-02424749, HAL.
  4. Sami Basly & Hamid Bachir Bendaoud, 2019. "Socio-emotional wealth preservation and family business resilience. A study of a failing family business," Post-Print hal-02424750, HAL.
  5. Mohamed Bouamama & Sami Basly & Houda Zian, 2019. "The influence of contingency factors on the variety of Balanced Scorecards’ indicators? The case of French Midcap firms," Post-Print hal-02424751, HAL.


  1. Gérard Hirigoyen & Sami Basly, 2018. "The 2008 financial and economic crisis and the family business sale intention," Post-Print hal-01915054, HAL.
  2. Sami Basly & Amira Hammouda, 2018. "Are family and digital entrepreneurship incompatible? A model of the implementation of digital entrepreneurship in the family business," Post-Print hal-01992300, HAL.
  3. Gérard Hirigoyen & Sami Basly, 2018. "The 2008 Financial and Economic Crisis and the Intention to Sell the Family Business. A Study of a French SMEs Sample," Post-Print hal-01992313, HAL.


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Journal articles


  1. Sami Basly & Paul-Laurent Saunier, 2020. "Familiness, socio-emotional goals and the internationalization of French family SMEs," Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Springer, vol. 18(3), pages 270-311, September.
  2. Sami Basly & Amira Hammouda, 2020. "Family Businesses and Digital Entrepreneurship Adoption: A Conceptual Model," Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, vol. 29(2), pages 326-364, September.


  1. Basly Sami, 2015. "Family Involvement in the Firm and Exports in the Family SME: Is the Manager’s International Orientation Influential?," Journal of Intercultural Management, Sciendo, vol. 7(3), pages 69-99, September.

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